The Best Co-Workers in the World
Story Codes: Threesome - MFF, Consensual,

The Best Co-Workers in the World
by Alco

Well, Sam had worked with Dee and Angie about 8 months, and he wanted both of
them sexually. Sam was clueless on how to tell this to both women, cause more
then likely, they were not having it! Well, actually to tell the story right, Sam had
already had sex with Dee... Ok, my bad, hold on, let me tell you the real deal... Dee
and Angie had already been with the company for a few years, Sam was the "New
Guy" and he had been checking out Dee and Angie every since he first got hired
into the company.

One day while having lunch in the break room Dee came in to eat too, Sam spoke
and while Dee was warming her food in the microwave, Sam invited her to sit with
him. As she waited for the timer to ring Sam was checking out her body, Dee was
slim, about 5'7", nice ample size breast, small waist and curvy hips, her hair was
shoulder length and she was Dark Brown, Beautiful  Brown Eyes, and a Hellava
Sexy smile that said "Mmmmm, Wanna get Freaky". The one thing Sam liked most
about Dee, is that she would wear these Sexy short skirts to work and 4 inch stiletto
heels, and she had a pair of the Sexiest Legs U had ever seen. When Dee sat
down to eat, her and Sam were chatting like they had known each other for years.
Sam is a good guy, respectable and a easy person to get along with, Dee liked this
about Sam and she enjoyed talking to him.

Well, after that first lunch in the break room, Dee and Sam had lunch dates more
often. Sometime they would go to others places to eat, and since they worked
downtown, often they would end up  walking on the riverfront or on Belle Isle. One
day at lunchtime, Dee told Sam that she was bringing someone to join them
tomorrow, but she didn't tell him who that person was. Sam was feeling like the 3rd
person would make a "Crowd" but, he enjoyed lunch with Dee, so he just chilled
and waited to see who it would be. When Sam got to the office the next day he was
so busy that morning, that he forgot about the "extra person" that would be with
him and Dee. Finally it was time for lunch and when Sam made his way to the front
door of the office building to meet Dee, his heart began to beat fast, to his
amazement there he saw the two ladies of his affection standing there talking, Dee
and Angie. As he step towards the ladies Dee said " Look who's going to lunch with
us". Angie had a sexy smile on her face as she looked at Sam, and he smiled back,
but inside Sam's mind he was thinking how good he would look walking down the
street with two Sexy ladies. As the three walked toward the parking lot, both ladies
grabbed Sam by both arms.

As they got in Sam's Expedition, Dee said " Wow, I bet you can do somethangs in
the back of this truck" Angie laughed and Sam was thinking Dee's idea seemed like
a good thought to him. So the three picked up lunch and went to Belle Isle to eat.
Angie told Sam, " So you and my girl been having lunch a lot lately, you must be a
cool guy". And as they talked Angie saw why Dee liked hanging with Sam. Now Sam
found out that Angie and Dee were Best friends, Angie was a Sexy lil mama, she
was 5'5" honey/carmel skin, light brown eyes, and a pair of the Sexiest breast, she
always wore a button down blouse and you could always see those round mounds
looking good... Damn! Now Sam was not sure which one he wanted the most Dee
or Angie, they both were very beautiful. Well, lunch was excellent, the  three talked
about so many things and they hated that they had to go back to work. Well, to
make a long story short, that weekend Sam and Dee went out and ended up have
sex, but now the rest of the story that happened is the best part.

It is now Christmas time, Sam, Dee and Angie have hung out, partied, went to
Co-workers going away parties, and all kinds of stuff, they even went to a Pistons
game. Sam is still thinking about having sex with both women and at this point he
has been with Dee a number of times. Well,  Dee and Angie was so happy when
they found Christmas presents on their desks from Sam. Friday was here, and Dee
asked Sam to come over to her house, she wanted him to put together her
Computer Desk. Sam said ok, he would be there around 7 p.m, he also was
thinking Dee want to get some dick, cause that's how they usually got together, he
would go over her house or they would go out after work and then end up at her
house for a sexual feast. Sam pulled up in front of Dee's house about 6:55 p.m.
and he notice two cars in the driveway, one was Dee's but he didn't know who the
other car belonged to. Sam thought, "Dayum, no Pussy tonight".

Sam rang the door bell and a few seconds later Dee answer the door wearing a
Sexy, short, Black Body Fitting Dress and 5 inch stiletto heels. Sam was frozen for
a moment, Dee looked soooooooooo Dayum Sexy! She greeted him with a Kiss
and told him " Hey you, get in here" with a smile in her voice. Sam looked Dee up
and down, from head to toe and said " Oh, you are dressed to go out, well it
shouldn't take me long to put that desk together". Dee said " Well actually the party
is right here". Sam walked in to the living room, Dee had candles lit, music playing
and Long Island Ice Tea on the table. Then he noticed 3 glasses on the table. As
Sam started pouring drinks, he hear Dee's voice and he hear a second voice, that
he seemed to recognize, as he heard the foot steps get closer, when he turned
around and saw Angie being led into the room by Dee holding her hand. Angie had
on the same kind of short, sexy body fitting dress like Dee, but it was Red and she
also had on 4 inch stiletto heels. Sam was feeling good about being in the same
place with the two women he most desired and he had a fantasy going on in his
mind that he hoped the three of them could make a reality.

