The MILF Next Door
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Mature

The MILF Next Door
by John Yohe

Weird coming back to his hometown. Everything seemed smaller. And quieter. He pulled his car into the driveway
and noticed Mrs. White next door just getting out of her SUV. He parked and waved. She smiled and waved back.
He saw she had groceries, so he got out of his car and went over to help.

She hugged him. “Hello guapo, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Hey Mrs. W. You look great.

“Why thank you. You make a forty-something woman blush. What are you doing back in town?”

“Oh, my parents went on vacation and I told them I’d come and housesit.”
He grabbed the groceries and followed her, looking down: Her legs in dark nylons. High heels. He put the bags on
the kitchen counter, and when he turned around she had taken off her coat:  Dark skirt to her knees, and a red
blouse, transparent enough see the outline of her bra. She took her pearl necklace in one hand and rolled them
between her fingers looking at him. “My my, you’ve grown up.”

“Um, thanks. You—you look great. Again. I mean, I said that already but—”

“Oh that’s ok. You can say it as often as you like.”

“Um, how’s Katie?”

“Katie? Oh, she’s married now.”


“Yes I know. It’s a shame. She’s so young. I tried to talk her out of it, but she’s in love. Poor girl.” She moved closer
to him. He could smell her perfume. “How long did you two go out?”

“Oh, not quite a year.”

She looked him up and down. “Too bad that didn’t work out.”

“Well yeah...” He cleared his throat. “Well, I should get going.”

“Oh? So soon? Well how about coming for dinner tonight? We could catch up.”

“Uh...sure. How’s Mr. White?”

“Oh he’s the same. He’ll be out of town tonight. Leaving me here all by myself.”

She turned around and bent over to get a glass out of a bottom cupboard. Her ass round, full, and warm-looking.
Pantylines against the tight material. She straightened and looked back at him, smiling. “Hope I can find something
you like to eat.”

He blushed. “Uh, ok. Ok, I’ll come over...”

She stood and walked him to the door. “Wonderful.”

He went back to his parents house and unpacked and showered and shaved, dressing in his old room. When he
was ready, he hesitated, then went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Inside old pairs of his underwear.
From the back he pulled out a small bundle of black fabric and unfolded it: Silk panties. He held them to his face
and inhaled, reaching down and rubbing himself.

Back at the White’s house, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door, hearing a faint ‘just a minute’ and the
click click click of high heels. When she opened the door his mouth fell open:

She leaned against the doorjamb and crossed her arms, looking at him and smiling: Long black translucent robe,
black see-thru bra with matching panties, dark thigh-highs, and open toed high heels. Dark red toenail polish.
Lipstick the same color and shiny wet.

He stared. “Wow.”

She smiled. “Just a little something I threw on. Glad you like it. Come in, guapo.”

He followed her, watching her hips sway, her ass rotate. The living room dark except for candles lit around the
room. She sat on the couch and patted the place next to her. “Come on. Sit.”

He did and she poured two glasses of wine for them, lifting her glass to toast. “Ching ching?”
He stared down at the floor. “Cheers.”

She shook her head. “No no no. You have to look the other person in the eye when you toast.” She put a hand
under his chin and turned his face toward her. “Ching ching?”

He stared into her eyes. “Ching ching.”

She took a sip and licked her lips, still looking at him. “So, it’s been so long. I remember when you were dating
Katie and how quiet your were. Remember how shocked I was to find you about to violate my little girl that night?
Here on this couch even!”

He blushed again. “I—sorry.” He shrugged.

She laughed softly. “It’s ok. I acted more shocked than I really was. Mothers have to do that you know. I was
actually pleased Katie had such good taste.”

“Mrs. White—”

“Margaret. Please.”

“Um, Margaret...Are you...?”

She leaned close, one hand toying with his hair. “Am I what?”

“Uh, how’s Mr. White?”

“Oh baby, don’t worry about him.” She leaned even closer, her hot breath on his ear. “Let’s just say we have an
understanding.” She put a hand on his thigh. “Tonight it’s just you and me.”

“Oh my god...”

“What’s the matter? Don’t I turn you on?”

He turned his face into her hair and inhaled. “Mrs. White—Margaret. I’ve always thought you were a MILF.”
“A MILF? What’s that?”

“It’s what they call women like you now. A Mom I’d Love to Fuck.”

She chuckled. “They? Who’s they?”

“Uh, guys. A lot of us always thought that about you.”

“Well, I’m flattered.”

He slowly put a hand under her robe to her stomach. Warm and smooth. “God you have a great body.”
“Mm, thank you. I’m doing yoga now.”

His hand moved around to her back. “Can I...Can I touch your ass?”

She kissed him. Her lips full and soft and parting to let her tongue snake in his mouth. “Baby, you don’t have to
His hand over the soft material of her panties. “God, I always thought you had a great ass.”

