Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

Thanksgiving Confessions
by kimbelina

As I settled into my seat on the plane to go back to school after Thanksgiving, I couldn't
help but think through the crazy events of the weekend. It had all started with my mom's
comment when she opened the door to welcome me home.

  "Welcome home, Brianna. Oh... is that what you're wearing?"

  Ouch. It wasn't surprising in the least, as my mom seemed to make a sport out of
putting down the way her daughters dressed, or who they dated, or what they did for a
living. But unfortunately, knowing the insult was coming didn't take any of the sting away.
And since my two younger sisters were both involved in serious relationships - Haley was
married to Josh and Caroline was still going out with Jeff - I couldn't help but think that I
was now getting the brunt of this abuse. It also didn't help that I knew I looked great - 5'7",
thin, great tits, long blonde hair - mom always had a way of making me feel fat and frumpy
with just a few words and a glance.

  But the last straw came later, when we were all sitting down for the formal turkey dinner.
As I stepped up to the table, glass of wine in hand and engrossed in a conversation with
my favorite aunt, I soon realized there wasn't a seat for me. After everyone else was
seated and my mom came into the room carrying the turkey, she said, as an afterthought,
"Oh, Brianne, you're over there," pointing to the kid's table.

  What!?! I wasn't about to confront her in front of everyone, but I was humiliated. I'm 26,
a successful college graduate currently balancing career and graduate school, and she
puts me at the kid's table? Not that I don't love my adorable little nieces and nephews, but
I'd really prefer to sit at a table with leg room and conversation geared towards adults.
And it didn't take me long to figure out what my mom was up to. I was the one daughter
who was unmarried, unattached. If it had been 'Brianna and Bob' to come to
Thanksgiving dinner, we would have had our two seats together at the big table. But as it
was, she was putting me in my place, and there was nothing I could do about it.

  As I sat down to eat with Johnnie Jr., little Jennie and the rest of my youngest relatives, I
pondered how I could possibly make myself feel better, without stooping to my mother's
level. In years past, we had gotten into some horrible arguments at the holidays, when I
responded to her criticisms with criticisms of my own. I didn't want to go there again. But
somehow I had to pull myself out of this situation, otherwise I'd go home depressed and
remain in that funk until I had to come back to mom's house again for Christmas.

  Somewhere in between bashing my shin on the metal leg of the rickety card table and
being hit with mashed potatoes by my 9-year-old cousin Jake, it hit me. I had the perfect
plan for getting through the rest of the evening, until I could extracate myself and spend
the night in my hotel room. A little flirting never hurt anyone, after all. If it was just that,
flirting, I'd at least enjoy the sport of it. If it went any further, well, maybe I'd be able to
upset my mom's status quo just a bit.

  I decided to start on Caroline's boyfriend Jeff. Although she was younger than I, at 24,
he was the 'older man', at 38. I'd been attracted to him ever since they met, so it wasn't
exactly a challenge to start flirting with him. After dinner, I poured myself another glass of
wine, unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my blouse - still decent but giving anyone who
cared to look a nice view of my cleavage - and joined Jeff on the couch.

  "So, how's the game?"

  "Oh, hey, Brianna. It's actually kind of dull so far, not much offense from either team.
What's up with you?"

  I decided just to go for it, see whether he'd bite. It was probably a combination of the
wine and the bitter mood my mom had put me in, because I usually wasn't so forward!
"Well, actually, I was thinking of heading upstairs for a different kind of thanksgiving, if
you know what I mean. Interested?"

  His dark brown eyes grew very big, obviously shocked at my comment. But he quickly
recovered, and with a quick glance towards the kitchen to make sure my sister was still
busy there, replied, "Yeah, sure. Why don't you head up there, and I'll join you in a

  Still surprised at my own actions, and equally surprised that he'd betray my sister so
easily, I made my way upstairs, waiting on the landing for him to follow. Just as doubt
started to creep in (was he in on my mom's plan to humiliate me this weekend??) I heard
his feet on the stairs. As he flashed me a smile, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into
the nearest room, which happened to be my other sister Haley's childhood bedroom.

  "So, Brianna. Now that you have me here, what are you going to do with me?"

