Tables Turned
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Tables Turned
by Gianni Shamari

My day started out perfectly at Citibank. Standing by the stall, I withdrew $5,000. The bills flipped gracefully
in my hands as I counted them. Plans to bet and gamble at the Bargata Casino fastened my attention. I
smiled, feeling lucky and stuffed the money in my pocket. Nonetheless, it happened!

Two female robbers clad in black clothes, wigs, and ski masks charged in the bank. They were holding
guns. The robber, who was short and had on a blonde wig, hit the obese security guard on his head.

“Get Down, guys!” The robber who was taller than her accomplice was, barked; her wig contained the
raven hair.

Bank customers screamed and began dropping on their knees. I was stunned, feeling as if everything
stopped. People in the bank stayed still, and none of them dared triggering the silent alarm. That was an
unbelievable turn! Vaguely, the scenario reminded me of Michael Mann’s action movie. My stomach
growled in horror as I imagined being shot and killed on the spot. Sweat drenched me from head to toe. My
all-white Nike Foamposites sneakers got unpleasantly wet and dirty!

“Nobody move; nobody gets hurt!” The tall robber shouted. “This is not a game!”

The short robber ran to the counter and said, “Hey, bitch! Take out the money you got here!”

The startled Black female bank teller with long silky hair reached in the till and handed the money over to
her. The short robber jabbed the dollar bills in duffle bags. Meanwhile, the tall robber paced around the
bank, eying everybody. The short robber zipped the bags and turned. She almost tripped over her own
enthusiasm. Then she spotted me and paused for a few seconds.

“You’re coming with us,” She said, waving her gun threateningly.

‘Oh Great,‘ I thought.

“Don’t get up or make any stupid moves, or he will be shot right here!” The tall robber announced.

After removing their ski masks, they put on the oversized shades and led me out of the bank. Tourists and
school kids packed the street with no idea of the crime that just happened. The robbers opened the door of
a parked black car and hustled me in. My heart raced as I sat in the back seat with the short robber. Her
accomplice took the driver’s seat and the engine groaned furiously. We headed down some blocks. I
prayed that somebody or a surveillance camera caught the license plate.

The bank robbers dumped their getaway car a short distance away. We hopped inside a black Cadillac
Escalade EXT truck and sped away. As we entered the Holland Tunnel, they began stripping their disguises
off. I instantly recognized them! They were Kapri Styles and Micah James, notorious bank robbers from

Micah, the robber sitting next to me, was a light-skinned beauty with big brown eyes and supple body; she
had an exotic charisma of an Indian woman. I liked her straight, shoulder-length raven hair. She had a
tattoo on her right forearm.

Kapri, the driver, was a slim, brown-skinned hottie with wide-set eyes and long black hair. Tattoos on her
left arm, wrist, and right shoulder were apparently vivid.

“We set it off in there,” Micah shouted. “That was close!”

“Hell yeah, bitch!” Kapri said laughingly. “We made it plainly enough!”

“What are we going to do with this scapegoat?” Micah asked.

“Gonna kill him and that’s all!” Kapri replied.

“Why?” I spoke, rather nervously. “I won’t open my mouth before the authorities. Come on, now!”

Micah giggled and said, “How cute! We should let him live a little longer. Let’s fuck him first and then…” she
pointed her fingers like a gun in my direction.

Kapri laughed. “That’s the thing we’ll surely do but first let’s get something to eat. I’m starving!”

“So am I,” I responded before Micah could utter a word.

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re starving!” Kapri continued. “And Don’t speak a shit I tell you! Got it?’

“Yeah,” I said.

Ten minutes later, we parked in the back of a small diner a little farther from the road. Some blonde
teenagers loitered around there, skateboarding and smoking.

Kapri turned to me and said, “You better not run and make any silly moves or I’m gonna blast your fucking
head off!”

“I won’t! Trust me. I don’t want any blood on this outfit or sneakers!”

We got out of the truck, and I walked between them. The robbers looked sexy in their blue tube tops,
matching jeans, and designer shades. People could easily mistake us for friends. Even though this was the
perfect opportunity for me to run, I did not feel my life was really endangered. In fact, I had a presentiment
that something good would ensue.

We walked inside the diner and sat at a table in the back where the truck could be viewed clearly. It was not
packed and the place was air-conditioned. Kapri and Micah ordered cheeseburgers with fries and a Coke. I
had hot wings with fries and iced tea.

“Damn, it looks like you haven’t eaten for days! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Kapri asked with a
grimace as I devoured the hot wings like a wild savage!

Micah giggled. “You do look crazy eating like that!”

“Well, I haven’t eaten for hours actually,” I continued. “If I weren’t your hostage, I already would have had
some delicious soul food.”

“You’re a fool.” Kapri chuckled. “What is your name?”

“Marè,” I answered.

“That’s a nice name.”

