The Electrician's Choice

Story Codes: MF, Exhibitionist

The Electrician's Choice
by Jack Allen

Pam dropped her books on the kitchen counter, beside a note and a check
from Mom. The note said she would be home late that evening, to get
dinner for herself, and that an electrician would be there to check the wiring
to the furnace. The check was for him.

“Shit,” Pam said, and slapped the note back down on the counter. She took
her books up to her room, shaking her head.

The homework took five minutes. It was a breeze, but it bored her, and
all she had to do for English 101 was read a chapter of a dumb book about
talking animals on some farm. Sometimes she skipped the homework so her
tests would be more fun. She liked to be surprised, and she always got
them all right, anyway, but Mr. Smith got mad at her when she didn’t
do her homework.

She put the book down with a heavy sigh and turned on the tv. The only
thing she found worth watching was Gilligan’s Island. She lay on the
bed for a long time with the pillows piled behind her head, staring at the tv.
It bored her just as much. Besides, she’d seen that episode about a
dozen times. Gilligan just screwed everything up again, like always.

She felt a tingling between her legs and squeezed them together. Joe
Molino was still on her mind. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw
him naked in her mind. Her butt squirmed. The problem was, he was naked
with Debbie, not her.

What was it about Debbie that guys liked so much? Did they like her
because she made it so easy for them to get in her pants? Pam wanted
guys to like her, too, and take her to bed like they did with Debbie, but
did she want guys to think she was easy?

Her hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts and into her
panties. She spread her legs. Her fingers touched the lips of her pussy and
poked into her tiny opening. She sighed softly.

Debbie said Joe had a horse dick. She tried to imagine him with it and
saw it as big as Ethan’s, hanging like a club from the front of his body.
She moaned and squirmed again. Debbie appeared in her mind again. Joe lay
on top of her, moving between her spread legs.

Pam yanked her hand from her shorts and slapped the bed. Why did it
always have to be Debbie?

She got out of bed, stripped off her clothes and put on her bikini. Her
body was still turned on. She still felt the tingling between her legs.
The snug bikini clamped her breasts and rubbed her crotch. Maybe a swim
in the pool would cool her off.

She heard the doorbell. Who the hell was that? It took a second to
remember the note from Mom about the electrician. She put on a pair of
cutoff shorts over the bikini bottom and grumbled as she went down the
stairs to the front door. She pulled it open. The annoyed frown on her
face disappeared and her mouth fell open.

“I’m here to fix the wiring,” he said.

Pam blinked, and blinked again.

“Ub-Ub ...” she tried to say. Her tongue refused to work.

He smiled. It was Tony Sanchez. His eyes glanced down, checking out her
body. Pam blushed and smiled.

He was tall, taller than she remembered. His hair was a bit longer, and
he had rough stubble on his chin, but he was still as good looking as the
first time she saw him, when he took his helmet off on the sideline of
the football game in high school, over a year ago.

Pam stared. Tony looked uncomfortable and cleared his throat.

“Can I come in?” he said.

“Oh. Yeah. Yes, sure.”

Pam backed away, holding the door open. He stepped inside and Pam
caught his smell for the first time. Her head felt light.

“What are you doing here?” she said.

“I’m here to fix the wiring?” he said, and held up his toolbox.

“Oh yeah. You said that,” Pam said, and giggled. She led him into
the kitchen and picked up the check. “My Mom left this for you.” She
waved it like a flag.

“I’ll get that when I’m done. Where’s the basement?” he said.

“Over here.”

Pam walked over to the basement stairs and flicked on the light. Tony
brushed past her and went down the stairs. Pam’s eyes went to his ass
and she bit her lower lip. God, he looked fantastic. No one ever looked
better in a plaid shirt and jeans.

At the bottom of the stairs, Tony looked back and smiled, and
disappeared around the corner. Pam squeezed her legs together, rolled her eyes and
fell back against the wall. He was so hot. She’d love to have sex
with him, but that would never happen. She sighed. He would never want a
girl like her. She wasn’t pretty enough.

Pam sat at the table in the kitchen. Her legs kicked under the chair and
her fingers twisted together. She still felt the buzzing between her
legs. Her knees rubbed together, her hands gripped the arms of the chair, she
closed her eyes and moaned. She spread her legs and stuck her hand
between them, rubbing her crotch through the cut-off shorts.

