The Antique Shop
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The Antique Shop
by Catherine Anne Hayes©

You are sitting in your car at a traffic light.   The heat of the mid-
afternoon day beating down on the hood of your car making it harder  
for the a/c to cool the insides.......A bead of sweet trickles down  
the side of your face and you lift your hand to wipe it away.  

Out of  the corner of your eye you see ever-so briefly a flash of pale  
pink.   You turn to see a dimly lit shoppe with various  
items crammed in the window and at the glass door you can make out  
the faint pink shape of a woman.  She turns her head a little and  
smiles at you.  Something in that smile hits you....beckons  
you....she is swallowed up then into the bowels of the shop.  With a  
will of their own your hands turn the wheel to the waiting parking  
spot.   You get out of your car and go to the door......for a brief  
second you think "What am I doing here" but you quickly shake it off  
as you step inside the shop.....a little bell rings above your head  
and the coolness of the dim shop hits you...caresses you and you  
sigh.  The coolness feels so good against you.   You start to wander  
amongst the various objects......warm wooded furniture, sparkling  
crystals,  delicate china, vintage clothing....etc...A painting of a  
woman from another time catches your stop to stare at the  
face...the eyes especially grab you....they twinkle and laugh from  
the canvas.    

" You look,drink this" .   You turn  
and see the same eyes from the canvas looking at you.......the woman  
who you saw in the door...She notices your look of recognition and  
smiles... "that was my great grand mother"  She lifts a pretty green  
glass with white flowers to bring the glass to your lips  
to drink......your taste buds dance with pleasure as you drink the  
best lemonade you ever had......It cools and soothes your parched  
throat.   You thank her...she tilts her head to the side.  "Is there  
something I can help you with?   Do you see anything you like? ".    
The thought runs through your head "" as you look into her  
eyes...then your eyes take in her face, her hair haloed from the  
sunlight fighting it's way inside, down to her very full lush breasts  
in her dress that is low and opened a few buttons.   

You see dangling  between her breasts a large golden topaz...
your fingers itch to go  between her breasts to lightly brush them
as you lift the topaz for a  better look,  You notice the fullness of
her hips and her long legs  peeking out of the front opening of her
dress....All of a sudden a  surge of desire fills your lower body.   
This startles and frightens  you a have never reacted
like this to a strange woman before....

She notices the look of confusion on your face and says "I  
think I know what you are looking for... what you really desire".    
With that she takes the empty glass from your hand and leads you to  
the back of the store......up a winding staircase to a  
loft......there you see a beautiful brass bed with a soft quilt with  
pale coloured designs on it......"Is this what you have been  
seeking.....desiring most??.....she puts the glass down on a table  
beside the bed to join a pitcher and another glass that looks the  
same.......She turns...and with her eyes locked on yours she proceeds  
to un button her dress down the front....she lets the soft cotton  
drift to the floor.....she is standing there in nothing but a pale  
pink lace bra and panties.....every lush curve of her  
exposed.....tempting you......inviting you to touch her creamy are don't know what to do...this has  
NEVER happened to you in your very organized life.....she senses your  
confusion..laughs a little....a beautiful sweet laugh and steps to  
you...:"I will take the decision out of  your hands".  She lifts her  
hands and looks up at you....running her fingers through your  
hair..caressing the curls...her fingers meet at the back of your head  
as she pulls you down to her waiting full lips.   "Leave your eyes  
open" she says right before lips touch lips......soft, sweet inviting  
lips that open upon contact with yours to share immediately the most  
intimate of kisses....tongues exploring each other.....breaths  
mingling tasting of sweetness and lemons...she melts against  
you...into you...your knees buckle....your head...your body heady  
with the most incredible sensations you have ever felt.   "My God"  
you think "What has she done to me" as your arms of there own will  
pull this strange but remarkable woman into your arms as you give in  
to the sensations.   You never have felt such a surge of desire.    
Fire in your veins.   Your fingers find the hooks on the back of her  
bra.   You unfasten them to let her breasts spill free.  You toss her  
bra aside and then look at the amazing sight of such full lush creamy  
breasts tipped with rose.  Your hands cup and gently squeeze  
them...nipples going automatically hard with contact with your  
hands......You find the sensation against your palms very  
erotic.......A deep sigh escapes her lips as you fondle and stroke  
them.....Her eyes glittering with desire she goes to pull your shirt  
off forgetting about the buttons. She wants to feel your naked flesh  
against her hands...She leans in to kiss the base of your throat  the  
space below to kiss her way to first your left nipple then your right  
nipple.  You start at the pleasureable sensation.   

She laughs at  this then she unbuttons your pants and pushes them
down off of your  hips pulling your briefs with them....It is very plain to see she  
desires you very much.  Your desire matches hers as you pull her back  
into your arms to kiss her..suckle on her mouth....She loves  
this!!!   She pushes you to sit on the bed as she frees your legs of  
your pants and briefs and pulls your socks and shoes off.   With  
eager hands you push her panties off and catch your breath at the  
sight of her womanhood covered with trimmed hair like the colour  on  
her head....It looks moist and ever so invitingly plump.  Your shaft  
stiffens with the sight.   