“It is,” Micah agreed.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

Micah gazed me and smiled back. Then her feet rubbed against my leg. The physical contact had me
aroused. I found myself sexually attracted to Micah as I gave her a wink. As horny as I was, I stared down at
Kapri’s brown tits, which were clearly visible in her black bra.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” Kapri asked, noticing what I was up to.

“Those nice tits of yours,” I admitted. “You need to pop those tits out!”

Micah laughed.

“Shut up!” Kapri said.

“They look so nice,” I continued. “They’re so brown like a cream, full, and yet firm.”

“They should be; I paid for them.” She acknowledged. “I bet you can’t tell.”

“Oh, really?” I continued. “If we’re playing that guessing game, pop those tits out, I’ll tell you if they’re real or
not. Shit, I’ll go double or nothing on those jokers.”

Micah laughed.

“Look, boy, enough about my tits.” Kapri told me with a slight giggle. “You’re still our hostage!”

I chuckled and stayed silent. Micah continued laughing and Kapri smiled even though she tried to keep
herself calm. She liked the way I jested, and I felt being attracted by her assets too!

After we finished eating, I paid the tab. We walked out of the diner, approached the truck, and drove off.
John Legend’s new song, “Who Do We Think We Are” came on and we were grooving to the beat. It almost
felt like a lounge in the truck. These bank robbers made me feel like their new associate rather than a
hostage. Micah definitely calmed my nerves with her constant flirting and touching. I slipped my hand down
her shorts and felt her soaked pussy.

Kapri took the next ramp with a motel sign, soon pulled up before a building. We stepped inside and
entered the room they occupied. There were two beds, a medium size flat screen TV, and an air
conditioner. Kapri and Micah piled the money on a bed. Faces of dead presidents never looked so fresh
from my angle. The dollar bills were new and crispy like a bucket of Popeyes chicken.

Kapri counted the money with a money-counting machine and announced, “We took $100,000 from that

“Holla!” Micah screamed. “We did good, girl!”

Kapri gave Micah her cut and she put the rest in a blue duffle bag. They were full of euphoria. A part of me
strangely felt good that those beauties got away with the robbery. Micah whispered something to Kapri who
chuckled instantly.

“Marè, today is your lucky day! I’m gonna leave you here with Micah. Do whatever you want and if you can
satisfy her, we’ll let you go!” she said, giving us a wink.

As she departed and the door closed, Micah turned her gaze to me. Her eyes sparkled meaningfully. She
signaled me to come to her. I pulled down my pants and tossed my shirt across the room. Already hard for
the erotic heat that lingered, I sauntered up to her and we French-kissed. I sucked her full lips, grabbed her
heart-shaped ass, and hoisted her up. She giggled and wrapped her toned arms tightly around me. I
walked over to the wall and propped Micah against it. Then I began poking my dick into her open pussy.

“Yesss…” She hissed. “Take this pussy!”

I continued fucking her right there until my arms and shoulders ached. Then I moved her on the bed and
slowly set her down. Micah pulled her bra over her head and tossed it away. Then she pushed her panties
down, denuding a nice trimmed pussy.

“Now, that’s a hot one!” I commented.

I dove down, having a good box lunch. My tongue flicked over her pussy, lapping her delicious snatch.
Micah gasped. The sexy aroma that wafted from her ripe pussy drove me wilder. I glued my mouth on the
right spot, fucking her with my tongue and tasting the cream that filled her canal.

Micah grabbed my head and shrieked, “Oh fuck! Yes, yes … eat that fuckin’ pussy!”

I grabbed her ass and kept on dining at the Y. My tongue triggered her sensations! It ran over her open
cunt, up and down, side to side! Micah moaned and groaned loudly. She rolled her hips and her pussy
quivered. I liked the way she responded, utterly preoccupied in lust. Then she squirted in my mouth. I
always had a thing for squirters!

“Yes!” I spoke up. “Give me all your juices!”

Micah subsided as I lapped her clean and slid atop her. She French kissed me. Her lips and tongue felt

“It turns me on every time I taste myself. I’m not surprise that you got into eating my pussy.” Micah

“When it comes to pussy, I like to eat it and fuck it crazy!” I admitted.

Micah grabbed my dick and inserted it in her warm mouth. The sensations she gave me with her oral
techniques were phenomenal! I did not want her to stop. She looked up, deep-throating me. Then she
massaged my dick and sucked my shaved balls.

“I love sucking your dick!” Micah said.

“Oh God, you are a pro at this.” I moaned. “I love the way your lips slide over my cock.”

Micah laid on her back and I mounted her missionary style. Micah’s pussy was still wet and warm. Fondling
her tits, I jammed my cock into her receptive cunt. We fucked and howled erotically. The swooshing sound
and her moaning was a nice tune to my ears. The fucking rhythm built up, bonding us in passion. The
entire room echoed with bed roaring. Micah grabbed my ass so I could penetrate her down to the hilt. We
kept fucking as if we were high on ecstasy and unstoppable. The sight of her big brown eyes rolling around
brought me to the edge.

