story code: MF, oral

The Teasing Tongue
by Nicho©

So, what are you thinking Susan asked the thin stranger eyeing her from her couch. I
was just wondering how many times I could make you cum, he replied as his eyes
seemed to drink in her body with obvious approval. Susan adjusted her sitting position
on the floor, feeling caught a little off guard by the mans blunt honesty, and more than a
little intrigued by the quiet confidence in his voice.

She realized she had invited the comment by the statement she had made just
seconds earlier about the most number of orgasms she had ever had in one night and
asking others at the party how many they had enjoyed in one evening. Susan had
decided that college was definitely a time to welcome and explore her own sexuality
and during the last few months her eyes had been opened more than once, in fact they
had been opened 7 times in one night after her last party, which was part of the driving
force behind tonight’s party, and her desire to experience something similar again was
the reason for her comment.

That wasn't the question I posed, Susan stated trying to bring her thoughts back to the
here and now, I wanted to know how many times you had cum in one evening. The
stranger leaned forward and said 11 without batting an eye, and then once again let his
gaze drift over every sensuous curve of her body as if basking in her radiant beauty.
Strange Susan thought, she had always thought of herself as pleasantly plump, yet this
stranger’s look told her he obviously did not share her negative sentiments. Oh she
knew she was blessed with more than ample cleavage, which men and some women,
openly admired, but something in the way this man looked at her made her feel truly
He smiled at her and then said you deserve a lot more than 7 in one night. She wasn't
sure what it was exactly about him, but somehow she knew he was making more than
a statement, he was making an offer. An offer which he intended on backing up. Susan
suddenly felt the urge to be alone, and quickly stood up and excused herself to check
on her other guest and to use the restroom.

Making her way past her other guest she headed straight to the private bathroom that
was attached to the side of her bedroom. She brushed her wrist across her pants as
she reached back to close the door and felt a little wetness against her thighs. What?
Oh no way she thought to herself, but as she unfastened her pants and slide them
down it was obvious. She'd cum from just talking and thinking about what he could do
to her, and she was now wet with desire, and all because this stranger had promised
her greater sexual pleasure than she had ever known with a look that said he could
and would back up his claim, if she allowed him.

Hmmm she thought, he had already succeeded in getting her more aroused than she
had ever felt before in her life... maybe he really could make her cum even harder than
she had last weekend. Suddenly she begin to laugh... Well why not let him try, ok she
said looking at herself in the mirror bolstering her resolve, that's one buddy, and with
that thought she decided to relax and just go for it.

When she walked back into the room she noticed that the crowd had really dwindled
and that there was only a half dozen or so people left. Yawning loudly and stretching
her arms out high and arching backwards she proclaimed to be feeling really sleepy.
Several guests looked around and made comments about it being late, but one never
blinked as he stared at her curvaceous silhouette and slowly ran his tongue hungrily
across his lips like a jungle cat eyeing his prey.

She smiled to herself as the rest of the guests made their way to the door and thank
her for such a wonderful evening. As the last one left she turned and eyed the man still
sitting on her couch, Maybe it's time I took control she thought. So she said as she
locked the door behind her, exactly how do you plan on making me cum. He stood as
he looked her up and down again and walked over to her wrapping his arms around
her and pulling her close with surprising strength and kissed her.

There was no gentle softness or hesitation his kisses were hot and passionate. His
tongue entered her mouth and captured her in it's dance. Darting around enter-twining
with her own tongue as his hands roamed across her back pulling her closer and
allowing her to feel him hardening against her. She pulled away slightly when they
broke trying to catch her breath, and more importantly to regain some modicum of
control over her body, but the stranger held her tightly and slowly lowered her to the
floor as he begin kissing her again.

