Sweetness Part Three (The Story Continues...)
Story Codes: MF, FF,  Consensual, Exhibitionism

Sweetness Part Three (The story continues)
by NB

I rested  my head on my pillow and tried to block the memories of the
other night. The bachelor party....I think that I am addicted to the
lifestyle. The money is great and I love the attention I get from
men in the club. I have to admit being an exotic dancer can be

The beam of the sun began to shine brighter into my eyes. I rolled
over into a warm spot in the bed. Then turned over again. I
suddenly realized that I was alone in the room. Sarah was gone. It
was only 6am.

I decided to get up and put on my blue silk robe. Then sat at the
edge of my bed with my robe snugged comfortably around me. I closed
my eyes and attempted to clear my mind. My muscled ached and I had a
pounding headache. I slowly and sluggishly walked to my computer at
my desk. I turned on the computer and pulled up my email account.

I got an email from my sister Amy. She wrote about a new guy she met
named Greg and about how she felt like she was in love. I felt happy
for Amy. But sad for myself because I did not have a boyfriend. All
through high school i never had what you would call a boyfriend. I
managed to have a few boys that I have dated or had sex with on
occasion. But it never meant anything other than a date or sex to me.

I decided to stay on-line and surf the Internet. It was only 7:30am,
and my first class did not start until 12pm. I found a chat room on
Yahoo called College Daze. I decided to enter. I started chatting
with people who sent instant messages to my screen name. There was
this one guy named Chris. He went to a college that was about an
hour away from mine. Chris and I flirted and chatted for hours.
After about two hours, Chris and I said our good-byes, and he
promised that he would send me an email later that night.

I walked out of my room and into the shower. Daydreaming about the
most amazing guy I met in a chat room. When I returned back to my
room I got dressed into a pair of blue jeans, red sweater and

Later that day, in Biology class, I scribbled Chris' name into my notebook,
and fantasized about how he looked and how he sound. Was he sexy?
Would I like how he smelled? Or even how he touched me. I was
intrigued by someone I had only communicated with through the

After class, I bought some popcorn from a vending machine and ate it
while sitting on my bed. I was tired, so I laid down and took a nap
before it was time to go to work at the Pink Rose. Sarah tapped my
shoulder, waking me up around 5pm. She was already dressed; she
looked amazing. She was dressed in a red strapless top, black mini
shirt and hills. I laid on my back and just stared at her for a few
moments as she muttered on about failing all her classes. I thought
about what it would be like to kiss Sarah and if she would mind if I
tried. But reality soon faded in and I sat up and brushed the
remains of popcorn left on my bed. Then got up and took another
shower. Then, finally got dressed to go to the club. I felt like
dressing casually, so I wore the jeans, t-shirt and sneakers I had
worn earlier. It really didn't matter what I wore to the club
because the clothing I wear in my sets are already in the dressing room at the

Sarah and I arrived at the club around 7pm. After my set, I watched
Sarah on stage from the back stage area.. She was so amazing to me.
She seems to have a glow about her and you can tell she loves what
she does. After her set I followed her into the dressing room. She
counted her money and had made about two hundred dollars in tips.

I walked into the audience to meet and greet my gentlemen in the room.
I ran into one of my regulars, Jerry sitting at the bar.

"Hey Jerry. How have you been? I haven't seen you in the club in a
while," I said

"Can you believe it...I got married. I figured since I couldn't
marry you, I might as well get married right?" He said with a

"Wifey don't know that I am in love with you Sweetness (he
chuckled). "Can I have a private dance session Sweetness. You think
you can do that for old Jerry. You know that I will treat you

I grabbed his hand and guided him to the private room. I knew
exactly what Jerry wanted, lots of booty action, which I gladly
slid my ass between his thighs. Followed by a very intense
grinding session with me sitting on top of his lap. I knew Jerry
like a book; in fact, one of my favorite books. Jerry guided me with his eyes
to touch his cock. I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his semi
erect cock. I smiled at him with his cock in my hands and teased him
as if I would lick and taste it.

"Come on girl, you know I want...it...Damn... Don't make me beg!" He
said pulling out more money from his pockets....And at that moment,
Sweetness (my other me) had taken over, and I began to suck on the
tip of his cock and licked his shaft; followed by me sucking his cock
deeper into my mouth. Jerry grabbed hold of my head. I sat knelt on my knees
staring at him as his eyes rolled back into his head as he emptied
his entire load into my mouth. Jerry was in a happy state of mind... and I was
loving the feeling of having his cock in my mouth at that moment.

Sarah and I drove back to the dorm. Sarah laid on her bed, and I
went into the rest room to clean up. When I return, I found Sarah
crying with her hands over her eyes.

"Whats wrong Sarah, did someone hurt you? Tell me?" I asked

" I am failing all my classes and I don't know what to do!" she
cried. I picked up a napkin and handed it to Sarah to dry her eyes.