  "Well, frankly, I hadn't thought that through. Hmm... I wonder how long it's been since
you've had a great blow job?"

  "Wow, seriously? Well, it's been long enough that I'd say I'm due. Your sister never lets
me finish in her mouth, would you be up for that?"

  "Oh, yeah, Jeff, I've fantasized more than once about having that big cock of yours fuck
my mouth," I said, reaching out to squeeze his growing bulge through his khakis.

  He responded by quickly taking off his pants and sitting on the edge of the bed, still
wearing his polo shirt and shoes. As he parted his legs, I got down on my knees between
them and took his already-growing cock in my hands. As I started to work him, kneading
his bulging cock and rolling his balls in my fingers, he reached into my blouse and
grabbed one of my breasts, fondling it through the lace of my bra. I succumbed to the
pleasure of his touch for just a moment, arching my back and letting out a little moan,
before returning to the business at hand.

  He was forced to let go of my tit when I leaned down to pull his cock into my mouth. I
began by taking in just the tip, tracing it with my tongue as I continued to stroke his length
with my hands. Gradually, I took in more and more length, until he was fully erect and
ready to fuck my mouth properly. Moving both my hands to his balls, I began bobbing up
and down on his full length - I guessed 8 inches - from the tip to the bottom of his shaft.
He began to moan and press into me, and before long grabbed my hair, which was
conveniently tied into a ponytail, to have better control of my motions.

  I fought through my reflex to gag as he pressed into my throat, and he lingered there at
the end of each firm stroke, holding me by the hair to keep me there, obviously savoring
the feel. After a few minutes of this, he pulled me off for a moment, praised my hard work,
and asked me to make him cum by sucking his tip and jacking him off with my hands at
the same time. I was relieved to have a moment of air, and eagerly dove back down onto
his cock, following his directions. I used one hand on his shaft, stroking him as quickly as I
could. My other hand cupped and massaged his balls. With my mouth, I created as much
suction as I could on the last 2 or 3 inches of his cock, and waited for my reward.

  Before long, he whispered huskily that he was about to cum, and thrust his hips towards
me as he shot his load into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed every drop, and let him linger
in my mouth after he was done, as I could tell he wanted to by the firm grip he still had on
my ponytail. When he let go, I pulled myself up onto the bed next to him, and he pulled
me towards him in a passionate kiss.

  "Thank you, Brianna, that was the best blow job I've had in a long time!"

  "You're very welcome, Jeff! But you'd better get back downstairs. I'd really hate for
anyone to suspect what we've been up to in here. I'll follow you after a few minutes."

  He nodded, quickly got dressed, and left, flashing me one more smile as he closed the
bedroom door behind him. Wow, what a release that had been, I thought to myself. I
really didn't want to steal my sister's boyfriend - I actually hoped she would never find out
- but it felt great to be such a rebel in the oppressive environment of my mom's house. I
let myself fall back onto the bed as I thought about what had just happened.

  After a minute or so, I heard the bedroom door open and quickly sat up. I prepared
myself for Jeff to be coming back for more, or for Haley to ask what the heck I was doing
in her old room, but definitely wasn't prepared for who it actually was: Haley's husband
Josh. At first I told myself it was just coincidence that he was there, maybe he forgot which
room was which, he was actually looking for Haley's room? But when he spoke in hushed
tones, I realized it was no coincidence.

  "That sounded like quite a blowjob! Here I was, innocently walking down the hall to
Haley's room, when I hear the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from this room, and I
have no choice but to listen through the door, and then wait to see who comes out!"

  I could tell from what he said that he wasn't judging me, but I still couldn't predict what
his next move would be. Blackmail, perhaps? Fortunately, I was wrong.

  "You know, Brianna, I've always thought you were hot. Hotter than your sisters, really.
And I'm thinking, after a blow job like that, you really deserve to be eaten out, don't you

  "Oh, god, Josh, are you serious?"

  "Oh, yeah. Will you spread your legs and let me lick you?"

  "Um, gee, let me think. OK, done thinking. Get your ass over here and suck on my clit
for a while!"

