The Christmas Present
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The Christmas Present
by Vanessa Julian

They met in a chat room and instantly hit it off. After a few months they
began speaking on the phone. Now the big day had come when they
would finally meet face to face.

Vanessa was excited and nervous. She hadn't told Tommygurl that she
was in town for four weeks. She wanted to surprise her and truth be told
she wasn't sure she would be spending more than just one night with her.
She had taken the time to chose an outfit that showed off her best
feature, her legs. She had slim sexy ankles and well defined calves. She
wore a short, long sleeved, v-neck red dress and her favorite pair of
high-heeled strappy black shoes. She wore her long black curly hair
down. She wondered what Tommygurl would think.

From their conversations she knew Tommygurl was a "bad girl" but she
didn't care. She had always been a sucker for "bad girls". And Vanessa
wasn't looking to fall in love. She wanted to have some fun and she
wanted Tommygurl. She couldn't deny that anymore.

As she stepped off the taxi her heart began to beat rapidly. She paid the
driver and watched him drive away. She turned to look at the front door.
What the hell was she thinking, she thought. She suddenly felt the urge to
turn and run. Years of being a "good girl" warred inside her. But instead
she forced herself to walk towards the door.

"You didn't come all this way just to chicken out." She told herself. She
could tell the party was already in full swing.

Before she could knock on the door it opened. A woman walked out and
nearly ran into her. "Oh excuse me." She said.

"That's OK." Vanessa smiled.

"Merry Christmas." The woman said.

"Merry Christmas." Vanessa said.

"Go on in. The door's open." She said. "Sorry to rush off I have to make a
beer run."

"It's fine." Vanessa said.

The house was warm and inviting and very crowded. She saw a coat
rack and took her coat off. She wondered how she would find Tommygurl.

From the other side of the room Tommygurl watched the woman hang up
her coat. As soon as she walked in the house Tommygurl felt her. It was
like a scent she gave off. A scent saying she'd come looking for sex. She
was certainly dressed for it. She wore a fitted red dress and a pair of
black come-fuck-me heels. She had very nice curves. She was hot! But
there was also something kind of shy about her. It was in the way she
kept rubbing her hand down the side of her dress. Tommygurl was

Vanessa accepted a cold beer from a woman. She watched her closely
wondering if she was Tommygurl. "So, are you a friend of Tommygurl's?"
The woman asked. Vanessa tried to keep from frowning.

"Yes." Vanessa answered.

"Are you from New York?" She asked. Vanessa knew she was working
herself up to hitting on her. She had yet to look her in the eyes. She kept
looking at her breasts.

"Actually no I'm from Tex...." She started to say when someone tapped
her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, would you care to dance?" A very beautiful woman with
pretty blue eyes asked.

"I would love to." Vanessa said. The woman she'd been speaking to

"Excuse us, Lisa." The new woman said. She took Vanessa's beer and
handed it to Lisa. Lisa did not look happy.

When she took her in her arms Vanessa felt her skin tingle. She felt the
hair on her neck stand on end. She rarely had this strong a reaction to
someone she didn't know. The woman must have sensed her tense
because she held her closer.

"You look absolutely beautiful tonight." She whispered in Vanessa's ear.
Her breath on her neck sent a chill up her spine and she shivered.

"Thank you." She said quietly. She brushed Vanessa's hair back off her
shoulder. "You hair is soft just like your skin." She said touching the curve
of her neck. Vanessa could almost hear her own blood pumping in her
ears. She touched the neckline of her dress allowing her fingertips to
touch the skin just beneath it. Vanessa trembled. Tommygurl was loving
her reaction. She looked up at the ceiling then back down at her. "Well,
look at that." She said. Vanessa looked up. They were dancing under the

Vanessa smiled and looked into the woman's eyes. There was
something so familiar about her. "You did that on purpose." Vanessa
said. She placed her hand under Vanessa's chin.

"Absolutely." She admitted and closed the gap between them. Before
Vanessa could say or do anything Tommygurl leaned in and kissed her. It
was a sweet kiss. A promise of things yet to come. And when Vanessa
kissed her back with equal feeling she knew it was going to be a very
interesting night.

"Merry Christmas, Vanessa." She said when she finally pulled away.
Vanessa looked surprised. Tommygurl smiled.

