The Shop
Story Codes: FF, Exhibitionist

The Shop
BY Chloe Blackwood

I fell in love with everything about the shop from the moment curiosity led me
through the door to discover the delights inside. The huge bay window framed an
array of sensuous silks draped over a classic Chesterfield sofa like exhausted,
passionate lovers. A scene straight from my fantasies, the exotic colours of the
fabrics and lace were mixed with teasing feathers, butter-soft leather and
polished wood in an erotic collage …. but I get ahead of myself.

The first time I plucked up the courage to enter the shop I wandered around in a
daze, seduced by the beauty of the items on display. Rich fabrics, responsive to
the touch were displayed beside leather with buckles and chains to provoke and
excite in restraint. I admired a collection of glass pieces sitting proudly on some
shelves. Some were not immediately recognisable as dildos, all were stunning in
their artistry. I walked over to a wall with several rails of underwear. Tentatively
fingering the delicate lingerie I felt the smooth lushness of a dark midnight-blue
kimono-style wrap, imagined it next to my naked skin and knew I had to buy it. I
looked at the price tag and realised the only way I could afford it was if I lived on
cheese on toast and didn’t go out for the next month. I sighed under my breath.

“It’s gorgeous isn’t it?” the shop assistant’s soft voice startled me from my
dreaming. I turned round to see a smiling young woman, a dark brunette, with
warm-brown sparkling eyes. Her hair was a mass of loose curls, settling on her
shoulders. She wore a silk blouse in a deep forest-green with a black pencil skirt,
tight around her curves. The look was completed with seamed black stockings
and patent heels. I suddenly felt out-of-place in my jeans and trainers.

“It …. it is lovely”, I replied, trailing the thick heavy silk of the wrap’s sleeves
through my hands.

“Please, try it on in the changing room”, she said with a grin, “the colour would
really suit you.”

“Alright” and before I knew it I was in the huge changing area in front of an
antique cheval mirror taking off my clothes.

“I thought these would be a wonderful match”, said the assistant pulling back the
velvet curtain and joining me in the room. She looked at me in my workaday bra
and cotton panties. “These will make all the difference”, she said, handing me the
most exquisite half cup lace bra and matching thong in the same midnight blue as
the wrap. I expected her to leave but she just stood there, looking at me. “I can
see you’re going to need some help trying these on”, she said.

What stopped me from pulling away and getting dressed I’m not quite clear but
her voice was deeply enticing and somehow I was happy to let her help me out of
my ordinary underwear and into the gentle hold of the silk and lace she offered.
Maybe she took a little longer than was necessary smoothing down the delicate
cups against my breasts but my hardening nipples indicated that somehow I didn’
t mind! She made sure the bra clasp was secure and ran her dark-red fingernails
the length of my back to the top of the thong starting bursts of electricity all the
way down my spine. As her hands went lower I arched my body, feeling her
caress the firmness of my arse. From behind me she moved to crush my breasts,
rubbing the pink peaks of my tender nipples with her palms. I turned my head
and kissed her cheek lightly and was intoxicated by her perfume, a heady mixture
of rose and amber.

“Please....” I urged breathlessly as she planted the first kiss on my lips. She
sprinkled kisses all the way down my neck, to my breasts, my stomach, pulled
aside the thong to expose my now extremely wet pussy. Her fingertips slid on the
slick lips of my sex, then inside, just a little, teasing me. She stood up and eased
me back onto a chair with plush upholstery. I was entranced and submitted to her
lead as she hitched up her skirt to allow herself to kneel between my legs. Her
glossy curls rested on my thighs as she used her tongue on my clit, first gently
then with a force that had me grasping the sides of the chair and raising myself
towards her greedy, open mouth. She fucked me with her tongue, probing into
me, and I revelled in the attention of this beautiful woman. She licked and sucked
enthusiastically as she ran her hands over my thighs. My breathing changed. I
started to pant, occasionally biting my lips. The orgasm hit me fast as she looked
up, straight into my eyes, and had me falling back into the chair gasping for air.