He would see her like that if he came up the stairs right then. She
wished he would. She wanted him to catch her rubbing herself, then he would
have to know what she was feeling. She would ask him to love her, she would
plead with him, and how could he refuse?

She squealed between her clenched teeth and slapped the arm of the
chair. Nothing good like that ever happened to her. Debbie was the one guys
went for. Only she could get a guy to love her like that.

She shoved the chair away and stood up. Tony Sanchez was still working
downstairs. He would never know how bad she wanted him. She didn’t
know what to do, other than go swimming. She took off the shorts, thought
about taking them up to her room, and decided to leave them on the floor by
the chair, where Tony might see them.

She went out to the deck off the back. The sun was warm on her skin.
The tips of her fingers grazed her chest. Maybe if she was lucky Mr. Thorn
would be home and he would slide his thing between her legs. She felt
like she would die if she didn’t get something soon.

She crossed the yard in her bare feet. The cool blades of grass tickled
between her toes. She opened the gate to the Thorn’s backyard, went
through, and quietly set the latch. She tiptoed up the steps to their
deck. The cool water in the pool sparkled. The sun glared off its
surface and she shaded her eyes.

If Mr. Thorn was home, maybe she would ask him to rub lotion on her
back. She was sure he would do anything for her.

The house looked quiet. She walked around the pool a couple of times,
hoping Mr. Thorn was in there and would see her and come out. Nobody
came out. She went up to the sliding glass doors and leaned close, cupping
her hands to the sides of her face to shield the sunlight. The house was
empty. Pam sighed.

She stepped back and noticed her reflection in the glass. She put her
hands on her hips and turned each way to check herself out. She ran her
hand down over her stomach. Her body wasn’t as skinny as before. Her
new bikini top was already a bit tight on her boobs.

She turned away from the glass, held the ladder railing, extended her
leg out to the water and touched it with her toe. The water was nice and
cool. She lowered herself in and swam across to the other side, moving slowly
with even strokes.

The water was soothing. She ducked her head under, paddled to the
bottom of the deep end and came back up. The tingling between her legs
wouldn’t go away. Floating on her back, she slipped her hand into the bikini
bottom and pushed her finger between her pussy lips. She paddled with her legs
and one arm, trying to stay afloat, but couldn’t rub her slit and
keep her head above water at the same time.

“Damnit,” she muttered, and slapped the surface of the water with
her open palm. The water splashed back in her face. She rolled over and swam to
the edge. There was nothing else to do but go up to her room and please
herself while she thought about Tony Sanchez, or Joe Molino, or even

She lifted herself out of the pool and slicked back her wet hair. The
neighborhood was silent. The only sound was a bird in a tree somewhere
and the drip of water on the warm cement. She held the straps of her bikini
bottoms at her hips and pulled them up, wiggling her hips. The back of
the bikini wedged between the cheeks of her ass like a thong and the crotch
pressed against her slit. She adjusted the bikini top over the mounds
of her breasts and pulled the front of the cups down to the edges of her
nipples, which were as hard as rocks.

She heard a cough and looked up. Tony was on a ladder at the back of
her house, working on the wires, looking right at her. For a minute, she
couldn’t move. He had removed his plaid shirt and was checking her

The wet bikini clung to the curves of her body like it was painted on.
She could feel the tiny pieces of cool, wet fabric on her sensitive parts.
Tony’s body dripped with sweat. The annoying tingle between her legs
shot through her whole body and she thought she was going to pass out.

She walked down the steps from the Thorn’s deck, through the gate and
across the yard. She felt Tony’s eyes on her the entire way. She
stopped at the bottom of his ladder and put her hand on the rail.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi. You didn’t tell me your name,” Tony said.

“It’s Pam.”

“I’m Tony.”

“I know.” She brushed her toes through the grass. “I saw you play football last year.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Would you like a glass of ice water? You look like you’re really hot,” Pam said, and
couldn’t believe she let those words out.

She held her breath, hoping he wouldn’t be offended.

Tony grinned.

“Yeah I would. I’m all done here,” he said and started down the ladder.

He grabbed his plaid shirt from the back of the lawn chair and put it on, but did not
button it up.

