story codes: MF, supernatural

The Best Little Whorehouse That Ever Was....Or Was It.

By Whispering Wolf

I had just gotten home and needed a hot steamy and long shower. I still
don’t believe what happened my cock is still rock hard, I am dripping
with sweat. Today is a day that I will never forget. My clothes came off
as I walked into the bathroom, I open the shower door and turned the
hot water on. Steam begins too fill the bathroom. The mirrors are all
fogged as I begin too step in the shower I see writing forming on the
foggy mirror. Letter after letter I L*O* this is really beginning too freak
me out. V*E I can’t believe what’s going on Y*O*U. What the hell is
going on I shake my head and look again, but there is nothing on the
mirror. My nerves are shot and I step into the shower and feel the hot
water running down my body. My cock is rock hard and I begin too
lather my self all over.

As I run my hands along my body I get a strange sensation. It feels like
a hand wrapping around my cock and balls...The feeling of my balls
tighten and my cock being squeezed hard and stroked long slow
strokes. I am freaked, but also excited my cock is so fucking hard and
my balls so tight. I keep lathering myself up as the pleasure washes
through me. I begin to moan and as my mouth opens it fills with water I
almost begin too choke, but I still keep going. My mind starts
wandering as the pleasure washes over me. Penelope, her name just
pops into my head. This can’t be happening, but the pleasure I am
feeling is all too real. My cock is throbbing and being squeezed, my
balls are being massaged. The water runs all over me I just stand there
as I feel a hot mouth begin to engulf my cock. The feelings get so
mingled the sensations of the hot water and hot mouth. I feel a tingling
as I lean back against the shower wall, my breathing starts cummin
faster and shorter I feel like I might faint. The feeling of hands wrapping
around me holding tight keeping me from falling. My cock is throbbing I
can feel my cum building deep inside. This is the hottest and horniest I
have ever been, the mouth around my cock feels so good I can’t stand
it. My moan’s come faster and stronger I am getting ready to cum it’s
building up and ready to explode. My body tightens here it....Damn all
of a sudden everything stops I was on the cusp of shooting my load
then nothing. Whoever or whatever was doing this stopped and totally
stopped at the last moment. Al of a sudden there was no hot water and
I got the coldest shock I ever have gotten, now I am definitely out of any
horny mood. My cock went instantly soft I quickly turn the water off as I
begin shivering I step out and grab a dry towel and wrap myself tight.
I step out of the bathroom and walk into the livingroom where I find a
roaring fire and soft music in the back ground. Now I know that I didn’t
light a fire or turn on the stereo, wait a minute the stereo isn’t even
turned on. Where is that music coming from and there is also women’s
voices. I wrap my towel around me and walk around my apartment
trying to see what’s going on I suddenly feel my cock beginning to grow
harder and fatter pressing against my towel. There is a sudden
squeeze like someone grabbed a hold of my cock. It gets tighter and I
feel my cock being pulled and stroked and squeezed. Suddenly I am
getting all hot and bothered again. I fall on to the floor on my plush
carpeting in front of the fire. There was a feeling that I was being
helped down too the floor as my towel was unwrapped leaving me
naked in front of the fire. The hairs all over my body stood on end and
my cock throbbed.

There exposed to the world or at least too my four walls I lay next to the
fire all hot and bothered and rock hard. Who started the fire? I know it
wasn’t me something is going on here. Looking around I didn’t see any
one this is really freaking me out.

The only thing that keep’s coming to my mind is Penelope, this can’t be
happening that was all just a dream. Wasn’t it?

To be continued....

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© 2007 Whispering Wolf

Whispering Wolf is a 40 year old male, married and reside in
Gainesville Florida. He loves music, books  and animals. He loves
writing erotic stories to get  readers turned on.
The Best Little Whorehouse That Ever
Was... or Was It?