She then climbs onto the bed and lies into  
the lace trimmed pillows.....She raises her arms....."Come to  
me"....."Take me"  "Please".....she arches her back and opens her  
legs.   You are now completely pulled in to this woman.....You go to  
her and lean in to first kiss her lips..hands on her  
then make your way down her body to her breasts....taking first the  
left nipple in your mouth to suckle.   You hand makes it way to the  
curls below to stroke and tease them.  You feel the moistness that is  
there and it excites you....You love the feel of a wet woman...your  
fingers find there way inside and she squirms with pleasure.....Your  
fingers find the sensitive pearl and begin to roll it in your  
fingers......shes moans with the sensations and you keep up the  
exquisite assault there.   All of the sudden she cries out and you  
feel a large shot of wetness.....It drips and pools around your  
fingers....You love that you have brought her such pleasure. She  
opens her legs more and your slip your fingers into the wetness to  
seek out that special place that you want to touch and bring her  
ecstasy.   She melts.   She shakes.  She opens her eyes and smiles at  
you.  With the look of a naughty vixen she pushes you on your back  
and then gets between your legs.    She laughs and leans forward to  
first kiss you then kiss her way down your body to your hips. You  
expect that she will then kiss your cock but she passes it to kiss  
and nibble on your inner thighs.   That feels soo good to you.   She  
then starts to kiss the space between your rim and balls.  You feel  
the light tip of her tongue... This makes you start... then you moan  
as she begins to kiss and lick around your balls and gently take each  
one in her mouth to lightly suck.  Your body is on fire now.   

She  then kisses and licks the bottom of your cock all the way to the  
top.   At the same time she takes your tip in her mouth to suckle and  
strokes your balls with her fingers.   She licks around the top like  
an ice cream cone.  A greedy wicked look in her eyes.  She increases  
the pressure and slowly and deliciously takes you whole deep into her  
mouth.   Her tongue swirling around your cock.   The wet hot walls  
pulling and sucking out the precum she feels and tastes coming  
out.    "Yummy"  she says and proceeds to suckle more..You grow  
larger and harder in her mouth and she takes her fingers below your  
balls to stroke the bottom of your cock there.   You let out a deep  
throated moan.   You shake.......She feels sooo good.   Just when you  
thought you were going to explode in her mouth she stops suckling  
your cock and says...." I want to feel it deep in me "   "Cum inside  
me".......She then climbs on top of you and impales herself on your  
cock.   You both cry out at the wonderful feeling.  You feel yourself  
deeply wedged in her.  All the way to the hilt.   She leans towards  
you,  breasts swinging and you try to capture one with your lips but  
can not.  They are bouncing wildly with the movements of her hips  
riding your cock.   You love to watch them bounce.  Your hips move  
and thrust in perfect wild rhythm with hers.   You have never felt  
such an incredible sensation as this woman riding your cock.. All of  
the sudden you turn into this wild primal beast and sit up making her  
fall back...She is startled.  You then with her on the bottom begin  
to thrust fiercely, ferociously and very deeply.... you have never  
been so deep inside a woman.......Her eyes  glint with wicked  
pleasure.......she loves the wild beast that you have become and  
moans, almost growls.  She matches your wild thrust and latches her  
mouth on your shoulder.  All of the sudden the both of you burst into  
intense pleasure.  You both scream out.  You feel yourself shoot deep  
all the way in her...filling her up with your cum.   

You collapse on  her...emptying  the rest inside her....bodies spent, covered
in  sweat.  You feel the mingles juices brimming out of her pussy running  
all over both of you.....You gently move off of her.    The cool air  
hitting your over heated body.   You look at her and smile.   You see  
the face of a very sated woman.   You think "I did that" and lean  
over and kiss her brow.   She sighs  and smiles back.   From the down  
stairs a grand father clock chimes the hour.   Three hours have  
past.   You realize it's time to return to the real world...your  
life.   "I must go"  you say.   She nods her understanding.   Slowly  
you dress.   You turn to look at her..,A beautiful vision against the long as you live you will never forget the sight.   
Nothing will ever be as beautiful to you as that.   She sits up and  
gets on her knees and takes the topaz from around her neck and puts  
it around yours.   She then kisses you gently..reverently.   With a  
last look you go down the stairs through the shop out the front  
door.   You get into your car and  as you drive away you look into  
the rear view mirror and see her looking out of the upstairs window  
waving...........You can hear her saying " Good bye my sweet".

Two months go by.   Your thoughts always of her.  You go back to that  
town and find the shop.   You see it closed.   You peer through the  
window.  A passerby stops and says  "No one is there".  You ask when  
did the shop close.   You say you were just here.  The passerby says  
that is impossible.  This shop has been closed for 30 years.  You  
looked puzzled.   You then notice that  the front door is unlocked.   
You walk inside to look around the empty shop.  Dust everywhere.  A  
couple of pieces of broken furniture...a tarnished candle stick....a  
shattered glass.    You go up the stairs to the loft.   You see the  
brass bed...dusty and without a mattress.   You turn and in a shaft  
of light against the wall you see the painting of the woman's great go to take a closer look.  You notice in the  
picture there is a man.   You startle.  The man looks just like you.

© 2007 Catherine Anne Hayes

Catherine is an actress/singer  who has this  
past 2 years developed a passion for writing erotic prose and short  
stories.    She  has been published a few times and has a cliche of  
devoted readers who enjoy her unique style.   At the encouragement of  
one of her readers, she is developing one of them into a  
screenplay.   She also is developing a performance version of her  
prose.    She can be reached at her e mail