This time when their lips parted she realized his hands had already slipped lower
grasping at her hardened nipples and playfully teasing them in a tender caress
between his thumb and forefinger. She moaned as he lowered his head and allowed
his mouth to take over as he unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her breast barely
constrained by the thin fabric of the sheer bra she was wearing. You're incredibly
beautiful he sighed before kissing her exposed skin and squeezing her breast again.
She moaned as she watched him unfasten the bra and expose her breasts
completely. He smiled as he stared at them then took as much as he could of each in
his mouth alternating between the two of them as he reached down and begin
unfastening her pants. She cried out suddenly as he suckled one of her nipples a little
harder, and then laughed softly. He stopped and looked up at her, smiling to himself
on the fact that he had made her cum before he had even finished getting her
completely undressed.

She smiled as she thought to herself, actually that was number two, but there's no
reason to let him know that, so instead she said come on as she took over removing
her clothes and watched him strip as well. She was surprised to realize that despite all
the lights being on she wasn't even the least bit conscious of how she looked. And
looking at the swollen purple tip of his penis throbbing in her grasp as she fingered the
length of his erection she realized he was more than a little excited and obviously not
the least bit disappointed in what he saw.

She heard his breath catch as she rolled her fingers around his shaft and slid it from
the tip to the base and back again. He laughed as he pulled away from her, ok you’ll
get your chance to show what you can do later right now this about me pleasuring you.
It was then that it hit her, this really was about her. Had any man she ever known let
alone slept with ever tried to do something just for her? Sure she’d had guys go down
on her, and make love to her, she’d received back rubs, and massages, but somehow
she had always known that no matter what a guy was doing it was in reality just a way
of getting what he wanted, sex. Yet here this man was pulling away from her, refusing
to allow her to pleasure him, so that he could instead focus on pleasuring her.

She looked down as he positioned himself between her legs sliding his hands along
her legs as he lay down and begin kissing and nibbling the insides of her thighs. She
moaned as his fingers moved ahead of his mouth working their way across her moons
and gently running through the curls of her pubic hair. She felt his thumb graze the nub
of her mons and slide across her clit and a bolt of lightening shot through her. She
arched backwards and lifted her hips upward to press against his touch even as he
pushed down against her moving his thumb in little circles…That’s three she thought,
as she closed her eyes and let her hips sink back towards the floor.

He smiled up at her as she opened her eyes to look at him as if to ask if he was done.
He only smiled wider as he lifted himself up enough to allow his mouth to take over the
work his thumb had started. His breath was hot and she felt her whole body shook as
the heat enveloped her. She grabbed his head with one hand as lifted her hips to meet
his mouth as another wave flooded through her. Holy shit she thought was that four or
five, suddenly he pulled back taking her clit with him in his mouth, and then after a short
pause, he dove forward letting his tongue delve into her. Oh God she cried, ok that was
definitely number 5.

Her breathing was coming more ragged as his tongue begin darting in and out of her,
wrapping around and suckling her clit, flipping from side to side, flickering at the edge
of her labia and then plunging back into her silky folds. As inspired and hopeful as she
had been by his passionate kisses before she never would had dreamed he could
manipulate his tongue in so many pleasuring ways. It was as if he was a man
possessed and his only salvation lay somewhere within her heavenly folds.

His hands reached under her and squeezed her ass as he pulled her closer too him
and pressed his face into her. She cried out again as yet another wave over took her.
How many had she had now she wondered? She had lost count, what was it now 20,
no it was least 25, and they weren’t stopping, they seemed to follow one after another.
Her pussy burned with pleasure as each wave washed over her. Some orgasms were
little others made her whole body quiver, but each and every one brought her more and
more pleasure than she had ever known. She tried to focus as he slid his arms under
her and brought his elbows up under her ass. She felt his biceps flex as he slid his
hands out from behind her and up her sides to caress her breasts.

She moaned again as she looked down at him. "Hey" she said getting his attention,
"why don’t you come up here and make love to me". He smiled at her as he looked up
and recognized her ragged breathing, then stopped. "I can’t" he said "your not ready for
me yet", and with that he lowered his hands down across her waist and parted her lips
exposing her clit to his tongue and begin working her over even harder than before. Oh
God, she cried a new as the waves of pleasure grew larger and stronger than before.
He moved his mouth in perfect rhythm with her hips as she begin rocking back and
forth grinding into him.