"We can get you a tutor. And I can help you too...don't cry," I said
caressing her back

I caressed her cheek and hugged her tight. Her skin was so soft and
smooth. She was still crying but managed to thank me.

"How can I be so stupid?" She cried

I smiled at her and brushed her hair with my hands. Even though she
was crying, and so vulnerable, she was still very much beautiful to
me. I softly kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back. Before
we knew it, we were both embraced in a passionate kiss, caressing
and feeling each other's breast. She managed to push me down to
the bed and straddle me. She placed her hands into my panties and stroked my
pussy. I reached up and grabbed her breast. I sucked each nipple,
then quickly bit down on each . She continued to stroke my
pussy and then thrusted one finger deeper into my pussy. She slid off
of my body and began to take off her panties and bra.

"Now it's your turn," I said playfully.

I laid her down and licked her shaved pussy, and deeply pressed my
tongue into her moist pussy.

"You're unfucking believable!" she moaned as she was squeezing her

I opened her legs even wider. I began sucking on her pussy lips and
licked her hard little clit. I inserted one finger inside her wet
pussy. Her thighs were so moist, and I wanted to drink every ounce of
her perspiration. I softly kissed between her thighs and admired the
beauty that was before me. I traced my tongue back to her vagina and
wrapped my tongue around her clit. Now pushing two fingers inside of
her pussy deeper.

Sarah wrapped her legs around my head causing me to taste more of
her sweet juices. I sucked even harder on her clit, still fingering her
until she came. We both fell asleep in her bed.

The next morning, Sarah woke me, caressing my hair, and smiling at
me. Thanks for last night. She kissed me on my lips and caressed my nude
body, and focusing primarily on my nipples and breast. She got up
and went into her closet, and returned hiding something behind her

"Close your eyes..." She said playful

I closed my eyes, anticipating her surprise for me. I felt her
weight as she sat on the bed. My eyes were still closed. I felt her
caressing my breast and pinching my nipples with her fingers. I
giggled. Her hands were so soft and warm; it made my nipples so hard.
Sarah took my hard nipples into her mouth and began sucking on them

"Oh Sarah we shouldn't be doing this... we got to stop!" I sighed

"Stop what?!" she whispered under her breath.

"You know...what we are doing," I said.

"No, No I don't know," Sarah said innocently. She then straddled me
and kissed me passionate.

My eyes were still closed. I felt like I was loosing my breath. I
decided not to say anymore and just enjoy the moment.

Suddenly, I felt something penetrating my pussy.

"Oh my...Whats that?" I moaned.

I opened my eyes and saw that she had a huge black dildo!!! Before I
could say anything she thrust the dildo deep into my pussy, so deep I
felt like I was being fucked by a real cock.

"Fuck me!!!" I cried.

"This is what I wanted to do since I first met you," she moaned

I couldn't believe what she had said because I wanted her as well.
This felt so right and so perfect. She moved her face closer to
mine, and smile. I reached up and grabbed her hair, combing it with
my fingers. She fucked me harder and deeper. I felt as if I was
loosing grip with reality. Could it be that I am bisexual or even a

"Your driving me out of my mind," I moaned almost incoherently, "Oh

My body began to shake and quiver and my pussy felt like it
convulsed into a series of orgasms one after the other, until I

"That was unbelievable!!!" I cried

"Baby, unbelievable isn't the half of it," She said smiling then
softly kissed my lips. Sarah and I laid in each others arms for
about an hour then she got up, took a shower and got dressed for her
history class. I laid there in total amazement. How could this have
happened? And she said she has wanted me for just as long as I
wanted her...amazing!

"Hmmmm" I thought.

I walked over to my desk and turned on my computer and checked for
email. Chris had sent me another email. I didn't notice but he was
also on-line. He sent me an instant message about a minute later. We
chatted and flirted on-line for a few hours. He asked for my phone
number.  I declined to give him my number. He gave me his phone
number and I wrote it down then stored it into my cell phone. But I
decided to email Chris a picture of myself.

Sarah went out of town that weekend to spend time with her family due to a family
emergency. I didn't have to work at the club that night. I finally
decided to call Chris. I got my fingers to dial the number and I
felt like I had stopped breathing while the phone was ringing. My
heart stopped when someone had answered the phone. And it was such a
sweet voice on the other end. I wasn't sure if it was Chris. So I
asked if he was available.

"This is Chris..." He replied

"Its me Megan," I felt a lump in my throat when I said that

"Megan....oh Megan, hey whats up?" he said.

"Just wanted to say hello, and give you a call," I said

"Cool I am glad that you did. I thought for sure that you wouldn't
call me back. You know how you women are. Haha. Hey thanks for that pic.
You are hot. Oops, can I say that," He said joking.

"Oh course...thanks," I said

After that, our conversation became a lot easier. He had an amazing
voice and an easy going personality.