Pam took him inside. She put some ice in a glass and filled it with water.

“Here you go,” she said.


He tilted his head back and poured the cold water into his mouth. The ice clinked in
the glass. Water spilled out over the sides and dripped from his chin to his bare
chest. Pam stared at his rippling muscles and the sweat glistening on his tanned skin.

Tony finished the glass of water with a loud “Ah” and wiped his mouth with his arm.

“That was just what I needed,” he said.

“You looked really thirsty,” Pam said.

She sat on one of the stools at the counter and stretched her legs out. Tony’s eyes
dropped to her bare legs. She ran her hand over her thigh and let it drift around to
the inside, near her mound. Tony swallowed hard.

She could feel the heat of her own body. Could he tell how hot he made her? Just
being near him made her horny.

He picked up the check, folded it, put in his pocket, and leaned against the counter.

“How old are you?” he said.

“I just turned eighteen,” she said.

He nodded. The corners of his mouth turned up in a smirk.

“You’re cute.  Cute bikini, too. I can see right through it,” he said.

Pam looked down at her bikini to see if he was right, and covered her chest with her
arms. Tony’s grin grew wider.

“Is your Mom gonna be home soon?” he said.

Pam shook her head. “She went out with her friends. She won’t be home until late.”

“That’s good.”

Pam frowned slightly. Why did he think that was good? She didn’t know what time
Ethan would be home, but she didn’t care about him as long as she got to spend
every minute possible with Tony.

He twirled the ice in his glass and set it on the counter.

“Do you have anything stronger?” he said.

“Stronger than what?”

He laughed. “Stronger than water.”

“I think there’s some beer in the fridge,” she said, and opened the refrigerator. “My
Mom’s boyfriend likes to drink beer. She keeps some for him.”

“That’s perfect,” Tony said.

Pam took one of the bottles from the shelf in the door, hoping Mom wouldn’t notice it
missing, and handed it to Tony. He twisted the top off and took a long drink.

“Yeah, that’s good.” He held the bottle out for her. “Want some?”


She took the bottle and sniffed the open end. It smelled awful. Did she really want to
drink it? Tony was looking at her with an expectant smile. She had no choice.
Besides, he left his saliva around the rim. She wouldn’t mind tasting that on her
tongue. She held her breath and took a
sip. The bitter, awful stuff filled her mouth.

“Ugh, that’s terrible. How can you drink it?” she said, wiping the taste from her mouth.

Tony laughed and took the bottle back.

“You never drank beer before, did you?” he said. Pam shook her head. He took
another long drink.

“I like it. Makes me feel good, too. Want some more?”

Pam looked at the bottle like a dog that had bit her, but she didn’t want to displease
Tony. He might leave, and it was too soon for that. She took the bottle again, her
nose already crinkled, and took a sip. Tony laughed again at her ugly face.

“Don’t you ever go out drinking with your boyfriend?” he said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Pam said.

He looked surprised. “I can’t believe that. A girl as hot as you gotta have a lot of

Tony hooked his thumb in his pocket. His fingers brushed his jeans near the zipper.
She glanced at his crotch out of the corner of her eye. He had a bulge in the front of
his jeans. Pam looked away quickly.

“Do you know how to kiss?” he said.

Pam frowned. “Of course I know how to kiss,” she said, and was alarmed at the way
she snapped.

He looked startled. “I just asked.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right,” Tony said. “You want some more beer?”

Pam nodded. He handed her the bottle. She took another sip and made an ugly face.

“Finish it,” Tony said.

She stared at him a moment to make sure he was serious. Her head felt light. What
made her so dizzy, the beer? She tilted the bottle to her lips and poured the rest of
the beer into her mouth. A few drops spilled over her chin and she wiped it away,
giggling. Tony was grinning.

“So show me,” he said.

“Show you what?”

“Show me how you kiss.”

Pam’s eyes grew wide. She couldn’t believe he just said that. Was he serious? She
didn’t dare ask him to repeat himself. He might change his mind and she would lose
her chance.

“Ok,” she said.

She put the empty bottle on the counter and stepped up to Tony, her hands clasped
behind her back. He seemed very cool, just waiting for her. She stood on her tiptoes
and tilted her head up. Her lips parted. The tips of her breasts touched his chest.
She closed her eyes and they kissed.