"How did you know my name?" Vanessa asked.

"Because you feel like my dreams." She said. Vanessa looked into her
eyes. She remembered that Tommygurl had blue eyes.

"Tommygurl?" She asked. She nodded.

"I knew it was you when you walked in." Tommygurl said.

"I wanted to surprise you." Vanessa said.

"And you did. I'm glad you're here." She said.

"So am I, Tommygurl." Vanessa said. "Merry Christmas.

"It is now." She said and held her closer.

"I was thinking about you when you walked in." She whispered in her ear.

"Really?" Vanessa asked.

"Really." She said. "I was thinking how nice it would be if you were here
and then you walked in." They danced in comfortable silence for a few
minutes. "I know we never discussed it but there is a little something for
you under the tree." Tommygurl said.

"You didn't have to do that." Vanessa said.

"It was just something I saw and I thought of you so I bought it. I was going
to send it to you but now you're here so I can give it to you in person."
Tommygurl said.

"That is really sweet but I didn't get you anything." Vanessa said.
Tommygurl began to kiss Vanessa's neck.

"You don't have to buy me anything Vanessa. There's only one present I'd
like to unwrap." She whispered. Vanessa felt a chill go up her neck. "I
want to unwrap you." She whispered. Her hand was just under her breast.
She grazed her nipple with her thumb and Vanessa gasped. "Do you
think we can arrange that?"

"Yes...........I.........think so." She answered already feeling breathless and
wet. Tommygurl kissed the pulse on her neck. "Tommygurl." She sighed.

It turned her on just to know she was getting to Vanessa. She wanted her
more than ever.

"Will you be my Christmas present, Vanessa?" Tommygurl asked.

"Yes." Vanessa barely managed to whisper.  

"You are so beautiful." She whispered tangling her hand in Vanessa's
hair. "I've fantasized about this for a long time and you feel better than any
fantasy I've had."

"Mmmm, so do you." Vanessa said. "Kiss me, Tommygurl."  Their lips
met in an urgent kiss as Tommygurl pressed Vanessa's body against her
own. She probed her mouth open with her tongue. Their tongues swirled
together in a seductive dance of lovers. Vanessa grabbed her shoulder
clenching her shirt in her hand. Tommygurl reluctantly pulled away. "You're
already wet aren't you?" She whispered. Vanessa nodded. "Good, that's
the way I want you." She kissed Vanessa's cheek and then her lips. She
felt Vanessa surrender to her and kissed her deeply.

Vanessa could feel every nerve in her body stand on end. She felt chilled
and heated at the same time. She wanted to rip Tommygurl's shirt open.
She wanted to feel their bare skin touching.

"Mmmmm, I think you'll be a delicious Christmas present." Tommygurl
whispered. She heard Vanessa almost whimper. Vanessa felt dizzy. "I
want to taste every inch of your body and devour you while I make you
come over and over again." Vanessa began to tremble. She looked into
Tommygurl's eyes. Vanessa's eyes were clouded with wild desire. She'd
never been so bold before but this was Tommygurl and she wasn't going
to let this chance slip away.

"Tommygurl, I.........I want.............I need you to unwrap your" She said quietly almost shyly.

"Come with me." Tommygurl said taking her hand. She led her to the
bedroom where she closed and locked the door. She pushed Vanessa
up against the door and kissed her. Her hands were on her hips pulling
her dress up and over her head. She wore a red lace bra and matching
panties. Tommygurl touched the mole on her left breast that barely
peaked out from under her bra. She touched the top of her panties and
Vanessa shivered. Tommygurl played with the bow on her panties. "Nice
wrapping." She said. Vanessa's panties were already wet. She slipped
her hand inside and softly rubbed her wetness. She removed her hand
and licked her fingers and smiled wickedly. "I knew you would be sweet."
She lowered one of Vanessa's bra straps and then the other. She kissed
each one of Vanessa's shoulders. She could tell Vanessa was trying to
keep from trembling. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra as
Vanessa's breath hitched. Then she placed her hands on her and slowly
began to peel off her underwear as she ran her tongue down her leg. She
stepped out of her panties. Tommygurl stood slowly running her hands
along the curves of Vanessa's lovely body.

