Sweetness (Part II - The story continues...)
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Anal

Sweetness (Part II - The story continues...)
by NB

I'd been working at the Pink Rose for over four months. I become a feature
dancer and a hot pick by the customers. It was almost like becoming an
instant celebrity in the club. The money was good and I was having the time
of my life.

I met Mike in late Fall at the Pink Rose. He was a business man and
frequented the club whenever he would be in town. He would always
nurse a cold beer while he watched me perform. This time, I wanted
to give him a treat. I let him come on stage with me. Mike was a very
handsome man. He was 50 years old. His hair was brownish blond hair with
salty gray hair on top. He always  wore a black suite, navy blue tie and
black leather shoes..

My music began to play and I began to sway my body to the music. I
knew that it was time for me to loosen Mike up. So I sat him in a
chair on the stage, while I entertained. I began to dance
seductively for Mike and the audience. The men in the audience were
hollering and asking for their turn to get on stage. I teased Mike
with my body and grind my ass against him. Mike was completely
at ease, with his legs spread apart. And even looked at me with a
giddy smile. I crawled on the stage on my hands and knees, spreading my
legs, and turning from side to side on the floor.

I stripped down to my bra and panties and mini skirt.
I stood up and arched my back and stuck out my breast at Mike. Then
I pulled down my right bra cup and showed him my right tit up close
and personal. If that wasn't enough, I grabbed his rock hard cock
and gently caressed it from outside his pants. My tight ass was
peeking out from underneath my denim mini-skirt each time I made a

I slowly pulled my black thong down and bent over showing my
bare ass to the audience under my denim mini shirt.

I held onto the stripper pole and turned around then squatted down
on the pole and used it to balance on as I sat on the floor and
spread my legs open. Slowly, I raised my hips, revealing my pussy to the
audience and to Mike.

I could see Mike smiling and almost drooling out of the mouth. After
the set was over, I picked up my money. I walked slowly off the
stage completely nude, then turned to the audience and blew a kiss.
A few minutes later, I walked out into the audience to talk to my
fans. When I approached Mike, he immediately reached for my hands.

"I am glad you made your way to me tonight. Thank you for bringing
me up to the stage. I really loved that," Mike said smiling.

"I haven't seen you in the club in a while," I said as I caressed his hands.

"I have been working really hard, but I am in town for my oldest
son's wedding. He is getting married on Saturday. I am looking for
some entertainment for his bachelor's party. Do you think that you
and some of your friends would be interested?" he asked

"I don't' know I am kinda busy." I said nonchalantly.

"Come on what do I have to do to make you say yes?" He asked in a
persuasive tone.

He pulled out a $100 and wrote his cell phone number on a napkin.

"Well, think about it. And call me tomorrow to let me know either
way. The money is yours to keep," he insisted.

I walked backstage and told Sarah and Candy about Mike's offer.
We decided that we would do it if he would give each girl $500
minimum and plus tips.

"Okay, lets do it!" Sarah shouted out as she hugged me.

The next day I called Mike and told him I had two other girls that
was interested. Mike agreed to pay us $500 each minimum to entertain
at the bachelor party.

By Friday, we were all very excited to entertain at the  bachelor's
party! I stood in my room dressing myself in the mirror as Sarah
watched me. I had on a black sheer dress and black stilettos that
wrapped up around my legs. My long dark hair looked magnificent in the
lighting of the room and My curvy body was looking exact appealing as I
turned completely around gave myself a full inspection in the mirror. I
blew myself a kiss as I pushed up my 36C breast for further inspection. I felt
sexy and I was satisfied with what I saw in the mirror.

I turned and winked at Sarah. Sarah was the gorgeous one. Her reddish hair,
hazel eyes were to  killer for!! She has a perfect waist line, and has an hour
glass figure, with size 38D breast. She was dressed in a hot red fishnet thigh
high dress and red stilettos. To me Sarah is absolutely beautiful and I secretly
envy her for her beauty.

Sarah and I walked to her car and drove to Candy's apartment. Candy
was already waiting outside the apartment building, and just jumped
into Sarah's car.

"Okay do you have everything under control" exclaimed Sarah.

"Oh yeah," I replied. "I got the Cd's, toys and change of clothes.

"Good, " Sarah responded sounding very pleased.

"Well we are going to make sure we give these guys a show they will never
forget" said Candy licking her lips.

We found the hotel and before we knew it we were there at the hotel
room door. I had never worked a bachelor's party before. I was definitely
nervous. A pain swept over me and I started to turn around.

"And where are you going?" asked Candy

"I just don't know if I can do this," I said in a very nervous tone.

"Girl, if you can shake your ass up in the club, you can definitely
do this," said Sarah in an aggressive manner. Candy grabbed hold of
my hand and rang the door bell. In less than 20 seconds later a man
opened the door smiling. There were 12 other men behind him also
smiling. The men started to cheer and then all we could hear as we
walked into the room was the men yelling "Take it off, Take it off,
Take it off!"

Suddenly Candy popped out a CD and found a nearby
CD player. Candy began to dance with Sarah in a seductive manner. I
joined in and sandwiched Sarah in the middle. I could see that some
of the men had already started grabbing their cocks.

