The Ex Con
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

The Ex Con
by N.B.

I had just woke up and then took a shower before making myself a cup of coffee. Just before  
settling down and reading my newspaper, my mind drifted to Jeff and how we first met. He was
an ex con, reforming to society. Who would have thought that he and I would be lovers or even
husband and wife.

In order for you to understand our story, I have to take you back to the circumstances which led
to us meeting. Jeff made a lot of poor decisions when he was younger and it landed him in
prison. After having served seven years in prison, Jeff was put into a work release program and
also assigned to Forbes Mental Health Clinic for therapy.  He had a troubled past. His mother
died when he was only 12, and his father was also in and out of prison all through Jeff's
childhood and early adult years. Jeff was an only child and ended up in foster care and in group

I am a certified psychologist and work at the Forbes Mental Health Clinic. Jeff was assigned as
my new client. He was very charming. He shared a lot of stories with me in our sessions.  Jeff felt
comfortable discussing his feelings about his mother's death and being estranged from his

One day Jeff had a major break through and began to cry. It was then that I realized that Jeff
was beginning to heal his past, because this was something that Jeff had never done in any of
our previous sessions.  I hugged him and comforted him while he lay his head on my breast and
I caressed the back of his head. I felt  closer to him during each session.

Our professional relationship had turned into a friendship more than doctor patient
relationships. I decided to assign Jeff to another psychologist due to this reason. It was a conflict
of interest.  Jeff seemed broken hearted by my decision, but insisted that we remained friends.  
Reluctantly, I decided to do so.

The following Sunday morning, I was having problems with my Mazda not starting up. I
remembered that Jeff had studied automatics in prison and had been certified as a mechanic.  
So, I decided to call Jeff to see if he could help. Jeff was delighted by me calling him and said he
would be over sometime that after noon.

At around 3:00pm, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, it was Jeff standing in
front of my door with his mechanic tools snugged in his mechanic bag. I immediately noticed him
smiling shyly as he looked down at bare feet. He was dressed comfortably in blue jeans, a plain
black t shirt, and sneakers.  Jeff is a very handsome man, and also well built man. He is about
six feet tall, smooth chocolate complexion, gorgeous dark brown eyes with dimples - he was
perfection in my eyes. I welcomed him into my home for a cold drink of beer. With one hand
firmly gripping the can of beer and the other holding his mechanic bag, he slowly followed me to
the garage where my car was parked. Jeff immediately popped the hood of the car and began to
look for problems.

I stood behind him watching as he worked on my Mazda. After what seemed like several hours of
absolute silence, I gently rubbed his arm and asked, "How is it going?" He looked up
nonchalantly into my eyes smiling and said, "You just needed some rewiring, I am done here."

I was so excited that I lost my composure. I leaped into his arms and kissed him on his lips. He
kissed me back then replied, "I wish I had met you earlier"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because If i had met you earlier I would not have messed up my life the way I have. But I am
glad I have you in my life now."

I blushed because I was not expecting for him to say that. He looked down to the ground with a
small grin - his  hands remained in his pockets, as he shifted his eyes back to mine.

"Maybe it was destiny that things ended up the way it did so we could meet this way. Maybe if
you meet me when I was much younger, you would have broke my heart," I explained.

"Okay..." Jeff said as he stared into my eyes deeply.

Jeff guided me by the hand to the driver’s side of my car and lifted me up and lay me down
across the seats. He held both of my hands down pining me to the seats. Then grabbed me
around the waist. Although, this felt good to me I resisted. After a minor struggle, with laughing
and tickling. We kissed and he began to caress my body while focusing his attention on my
nipples and breast. Within one fluid motion, he cupped my breast and explored my nipples with
his tongue. The sensations of his touch was foreign yet utterly familiar to me.