When she stood up straight Vanessa slipped her hands under
Tommygurl's shirt. She slowly lifted her shirt up and over her head. She
wore a wife beater underneath. She swallowed hard as she reached for
the button on her jeans. She unzipped them and pushed them down over
her hips. Tommygurl stepped out of them. She took Vanessa's arms and
pinned them above her head.

"I don't want you to touch me again until after I make you come over and
over again until after I hear you scream my name." She said and cupped
one of her hands around her breasts. She bent to lick her nipple. "Can I
trust you to be a good girl or do I have to tie you up?"

"I'll try to be good." Vanessa answered. She pinched one hard nipple
gently between her thumb and forefinger.

"All right but I'm warning you I"ll end up tying you up tonight anyway." She
said teasing her nipple with her tongue. "But for now I want you right here
all weak and breathless. I want to do something to you that you've never
experienced." Tommygurl said. Vanessa closed her eyes as she
wrapped her mouth around her breast and swirled her tongue around it.
She sucked on her hard nipple and gently bit it before she took it in her
mouth again. Vanessa closed her eyes giving herself up to the moment.
Tommygurl planted warm wet kisses up her chest and up to her neck.
She put her hand on Vanessa's shoulders and kissed each side of her
full lips. Vanessa's head was pressed up against the door as Tommygurl
caressed her neck. "Vanessa, look at me." She said quietly. Vanessa's
eyes fluttered open. "I want to see those pretty brown eyes." Vanessa's
chest rose and fell heavily. When Tommygurl kissed her, she felt as if her
thighs were on fire. Her fingers itched to touch her. Tommygurl's hands
were all over her body driving every thought from her mind. She kissed
her stomach, her hips and her thighs. She licked her pussy lips nice and

"Mmmmm." Vanessa moaned. Tommygurl licked her again a little
deeper. "Uh, oh mmmm." She swirled her tongue inside her gently
teasing her and tasting her. Vanessa felt the room spinning around her
as Tommygurl dove deeper still. She felt her knees go weak just before
Tommygurl lifted one of her legs over her shoulder. She heard Vanessa's
sharp breath intake.

"Trust me sweetheart, I got you." She said as she raised the other leg.
"Just enjoy the ride." She said before she buried her face in her pussy.

"Ohhhhh........" Vanessa moaned. She almost slammed her hand against
the door looking for something, anything to hold on to. Tommygurl sucked
on her swollen clit and dipped her fingers inside her juicy wetness. "Oh
my God.......that.........that feels so fucking good." She looked down into
Tommygurl's blue eyes and felt herself grow even wetter. Tommygurl only
licked her deeper and moaned inside her. She grabbed on to
Tommygurl's hair pushing her pussy into her face, finding her rhythm.
"Mmmm, ooh Tommygurl............oh.........harder."

Tommygurl swirled her tongue deeper inside her making it hard, filling
her with her fingers and tongue. She was enjoying every taste, every
throb of her pussy. She just wanted to make her come, to hear her
scream her name. They'd talked about this for so long, now that the
moment was finally here she planned on enjoying every minute of it.

Vanessa ground her pussy into Tommygurl's face. She was already
feeling the first crest of a powerful orgasm. "Oh God.......Oh my god
Tommy...........I'm...............coming........oh." Tommygurl pushed harder,
faster as she drank her in like fine wine. "Oh Tommygurl......................."

"Mmmmmmm." Tommygurl said. She kept her fingers inside her stroking
her still as she licked her slow and soft. "I like fucking you, Vanessa."
Vanessa couldn't speak. She'd never been with anyone who could or
would keep going. She knew Tommygurl knew that and considered it a
challenge. She continued to tease and lick Vanessa's pussy and clit. She
felt her pussy still throbbing.  She pulled her away from the door and laid
her gently on the floor.

"Mmmmm, Tommygurl......" She sighed.

"Yes, baby, do you want some more?"  Tommygurl asked.

"Oh yes more......want more." Vanessa said. She felt the room spinning
around her. She couldn't think all she could do was feel.

As Tommygurl began to rub her clit in slow sensual circles she
massaged her own breasts and licked her lips. Tommygurl smiled and
began to gently pat her rapidly swelling clit.
"Oh yes..............." Vanessa said. "Oh I like that."