“Ooooh! I never …. I mean …. I didn’t expect. I’m sorry.” I was incoherent,
incapable of expressing what I’d just experienced. The other woman smiled gently
and simply said “That’s ok,” in a such an assured way I guessed this wasn’t the
first time she’d ‘helped’ a customer try on the shop’s deluxe lingerie. My juices
were smeared on her lips, a couple of buttons had come undone on her blouse
exposing gorgeous breasts in a black satin bra. With her tight skirt gathered high
up her legs I could see her stocking tops. We looked straight at each other, our
hearts racing. The moment sparked with an erotic charge between us. There she
was in front of me. This goddess in heels, stockings and verdant silk. I wanted to
see desire and lust spark in her milk-chocolate eyes. Suddenly I was desperate
to explore the sensations that had overwhelmed me again and again. I whispered
in her ear how turned on I was. How I wanted to hear her beg me to make her

I knelt beside her and slid the silky blouse from her shoulders. Kissing the soft
skin I unhooked her bra and circled her nipples with my tongue, every now and
again sucking on them as they hardened. She gave murmurs of encouragement
as I continued. I kissed her firmly on the lips and as I pulled away I noticed a small
display table in the corner. She saw me looking and laughed with a sound that
was both feminine and full of seductive playfulness. I giggled as she crept to the
table on all fours displaying her curvaceous arse. I could see the outline of her
pussy lips through her lacy black panties, moist and beautiful.

She turned back with a purple blindfold in her hand and tied it securely, softly
stroking my hair as she did so. I could no longer see where she was but heard
her pick up something, perhaps from the table. She took me by the hand and
guided me to stand up and take a few steps forward. I guessed I might be facing
the chair but as I took another couple of steps I wasn’t sure. Certainly, she was
there, so close. I could taste her fragrant skin, musky and tempting. She kissed
me with impassioned lips, her hot, darting tongue doing battle with my own.

Then something hard was forced rudely between my thighs. It felt huge and
unforgiving but the glossy surface slithered against my skin. The head slipped
gently inside the warm velvet of my sex eliciting murmurs of pleasure from us
both. She pulled it out and immediately I felt deprived. She raised the object to
my lips, forcing me to taste my own moistness and smell its heat. I begged her to
do something, anything to release the unbearable tension that gripped me. She
plunged the glass dildo deep inside me and danced her fingers on my clit.
Between sharp breaths I begged her not to stop. Every cell in my body
responded with intense vibrations. I bore down, biting at her shoulder as I rode
each surge of ecstasy. I came, falling to my knees with a final deep moan. Her
kisses were hard and almost painful then eased to tenderness as she untied the
blindfold and I caught my breath.

“Stand up a moment,” I said taking her by the hand. We stood up, turned so we
could see ourselves in the mirror. I positioned myself behind her, unzipped her
skirt which fell to the floor. Licking all the way down her back to the roundness of
her arse I helped her step out her panties. I trailed a finger down the cleft of her
buttocks, kneading her arse firmly before finding her pussy lips. I gasped, she
was so wet. I started gently, tentatively. Her body eased back into mine and
invited me to go further. I pushed into her with more strength, with more speed,
my fingers gliding on her juices. I could feel the small spasms build within her as
the mirror reflected our flushed expressions of delight. Her pussy clutched at my
fingers as I rubbed her clit feverishly. She came with a loud flamboyant sigh and
a direct gaze through her thick lashes that left me exhilarated.

Ten minutes afterwards I left with the midnight-blue wrap and underwear in the
shop’s recognisable but discrete bag and the knowledge that I would return there

© 2008 Chloe Blackwood

Chloe Blackwood is a passionate, sensual redhead with green eyes, a
vivid imagination and a deep fascination with the erotic arts.