Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by NB

I was born in New York City. I was raised a strict catholic having always gone to catholic
school and never gone to public school a day in my life. I was always the "good girl" and
the "sweet one." I didn't know any other life other than what my parents had expected
from me.

After high school, I went to a private university in upstate New York. This city girl was
ready for a change and ready to break away from the rules of my parents.

I remember the day my parents drove me to the dormitory at the college. I was excited
but also kinda scared. I meet my new roommate Sarah. She had reddish hair, hazel
eyes, and a killer body!! She introduced herself and immediately hugged me. She had
huge breast and I could feel them press against mine. It felt good to me in a strange
way. To me Sarah was absolutely beautiful and I envied her for her beauty.

Sarah and I became close friends really fast. We shared secrets and she became my
new best friend. One day, Sarah told me that she had a new job. But she would not tell
me what kind of job she had. Every time I would ask her she would smile and say, "You
don't want to know sweetie. Your too Sweet." I got angry because I was tired of being the
sweet and innocent girl that everyone always assumed that I was.

Every night Sarah would leave the dorm at 8pm and return around 11:30pm. She always
smelled of smoke when she returned. One day I decided to follow Sarah to her job. This
would be the only way I would be able to find out what she was hiding from me. I
borrowed a car from a girl named Jennifer in our dorm. Having told Jennifer that I
needed the car to go to the store.

I followed Sarah in the car hoping that she would not notice. Sarah stopped at a club
called the Pink Rose. She parked her car in the side parking area then entered through
the side door.

I debated with myself on whether I should go inside and see what kind of club this was.
Finally, I got up enough courage to go inside.

There was a bouncer at the door; he was tall about seven feet, 350 pounds, with a thick
long beard and huge arms.

"Are you one of the new dancers?" he asked

"Dancer? No I am not a dancer." I replied. I showed the bouncer my id and he let me into
the club. The club smelled of smoke and beer and was kinda dark inside. My stomach
felt like it was turning at the smell at the place. I felt myself being watched by men as I
walked into the club. I decided to sit in a side table where I thought I would not be

Suddenly the lights dimmed more and I heard music. And a spot light appeared on the
stage. And there was Sarah being introduced as Urban Cowgirl!! She had on a cowboy
hat, black leather boots, and short leather mini shirt, black tank top and a rope. I never
really noticed, but Sarah had killer legs. She almost glowed on the stage and she was
so beautiful.

The men hollered and cheered as Sarah began to dance seductively, moving her hips
from left to right, and turning her rope in her hands just like a professional cowgirl.
Swaying her body to the floor and luring men in her rope. And she tied them up and
wrapping her legs around men and drawn them close enough to her to drive them crazy.

I never knew Sarah could move like that.

After Sarah left the stage, I rushed out of the club and drove back to the dorm. Sarah
arrived back to the dorm around 11:30pm. She acted as if nothing had happened. I
decided to broach the topic.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a stripper."? I asked.

"Who told you that?" She asked

"I saw you with my own eyes." I said.

She was silent then frowned her face at me then folded her arms.

"Its none of your business." She said

We argued for about an half a hour. Finally, Sarah stormed out of the room to take a
shower. When she returned she avoided eye contact with me and laid down on her bed
with her back facing me.

The next day she was still angry and tried to avoid looking at me. I felt so ashamed for
following her. So I decided to apologized. She forgave me and told me to never do that
again. She told me that nice girls like me don't need to hang out in clubs like that.

I thought, there she goes again, calling me a nice girl. I can be nice and sometimes I can
be nasty.

Matter of fact, the thought of stripping appealed to me. A few days later I asked Sarah
about whether I could get a job at the Pink Rose.

"Are you crazy? " She asked. "That is no place for a girl like you."

I told her that it might be safer if I worked at the club with her because it might be safer
to have someone to go to and from work with.

After almost an hour of begging and pleading she told me that it would not be so bad to
have someone there that she knew and trust. The next day, we drove to the Pink Rose
around 12pm. I felt butterflies in my stomach but at the same time I was excited!!