Her hand moved up his thigh and rubbed his cock through his jeans. “Mm! Nice and hard. Oh baby, you make me
feel like a woman.” She kissed him again. “I’m going to suck your cock. I’m going to do all the things girls don’t like,

He started to say something but she put her hand over his mouth as she started to slide off the couch between his
legs. “I know how dirty boys want to be. I want it too. Katie and I talk. I know she wouldn’t do things for you. But I will.
I’m going to suck your cock and swallow your hot cum into my belly. You want that baby?”

He nodded. “Oh yeah.”

She unzipped him and pulled his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, staring hungrily at his cock. “Mm-hm! I
knew it would be thick like that.” She grabbed his balls. “How would you feel if I told you I’ve been checking you out
for a while?”
“What do you mean?”

“I mean checking out your package. I could tell you had a nice cock. Does it bother you that an old lady was
checking you out?”'

She gripped him at the base and opened her mouth, lowering it down over his cock, staring at him the whole time.
Warm, and when she clamped her lips around him, tight. She slid all the way down until her chin was touching his
balls. He moaned. She slowly came up, licking the underside of the shaft with her tongue.

She smacked her lips. “How’s that baby? You like that?”

He sighed, his eyes almost rolling back in their sockets. “Fuck yeah...”

“You want is slow, or fast? I can do it anyway you want baby.”

He put his hands in her hair. “Fast. I want to fucking come in your mouth so bad.”

She smiled. “Mmm...”

She started to suck, using one hand in time with her mouth, so his whole cock was gripped in a tight wet sheath,
jiggling his balls with the other, moaning, saliva dribbling down her chin and fingers, looking up at him, the corners
of her mouth still managing to turn up a bit.

“Oh yeah Mrs. White, I’ve want to come in your slut mouth for a long time. You fucking hot bitch. Oh you fucking
cocksucker. Yeah!”

He tensed, balls clenching. “Fuck yeah! Fuck!”

He jerked up into her. She moaned and held on to him tight, swallowing and looking up at him.
He collapsed. She continued to milk him, then finally came up for a breath, two thin white streams coming out the
sides of her mouth. “Mm, that was yummy! You come a lot!”

She sat next to him and took a sip of wine, scooping up the cum around her mouth and licking it up. He stroked
her thighs and looked at her body. “That was...amazing.”

“Thank you.”

“Did you really—I mean, did Katie really....”

She laughed. “Oh yes. Female bonding and all that. It’s too bad you two never really clicked sexually. She may
come around. I never wanted to suck cock when I was younger either.”

“Did she tell you everything?”

She raised her eyebrows and took another sip of wine. “Oh yes.”

He kissed her breasts through the smooth material of her bra. “Mrs. White....”


“Margaret. I have something to confess.”

“Really? Is it naughty?”

“Yes. I...always thought you were gorgeous....”

“Thank you. You’re so good for my ego.”

“That’s not it though. It’s...I stole a pair of your panties.”

She smirked. “You did? You naughty boy. When?”

“When I was dating Katie.”

“Hm, which ones?”

“They’re black, and soft, and they smell like you.”

“And what exactly did you do with them?”

“I...jerked off. I would rub them over my face and cock and balls and imagine you were wearing them and I was
rubbing up against you.”

“Mm, how wonderful. I wish I could have seen it.”

“I can give them back if you want.”

 “Oh no, not after that wonderful description of panty perversion. I always heard about boys like you. Besides, they
probably won’t fit my big ass anymore.”

 He kissed her and rubbed his hand over her backside again. “You have an amazing ass.”
“Really? Not too big?”

 “Stand up and turn around.”

 She tilted her head, but did as he asked. Her ass eye-level with him. He bent forward and kissed her right cheek
She looked back at him. “Oh. How sweet.”

 He kissed her left cheek. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” Then he put his face into the material between and
buried his nose in as far as it would go, inhaling. “Mrs. White, I want to lick your asshole so bad.”

 She turned around and patted him on the head. “What a lovely thing to say. Let’s go to my bedroom for this one,
He followed her upstairs, keeping his face eye-level with her ass as she climbed the stairs, following her scent.

 She led him in and closed the door, lighting some more candles. They kissed standing together, and she
undressed him, running her hands over his body. “Mm, nice and young and hard. I love your shoulders.”

 She took off her robe and bra, and he bent and sucked on each smooth breast. She held his head and moaned.
“Oh baby, that’s so good.”

 His hands on her ass and thighs, reaching in her panties to grip her cheeks, squeezing them hard. He slid her
panties down, and she stepped out of them, lifting them up and rubbing them over his face, down his chest, and
his cock and balls. They kissed again. “I want you to do anything you want to me, ok baby?”

 He just grunted, biting her neck.

 “I’m going to give you what you want now, ok?”

 She lay down on the bed, face down and pulled her asscheeks apart. “Come and get it baby. Stick that tongue
way up inside me.”

 He lay down behind her, hands on her cheeks, taking over spreading them, and put his face between, and
inserted his tongue in her asshole.


 He ran his tongue tip around over the circle of soft ridges, then back inside, wriggling it.

