Over the Limit
by Tysche Dwai

Oh, shit!” Marcy muttered, her glance cutting to the rear-view mirror. There were no
other cars on the stretch of lonely country road, so the flashing lights had to be for her.
At least there was no—and then there was, a blat of siren that said “Pull over now!” as
loudly as if the squad car could speak.

Marcy sighed and turned onto the shoulder. It had been one of those days. Fucked from
the minute she got up and spilled a cup of coffee down her best blouse. Now she was late
for dinner with her parents, and she’d have a ticket on top of it….

“I’m sorry, officer,” she said as she rolled down her window, fumbling in her purse for her
license with the other hand. “I didn’t realize—”

“I thought that was you,” murmured a deep voice, and she looked up with a frown.

Right into the eyes of Carson Chiles, the One-Who-Got-Away.

“Uh…hi, Carson,” she mumbled, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, and a flood of
warmth to her crotch that made her shift on the seat.

“Marcy Jonson…” He made her name sound like a prayer. “Do you know how often I’ve
thought of you these last five years?”

“Uh…no…how many?” Marcy winced. Why was she making such a complete ass of herself?

Carson grinned. “Let’s just say, it was most often lying in bed at night with Mister Hand
to keep me company, and it wasn’t nearly as good as the real thing.”

“Really? And how would you know?”

“Touché.” He opened the car door and held out a hand to her. “Want to prove me right?”

Her brain reeled. There was something surrealistic about this. On the other hand…she’d
had a few of those nights herself—nights imagining herself in Carson’s arms….

She shook her head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? Afraid I’ll be a let down?”

“Carson—” Words failed her. Sure, she had dreamed about him; imagined his hard cock
sliding into her welcoming slit; brought herself to shivering ecstasy in her lonely
apartment…but this was the real thing. And it might be her only chance to find out how
good her imagination really was.

She took his hand. “Why not indeed?”

He pulled her up out of the car, and walked her to the rear of the vehicle.

Marcy glanced uneasily at the open countryside surrounding them.

“Don’t worry. I picked this place to pull you over because there isn’t a house for a mile in
any direction, and this road almost never gets any traffic since the bypass went through.”
He lifted her onto the trunk of her car, nudging her knees apart and standing between
them. He slipped his arms around her waist and leaned in to capture her mouth with his.

Marcy’s arms went around his neck of their own volition, and she kissed back. Hard.

His hand slid up her back and undid her bra with the practiced ease of the football
captain he’d been in high school.

When his fingers slipped around to cup her breast, Marcy shivered all over.  She pulled
back with a shake of her head. “What are we doing, Carson? I can’t—here—now. It’s a
goddamn cow pasture!”

“Come on, baby,” he crooned. “You know you want me. You wanted me in high school.
Hell…you wanted me in junior high school.”

He was right.

“Let me show you what you’ve been looking for,” he breathed, leaning in to nuzzle her ear.

Marcy’s consciousness pooled into a well of heat between her legs. Her head fell
sideways, exposing her throat to his kisses.

“I can’t, Carson! I—oh, god that feels good!”

His thumb began to tease her nipple, and she edged herself closer to him. What the hell?
She'd wanted this for so long. There was no denying the chemistry sizzling between
them. There was no one to see. No one need ever know unless she told them....

She locked her ankles behind his back, pressing her crotch against his, and felt him
through the fabric of his uniform, hard and hot.

Carson fumbled for his zipper, and pulled his cock free. He was already fully erect, and he
ran the tip of his prick against the crotch of her panties.

She could feel the heat of it, and the immediate dampness that soaked the cotton. She
moaned with pent-up desire.

Carson pulled away gently, just long enough to reach into the breast pocket of his
uniform and pull out a condom. He tore the package open with his teeth, and slipped the
rubber on his straining cock, then tucked the wrapper back in his pocket. “There’s a $50
fine for littering,” he whispered with a grin.

She returned the grin, wriggling her panties out from under her. The metal of the trunk
was warm, and somehow alien. “I never expected to get a citation like this, officer,” she
teased, spreading her legs invitingly.

“I think you need a body cavity search,” he growled, “and I’ve got just the tool….” He
pulled her toward him and slid into her with a sigh. “Oh…yeah. Just like I imagined it. So
hot, and tight.” He shuddered. “Just like it was made for me.”

Marcy bit her lip at the delicious decadence of it, fucking like teenagers by the side of a
public road. It was insane! But it felt like heaven.

She ground against him, wanting more of him—wanting all of him. She had wanted him
most of her life.

Oh, god...she thought. This is even better than I dreamed it would be. So hard, and
thick...beats the hell out of a cucumber any day! She moaned low in her throat.

His strokes got faster and harder. She bounced against the trunk lid as he pounded into

How will I explain those bruises? she thought to herself with a little laugh.

“Laugh at me, will you?” Carson teased. “Take that! And that!”

“Oh, god…I think…I’m…oh, yes! There! Oh, there!” she howled, leaning over to bite his
neck as the climax roared through her.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he replied, stiffening and shuddering as his own climax pushed him over
the edge.

When the trembling had subsided, Carson slid out of her and stepped back sheepishly.
“Well, I think that alleviates my suspicions, miss. You aren’t concealing any WMD. You
may go.”

Marcy slid off the trunk and pulled on her panties. “Why thank you, officer. It was most
vigilant of you to check. I appreciate your sense of duty.”

They burst into laughter simultaneously.

“Hey, Marcy…can I give you a call sometime?”

She nodded. “I’d like that.”

She fumbled through her purse, and found one of the expensive business cards her
parents had given her for her birthday. Her parents…jeez! She was half-an-hour late for
dinner already.

“I gotta go,” she apologized, handing him the card. “Mom made meat loaf…you know how
she can be.”

“Just tell them you were pulled over for being too racy for the road.” Carson gave her a
lingering kiss. “And the officer was very demanding.”

“I’ll do that.”

“After all, you wouldn’t want to be accused of resisting arrest, would you?”

“Never. I have a perfect driving record.”

“That’s not all that’s perfect,” he replied, tracing the line of her jaw with one finger. “You
be careful out there.”

She watched him climb into the squad car and drive away wondering if he'd call, but
knowing that it would be okay if he didn't. She'd lived her fantasy.

One thing was for sure. This was one traffic stop she’d never forget….
©2005 by Tysche Dwai
All Rights Reserved
All rights reserved.
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