The Cop
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

The Cop
R. Whittaker

“What did I do wrong officer?” Alexa asked the cop as he stood beside her car. She looked up into his mirrored
sunglasses and her reflection was distorted in the lens.  Her low cut sundress exposed the top of her ample
breasts. The dress had ridden up her thighs and her long legs were exposed in all of their glory.  The cop
standing beside her was well over six feet tall and it was obvious he knew his way around the gym. His
motorcycle boots gleamed in the sun.  

“You were speeding that’s what you did wrong,” he said with no hint of being impressed by Alexa’s body.

“Speeding? Really, oh I’m so sorry officer.”  Alexa was used to letting her flirty nature get her out of several
tickets. She flashed her biggest, brightest smile as she leaned slightly forward exposing more of her breasts. “I
didn’t really notice the sign as this road seems kinda deserted.”

“Can I see you driver’s license please?” The cop said as he stood there with both hands on his hips.

“Sure thing officer,” Alexa said as she rummaged through her purse, “I can’t seem to find my license.”

“You do have a license don’t you?”

“Of course I do,” Alexa said as she was glad she didn’t wear a bra today as she could feel her breasts move as
she frantically looked for her license.

“Step out of the car please,” the cop said as he opened her door.

Alexa stood at the back of the car as the cop leaned in and began searching.

“What’s this?” he said holding a small roach.

“I don’t know what that is,” she pleaded. “I have a teenage son who uses my car maybe it’s his.”

“Put your hands behind your back for me please,” the cop said without smiling.

“What? I don’t understand…”

Alexa was spun around so quickly she almost got dizzy. The cop had her hands behind her back and she
could feel the cold hard metal of the cuffs being placed on her wrists.

“I don’t understand officer, what did I do wrong?” she said as the cop spun her around again and was now
facing her. He seemed to be very close to her and she could smell his aftershave.

“I told you. You were speeding and now you are in possession of marihuana. Looks like I’m going to have to
arrest you and bring you downtown.”

“Arrest me? Oh god, please no, don’t do that. I need to cross the border and can’t if I have a criminal record,
please, I'll do anything to make this go away… anything… just don’t arrest me.”

The cop had his hands on his hips and inched even closer to her.


Alexa could feel herself getting more nervous and aroused as the cops body was almost pressing against her.
She looked into his mirrored sunglasses and licked her lips…”anything”…she whispered.

The cop took his hands off his waists and placed them on top on her shoulders. Alexa could feel him pushing
her down. It was uncomfortable with her hands cuffed behind her back but she was soon on her knees. The
cop stood over top of her and Alexa looked up into his face. He reached down and started to rub his crotch.
Alexia looked and she could see his hardness through his tight pants.

“You want to suck my cock?” he said as he unzipped his fly. His thick, veiny cock popped out of his pants and
Alexia looked at it, then up at him. “Go ahead, lady, suck my cock.”

Alexa was so nervous and excited at the same time. She knew the cop was in control and she gave herself
over to his orders.

She bent her head forward and took his member in her mouth. The cock wasn’t long but very thick and she
had a hard time getting her mouth around his girth.

“Yeah, that’s it,” the cop whispered as Alexa began a rhythmic motion with her mouth. She wanted to grab it
and stroke it and play with his balls but her hands were cuffed. She could feel herself becoming used and she
loved the way the cop told her what to do.

“That’s it, suck harder,” he said as the slurping sound indicated Alexa’s saliva was doing a great job of
lubricating his cock. She backed off his cock to catch her breath and he reached down and stroked himself.  

“You love sucking my cock don’t you?” he said as he shoved his thick cock back into her mouth. Alexa could
feel herself getting aroused and her pussy was sopping wet when the cop pulled out of her mouth and helped
her to stand up. Once standing, the cop gave her a deep kiss and his tongue swirled around her mouth tasting
his cock and her spit. He licked her neck and roughly pulled on her nipple. Alexa’s breath was short and she
threw her head back as he licked down and started to suck on one of her nipples. It shot up and was hard as a
pebble when he gently bit it. Alexa whimpered until he started to lick it again and she could feel her panties
getting wet. Without warning the cop spun her around and pulled her panties down around her ankles. He then
threw her sun dress over her ass. Alexia felt naked and vulnerable. The thought made her wetter.

Alexa looked back and saw his cock was sticking out of his pants like an obscene rod. He stroked it as he
rubbed the head against her pussy. She tried to open her legs for him but her panties only allowed her legs to
open up so much. Her breathing was coming in spasms now and she pushed slightly away from the car to allow
his cock to enter her. The cop pushed the head of his thick cock past her dripping lips and Alexa was filled.
She started to push back as the cop grabbed her hair with his left hand. Alexa was losing herself to the
moment and she pushed back harder to meet his thrusting hips. The cop was deep inside of her and she
could feel herself building. His cock felt huge as it thrust into her wet pussy. The cop reached his right hand
down in front of her and started to gently rub her clit. As he did this, he whispered, “yeah, you love fucking me
don’t you, you’ll do anything to not get arrested won’t you.”  Alexa moaned a low guttural sound as she gave
her will over to his control. His fingers continued to rub her clit in a circular motion as his left hand left started
to explore her tight hole with his thumb.  Alexa had never had anyone fuck her in the ass before. Her
nervousness, however, was being overridden by her lust.

The cop then took his right hand and shoved two fingers in her mouth. She moaned loudly as she sucked his
fingers as his left thumb continued to pry into her asshole. He then released her mouth and found her clit with
his now soaking wet fingers.  His hand was so gentle and soft compared to the thrusting her pussy was
receiving. Alexa could feel her legs began to twitch as his fingers were applying just the right amount of
pressure on her clitoris. The waves were building and she gave herself over completely to him.  Just as she
started to come, she could feel his thumb enter into her ass. Alexa screamed as her orgasm shook her body
and he pressed down on her clit. He continued to thrust and she could feel his cock getting bigger. She could
feel his thumb penetrating her asshole as his hand pressed down on her clit. As her waves slowly started to
subside, his thrusts were becoming more frantic. His thumb continued to work her ass and he moaned a deep,
primal sound as he came deep inside of her. He lay on top of her for a moment and reached down and kissed
her neck as he pulled his thumb from her ass.  Alexa was completely spent as she lay on the car. He pulled his
cock out of her and she could feel his come dribble down her leg. The cop stood back from her and said, “turn
around so I can uncuff you.”

Alexa could feel more come drip down her legs as she bent over and pulled her panties back up. She stood
there as the cop got back on his motorcycle and left without saying a word to her. Alexa got back in her car
and drove home.  She walked into her house and saw her husband’s gun belt on the chair.

“Hey babe, that was so fucking hot,” she said as she peeled off her dress and headed upstairs for a shower.

© 2014 R. Whittaker

R. Whittaker is a happily married man who writes simply for the joy it brings him
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