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The Best Little Whorehouse That Ever Was....Or Was It.
By Whispering Wolf

My alarm goes off at 5:00am where did the night go? Strange
thoughts and pictures went through my head, I am not even sure if I
was dreaming or not. My mind was still in a thick fog so many thoughts
so many unanswered questions. I decided to try and find the house
again on my way to work; I needed some proof of what happened so I
thought if I could find the pictures of Penelope and the other ladies that
would be enough. I need to know that I am not going out of my mind
that I am not going crazy.

I got washed up and dressed in a matter of minutes my mind was all
over the place. I jumped into my car and was on my way I hope to the
best little whorehouse that ever was. I wasn’t sure exactly which way it
was that night was still kind of a blur and confusing to me. It was still
dark the sun had not come up yet but there seemed to be some force
pulling me the right way I had no idea where I was going. That
morning, things did not seem familiar and I lived in this neighborhood
for many years and sometimes it is still seems new.

Things were starting to flash through my mind, images of Penelope.
My cock started getting hard again and throbbing as I kept driving.
The further I drove the harder it got the more throbbing it did. I was
thinking to myself that it seems to be directing me to where I wanted to
go. I wondered if Penelope had something too do with this, she keeps
popping into my head more and more. When I think about her my cock
gets harder and throbs it feels like its being pulled. This feeling is
strange; my cock is starting too ache feeling like it is being squeezed.
I am being directed by my cock it seems, I turn the wheel as my cock
moves I hope I am almost there.

Up ahead in the distance there was a flash of light, this is the spot so I
pull over. My cock is now fully erect and throbbing. I jump out of the car
and head towards the play ground, but the excitement of maybe
finding her is more than I can take. The playground still looks the same
over grown, everything all rusted out and broken down. There are the
kids voices my heart is pounding I’m shaking. My heart feels like it will
pop out of my chest the faster. I go down the path and to the house it
still looks rundown and I see no lights in the windows.

I walk up to the door and reach for the knob I am all tense and nervous.
My hand just grabs hold of the knob and it is pulled open, there in the
door way is Penelope just as beautiful and sexy as ever. She is
wearing the same clothes and has the biggest smile; she jumps into
my arms nearly knocking me over. I catch myself and enter closing the
door behind me as I enter the room. We hold the embrace for what
seems hours. I let her down and she lead me by hand to her bedroom.
We seem to be the only ones here. There is a different feeling about
this place.

"I have missed you terribly Max" she said

"I have missed you more than you could possibly know" I said.

She pulls me onto her bed and lays on top of me wrapping her arms
around me showering me with kisses. I’m not complaining I grab her
kissing her back holding her tight. She rises grabbing hold of her
gown slowly sliding it down her soft shoulders as she sits there looking
so beautiful. I uncover her supple breasts dropping the gown on the
bed I reach for her breasts.

She already removed my pants as she moved grabbing my now
throbbing cock in her hand stroking it. She adjusts herself as she
inserts my cock into her waiting soaking wet dripping pussy. She
lowers herself until I am all the way inside, then she begins moving up
and down tightening her pussy around my aching cock. My hands are
squeezing and massaging her beautiful breasts pinching her large
nipples between my fingers. She bends over giving me long sensual
kisses and letting me suck and bite her erect nipples. Biting her
breasts burying my face in between as she rides me harder and
faster. She begins moving faster as her breath gets faster and she
begins moaning softly, she stops and moves around until we are in a
69 position.

Now her wet pussy is above my face she lowers it until my nose and
tongue is feeling the wetness and the heat, She takes my cock in her
hand running her tongue along my shaft kissing the head sucking on
my balls as my tongue runs along her clit and I suck her lips into my
mouth tasting her sweetness. I can feel as she takes my cock all the
way into her mouth deep down her throat. She begins giving me the
best head I have ever gotten as I eat her pussy like there is no
tomorrow, which might be the case. I devour her wetness taking her
lips in my mouth sucking, nibbling kissing. The feeling of her sucking
my cock with a reckless abandon makes me more hot than ever
before. I can feel her getting close and my balls begin tightening she
begins too tighten her legs around my head and wiggling her sweet
ass as my tongue moves around inside tasting her juices. My cock
she begins squeezing tight as she slowly strokes it with her hands and
she sucks me hard and fast. Her body moves faster as I am licking
and eating her sweet pussy. We both begin getting closer moving
faster squeezing tighter bringing our self’s closer too orgasm, yes
baby fuck my face suck my cock harder faster come on baby I want it
now give it too me now. Yes, yes oh yes baby I feel myself cuming oh
yes, oh damn she tightens in my face and just as she cum’s I begin
shooting my load and she is gone. My cum shooting all over me; my
face drenched covered in sweat. Not again I think too my self not
again...I lay there for a few minutes drenched in sweat. Oh what have I
gotten myself into, I have no idea, but I am looking forward too where it

To be continued...

Chapter One
Chapter Two

© 2007 Whispering Wolf

Whispering Wolf is a 40 year old male, married and reside in
Gainesville Florida. He loves music, books  and animals. He loves
writing erotic stories to get  readers turned on.
The Best Little Whorehouse That Ever
Was... or Was It?