Pam couldn’t believe she was kissing Tony Sanchez in her own kitchen. Her skin
tingled all over. She heard a roar in her ears like the ocean at the beach. This was
the best ever. She opened her mouth a bit wider and his tongue slipped in.

“That was pretty good,” Tony said, breaking away suddenly.

Pam nodded and sucked in a sharp breath. Her toes curled and she squeezed her
legs together.

“Put your hands on my shoulders, like this,” Tony said. He placed her hands on his
shoulders. “Then I put my hands on your waist, then we kiss.”

He put his hands on her hips, his fingers touching the damp strings of the bikini, and
pulled her close. Her breasts flattened against his hard chest. Her heart pounded in
her chest. She studied his face. His eyes were closed, and he kissed her. Pam’s
heart swelled in her throat. He was
so delicate, so gentle. His lips fit against hers like they were molded together. She
trembled. Tony’s lips parted. Pam clutched his plaid shirt in both hands to hold
herself up and moaned hen she tasted his tongue in her mouth. Her heart felt like it
would burst out of her chest.

His hands squeezed her hips, rubbing her belly on the hard lump in his
jeans. His hands moved down to her ass. The tips of his fingers pushed
under the edge of her bikini.

“You get me going, girl,” Tony said, whispering softly.

Pam let her legs spread around his hips. He rubbed the hard lump
against her warm mound and she moaned. She knew she shouldn’t let him do that
to her, but she couldn’t help herself. He was someone she always wanted
so bad from when she was younger, but thought she could never have. And
since she knew so much more about fucking than she did then ...

Tony sat on the stool, tugging her to his lap. Her legs straddled him and her weight
settled on the hardness of his erection. Pam pushed against his chest with both
hands, suddenly feeling scared.

“This is not a good idea,” she said.

Tony stroked her ass. “I promise, no one will ever know.”

His hand brushed the hair out of her face. With the tip of his finger, he traced the
shape of her lips. Tony’s eyes closed and he kissed her. Pam’s arms squeezed
around his neck, like she was trying to strangle him. His hands moved down her
slender sides, the tips of his fingers tickling
the bumps of her spine, all the way down to her soft butt. Her back arched. His
fingers poked under the top edge of her bikini and rubbed the crack of her ass.

One of his hands came up and squeezed her breast. Pam stiffened. She squirmed in
his hands and moaned. His lips moved down her chin to her jaw and to her neck.

“Tony, I don’t think we should do this,” she said with a soft sigh.

Her breasts seemed to swell and stretch her bikini, as if to fill his palms when he
squeezed.  He made a long, low shushing noise.

“Yes we should. You know you want it.”

His hips rocked slowly on the stool, rubbing the hardness of his erection along her
crotch. Pam squeezed his shoulders and groaned, her mouth open wide. She
hooked her legs around his and ground her pelvis back and forth.

It wasn’t right. Something about it wasn’t right. She shouldn’t let him do that to her,
but she wanted it so bad. Debbie could do it. She wanted to do it, too.

He pulled the ties of the bikini behind her neck and let the damp patches of fabric fall
away from her chest. Pam tried to hold it over her breasts with one hand, but Tony
drew her hand away. He cupped her bare breast in his hand, squeezed and pinched
the nipple.

“Tony, please,” Pam said, but it was a weak protest. His head dropped, as if drawn by
a magnet to her chest, and he licked her nipple. Pam gasped. He licked his lips and
kissed her nipple.

“Oh yes. Oh yes,” she said, taking shallow, fluttery breaths.

His tongue sent shivers through her body. She squirmed on his lap, pressing herself
down on him. She liked the feel of his hardness against her crotch, but she wished it
wasn’t just rubbing against her but was inside her, where she ached to feel it,
pushing deep against her insides
and stretching her open.

“God, you have beautiful tits,” Tony said, his lips smacking with saliva.

Staring at the ceiling with his head cradled in the crook of her arm, Pam smiled. Tony
lifted her off his lap.

“I got your pants wet,” Pam said, pointing to the stains on his jeans from her wet
bikini. She couldn’t miss the long, thick bulge that stuck out against his leg. “Maybe
you should take them off so I can dry them.”

“You can dry them later,” Tony said. He took her hand and placed it over the bulge.
“Look what you do to me, girl. You know what that is?”

