The Cruise
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by  Hillary Brooker

Stephanie couldn't decide which of the two dresses to buy; the flowing blue maxi-dress that would be perfect
for casual balmy evenings on deck.  Or the chic black dress that that clung to her curves, giving just enough
away without losing a stitch of its class.  Of course, the little black number was twice the cost of the maxi - and
would need new killer heels - but at the back of her mind, she already knew she would buy that one first.

She shouldn't really have been thinking about either of the dresses at that point in time, she should have
been paying more attention to Simon who was taking her from behind.  It was the first time they'd fucked and
she was a little disappointed to say the least.  She knew he was well hung - her friend Karen had told her that
much when she started dating him two years ago. That was the reason she had been happy to bend over ten
minutes ago, but it was getting a little boring.

They had bumped into each other soon after she had boarded the huge cruise-liner and got checked in, he
saw her looking in the boutique’s window.  He was already settled in and had helped carry her luggage to her
cabin.  They had worked the same ship two summers ago, cruising the Caribbean islands for three months.  
He and Karen had got together, and as far as she knew, still were together.

"We split up about two months ago," he'd told her, "Karen wanted us both to go to Australia to work, I just
wasn't up for it and things were getting a bit stale to be honest, didn't want to commit to six month job together
if we split up.  She flew out last week."

"I had no idea, I've not heard from her for quite a while.  Sorry to hear that."

"Are you?" he'd asked, coupled with a sly grin.

"Of course!  I thought you two were made for each other."

"Na, she was getting a bit serious, hinting at engagement rings and stuff.  I've got more wild oats to sow
before I get that tied down."

"Have you now, well you and I both know that these ships are the best place for that.  Right, this must be my

He followed her in and placed her case down beside the bed.

"You'll be taking full advantage of the single life again then will you?" he asked.

"Again?  What are you implying Simon?" she’d replied flirtatiously.

"You know very what I mean, I seem to remember that you're a woman with an insatiable appetite for sex."

"Maybe I am," she’d said, beginning to unbutton her blouse, "care to help me out?"

He hadn't had to think about it, just slowly walked over to her and slid the blouse off her shoulders and gently
cupped her breasts.

"I've wanted to get my hands on you for a long time."

"I’m all yours," she’d told him, unfastening her bra and letting it also drop to the floor.

At 6' 5" Simon towered over her, he sat on the edge of the bed and gently kissed her breasts, teasing her
nipples with his tongue.  She unfastened her jeans and stepped out of them, leaving her standing in just her
black silky thong, his hands dropped down to her pert buttocks and he gave them a squeeze.

Still kissing her breasts, he brought his hands around and gently rubbed her inner thighs, his thumbs
stopping just short of her crotch.  She could already feel herself beginning to throb, she needed him inside
her soon.  He unfastened his jeans and his already-hard cock sprung out.  Her eyes lit up, Karen had not
been wrong, it was generous in both length and girth.  Grabbing it, she had squeezed it tight and massaged
its full length, letting out a satisfied sigh.

Pulling her head down to his, he kissed her hard, probing his tongue deep inside her mouth while his fingers
gently rubbed her clit from the outside of her thong.  Lifting her knee to rest of his, she beckoned him inside,
his finger slid easily between her moist pussy lips.  Pushing his hand further up inside her she let a soft moan
of pleasure, as she rocked her hips forward.  He slid his fingers in and out, in and out, all the while still
caressing her breasts with his other hand.

"I need you to fuck me right now." she had whispered.

He had smiled and gently turned her around and told her to bend over.

Leaning on the small dressing table, he had pulled her thong to the side and slowly eased himself inside her.  
Her cunt was wet and welcoming, he filled it well and she held her breath as she took all of him.  Slowly at first,
he began to fuck her, his huge cock slipping in and out to a steady rhythm.  Coupled with the vibrations from
the ships engines it had felt wonderful to start with, it had been an unusually long time since she had fucked
anyone.  But several minutes in and they rhythm had yet to pick up and he was beginning to say the
strangest of things.  Like how he used to think of her when her was fucking Karen, and that he had often
masturbated over her.  He had probably meant it as a turn on but it had the opposite effect.  It was at that
point her mind had wandered to the dresses in the window of the boutique.

Sensing that she would have to take matters into her own hands in order to gain a little more satisfaction, she
began to rub her clit with her middle finger - she doubted Simon had the coordination to reach around to rub
and fuck at the same time.  Even through the silk of her g-string her finger was soon wet, slowly she
continued rubbing herself and was glad of Simon's slower pace.  When he realised she was touching herself
he slowed a little more to stop himself from climaxing.

Gently she rubbed around her clitoris, caressing and teasing herself in time with Simon's steady
penetrations.  Pushing her hand further back she massaged the base of his cock each time it came out,
feeling his full girth before he slowly eased it back inside her.  Bringing her middle finger back to her clit, she
pressed firmly on it, rubbing it in small but precise circles, gently getting faster and faster with more pressure.  
Simon's pace remained the same, slow but firm, pushing deeper and deeper inside every time, giving her
every piece of his solid cock.  Bending over further to intensify the sensations, she rubbed herself harder now
as she began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm.  Squeezing her muscles tightly around his full erection,
she felt the tingling deep inside her, building up and building up before a sudden explosion as Simon
squeezed her breast.

The desperate need in her took over, "Faster, fuck me faster!" she begged.

He willingly obliged, and grabbed her firmly by the hips and picked up the pace.  Unable to control her groans
she cared little about being heard, being fucked hard and fast was the one and only thing on her mind.  She
felt his cock firm up a fraction more, then seconds later he rammed himself inside her one final time and held
himself there, gripping her firmly by the hips as she felt his cum pumping deep up inside her.

Simon let out a long groan of satisfaction, pulled his cock from her, then pushed it back in again slowly.  
"Wow, you are everything I'd hoped." he said.

"Glad to hear I didn't disappoint." she laughed.  She stood up and turned around.  Satisfied yet somehow still
yearning for more, she grabbed his hand and guided it back inside her g-string.  Slipping his finger back up
inside her she kissed him as he slid in and out as his cum oozed out around his fingers.

"I hope we get to do this again." he said, as he wiped the cum from his fingers across her still erect nipples.
"I'm ready when you are."

He laughed and kissed her one last time.  "I know where you to find you."

She watched him dress and leave the cabin, it was going to be an interesting few months.

© 2013 Hillary Brooker

Hillary Brooker resides in the south of England.  A lover of all things erotic, her mind is always active and
buzzing with new story ideas.  'The Cruise' is taken from her collection of short stories of the same title and is
due for release soon.  Follow her blog at
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