The Tease
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The Tease
Viola Knight

I slink towards you, my eyes fogged with lust. My hands touch your
smooth chest; I can feel your muscles tighten under my fingers and I am
immediately excited at the effect I have over you. I have to steel myself
from gripping you too hard, but all I want to do is grab your body. I
continue touching you, moving my hands to your stomach. My nails
graze your skin and you moan a little. It is time for your shirt to come off
and I am salivating at the sight of your toned chest and shoulders. I can
smell your desire for me and I am instantly intoxicated. My fingers make
invisible lines down your shoulders and arms before coming to rest on
your belt. I give it a playful tug but whisper that we will come back to that

I raise my hands to touch your face, and trace a finger over your lips. I
bite my own just thinking of what those lips are going to taste like. I touch
your hair and neck. Your arms entwine me and my knees suddenly feel
like jelly. My heart is racing as you lean your head down and your mouth
touches mine. I moan a little…your lips are soft and sweet. Your tongue
pushes my mouth open further and I am almost dizzy from your kiss.
Your hands are moving all over my body. I am desperately trying to
remember how your fingers feel on my skin, but my head is spinning and
my body is screaming with exhilaration. My hands return to your chest
and your kiss deepens as I touch you. Suddenly all I can think of is how
much I want to feel your skin against mine. Your velvet like hands come
to rest on my lower back and you pull me closer. I am quivering with
need for you. Your mouth presses against my neck and I feel your teeth
sink ever so gently into my flesh. I whimper and my nails scrape against
your bare chest. You pull away from me long enough to remove my top.
My bra is unclasped and sliding to the floor before I even know it.
Suddenly I am shy and embarrassed, and turn my body slightly from you.
I feel your warm breath on my ear as you whisper that I am beautiful and
sexy. I can hear your voice tremble a little as you huskily declare how
much you want me, need me.

Our lips meet again and we kiss long and hard as you guide me back to
your bed. You playfully push me onto the soft mattress. This show of
force only arouses me further. You grab my leg and slowly run your moist
tongue from my ankle to my thigh. I feel a tingling between my
outstretched limbs and moan at the feel on your tongue on my skin. You
chuckle and move on to my other leg. I am on fire now and almost
pleading for you to take me. Your tongue travels slowly up to my panties,
where you plant light kisses down to my crotch. I am almost crying from
the incredible sensation of your mouth. I whimper again and you move
up to my stomach. Your fingers find my nipples, and you begin to
squeeze and massage them. I beg you to stop teasing, but I know you
are enjoying yourself too much. Your tongue swirls around my breasts
and your hand moves down to press against my now wet crotch. I feel I
am going to pass out, I am so close to orgasm. My breathing is short
and ragged and I can no longer talk. You slide back down to my panties.
Your teeth grab the front and glide them past my toes.

My legs fall open and you climb between them. I am beyond aching now
and you assure me the teasing is over. I gasp the first time you lick me.
Your face burrows into my pussy, licking harder and faster. I am lost in
oblivion as your tongue moves in and out of me. You find my spot and
attack it with a vengeance. I am breathing harder and moaning your
name. My thighs tense up around your head and my first orgasm
washes over me like a wave. I cry out as you lick faster, my hips bucking
into your face. I am barely through my first when a second orgasm slams
into me. My legs become limp and I let out a long sigh. I am temporarily
satisfied, but I am still fantasizing about how you will feel inside me,
making love to me. You kiss your way back up to my lips and, with a
wink; whisper that I was absolutely delicious.

©2007 Viola Knight  

Viola Knight is a published author and experienced freelance writer
living in the eastern United States. She enjoys dabbling in everything
from writing web site content to poetry to a monthly column in a humor