Pam nodded. Her mouth hung open. He squeezed her hand and rubbed it back and
forth over the hard bulge.

“What is it?”

“Your thing.”

“You like how it feels?”

Pam nodded.

“You wanna see it?”

Her eyes widened. “Yes,” she said.

He stood up, put his hands on her hips and pulled her against him, grinding the hard
lump of his erection on her mound. Pam sighed and wiggled her hips on it.

“What do you want me to do with it?” Tony said. “You want me to fuck you with it?”

“Oh yes, please,” Pam said, panting. She spread her thighs around his hips.

Tony shook his head, smirking.

“What?” Pam said.

“Your Mom’s gonna know we did it. She’s gonna take one look at your face and she’s
gonna know I fucked you.”

“I don’t care,” Pam said. Her hand snaked down the front of his jeans, feeling for his
dick. “Just love me with it, please.”

Her hand closed around the hot shaft and she squeezed as hard as she could. Tony’
s eyes closed to narrow slits. He was still grinning, as if he enjoyed the way she was
feeling him. His own fingers toyed with her nipples.

He grabbed her wrist and jerked it out of his pants. Pam jumped.

“Come on, girl. I don’t want you making me shoot in my pants. I’m not gonna waste it
like that.”

He pulled her by the wrist through the kitchen to the living room and plopped on the
sofa. The corner of his mouth angled up in a smirk. His hand rubbed the lump in his

Pam stood in front of him, not knowing what to do next. What would Debbie do? Her
hands came up and pinched her nipples. Tony’s grin grew wider. He must have liked
that. She cupped her breasts in her palms, swinging her hips side to side, and licked
her lips.

“Yeah, baby, you turn me on,” Tony said.

Pam felt a shiver down her spine. She loved it when he talked to her like that. She
ran her hands down her sides from her breasts to her hips, hooked her thumbs over
the straps of her bikini bottoms, and pushed them down a couple of inches, just
enough to show the first wisps of her
sparse, pale hair.

“Come on, girl, show me what you got,” Tony said.

He reached up and stuck his hand inside her bikini. His fingers touched her slit. Pam

“God, you’re really wet,” he said.

His finger slid up inside her. Pam closed her eyes and moaned, rocking her hips
against his hand.

“The way you acted, I thought for sure you were a virgin,” he said. He pushed a
second finger inside her. “How many guys have you fucked?”

Pam blushed and turned her eyes down.

“Just a couple.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet it’s like a couple dozen,” he said and laughed.

Pam slapped his knee. “Shut up. I did not,” she said. She pushed her knee between
his knees and rubbed it on the lump against his leg. “I wanna see your dick.”

“You wanna what?”

“Your dick. I wanna see it.”

Tony chuckled. “That’s what I thought you said.”

He took his hand out of her bikini, unzipped his jeans and pushed them down past his
hips. His hard dick sprang up. Pam’s mouth fell open. This was too good. She couldn’
t believe it was really happening.

She reached for it with her open hand, bending at the waist. It’s thick, ropy length
glided through her fingers like a warm piece of wood. She let out a long, deep sigh.

“That’s what you want, ain’t it?” Tony said.

Pam nodded. Her hand squeezed and moved up and down slowly. He grabbed her
around the waist.

“Come on. Sit down next to me.”

He pulled her down to the sofa beside him and she reached for his thing again. It
rose from his lap like a small tower carved from pink marble. The shaft tapered from
the bottom, where it attached to his body, up to the round top, and it curved back
toward his body. The shaft was smooth.

Tony put his hands on her shoulders.

“Come on, baby, why don’t you just lie down here,” he said, and pushed her back.

“What are you gonna do?” Pam said. She resisted, but he was too strong and forced
her on her back.

“We’re gonna fuck, baby.”

His fingers hooked over the straps of her bikini, pulled it down to her knees and bent
her legs up.

“I don’t know. Maybe we shouldn’t,” Pam said, and leaned up on her elbows.

Tony took a deep breath. His jaw clenched.

“Come on, baby. Why don’t you just relax? This is what you want, ain’t it? You done it
before, right? Besides, you know how much I love you.”

Pam watched his face. The tips of his fingers brushed the sides of her legs. He
smiled and she felt warm all the way through to her belly.