“I’m gonna blast off, baby.” I announced.

“Yesss…” She hissed.

Groaning, I pulled out and cummed copiously on her belly. That instant, I felt like I lost a few pounds and
watched as Micah rubbed my cum on her belly and tits. Then she grabbed my arms and switched the
position, laying me on back and climbed atop me. Without further ado, she lowered herself on my dick. A
sultry look stole over her face as I sat up and sucked her tits.

Kapri returned, stood by the door, and flashed us a grin. Micah giggled and I smiled.

“Oh, you’re having a good time with our hostage!” Kapri said.

“This is some good shit!” Micah chuckled. “You won’t be disappointed, girl!”

“Oh, I can handle him!” Kapri boasted.

“Be right back,” Micah whispered in my ear as she ran to the bathroom to clean herself.

Kapri cupped her tits and licked her lips as she ogled me, and took her clothes off. Her naked body was a
remarkable sight. Her enhanced brown tits were bigger than I thought they would be. My eyes roamed over
curvaceous assets and bubble butt. She had a tattoo of Chinese characters on both ass cheeks.

Kapri pointed her 9mm gun to my head and thereby forced me to eat her out. Strangely, I felt both violated
and thrilled.

Opening my mouth, I began sucking her shaved pussy. Kapri’s moist pussy not only tasted sweet but it was
tart as well. I teased her with my fingers and captured her clit, sucking it noisily. It throbbed between my lips
and tongue, attaining a full hardness.

“Yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Eat this fucking pussy!” Kapri shouted.

Her nasty yet encouraging words had me tonguing her deeper. I fucked her so deep that she trembled, lost
her grip on the gun, and let it drop on the bed. Now, I felt at ease and went on lapping her twat. The
pleasure drove her wild. She squirmed, grabbed my head, slammed her pussy on my mouth, and squirted
profusely on my face.

“Good pussy.” I sighed.

“Fuck me with that big dick!” Kapri purred.

We shifted our positions and I hovered atop her. As I slid my dick in, Kapri’s receptive cunt opened for the
assault. I wasted no time fucking her fast and hard. While I was jamming into her, Micah joined us. We
showered each other’s faces with kissed. I had a hand full of Micah’s ass-cheek as I listened to Kapri
begged me to fuck her more. I obliged and pounded her pussy. The sweat drenched me all over and Kapri
shrieked in a jiffy, proclaiming a violent climax. Kapri pushed me off her and writhed around on the bed.
She shuddered, massaging her wet pussy wildly.

“Oh, my God, I could have killed you if that dick wasn’t so good!”

Micah giggled and nibbled on my ear. Kapri crawled over and licked my dick. Then Micah bent down and
joined. They took turns performing fellatio on me and sucking my balls. I was full of jubilation and I felt like
the luckiest hostage in the world!

I positioned Micah doggie-style and rammed my dick into her ass while she ate Kapri’s pussy. The sight
aroused me to move the dick moving into and out of Micah’s ass. I spanked her and she yelped, apparently
enjoying the way I dallied. Putting my hands on her lower back and banging her rear, I reached my plateau.
With a roar, I cummed on her back.

I stretched out and Kapri lowered her drenched pussy on my dick that was still hard. She slammed all the
way down, taking my shaft with ease and screamed. I watched as she bounced up and down; her eyes
rolled in the back of her head, denoting the intense lust she went through. Micah pushed her pussy on my
face. It did not take her long to moan and squirm as I tickled her clit with my tongue. Juices oozed from the
pussy, flowing down my chin and neck. I lapped it off her open twat like an avid feline and then I held her
until she stopped shaking.

We fucked every way we could think of. Finally, Kapri passed out for the pleasure she went through
repeatedly. Yes, she had enough! Micah proceeded riding me until I shot a big load into her. She collapsed
next to Kapri and lay there catching her breath. Likewise, she received much than she expected before.

Regaining their vitality, they stared in horror as I stood before them with a 9mm gun in my hand. Obviously,
they realized that the tables had been turned. Now, they were the hostages!

“Oh, no you didn’t!” Kapri said in a shocked voice.

“I cannot believe this fool!” Micah yelled.

“Shut up, bitches!” I spoke coldly, fished the white cords out of the nightstand, and tied their hands. Holding
back an urge to laugh, I took the keys to the Cadillac Escalade and finished getting dressed. After putting
my sneakers on, I found some rope under the bed and used it to tie them all over.

“You’d better pray I don’t ever see you again!” Kapri warned me.

I grabbed the two duffle bags, left the room, and said, “Later bitches!”

Inside the luxury suite at the Borgata Hotel Casino, I was taking in the view of Atlantic City and thinking
about the adventure I went through. I still could not believe that I survived a hostage crisis and walked out
of it with the stolen money. Lucky me! I hope I have the same luck at the poker table.

The End.
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