Tommygurl ran her fingers inside her barely touching her, making her
want more Vanessa rocked herself towards her wanting her deep inside.
But at the same time she loved to have her pussy teased. It was a
delicate balance between pleasure and pain. Tommygurl increased the
pressure as slowly as she possibly could enjoying Vanessa bucking
beneath her. She leaned down and licked her clit and sucked it into her

"Oh God............." Vanessa said. She couldn't help but spread her legs
wider. "Mmmmm, oh God I'm going to come." Tommygurl slipped her
tongue inside her as Vanessa ground her pussy into her face. She put
her hand on the back of Tommygurl's head. She grabbed a fistful of her
hair as yet a third orgasm rocked her body.

Tommygurl watched the look of shocked surprise cross her face.
Tommygurl was so turned on by her she crawled up the length of her body
kissing every delicious inch of it as Vanessa tried to grind her pussy into
hers. She caressed her body with her hands bringing forth delighted
moans of pleasure from Vanessa's beautiful lips.

She touched Vanessa's cheek and looked into her eyes. They were
glazed over and filled with wonder. "You feel so damn good, Vanessa."
Tommygurl said.

"Mmmm, so do you." She said breathlessly. Tommygurl kissed her and
she could taste herself on Tommygurl's lips and tongue. She pressed her
pussy against Vanessa's. They began to move together.

"Tommy.........I.........want to touch you. Please let me touch you." Vanessa
said. Tommygurl took Vanessa's hand and placed it on her lips. She
licked Vanessa's long fingers and put her hand on her chest. She pushed
her hand down her body and then she let her move her hand on her own.

Vanessa slid her fingers inside Tommygurl's bikini's. She felt her
wetness and then tasted her fingers.

"MMmmmm........." She said Tommygurl kissed her again. Vanessa
pulled up her t-shirt pulling it over her head. Her hands were all over
Tommygurl pushing down her underwear, pressing her body closer
against her.

Tommygurl pushed her underwear off and kissed Vanessa's neck.
"Mmmmm, Vanessa..........I want you to fuck me." She whispered.

"Oh yes..........I want you. I want you to come." Vanessa said. Tommygurl
straddled her grinding their wet pussies together. They rocked together
finding each other's rhythm.

Vanessa decided to take matters into her own hands as she sat up
slowly holding on to Tommygurl. She kissed her and pushed her back so
she was lying on her back. She leaned over her and began to caress her
body. She followed her hand with sweet soft kisses. "You told me once
you wanted me to fuck you like no other woman ever has." Vanessa said
quietly. "Let me........let me do it now. Will you give me the honor of
worshiping your body?"

"Oh yesssss." Tommygurl sighed Vanessa wrapped one hand around
her breast and flicked her tongue over her other nipple. She grazed her
teeth against it back and forth, back and forth until she heard Tommygurl
moan. She licked all around it as she stroked her body. She sucked it
into her mouth in and out, in and out. She felt Tommygurl's hand in her
hair. She slid one hand down her thigh as she continued to suck on her
breast. She lightly scratched her long nails up her thigh. "You have no
idea how long I've wanted this. To have you completely in my hands and
at my mercy." She whispered. She touched the outside of her pussy and
allowed one finger inside. She was creamy wet. "Mmmm, I like that." She
whispered. She slid her finger in and out of her as she kissed her neck.
Tommygurl began to moan.

Vanessa moved slowly down her body and licked her hard nipple. She
slid more fingers inside her swirling and caressing her pussy so slowly.
She kissed and bit her stomach gently as she softly raked her nails all
over her chest. She kissed and bit her stomach gently as she softly raked
her nails all over her chest. She kissed her hips and her thighs as she
started to rub on her clit. She moved between Tommygurl's legs licking
and teasing the outside of her pussy.

Tommygurl lifted her pussy off the ground a little. The teasing was making
her so hot. Vanessa licked her slow and long. It made her pussy even
wetter. And it made Vanessa want her even more. She slowly swirled her
tongue inside her savoring her taste wanting nothing more than to please
her. She delved in deeper still rubbing her clit. She looked up to see
Tommygurl watching her.

"You look really good between my legs, baby." Tommygurl said. Vanessa
moved her tongue from side to side and all around. She felt Tommygurl's
pussy begin to throb and it made Vanessa moan. Tommygurl began to
rock with her grinding her pussy into Vanessa's face. Vanessa couldn't
get deep enough she lifted Tommygurl's legs over her shoulders and
grabbed her ass. She plunged her tongue in as far as she could and slid
it in and out, in and out of her warm and wet pussy.