"My parents have a second home about an hour away from my college. I
think they have it shelved with food. They got hundreds of
movies...and an awesome scenic view. So what do you think? Do you
think you would like to visit?" He asked

"Sure," I said

"So when would you like to come?" he asked

My mind became a little perverted, but I soon returned back to
reality after a few moments of silence.

"Well...I am waiting..." he said

"I am busy this Saturday, but Sunday would be great," I answered.

We agreed that he would pick me up at my dorm, Grady Hall.

On Sunday, Chris called me on his cell phone on his way to my dorm,
just to make sure I had not changed my mind. I was still getting
dressed, and spoke to him briefly. About thirty minutes later, I
heard a faint knock on the door. I felt like my heart had stopped.

When I opened the door there was the most amazing looking man before
me. He was muscular, tall about six four, small mustache, hazel
eyes, dark short cut hair.  And he was dressed casual in blue
jeans and blue shirt and black shoes. I was dressed also in blue jeans,
white t-shirt and sneakers

He just stood there smiling with a rose in his hand.

"How romantic..." I sighed.

"Oh yeah... for you my lady," He said with a smile.

"Thanks," I said smiling delightfully back at him.

"You are quite welcome. Hey lets go then," he replied.

We made small talk to the car and on the way to his parents house;
we talked mostly about school.

After about two hours, we finally made it to his parents' house.

"As you can see, my parents and brother are away, so we had the
house for ourselves to play," he said jokingly (but I knew he was serious).

He began to show me around the house, starting with the back of the
house. I commented on how nice the pool was and that I couldn't wait
to jump in it. He asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said yes.
He came back with two glasses of white wine. We sat at the
edge of the pool drinking wine and watching the sun set. It was
quite a romantic view.

Suddenly, Chris took off his shirt and pants. He stripped down to
his underwear and jumped into the pool.

"Well what are you waiting for? Come in..."

"What???I don't have a bathing suit," I said.

"Just strip girl...you ain't got nothing I ain't seen..." he joked

"Well, what the hell...." I thought...If I can do it in the club I
can definitely do it out here...but that's for me to know right now
and him possibly to know later. I took off all my clothes except my
bra and panties.

We swan around the pool, laughing and playing with the floats and
other toys that were in the pool. I felt like I was a kid again. We
were having lots of fun. I was glad that we were getting along so
well. However all good things must come to an end...or do they? I

I was getting too cold, I started to shiver. So we climbed out of
the pool and into the house. He showed me the bathroom to take a
shower. I stood outside in the hall way, because Chris had locked
himself into the bathroom for some reason. Chris emerged soon
afterwards wearing only a towel.

"Your turn," he said throwing a towel at me. He grabbed my hand and
guided me into the bathroom, where he dropped his towel. I couldn't
see the goods at that point but I had a nice view of his full ass.
There were no words that exchanged for those passing moments. I took
off my bra and panties in record time and just followed his lead.
And he lead me into the shower, the water was already running. The room
was beginning to get steamy.

"So... are you hot now?." he asked

"Very..." I said

"So I can definitely see that..." he said as he grabbed my face to
his and kissed me passionately.

He put his hands around my waist. His skin was so smooth, so soft
and so hot. I was starting to get really excited. He began to rub my
body with soap starting with my breast, stomach, arms and down to my
legs, feet and of course my pussy. After thoroughly cleaning my
body...he turned me around and began to massage my back. I was in a
daze. His touch felt so good to me.

"Mmmmmm" I moaned

"So I see you like..." he replied and softly kissed my cheek.

"Oh yes," I said

Before I knew it, he had grabbed my hips and was easing himself
inside my pussy from behind. My mind became lost in the moment. Then
I stopped thinking. He had pulled me close to him, then he arched
over me penetrating me deep. Still he said nothing and neither did
I. We were so in the moment, and we became lost in the passion that
grew between us with each thrust. The steam from the hot water had
completely filled the room. We were so lost, I don't think that there
was anytime to stop.

"Let's go into the bedroom," he whispered, and then grabbed my hand.

I followed Chris into the adjacent room, we laid on the bed; he
straddled me. We were both naked and in heat. I could feel his cock
dangling onto my stomach. I grabbed it and guided it inside of me. I
was so hungry for him. I wanted every inch inside of me. He
penetrated me with such force, that all I could do was scream.

"Oh God yes..." I screamed over and over several times.

He held my thighs up to my breast and my legs over his shoulders. As
he pounded me harder and deeper with each thrust. My body began to
spasm and my breathing became very erratic. I wrapped my arms around
his neck and began to squeeze very tightly. Preparing myself to
come. Until finally we both came at the same electric moment. We
were both tired and sweaty. We slept in each others arms until the
next morning. Being with him gave me a feeling of satisfaction that
I had not felt before. This didn't feel like just sex to me anymore.

© 2011 NB


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