The Hot Spot
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

The Hot Spot
by Shy

Chanel Washington was always looking for the hot spots around town.  Until she came to
this new night spot called Late at Night.  They just opened their doors this Friday night
and this is where she wanted to be solo.  She sometimes liked to go by herself, so she
could have all the attention to herself.  She wore a red low cut blouse and high mini skirt
to show off her curves and black stilettos.   She knew that her pussy would be pudding in
any man hands.

Chanel strutted in like nothing else mattered.  The bouncer took a double take at her
curves.  His mind wondered what it would be like to be between her legs.  He thought of
sexual fantasies with his tongue, he wanted to lick the juices between her thighs.  It was
just a fantasy, he thought, and went back to work.

Chanel did her sexy walk over to the bar where a tall dark man was standing drinking
Crown Royal on the rocks.  She thought she was looking at Tyson the male Model.  He
was gorgeous.  He winked at her and asked, “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like

She giggled, “I am here for the same reason you are here, to get some action from the
opposite sex. I want a big strong dick to penetrate my inner walls. And you look like just
the man for the job and you look like you could probably win a pussy eating contest.”

The tall handsome man almost choked on his drink.  He asked if she was serious about
the invite.  

“If you want some hot tasty pussy all over your full lips, you can have all of me at your

Mr. Tall black and handsome followed Ms. Chanel back to her love nest.  She had never
done anything like this before; bringing men back to her place for a one night stand. She
fell right into his arms; she almost stripped out of all her clothes on the front porch.  She
groped his penis that was throbbing through his slacks.  He nibbled on her nipples with
his teeth.  She groaned with pleasure. He cupped her whole body in the air and placed
her on the stair case and pulled her red thong to the side and licked her clit that was full
of nectar.  She moaned very loudly sounding like the wolf of the night.  Chanel pulled
him closer into her G-Spot.  She was ready to surrender, but held on for dear life. It was
an eruption, her explosion of ecstasy.  

He turned her around and told her she was juicy.  She looked at his throbbing dick that
was at attention.   Chanel put his manhood in her wet mouth and proceeded to lick every
inch of his tasty treat. He clinched on the back of her hair; this made her moan even
more.  He was in heat like shepherds that were in yard earlier that day.  Chanel was so
proud of her pickings tonight.  She thought, this one is a keeper.  

He pulled her up and asked where her bedroom was.  She didn’t hesitate and took him
up to paradise.  The bed was covered in Red Roses.  Chanel had a thing about sleeping
on a bed of flowers.  He laid her down and told her, “This will be like your first time, with a
real man.”  She giggled once again, and told him, “I want to be satisfied to the fullest.”

He looked at her with a thuggish grin.  He took her bottom and massaged it like a melon.  
He continued to tease her with his tongue.  “Give it to me,” she scolded. “I want every
inch of you in my pussy.”

He took his manhood and put in the deep tunnel and felt the wonderful sensation of her
paradise.  She screamed so loud the cats started to  purr.  This night was filled with lust
and dirty thoughts and the acting out of fantasies.  He pulled her closer and stroked
harder and harder. All you could hear were moans and screams of passion.  

She was so happy with her Birthday present.

“Happy Birthday,” the tall gentleman said with a big smile.

Shy was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She attended Detroit Public Schools and
Pasadena City College in California.  

At a very young age she began expressing her thoughts through poetry. She had
written two books Poetry Of Life and Daisy The Frog's First words for young
children.  So far her work has been featured in the National Library Of Poetry,
Sparrograss Poetry Forum, and the Gullah Sentinel of South Carolina.