The Girl Next Door
Story Codes:  FF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

The Girl Next Door
by Vanessa Rose Julian

 Melanie didn’t know what was wrong with her lately.  The slightest touch turned her on.  Sometimes
even the feel of her own clothes against her skin made her nipples hard.  Every night that she was
home she popped a porn tape into the VCR and masturbated until she fell asleep or couldn’t make
herself come anymore.  Sometimes she masturbated in the shower while she was getting ready for
work or she would sneak off to the ladies room during her lunch hour just to get herself off.

She didn’t know if she was just bored or if it was due to her lack of sex with a real person but, she
knew she needed help.  Things were getting out of hand.  She found herself in the elevator of her
apartment complex when her silk dress brushed against her breasts.  She felt her pussy grow wet
and her nipples grow hard.  She started massaging her breasts.  All she could think about was
getting to her apartment and fingering herself.  She stood up against the wall with her eyes closed.  
She felt her pussy growing hotter and wetter by the second.

She didn’t hear the elevator doors open or feel the elevator when it stopped.  The butch who lived
in the apartment next to hers watched for a few seconds.  She wondered how long it would be
before she noticed that she was being watched.  Sam looked around and saw that the halls were
empty.  As she quietly stepped into the elevator she thought she’d stumbled onto the perfect
opportunity to finally have the girl next door.

Sam had been watching her for weeks.  As far as she knew she was always alone.  Late at night
she could hear the sounds of porn movies through the vents connected to both of their
apartments.  At first she tried to ignore it but, then she heard the woman’s high pitched screams as
she came and she had to find out who she was.  One day, she followed her as she left her
apartment.  When she stopped to check her mailbox she dropped a letter.  Sam bent to pick it up
and introduced herself.  They’d spoken only a few times since then but, Sam was both intrigued and
turned on by her.  Melanie was not only beautiful but, Sam could lie in her bed and listen to her
come for hours.  She would imagine herself inside of Melanie drawing those cries of ecstasy from

As the elevator doors closed behind Sam, Melanie still had no idea she was being watched.  She
was moaning and rubbing her pussy with one hand while she massaged her breasts with the other.  
Sam reached out and pressed the emergency stop button.  Melanie was startled by the bells and
embarrassed to find Sam standing there.

“Oh my God, Sam what, how long have you been in here with me?”  Melanie asked.

“Long enough to want to offer you my services.”  Sam smirked.

“Uh, I….. What happened to the elevator?”  Melanie asked reaching out to the panel.

“It’s all right baby, by the time they get here to rescue us, I’ll have already made you come.”  Sam
said.  Sam stood so close to Melanie, she could feel the heat between them.

“And what makes you think I’ll let you fuck me?”  Melanie asked.  Sam looked her over from head to
toe and back again.  Melanie was already breathing heavily as Sam gently stroked her cheek and
let the back of her hand glide down her neck to the hollow of her breasts.

“Look at you, you need to be fucked and I can make you come good and hard.”  Sam said

“Oh yeah?”  Melanie asked licking her lips.

“Yeah.”  Sam said.

“Prove it.”  Melanie said.

“I hope you’re ready to get come like you’ve never come before.”  Sam said.

“If you make that happen I’ll consider letting you be my fuck buddy.”  She said.  Sam stared at her.

“That sounds great to me because I’ve been looking for a fuck buddy.”  Sam said.  Melanie was
already slipping out of her panties.

“Then, show me what you’ve got.”  Melanie said.

“I’ve got a big dick and a rock hard tongue.”  Sam said.

“Bring it on.”  Melanie said.  Sam pushed her back up against the wall and put her hand inside
Melanie’s dress to play with her tits.  They kissed with sudden urgency as Melanie lifted her dress
above her waist.  Sam stroked the outsides of her thighs for a few seconds.  She could feel the heat
from Melanie’s pussy.  She slid her hand over Melanie’s pussy and felt that it was already soaking
wet.  Oh how she wanted to just dip her fingers inside her warm wet hole but, she also wanted to
hear her moan and beg to be fucked.  She lifted Melanie’s legs and wrapped them around her waist
giving herself easier access.  Melanie hung on to the guard rails with her hands as Sam slowly
began to stroke her already soaking pussy.

“Oh yeah, exactly what I was hoping for.”  Sam said.

“What’s that?”  Melanie asked.

“A big, soaking wet pussy.”  Sam said.  Sam increased the pressure slightly as Melanie threw her
head back and moaned.  She used her thumb to stroke her clit.

“I can hear you at night when you’re fucking yourself.”  Sam said.

“What?”  Melanie asked nearly losing her balance.

“I lie there and listen to you and imagine it’s me who’s fucking you and now here you are with your
legs spread open for me.  I love to hear you come and I want you to come all over my big dick.”  
Sam whispered.

“Oh yes.”  Melanie sighed.  “Give me your dick.”

“You want it?”  Sam asked as she continued to tease her pussy.

“Yes.”  Melanie said.  “I want it up my pussy.”  Melanie hissed.

“When?”  Sam asked.

“Now.”  Melanie said.  "I want it right now." Sam penetrated her pussy with four fingers as Melanie
cried out.

“You’re a horny one, aren’t you?”  Sam asked.

“Yes, yes I am.  I just want to be fucked.  I need to be fucked.  I can't seem to come enough.”  She
said looking into Sam’s eyes with an animal look.  Sam started to move faster within her.  She
sucked on Melanie's tits.  Melanie pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her hard.  Melanie's
pussy suddenly tightened like a vacuum sucking her fingers in deeper.  “Harder, fuck me harder.”  
Sam followed her instructions.  Melanie grabbed on to Sam’s shoulders as she fought to keep her
balance on the tiny guardrail.

“I want to hear it baby.  I want to hear that scream that happens when you come.  I want to know
that this time you’re screaming because I’m fucking you.”  Sam said.

“Yes, I’m gonna ……oh, I’m gonna come.”  Melanie said.

“Come for daddy.”  Sam said.

“Fuck me, harder, fuck me oh yes, daddy.  Oh shit, daddy your dick feels so fucking good.  Please,
please make me come!”  She screamed as she finally came all over Sam's hand.

Just as she screamed someone pounded on the elevator doors.  “Is everything all right in there?”  
Someone yelled.  Sam bent down to pick up Melanie’s panties and handed them to her.

“We’re fine.  Just hurry up!”  Sam yelled as Melanie slipped her panties back on.  “I told you I could
get the job done.”  Sam said to Melanie.

“I love a man who keeps his word.”  Melanie said.  “Would you like to come over for dinner?”

“Depends on what we’re having.”  Sam said.

“How’s pussy sound?”  Melanie asked.

“My favorite dish, what time should I come over?”  Sam asked.

“Whenever you get hungry.”  Melanie answered.

“Baby, I’m always hungry.”  Sam said.

“Good because I’m always horny.”  Melanie said just before the elevator doors were pried open.

“You two all right?”  A maintenance man asked.

“We’re fine.”  Melanie answered.  “I’m a little claustrophobic but Sam has a very calming effect on
people.”  Melanie winked at her as she exited the elevator.  Sam followed her out.

“Thank you for letting us out.”  Sam told the maintenance man.

“I can’t figure out how this happened.”  He said shaking his head.

“It probably just needs a little TLC.”  Sam said.  “Just like a certain woman I know.”

Copyright© 2009 Vanessa Rose Julian

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Vanessa Rose Julian lives in south-central Texas with her partner of nine years where they were both raised. Her
passions include singing and writing poetry of all types. She is very proud to have her first romance novel published
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