The Best Little Whorehouse That
Ever Was... or Was It?
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The Best Little Whorehouse That Ever Was... or Was It?
By Whispering Wolf

I don’t know why I decided to walk home the way I did, it was just
another ordinary day. The same bullshit as always, but deep in the
back of my mind I had a feeling. I can’t really explain it, it was just a
feeling. Something was telling me that today was going to be special
and that it would be a day I would never forget. To this day many years
later it still feels like it just happened. Wait a second I am sorry I am
getting way ahead of myself here.

Let me start from the beginning, my name is Max and I work at a very
successful brokerage firm. At the time I was single with no attachments
which I think worked out for the best at the time.

You see as I was saying I had a strange feeling or urge whatever you
want to call it. Here is how it all came about I was On my way home, but
I was drawn to a part of town I have never been too before.

It was so beautiful, trees every where, birds singing, living in the city
these sites quite rare. Sorry I keep drifting off as I was saying I took
this new way home when I came across an old playground, Looks like
it hasn’t been used in many years, the rides are all rusted out,
foundations are crumbling. The entire playground is over grown with
weeds accept, for one spot set in the back. When I got to the spot, I
noticed a trail leading deep into the woods, as I was standing there I
could hear children’s voices from behind me.

I turned around there was no one there. It really freaked me out it
sounded so real as I turned around again the voices started once
more. There was singing and laughing, but when I turned it stopped
again. Maybe I was just hearing things so I continued on up the path,
the further I went the more beautiful everything became. There was a
calm feeling that came over me, a peacefulness.

Up ahead in the distance I could see something it looked like a house.
Seemed strange a house being out here so far from everyone and
everything. I could hear music, the sound of peoples laughter, voices of
men and women’s.

I got up to the front door and swung the huge knocker they had on it. It
was so loud it sounded like claps of thunder.

Within a minute or so the door opened slowly and in the doorway stood
the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. She was wearing a
black and red house coat with lace around the collar. It opened just a
little bit when she let me in show me a bit of her quite ample cleavage.
She had the most beautiful brown eyes and hair so silky and such a
lovely shade of blonde. To me she was the perfect woman and to find
her here in the middle of no where I thought I was just the luckiest man

When she let me in, she offered me something to drink and a bite to
eat. She looked at me with a glint of recognition in her eyes as if she
knew me and had been expecting me. I soon found out that this was a
bordello you know a whorehouse. I was surprised to find this out,
Especially when I just fell in love with her at first sight. She took me to a
private room where we talked. I could not shake this feeling even
though we had just met, but feel like I have known her all of my life.

She laid me down on the bed peeling my clothes from my body.
All I could think about was how beautiful she was, and how much I
wanted her. Once my clothes were removed, she stood over me letting
her gown fall to the floor. I thought to myself how beautiful she looked
and she has the most sexy body I have ever seen. She lowered herself
onto me gently kissing my lips, tracing my lips with her sweet tongue.
She was sending shivers up and down my spine, and at this time I
wasn’t sure exactly what made me feel this way.

She continued to run her finger tips lightly over my body just barely
touching my skin. Oh, the feelings this lady was giving to me was more
than I could take. I gently lifted her up and laidher down on the bed, She
looks like an angel laying there such a beautiful smile. She was
whispering sweet nothings into my ear as I lay on top of her kissing
and blowing into her ear.

I am on top of her she reaches behind my gently massaging me as I
continue to kiss and lick and nibble on her neck ears lips and her
cheeks. I start to work my way down along her chest over her beautiful
breast kissing licking my way down. She smells and
tastes so sweet, her nipples are so hard I love suckling them, the
feeling of them in my mouth.

She is so fucking hot I have never been with a woman like this before
and think I would never again either. She moaned softly as I worked
her nipples and massaged her breasts. They are so beautifully shaped
as I said before they are perfect. I worked my way down her tummy
spending time on her belly button I just love belly buttons. I trace it with
my tongue kissing and touching ever so lightly as she did to me. I
come down spreading her legs to see the most beautiful pussy any
one has ever seen. The taste, the scent it’s just beyond any description.

My tongue separate’s the lips ever so gently the wetness that’s forming
I can see drops of her sweet as it runs down her thigh.

I do not want to waste a single drop, it tastes so good. I lick each drop
as it runs down her thigh before it could ever be wasted, Honey does
not taste as sweet her body starts to wiggle and move as waves of
pleasure start to over take her body. She feels the pleasure my tongue
is giving her. She screams out and grabs my head as she buries it
deep in to her hot dripping wet pussy.

“Now it’s your turn ”she says to me.

I can hardly wait I thought to myself. She gets up lays me on my back
and climbs on top of me. She takes my now throbbing and aching cock
in to her hot and waiting mouth. Running her tongue along my shaft
slowly stroking and kissing my cock, she is giving me feelings
sensations I never felt before. Once she thinks I am ready she climbs
on top and slides my cock into her dripping wet pussy as she slowly
lowers herself down devouring my cock. She tightens her pussy and
slowly moves up and down on my rock hard cock.

The sensations she causes drive me crazy and I want her more and
more. I loved watching her breasts as they moved side to side as she
rode me and they would jiggle. She turned me on So much I wanted to
shoot my load right then and there and it was going to be a gusher I
have been building it up for so long. Looking at her sweet face as she
fucked me gawd she looked so beautiful. The expressions on her face
as she slowly rode me, I love giving pleasure like that. I was so hot now
I was just about ready to explode, the sounds she was making as she
moved up and down my throbbing shaft, the way she moaned. Oh yes
It was going to cum any time now I could feel it building up ready to
pop...and oh yes. Just as my cock exploded she disappeared my cum
just shot out into the air getting all over me and the ceiling and walls.

“What the hell happened?” I asked a loud.

Where did she go? Wait a minute, as I looked around the room it
appeared like it hadn’t been lived in for many years. Dust everywhere,
holes in the walls I just don’t understand what happened here. Was it all
a dream? A very beautiful dream, but still just a dream.

I felt like I met the woman I was meant to spend my life with. I got myself
together and made my way down stairs where I looked around to see if
I could figure out what happened. I noticed a few pictures on the wall
and a photo album on a table next to a broken lamp. The album was so
dusty and looked like it has been around for many years the pictures
were faded, but you could just make them out.

There was one picture of interest that I came across it was the woman I
met last night, just as beautiful as ever turning the picture over I could
see her name and the date was from one hundred years ago.......

To be continued

© 2007
Whispering Wolf

Whispering Wolf is a 40 year old male, married and reside in
Gainesville Florida. He loves music, books  and animals. He loves
writing erotic stories to get  readers turned on.