Tamia and Lumi
Story Codes: MF, FF, Historical, Consensual/Reluctant, Prostitution

Tamia and Lumi
By Serious Jones

The Captain had not seen me run into the temple.  The vestibule was quite large and
filled with antiquated statues and rotting manuscript.  Elder Michael sat in a
grotesquely decaying overstuffed chair as though it was his throne.  He threw his head
back in disgust when he saw my tattered and distressed state.  I tried to pull my torn
coverings to better hide my exposed burnt and beaten flesh.  He cleared phlegm from
his throat slowly and deliberately, spitting into an archaic tithing chalice, dark tobacco
laden drool dripping down his chin.  I had no time to fear him. I ran to the loose
floorboard that I knew so well and slipped below the wood undetected.  I held my
breath and waited.

The soldiers clacking boots pierced through my ears like hot needles, I had not yet
been able to shake all the side affects from the interrogation.  I hugged myself bracing
for the pain that would envelope me as they questioned Elder Michael.  It was The
Captain who spoke first. I peered through the jagged splits in the flooring and saw him
make his way to the where Elder Michael was sitting.

“We are looking for a young lady, Tamia, one of your kind, a whore.” The Captain
spoke contemptuously slowly walking around the room, nit-picking at the various
artifacts with his black billy club, snickering at what he did not understand. Elder
Michael did not move from his chair.  He sat still, exposing no interest in what the
Captain was saying.  “I need to search your temple for this fugitive.  She is
dangerous.”  Elder Michael snorted.  The Captain stopped abruptly and looked at him
narrowing his eyes, recognizing that this man would not be easily swayed.  The law
was not yet on The Captain’s side.  He did not give his troops permission to raid the
temple, lest he want to stoke the fiery flames of rebellion brewing in the streets
outside.  He was the enemy.  He treaded lightly, but did not extend any respects to the
Elder.  “Do I have permission to search your church?”

‘What benefit is it to me, to allow my people’s adversaries to come in here and
desecrate and mock the only piece of their existence they have left?” Pieces of
tobacco spit from his mouth as he rose from his seat.  His voice grew louder. He
pushed his nappy, dirty hair out of his eyes  “What can you give me that will satisfy the
price of baring a dishonorable legacy should I allow you to pillage all that we have left,
over a child?

The Captain chortled at the old man. “Your legacy is already in ruins.”

The soldiers were growing restless, the broken bust of an elder past, fell to the floor
shattering into little pieces.  My head seizured from the noise and I gagged with
nauseas. “This girl has caused great chaos in the capitol city.  She threatens to
expose information that will cause the destruction of not just my people, but your whole
civilization will be toppled.  She is a double-agent, a brothel girl, with no loyalty to
anybody but her own survival.  She does not care that the little power you think you
hold, will be thrown to the wind.”  The Captain spoke with repulse.  Elder Michael
looked around, two young scantily clad girls walked into the room. He motioned for
them to leave, snarling at their stupidity.  The Captain spoke deliberately. “I see you
are familiar with such heathen girls.”

The Elder only flinched slightly. “They are here for salvation.”

“Salvation indeed.”  The Captain’s face contorted, looking in the direction of where the
young girls exited.  “You are not so different than myself.”

“Perhaps this is true.”  The Elder cackled at his revelation and called for the two young
girls to come back into the room, motioning for them to go with The Captain.  I bit down
on my lip to keep from crying out.  I could not sacrifice the girls to save my own life.  I
began to push open the floorboard when I realized that Elder Michael was standing on
top of my only way out.  The soldiers ravaged at the girls dragging them behind them,
they cried out in pain and panic. I began to beat on the boards to no avail; the soldiers
crowing and loud clacking boots drowned out my attempts to expose myself.

When the army of men had left the temple, Elder Michael freed me from the secret

“Maybe next time you won’t runaway, ungrateful child.” He pushed me towards the
hidden barracks, back to the slimy, dirty mattresses.  “Remember your place, whore.”

I assumed the fetal position, the only way to feel any remote comfort on the shallow
mattress pad.  I saw a shadow moving quickly in the outside hallway.  I swallowed with
fear; there was no telling who was going to enter the barrack, and what sort of cruel
demand they would make on my body and soul.  I kept my eyes closed; the amount of
exhaustion I felt made it an easy task.

Instead of a callous grasp, I felt a soft and light touch stroke my cheeks. I opened my
eyes slowly and saw Lumi standing over me.  Her eyes shined beautifully in the dim
light despite the traumas they had witnessed.  She whispered close to my ear, “Please
don’t leave me again.”  Tears filled my eyes and I caressed her small hand.  “I am truly
sorry.  It was for the good of you and me and the rest of the children here in these

She nodded slightly looking deep into my eyes.  She was so beautiful and kind. I ran
my hands over her voluptuous breasts and firm full buttocks.  Her mature figure and
innocent face made her a prime target for the Soldiers on both sides and a favorite of
the Elder.  She stuck her chest out, letting me know that she liked the attention I was
giving her.  I slipped my hand under her skirt and felt her soft lips, spreading them with
my fingers, she was already wet.  I put my middle finger up her tight hole as she
moaned quietly.  She gripped my hand pumping it hard and fast.  Sensing I was too
tired to give her the attention she was craving and deserved. She lifted her skirt all the
way up and sat on my face.  I sucked on her hard clit and licked at her walls, shoving
my tongue inside of her.  She grasped onto my hair causing me to cry out in pain. I
pushed her off of me, the sheets falling and exposing the extent of my tortured state.