He smiled as she arched upward and her head tilted back out of site. "hehehehe" he
laughed to himself as he thought about what he was doing to her, "I bet that’s the 4th or
5th one… I wonder if I can make her have 7 or 8 before we have sex". Susan opened
her eyes as a meteor shower flew across the ceiling. He whole body tingled, and she
felt the room begin to swirl. She tried to focus on something, what number was this it
was somewhere in the sixties she was sure, but where. Oh God, he did it again, his
mouth pulling her in and his tongue flickering across her swollen clit, every time he
took her this way she felt another orgasm, and now his finger reached inside of her
probing. Yes probing looking for something, moving deeper, now turning to the left, yes
just a little bit more, and now back towards the front just a little bit she thought then
suddenly a flash of light blinded her, and her world went dark.

She opened her eyes and coughed slightly as she tried to breathe. What the Hell was
that she wondered? She looked down and noticed her whole body shimmered with
beads of sweat as she lay there still shaking. "Holy shit that was incredible!" she said
aloud as she looked down at him still lying there with one hand resting on her thigh,
and a finger from his other hand twirling slowly inside of her. "hmmm" he said "You’re
still not ready". Not ready? Not ready for what she wondered to herself. At this moment
she was quiet sure there was nothing she wouldn’t be willing to do. "Come on" she
said "I think I’m ready, I want to feel you inside of me"

He paused for a second as he looked up at her, and then defiantly repeated his
previous statement "Nope, you’re still not ready" Again he lowered himself down on her
and begin working his fingers in concert with his tongue. She no longer cared about
trying to hide the pleasure he was giving her and cried out passionately each time one
of the larger waves of pleasure shot through her. He smiled as he inserted a second
finger into her and felt her grasp him from inside as she rocked back and forth letting
the pleasure rule her body as it continued to spasm in pleasure. "Oh God come on I
really want to feel you inside of me" she cried out as her body arched and twisted. "I
want you to fuck me… come on fuck me now" she pleaded.

He looked up and started to rise, but then lowered himself back down. "Nope your still
not quiet ready". He smiled wickedly as he started toying with her ass rubbing her slick
juices around her backside as he continued to devour her with is tongue. "Now, I need
you to fuck me NOW!!" she cried out as her hands grabbed his head, and lifted
upwards. She pulled him up even as she slide her body down and arched her hips into
his. As he slid his cock into her she grabbed his shoulders and ran her fingernails
down his back. He arched upwards feeling the burning sensation as her nails dug into
his skin. She cried out as her whole body lifted up as if on a river of fire, she heard her
heart beating faster and louder sounding like the crescendo of a train wreck exploding
in her ears. She tried to fight through the flashes of light that berated her senses, but it
was to no avail… once again her world went dark.

Watching, feeling, hearing the sensations of there two bodies joined together was
more than he could handle and he felt his own body begin to spasm as he began to
cum, flowing forth with such force as he could not manage to hold himself up and
collapsed upon her. He closed his eyes tightly as he succumbed to his own waves of
pleasure. He tried to focus as he opened his eyes and saw her smiling up at him. She
leaned in and kissed him tasting her own lovely juices, which completely covered his
mouth and face. He smiled at her as he breathing slowly started to return to normal. "I
hope you enjoyed that half as much as I did" he said She smiled and kissed him again
"You have no idea" she thought to herself, "you have no idea"…

He looked up at the sunlight streaming through the window and then searched for his
watch. "Hmmm, 7:15 do you want to go get some breakfast?" he asked. "Actually I need
to get a shower and head to work, I’m supposed to be there by 8:00 on Saturdays".
"Oh" he said, as he looked down dejectedly. "hey come on lover" she piqued "you need
to get to work or sleep yourself, after all tonight’s your turn"
The Teasing Tongue