It began to rain, but we did not stop. It seemed that the more it rained the more excited we both
got and the more intense our passion grew for each other.  Jeff unbuckled my pants and pulled
them down to my ankles. Slowly, he began to caress my damped pussy, fingering it with one
finger, then with two. He continued  to kiss me and cupped my left breast with his other hand.

Jeff pulled me out of the car and then picked me up into his arms. It was still raining and I closed
my eyes as he carried me inside of my house. I was his to do as he pleased.

Our clothing and bodies were soaking wet. Jeff undressed me completely and lay me on the
bed. He was almost completely nude except for his underwear.

Jeff lie next to me on the bed and began to again caress my body and kiss me passionately on
the lips and then the left side of my neck.  Unable to control myself I reached for his underwear,
to take them off. Jeff resisted and pulled back

"What's wrong Jeff?" I asked glancing briefly at the bluge in the front of his underwear.

"I haven't made love to a woman in over eight years," he replied bashfully.

"Thats alright Jeff" I whispered softly into his ear while reaching for his underwear again.

Again he resisted. I felt like I was being teased. This was the first time that this has happened to
me and I was determined to see his goods.

Finally, he said, " I am big down there."

"What do you mean? Let me see. I will be the judge of that," I said in a very curious but stern
tone of voice.

Again he resisted saying that he have had many women who were not able to take him and
women have even left him and refused to have sex with him  because of his size.

Determined to see for myself, I forcefully pulled his underwear down and pulled out his  full
length cock.

"Oh my gosh!"  I streaked "You are huge!"

He lay stroking himself and looking for my approval.  Without thinking I grabbed his cock into my
hands and began to kiss it passionately while slowly tasting his precum on my lips. I slowly licked
him again while a devilish smiled painted my face as I looked up at him.  I licked around the tip
again and the opening on top, then sucked along the base, trailing his cock with my tongue. His
eyes watched as I explore his huge and juicy cock.

Driven by passion and my desire to feel him inside of me, I demanded that he make love to me. I
was really turned on by the width and length of his cock and whether I could take him - all 12
inches of him!!!

He rose his body slowly and arched himself on top of me with his hands clawing my back. I
gasped and tried to clench my thighs for an instant. With his hands he massage my inner thighs
to relax them.

"If you spread your legs a bit more and pull them further up I can get in and out without having to
stretch you so much," he said with reassurance.

I opened my legs as wide as I could, and up, almost reaching my breast.

"Yeah thats it," he said sliding himself closer into me. For just a half a moment,  I held my breath.
The ache between my legs was getting intolerable as he penetrated me. I had never felt such
pain. I made one really loud scream as a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Shhhhhhh...Dont worry," he said "Just relax. Breath."

I began to moan from the pleasure and the pain that I felt all at once.  I squirmed and hollered.  
Awkwardly, he fumbled as he entered me. I felt so vulnerable, and it still hurted so much.

On each thrust his cock slid further inside me. I became so wet, and the pain became more
easier to tolerate. In one electric moment, I felt him inside the deepest part of pussy; so deep as
if it was inside my belly. He humped slowly in and out.

His cock was in the hottest, tightest part of my pussy and was gripped tightly onto his cock
almost like a glove. I kept my legs apart and up as he pounded me harder and harder.

I had never been made to feel this way before. It felt almost like my body was molded to fit his
huge cock.

He stayed for three days after that and we fucked wildly for most of that time. Never in my wildest
dreams had I imagined that he would be that hot in bed. Somehow,  I knew he was the man for

I felt like it was true love.

When he finally left, we made plans for our second meeting. Jeff couldn't wait to see me again.
We courted for over a year before we got married. And the sex got better and better. But the
most important thing of all - he became my best friend and lover for life.

My mind shifted back to the present time. I sat the newspaper down and walked to our bed room.
Jeff slept on his stomach and was breathing hard. I lie next to him and watched him sleep.  I love
him and feel so luckily to have him in my life. Nobody fits me like him.

© 2013 by N.B.

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