Tommygurl put her hand in Vanessa's hair pressing her closer. She was
so fucking turned on. "Oh Vanessa............" She said. Vanessa couldn't
stop. She wouldn't stop. She felt her pussy pulsating and throbbing on her
tongue and she couldn't get enough. They moved together as one, both
hungry for that sweet release. Vanessa worked her tongue furiously
inside, deeper and harder. "Oh, mmm, I'm coming...........mmmmm

Even when her throbbing began to slow down Vanessa didn't stop. She
slid her fingers inside Tommygurl's dripping wet pussy and began to suck
on her clit. She kept the pressure from her tongue hard and fast. She
loved the sound of her hand moving inside of her. She got to her knees
and began to touch her own pussy. Tommygurl continued to move with
her saying her name over and over. She buried her face inside
Tommygurl's pussy again while she finger fucked herself. Soon they both
exploded in one hard powerful orgasm after another until they both had
two, three, four orgasms that left them both dizzy and breathless.
They both lay on the floor unable to move. Tommygurl crawled over to get
a cigarette and her lighter. She looked at Vanessa lying on the floor her
hair spread out all around her. She looked freshly fucked and beautiful.

A knock at the door made Vanessa jump. "It's all right, baby. The door is
locked." Tommygurl said.

"Hey are you joining the party or what?" Someone yelled.

"I'd have to say the party is in here." Tommygurl said standing up and
helping Vanessa to her feet. She kissed her softly on the lips. "We'll be
right there." Tommygurl said.

"We? Damn, Tommygurl." They said and walked away.

"I'm sorry I'm keeping you from your guests." Vanessa said.

"Don't be. Nothing could have kept me away from you." She said.
Vanessa smiled.

"Same here." Vanessa said.

"I better get cleaned up and then you can get dressed and meet me out
there." Tommygurl said before she kissed her again. While she was in
the bathroom Vanessa picked up her discarded clothes and looked in
the mirror.

"Damn." She whispered when she realized her skin was glowing. She
could only stare at herself for a few seconds before she tried to fix her
makeup. Tommygurl walked out of the bathroom dressed. She stood
behind Vanessa.

"You look great." She said.

Vanessa turned to face her. "So do you." She said.

"So how long will you be in New York?" Tommygurl asked.

"Four weeks." Vanessa answered. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I'm nowhere near done with you." Tommygurl said. Vanessa

"That's good to know." Vanessa said.

"Vanessa I have so many other things I want to do to you and show you."
She said.

"I can't wait." Vanessa said and kissed her.

The knock at the door came again. Tommygurl rolled her eyes. "I better
get out there before they break the damn door down." She said.

"I'll be right there." Vanessa said going into the bathroom.

When she rejoined the party Tommygurl handed her a drink and several
people wondered just who Vanessa was. They danced and laughed and
played games until very early in the morning. Before long there were only
a handful of people left. Tommygurl took a present from under the tree
and handed it to Vanessa. Everyone watched curiously as she opened it.

Vanessa smiled when she saw the New York themed snow globe. She
turned it upside down and back over again. She watched the fake snow
fall over the small replica of the Statue of Liberty and other tourist

"They're all places we talked about going." Tommygurl said.

"Yes, I remember." She said. "I love it."

"There's more." Tommygurl said. Vanessa reached back in the box and
pulled out a folded tank and a pair of boxers. The tank read, "I Love New
York." and the boxers had the same saying all over them. "I thought you
might like to sleep in them." Tommygurl said. "Although you won't need
them while you're here."

Vanessa blushed but smiled seductively. "No, I'm sure that I won't." She
said. Tommygurl winked at her.

   -The End

Look for Vanessa and Tommygurl on New Year's Eve in Times
Square.............cumming soon.

© 2007 Vanessa Julian

Vanessa Julian lives and works in San Antonio, TX  where she was born.
Her many passions include music, poetry, cooking, traveling, and above
all romance and erotic stories.
You can find Vanessa's book, Angel's
on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Publish American  CLICK HERE

"To my good friend and favorite source of inspiration, this one's for
you Tommygurl." -----Vanessa