“Ok,” she said, and lay back with her head on the cushion.

Tony lifted her legs higher and moved over her, holding his dick in his hand. He
rubbed it along the wet lips of her pussy. Pam groaned. She couldn’t stand it. She
reached around her raised legs and brushed his shaft with her fingers.

“You got any condoms in the house?” he said.

“Condoms? No. Why?”

Tony was quiet, with a concerned look on his face while he rubbed himself over her
pussy. She could feel the tip at her opening, between her moist lips. She wished he
would quit teasing her and put it in.

“Listen, I’ll tell you what. I’ll just pull out when I’m ready to come. How about that?”

Pam shrugged. “Ok. Whatever you want,” she said, but he could have told her
anything and she would have agreed.

Tony held her ankles in both hands, pushed her knees back by her head and leaned
over her. The head of his thing split her open and sunk into her body, stretching her
hole. She sucked in her breath and groaned. It hurt, but the pain felt good.

Tony closed his eyes and groaned, too. He leaned over her a bit more, bending her
legs farther until her knees were by her ears. Her bikini stretched between her knees
and prevented her legs from spreading. Her pussy swallowed his dick, and it seemed
she might swallow the rest of
him along with it.

“God, you are so tight, like a goddamned virgin,” he said with his eyes
still closed.

He clenched the cushions on either side of her and forced his thing as deep as it
would go, pressing down on her with all his weight. He pounded up and down with his
hips, sliding his thing in and out. Pam closed her eyes. She tried to scream, but could
only lie under him, pinned to the
sofa with her mouth open. This was the best orgasm ever.

Tony’s come gushed inside her. Her eyes snapped open. He said he would pull it out,
but she really didn’t care. She would rather have Tony Sanchez’s stuff inside her,

He lifted himself off her. His dick withdrew from her slit, still shooting thick, white stuff.
It splattered on her legs and her belly and on her chest. Pam sighed, staring at his
fat dick, dribbling stuff in a puddle on her pussy. She couldn’t believe she just had
sex with one of the hottest guys in the world. She reached way up and touched his
cheek. “I love you too, Tony,” she said.

He smiled, but it was kind of a nervous smile and vanished in a hurry. He climbed off
the sofa and picked up his jeans.

“Yeah, me too. Listen, I hope you don’t mind. I gotta be somewhere and I’m gonna be
Pam leaned up on her elbows with her legs still bent up, and watched Tony shove his
wet erection in his jeans. His warm come leaked from her slit and ran down her ass.

“I don’t mind. You’ll call me, right?” Pam said.

He smiled. “Yeah, sure,” he said, and rushed out.

Pam heard the front door open and shut. She lay back, smiling. Her pussy was warm
and tingly and his come felt so good inside her. She sighed, but still couldn’t believe
she just got fucked by Tony Sanchez.

“Hey Pam,” Debbie said, and poked her head in the room. Her mouth fell open and
her eyes bulged wide when she looked at Pam on the sofa.

Pam screamed and tried to sit up, but her legs were still tangled in the bikini.

“Oh my God, did you just fuck that guy?” Debbie said, pointing to the globs of pearly
white come on the lips of her pussy.

Pam tried to cover herself, but only smeared Tony’s stuff on her skin. Her face

“Yes,” she said.

Debbie plopped on the sofa beside Pam and pulled her legs apart. Pam squealed
and fell back on the cushions again.

“Oh yeah, he fucked you good,” Debbie said. “Listen, you’re not mad at me, are you?
I mean for fucking Joey? I mean like, I know how much you like him and all,” Debbie

“No, I’m not mad.”

“Good. I didn’t think so. Besides, like I can see how you’re getting some action, too.”

Debbie lowered her head between her raised legs and licked her pussy. When she
raised her head again, her chin and lips were covered with Tony’s come. She licked it

“Mmm. He tastes good, too,” she said and laughed.

Pam laughed, too, proud that Debbie had witnessed her getting fucked. Somehow,
that made her feel more like a woman than anything else.


© 2008 Jack Allen

Jack Allen is the Detroit area's best unknown erotic author, with several erotic stories
published online and in magazines, as well as more than a dozen erotic ebooks.  
Jack Allen has also published two mystery novels, with two more on the way.

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