  I now found myself in the same position Jeff had been in just moments before, sitting on
the edge of the bed with my legs spread. But this time it was me being pleasured, as Josh
got on his knees, hiked up my skirt, and set to work pleasuring me with his tongue. As he
pushed my panties to one side, he quickly discovered that I was already wet, turned on
by my encounter with Jeff. Given that, he wasted no time sliding one finger into my pussy
as he began licking my clit, slowly and gently.

  He quickly had me writhing in pleasure on the bed, and the fact that it was my sister's
husband touching me in this way couldn't have been farther from my mind. I was aware
only of his fingers and his tongue, easily pressing my buttons as if we had been together
many times before. I could hear him undo his belt buckle and unzip his pants, all the while
continuing to suck on my clit and finger-fuck me with his other hand.

  He now gently pulled out of my pussy, stood up and pulled off his pants, and climbed
onto the bed next to me, ending up in a 69 position. As he went back to work on my
pussy, this time licking back and forth over my pussy lips, I was presented with a beautiful
sight - his half-hard cock dangling above my face. Without hesitation, I took his stunning
member into my mouth, grabbing his ass to guide him as he fucked me at both ends.

  I'm sure he would have continued pleasuring me orally as long as I let him, but as soon
as he was fully erect, I wanted his cock buried deep inside of me. "Josh, you have me so
hot and bothered, I need your cock inside my tight little pussy. I want you to take me
doggy style, right here, right now!"

  He responded quickly, pulling off of me so that I could change positions. As soon as I
had myself on all fours on the bed, he climbed on top of me and stroked the tip of his
rock-hard cock against my pussy, lubricating the tip before plowing into me in one deep,
long stroke. Doing my best to keep my voice down (I knew exactly how thick the walls
were in this house!) I began to urge him on.

  "Yes, Josh, fuck me. Fuck meeeeeee," I hissed at him over my shoulder. "Pound me like
the little slut I am," to which he responded by grabbing my hair and slapping my ass as he
rode me.

  "I want it hard and fast, Josh. Grab my tits, Josh. I want you to knead them while you
fuck my tight little pussy." He was more than happy to follow along with my naughty
instructions, and varied his rhythm every few minutes as I gave him new instructions.

  "Yes, that's it. Hold on tight as you ride me. Think about what a little slut I must be,
blowing one sister's boyfriend and then fucking you right after. Fuck me harder!" Again,
he responded powerfully as I urged him on with my dirty talk. I had always enjoyed being
fucked hard from behind like this, I just never imagined it would be Josh riding me.

  "That's it, Josh. Give my tight little pussy all you've got. And don't let go of my tits!" I
could tell he wasn't going to last much longer, so I reached around to massage my clit as
he fucked me. I wanted to cum when he did.

  "Oh, god yes, Josh. That's it, just a little longer. Aaaaahhhhhh," I moaned as he thrust
one last time and then remained buried deep inside of me, his cum shooting into my
pussy. At that moment, I'll never know if it was conscious or not, he squeezed both of my
nipples, hard, and that touch pushed me over the edge into a powerful orgasm. My pussy
muscles pulsating around his now-motionless cock as wave after wave of pleasure
coarsed through my body. I collapsed to the bed, and Josh's cock slid out of me, quickly
followed by a stream of our combined juices.

  Soon it was deja vu all over again, with another man involved with one of my sisters
quickly getting dressed and leaving me alone in the room, as he went back downstairs to
watch football. I lay on the bed for a moment, in complete disbelief at the sex I'd just had,
but also feeling completely happy and in control. As soon as I had pulled myself together,
I made my way downstairs.

  After a quick glance at the couch in the living room, where Jeff and Josh sat along with
several other guys, watching the game, I gathered up my stuff and said my goodbyes to
my mom. No, don't worry, I'll be fine at the hotel. Yes, I had a very nice time. Yes, I'm
looking forward to Christmas too. On my way out the door, I shot the guys one last
glance. Jeff gave me a knowing wink, and Josh gave me two. Maybe I wouldn't have to
dread Christmas after all.

© 2008 Kimbelina

Kimbelina has been writing erotica for the past few years, as a delightful diversion.  She is
fortunate to have a muse who provides a constant stream of erotic ideas, and she enjoys
pleasuring him and perfect strangers alike as she writes and shares her stories online.
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