Her mouth hung open in shock and she gasped in horror.  “I didn’t know.”  She looked
ashamed as she ran into the bathroom, grabbing dingy dirty wash clothes that she
soaked with warm water and the crude homemade lard soap.  She attempted to
gingerly clean my wounds.  I was thankful for her tender care.

There was a loud crashing noise from down the hall and we both froze in fear.  It wasn’
t to long before that we had been caught sharing a bed at night, holding onto each
other for warmth and comfort.  When interrogated by Elder Michael, others had
confessed to seeing us kissing and making love to each other in the middle of the
night.  Lumi, had come on to me, an emotion, I was barely able to comprehend.  She
had to take time to convince me to engage her in a sexual way but her beauty and
caring nature won me over and I allowed her to eat my pussy whenever she wanted
eventually feeling confident to reciprocate the sexual favor, I loved watching her body
spasm with pure pleasure when she climaxed in my mouth or on my fingers.  
Sometimes when we were lost in the moment, she would mount me and we rubbed our
cunts together, our clits gliding over one another until the intensity of pleasure caused
one of us to snap back into reality and end the session.

The noise grew deafening and Lumi slipped into the bathroom, the only place she
could logically explain being if she were to be caught with me.

It was Elder Michael, he was carrying his caste iron staff, slamming and dragging it
down the hall, searching for a reason to harm one of the children.  I thought I was
saved from any beating he was going to unleash at this moment, simply because my
traumatized state would only worsen should he harm me.

“Where is that whore Lumi?”  He was practically screeching in rage.  Lumi had to have
heard him.  She didn’t exit the bathroom.  I closed my eyes and lay slack, hoping that
he would see my exhausted condition, assume I could not partake in any antics and
continue his rant elsewhere.

His slap stung my face only slightly, it was no match for the pain in my beaten and
burnt legs.

“Wake up whore!  Your wretched lover has gone missing.”  Lumi exited the bathroom
looking directly at Elder Michael.

“Please Elder, she was sleeping, you know those filthy pagan soldiers beat her
brutally.”  Lumi was completely naked; she walked next to the dirty old man, fondling
his genitals through his thick robe. He stiffened with crude anticipation.

“I’m right here.  I haven’t gone missing.  I was merely exploiting Tamia’s stricken state
so that I could take a shower in a stall with the warmest water.”  She turned around
and went back into the bathroom, the Elder following her bare ass like a dog.  I could
hear his low hollowed grunting as he had is way with her.  I wanted to get up and slice
his throat.  When it was obvious he had released himself, he stumbled out, the stench
of whiskey lingering as he left the room.  Lumi ran the shower and came out glistening
still wet from her bath.  She was still naked and looked at me for my reaction.  She and
I were children of whores, raised in the barrack brothels by the same corrupt religious
figures whom had raped our mothers and were now raping us, nothing shocked us.  
The fact that she had just fucked that dirty nasty man didn’t faze me or her.  Our love
for each other was true and pure.  She bent over in front of me and I licked her pussy
from the back, loving it with my mouth, kissing the wounds inflicted upon her moments
before.  Her tits bounced as she bobbed on my face.  I stuck my finger in her tight ass
and she shook with pleasure as I moved my tongue from her clit to her ass and back.  
She moaned breathlessly.  Standing up, she went back to the bathroom, gathered her
clothes and kissed my lips as she left the room.

Lumi often used her sexuality to entice Elder Michael to give her what she wanted,
which was how I received access to an open gate to break from the barracks into the
clutches of the pagan soldiers.  My reasons for needing to escape were practically
unknown to Lumi whom I did not want to burden with deadly information.  She had
been hurt and confused when I said that I needed to leave her behind. I tired to explain
that I was not leaving on a whim to escape this slavery, but that I had a precise mission
to engage in.  I had to get information to a specific individual, Information I had
overheard when servicing a high ranking member of the invading class.  Although I
was only able to inform men of modest power what I knew, I was somewhat satisfied
and I returned as I had promised Lumi I would.

I knew that I would not spend my life in these barracks. And while I did want to spend
my life with Lumi, if she did not feel compelled to flee this hell, I would have to resign
myself to a life that did not include her.

I stared at my surroundings. A rusted metal bunk bed with filthy busted mattresses.  A
cold hard cement floor scattered with dirt, rat droppings and dead bugs.  No door, no
privacy.  Tattered linens that stunk of old semen and sweat.  A bathroom with an old
broken toilet that rarely flushed and a shower stall with no covering, the stench of
human feces always tingeing the stale air.  No windows to open to cleanse the air.  No
windows to look into the world and wish for another way if life.  I felt the stained walls
closing in around me.  My mind began to turnover, forming a new and better plot to
see a life outside of these walls.

© 2008 Serious Jones

Serious Jones recieved her B.A. from UC Santa Cruz in Community Studies. Her
research project, "The Block: A Hip Hop Ethnography" which touches on issues of
street culture, the music industry, authentically ethical ethnography and race relations
in a capitalist society received Department Honors and was considered ground-
breaking curriculum. Serious Jones also enjoys writing poetry of all kinds, socio-
political fiction and erotica. She is currently working on raising her three kids to rise
up! Check out her blogs: Serious Fiction and Revolutionize Yo' Block.

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