 “Oh my god! You like that, don’t you?”

 “I love it. I love your ass. I always have.”

 “My ass is yours. You can have it anytime you want. How about my pussy? You want my pussy too?”

 She turned over and pushed him on his back, hands on his chest, pussy hovering over his face. Her lips full and
swollen, spreading already, showing the pink creamy center. Her dark brown fur thick and wet. She lowered her
ass down until his nose rubbed against her asshole.

 He curved his tongue up between her lips and tasted. She moaned. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah, lick me baby. Stick that
tongue up in there. Oh shit yeah!”

 He watched her asshole expand and contract as he wiggled his tongue up and down her lips and the tight pink
hole in between. She ground herself into his face, coating him with juice. “Oh I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh
shit! Oh fuck. Oh I’m cumming!”

 Her thighs clenched around his head and her fingernails sank into the skin of his thighs. “Ooohhh!”
She raised herself off enough to look down at his face. “Oh baby, that is so good. You make me feel good. I want
you to fuck me now, ok?” She lowered her mouth onto his cock and he squirmed there, staring up at her glistening
cunt and asshole until she came up for air and turned around, straddling his hips. “Are you going to give me that
boy cock now? Yeah? Gonna fill me up with your boy balljuice? You like it bareback? You want to feel my cunt all
slippery and warm?”

 She took his cock and lined it up between her lips. “Oh yeah. Oh I’m gonna fuck myself on your cock baby.”

 She lowered herself down, looking at him through half-closed eyes. “Ohhh...Oh yeah.”

 He put his hands on her hips and pulled her all the way down, sliding up into her, balls deep.

 They both moaned and held still. She raked her nails down his chest. “Does my pussy feel good baby?”

 He nodded. “Fuck yeah. Nice and tight...”

 “Yeah? Tight? Tight like a young girl?”

 “Oh fuck. Tighter.”

 She started to ride him slowly. “Tighter than the girls you fuck? Those little pricktease sluts that won’t suck you?”
“Uh-huh! I can feel your pussy gripping me.”

 “That’s right baby. I’m gripping your young boy cock with my pussy. It’s mine.”

 He reached up and grabbed her breasts, mauling them. “I’ve wanted to do that forever.”

 “Oh fuck that hurts. You like my tits?”

 “Mm-hm. You got a nice pair of tits. Nice handful.” He squeezed them again. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum again.”

 She smiled and pulled off. “Hold on baby.”


 She bent over and kissed him, whispering in his ear. “I want you to cum in me, but somewhere else. You know
where? In my ass. I know you want to fuck women in the ass. And I want to give you mine. I’ve wanted you in my
ass ever since Katie said you tried to do her there.”

 “Oh fuck....”

 She lay face down on the bed again. “Oh yeah baby, she told me about that. That’s why you need a woman. I
want it. I love it in the ass. And you can fuck me as hard as you want. I’m a big girl, I can take it. That sound good
He grabbed her hair and kissed her hard. “I’m gonna fuck you like a whore.”

 “Mm-hm baby....”

 “That’s the way I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”

 “Oh yeah....”

 He got behind her, spreading her cheeks again, spitting onto her pucker. It dilated slightly. He put his cockhead
against it and gripped her ass muscles, almost twisting the flesh. “Fuck you’re a hot bitch.”

 He shoved and sank inside. She sucked in her breath. “Oh fuck! Oh baby, that’s so big....”

 He pulled out and slid back in slowly. Her assfolds spread out around him and he held still. She nodded. “Oh
baby. Do it.”

 He slowly sank down, using his body weight. Halfway in she gripped the sheets and tensed. He stopped and slid
back out.
She exhaled and raised her ass back at him. “Ok baby, you’re being so good to me going slow.”

 “You’re so fucking tight.”

 “I know. But you’re opening me up. I’ve never been opened up so wide before.”

 He shoved in again, laying his whole body on her, his mouth next to her ear. “You’re so fucking hot.” He started
thrusting with his hips, slow strokes at first, until she relaxed completely. Then one long push into the hilt.


 He kissed her ear. “I’m in your ass. I’m in your married slut ass.”

 “Oh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

 He grabbed her hair with one hand, and covered her mouth with the other, pushing up into her hard and fast. She
moaned, breathing hard through her nose. Her body hot and slippery from their sweat, ass opened completely. He
fucked her, whispering in her ear what a slut she was. A whore, a married whore. A slut pricktease mom. A
cockwhore mother....

 He tensed and came, pulling her head back and grinding his hips into her ass. She moaned and clenched it,
holding him in her.

 He let go and kissed her sweaty neck. “So fucking hot....”

 “Oh baby that was so good. I could feel you cum in me. You filled my ass up good. My ass is yours! You are my
fucking young god!”

 He pulled out and rolled off to the side. She kissed him once softly on the lips, then moved down his body. “Let
me clean you up. I bet a girl’s never done that for you either, poor baby....”

© 2011 John Yohe

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