Sam finished pouring drinks and handled each lady a glass, Dee and Angie sat on
the sofa and invited Sam over to sit between them. Angie give Sam a simple kiss
on the cheek and thanked him for the drink. Then Dee spoke up " Well Sam, I told
Angie, you and I have been together" Sam was surprised, he was only able to
mumble out "Oh". He looked over to see Angie's reaction and she was all smiles,
and Angie piped up and said " Well, since you have been with Dee and Dee has
been with me... I guess, I need to be with you" ... Both of the ladies saw the
expression on Sam's face, then  Dee said " Yeah, Sam, I have been with Angie and
you, I've told Angie all about you and she wants some too". Sam  was between
Happiness and being in total bliss, but he  was trying to find the right words to say.
Angie looked at Sam and asked him " So, you gonna break me off a lil somthin,
somthin?" and Dee added " Oh, and I know I need me some Sam and some Angie
to make my night right". Sam was still looking for words, Angie told him " So you
wanna do this? Say something?" Sam finally spoke by saying " Yes... Yes, lets do

Angie kissed Sam on the cheek, then the lips. Dee, kissed Sam on the lips, then
Dee kissed Angie.  Angie Kissed Dee. Dee and Angie stood up and started
dancing with each other. Sam was enjoying the view, as his fantasy begin to come
live. As Angie and Dee bumped and grinded each other, Sam got up and started
dancing with them. Angie began to remove Dee's dress, and as Dee's dress came
off Sam was kissing her shoulders  from behind and Dee started removing Angie's
dress too. Sam hands reached out to touch Angie's full D size breast as he stood
behind Dee, then he touched Dee's nipples as Angie's mouth sucked on them,
both ladies were standing there in heels and thongs, Sam's erection got stiff. Dee
left the room and Sam and Angie were kissing and feeling each other out, Dee
returned with an air mattress and the three laid down. Sam was going from breast
to breast on both ladies, the two ladies began to undress Sam, pulling off his shirt,
then his pants, and underwear to reveal his Very Hard Dick. Both ladies began to
stoke the large member that belong to Sam.

Then both the ladies went down on Sam, seeing two women having their mouths
and tongues on his dick, Sam seem to get even harder. He watched as their
tongues touched and his dick head was in the middle, then one of them was
sucking his balls and one was taking his dick deep in her mouth. Sam was so
excited, with this being his first threesome, he shot his load just as the one who was
deep throating him had pulled back, then both women were licking the head of
Sam's dick to catch every drop of his cum. Dee and Angie were exchanging Sam's
cum in their mouths and kissing. Sam enjoyed this so much, he was so excited, he
was getting hard again. Then Dee, laid down on her back and Angie got between
her legs, face first. Sam joined Angie and they both licked Dee's pussy very well.
Dee started to moan, and her thighs quivered and she screamed "Oh, Yes, Yes,
Yes!". Sam and Angie's tongue wrapped around Dee's Clit and pussy lips and they
shared her juices as they kissed and tongued Dee's wet cunt.

After Dee came over a number of times, then Angie got on her back and spread
her thighs to reveal a clean shaven pussy and Sam and Dee went to work on
making this hot lil mama Cum and Cum and Cum. Angie screamed and cried out
with pleasure as Sam and Dee's tongues licked her to  Orgasm after Orgasm.  
Then Angie got on all fours and Dee got on her back and as Angie started licking
Dee's pussy again, Sam entered Angie Doggie style. As Sam placed his thick dick
in Angie's Hot Wet hole, she moaned. Sam grabbed angie's hips and thrusted
Deeply, She moaned even more as Dee was humping her face. Then you could
hear Dee and Angie Hollering as they both Came, Dee came on the tip of Angie's
tongue, and Angie came on Sam's Dick. Then Dee got up Sam laid down and both
ladies mounted him. Angie straddle Sam's face and Dee rode his dick while he was
on his back. After some intense fucking and sucking both ladies came again and
you could hear the muffled sounds of Sam moaning, groaning and then he came

Then the three laid together, both ladies on either side of Sam and their smiles
were ear to ear and the smell of sex filled the air. Sam kissed each girl so he could
taste the juices of the each woman, from the other woman's lips. As  they cuddled
in a three way huddle Angie, Sam and Dee fell asleep in each others arms.

Copyright© 2015 Alco

Alco currently resides in Detroit, MI. His Interests include: Traveling, Football, Erotic
Stories (reading and writing them) Internet Surfing, and all things Fun.