Then we all separated and walked to different men in the room. Candy
pulled out her bag of tricks and began to pour liquid candy on her
huge 42DD breast.  Candy is one hot number. She is a
blond.  She looks just like a girl out of a porno movie. Her skin
glistened from the liquid candy  that she had used on her breast and
body. All eyes were on Candy and now everyone knew why she was
called Candy Kane. lol.

Candy choose two guys as her boy toys for the night. Each were
willing participants. Candy continued to poured the liquid candy
completely over her breast and rubbed it in and instructed the men
to lick the sticky candy from her erect nipples and firm breast.
Each man stuck out their tongues and began to lick and suck Candy's
tits as if they were drinking their mother's milk.

One guy yelled: "Fuck me. I have a big cock!"

Candy looked at the guy with a smirk
and said, "Well let me see."

He happily complied with her request. Candy licked her lips and let
the men finish licking the candy from her nipples and breast. Candy
then went into the rest room to clean up.

Later that night, the same guy that showed Candy his cock wanted to
know if he could have some private time with her.

"What can I get for $100. Can I get orally acquainted with you?" He
asked. "For $100 you can get 15 minutes with me alone... for your
oral pleasure," said Candy with a smile.

"Deal..." he said smiling in a devilish manner.

Candy and the guy went into a bedroom and Candy got on her knees
before him and gave him the best blow job he ever had. I couldn't
see that much , but I sure saw Candy's head bobbing up and down and
I saw him holding on to the back of Candy's head while she sucked him off.
He was moaning with pleasure and I could tell they were both having a good

Sarah and I entertained the rest of the men while Candy had her
private time in the back. I noticed Mike and his son Matt talking at
a table. I noticed that Matt was not as talkative as his father. But
favored his father a lot; in fact looking like a younger version of
Mike. Except Matt had broader shoulders, more well built.

I sat at the table to chat with Mike and Matt.  I made eye contact
with Matt and slowly slid my now bare feet onto his leg. Then I
grabbing Matt's cocks under the table. I could see Matt's eyes widen
and his knees hit the table as a reflex. Mike acted as if he had no idea what I
was doing under the table. But excused himself saying he wanted to lay
down because he was pretty smashed and had a headache.

Matt asked if he could have some private time with me in the
back. I told him that it depends on what he wanted to do, and that
it would cost him. Money didn't seem to be a problem. I could tell
that he and his father had a lot of money, base on how generously
they spent it.

I checked Matt out some more as we walked to the room. He had a
pretty nice build and those broad shoulders made me want him more.
Matt and I walked into an adjacent room. Matt appeared nervous , but
he figured that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and would
probably not have a night like this after marriage. I locked the
door behind Matt to ensure that no one who disturb us.

Suddenly, I noticed Matt gain confidence, and I could see a bulge
growing in his pants. I walked over to him and grabbed his crotch.
He jumped from as reflex, but this time he had a devilish smile.

"If I give you $200, would you have sex with me?" He asked.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked inquisitively.

"Can I do you in the ass? Your ass its so sweet, so round, I would
love to feel my cock in your tight ass," he explained.

"Three hundred and we have a deal," I said.

"Your wish is my desire my dear," Matt replied. He no longer sounded
like a shy young man, but now sounded like a confident man. I began
to wonder if he was just playing a shy game outside while we were with his
father. If he was, then what have I gotten myself into???

Matt and I sat on the king size bed and began to kiss. Matt grabbed
my breast with both hands and played with my nipples as we kissed. He stuck
his tongue into my mouth and began to swirl it around my mouth. I
greeted his tongue with mine, and then softly sucked on the tip of
his tongue and then sucked on his bottom lip. Matt then worked his way down,
kissed my neck, and then sucked and nibbled on my nipples.

Matt turned me onto my stomach, and rubbed my shoulders, then hips  
concentrating on my ass. Massaging it at first then giving it a nice hard smack.

"Ouch," I yelled playfully.

"Are you ready for me to beat your ass baby?" he asked

"Oh yes," I replied eagerly.

He slowly slide his tongue to my pussy lips and then worked his tongue up to
my butt cheeks. I began to quivered as he licked the crack of my ass and my
pussy over and over again. He went quickly to the night stand in the room
and got a small bottle of lube and began to massage it in my ass and legs
and slowly spread them. He teased my ass hole and I got really wet and

Then he slid a finger into my pussy. Then he pushed a finger and
then two fingers into my ass while he licked my pussy from
underneath. This made me have the most unbelievable orgasm! He kissed
the inside of my thighs and whispered, "I knew you would like that."

He then got up and applied a lot of lube inside my ass, which made
it nice and slippery so he could ease inside of my ass. I could feel
the tension as he slid the tip of his cock into my tight ass. He
pumped slowly then much deeper and then faster. He fucked me until
he got delirious, shot his load onto my ass cheeks and passed out on top of
me. It was absolutely one of the most intense experiences I had ever

After the bachelor party I was walking kinda stiff. Sarah looked at
me staring and asked ""Whats the matter with you? Do you have a
stick up your butt?" I never told Sarah and Candy about what
happened in the room.

My ass was so sore the next few days. I had never had anal sex
before. I guess there is a first time for everything.

© 2011 NB

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