Jose the club owner immediately hired me and I had agreed to start in a week. Sarah
taught me dance moves every day. Just when I had got my dance moves straight Sarah
decided that I needed a stage name. And it was decided that I would be called

It was Friday, and my big debut at the Pink Rose. I had second thoughts. I felt an
adrenal rush minutes before I was supposed to be on stage. But I knew that this was
something that I wanted to do.

It was my turn to hit the stage. I could hear my music and saw the spot light. I walked
onto the stage swaying my hips left to right in a sexy manner. The spotlight was on me
and all eyes were on me. I could hear men hollering and cheering from the audience. My
heart was pounding really fast and then suddenly, I felt very confident.

At the same time, I heard Sarah yell "go ahead you can do it...go girl" And I did it!
Having the attention of everyone in the room was like a drug. I felt like I was a star.
Although it was only five minutes on the stage it felt like it was a half an hour. That night
I became Sweetness and no longer Miss Sweet Megan.

The money was good. And being treated like I was a princess was the best. I even had
fans. There was this one guy named Jerry. He came every night just to see me. He
always requested lap dances from me, every night. I was always turned on by the way
Jerry always stared at me and licked his lips as I would dance just for him. And I could
see from the bulge in his pants that he was turned on also.

One day Jerry wanted a private session dance. I was a little nervous, but eager to
please Jerry because he was my number one fan! The private room was dimly lit. Jerry
was already sitting on the couch staring at me with his legs spread wide open with his
right arms resting on the side of the couch and his left hand resting on his half erect
cock bulging from the outside of his pants.

I walked up to him smiling. Jerry returned the smile and extended his hand to me. I took
his hand and began to grind against his cock, in between his legs...and I slowly took off
my shirt and reveal my bare breast to him. His eyes widen and I could see his bulge in
his pants raise. I slowly continued to grind against his cock and turned teasing him again
pulling up my skirt allowing him to view my ass, and swayed it back and forth, and
teased him by giggling it up close to his face. I could hear him breathing hard and I
could hear him moaning. I then slid up and down his body. This made me feel like I was
in control. Because I knew that Jerry would do almost anything at that moment just to
fuck me right there in the private room.

Then I slowly took off the skirt and I was completely nude. Jerry at that moment was
sweaty and I could see that his bulge had grown even more. I knew he wanted me, and
a part of me wanted him. But there was a bouncer right outside of the door. There was
no way that anything could happen.

I turned and asked Ken the bouncer to give me some private time with Jerry. And
surprisingly. Ken nodded his head and walked further away from the door but still
guarding the room but from the outside.

There I was completely nude and alone with Jerry. At that moment I wanted to have sex
with him. So I took off his shirt, pants, and underwear. Jerry was still silent and allowed
me to undress him. And I sat on top of him straddled him and squatted on his cock .
Jerry grabbed my ass,

I could hear Jerry moan and I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head as he entered
me. Jerry began to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy as deep as he could...fucking
me hard and fast. I remember thinking how good he felt inside of me, and how wet my
pussy was at that moment. I watched Jerry and also looked at the full-length mirrors on
the walls as we fucked. It was such a turn on being fucked by someone that I barely
knew and someone who didn't even know my real name. All I knew was that he wanted
me, and he felt so good inside of me. And I was being such a naughty girl.

After what seemed like hours, I thought I'd never walk again, but what a way to go I
thought! I Kissed Jerry passionately, and helped him get dressed. And I got dressed.

I went downstairs to the dressing room to put on my regular clothes. Sarah was ready
and we walked to her car. On the windshield there was an envelope and a note side that
had my name on it. I opened the letter and it said, "Thank you for the private room. Can
we do this again?...Jerry" There was ten $100 bills inside. I laughed, and thought to
myself "Hell yeah we can." And I never told Sarah about what happened in the private
room. What goes on in the private room stays in the private room.

© 2010 NB

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