The Intruder
story codes: MF, Rape, Exhibitionist

The Intruder - Part One
by Launcelot

I watched your house to see when you would be home while “Charlie” would be
away... When I got a little used to his routine, I finally got up the nerve to break
quietly into your house, and slowly walked from room to room looking for you.

Aaaahhhh! There you are! You're sleeping soundly on the bed. You're wearing a
white vee neck T-shirt, and a pair of silky black lacy panties... I stand and watch
you for awhile, getting harder by the moment... I cross the room to the bed and
gently stroke your hair, then brush the back of my hand across your cheek... You
do not even so much as twitch...

I trace the contour of your face with a finger from your forehead, gently down your
nose over your lips and to your chin. Still you do not move. I continue from your
chin with my finger down your neck to the vee of the t- shirt. I pull the neck of the
tee aside and expose one of your tits... My mouth waters with anticipation...and my
balls begin to ache as well with wanting you... But, not just yet... I had a plan to
simply wake you, and surprise you and we make love immediately on our very first
time we meet in person, but with you sleeping so soundly [did you take a sleep
aid?], it will aid in putting my just now changed plan into motion...

I brush your exposed nipple with my finger as I lean over to kiss you gently. Still no
movement... Ok.... One last and final test before getting the plan going... I reach
down and caress your twat gently, and then just a bit more aggressive... Oohhh...
A very minor motion as you ever so slightly stir... I stop for a moment before
moving forward with the plan giving you a moment to stop stirring as slight as it
was... Then, I ever so gently inch you fully onto your back and to the centre of the
bed. I slowly pull your tee up [have to be gentle and careful not to wake you as I
pull it up from under you... I need you stay sleeping to pull off this new change of
plans].... I raise your arms up so I can pull the tee up over your head and arms...
Oh, this process is making my already hard cock get even harder... As I had
exposed your tits, I stopped for a brief moment to admire them and even kissed
each nipple... But, I must "behave" for the moment... It isn't time, yet...your tee is
off, so I move down and stare at your black lacy panties and my eyes move to
your crotch...

Unbelievable, as, even though you're sound asleep, your panties are soaked with
your juices... I get myself together, and slowly pull your panties down... All of this is
even more exciting than a strip tease and strip teases are very exciting! I work
your panties down and finally get them over your feet and off... I smell and taste
your juices in the crotch of your panties before putting them in my pocket... They
are mine now... I own them...

I stand back and take a moment to look at you... A thought strikes me... I have
your panties soaked with your juices... Why not the complete set? I move to your
dresser and begin my search... At last I find the matching bra... Yes! In the
process, I find this very nice silky black teddy... Very cool! I take them both and
put them in the bag I brought with me as well as the panties from my pocket... I get
something from my bag and go back to the foot of the bed now that I have my
treasures packed safely away... I take each foot and move it to one side so that
you're laying spread eagle and then each arm so they extend high over your head
and to the sides... With the items I took out of my bag, I tie your ankles and wrists
to the four corners of the bed... Now, I stand back for yet another look at you...

You're mine now! I still can't believe you haven't woken up... Such luck! Standing
back, admiring you the whole time, I take off my clothes, laying them in a neat
heap with my bag... I move back to the foot of the bed, and beginning with the toes
of your left foot, I lovingly kiss, lick and suck them, moving very slowly so as not to
miss an inch of your exposed body, working my way up your foot to your ankle, still
kissing and licking... I'm taking my sweet time, enjoying every second of it... I work
my way up your leg all the while, my hands are under your leg feeling the
undersides, to your knee and then up your thigh, slowing down even more to
enjoy the soft skin of your thigh, especially the inner thigh... And I make my way to
your crotch.... Oh, how I want to go for that right now! But, I'm patient... I simply
kiss your cunt lips and just a slight taste with my tongue to tease myself... I smell
your juices... but, again, I must "behave"! I move back down to your right foot and
begin again, working my way all the way back up to your moistened crotch... Once
again, a kiss and a lick and a whiff is all ai will allow myself at this time... this time
you stir just slightly again... As you do, I look up to your face [what a position to be
in... my face in your crotch and looking up into your face!]...

Was that a very slight smile I saw on your face? You're sleeping still so I wonder
what you're dreaming as I am doing all of this and having my way with you without
you even knowing?! I begin again, but I do take the time to kiss, lick and suck
everywhere around your pussy without actually touching it again as much as I
want to dive right in... all the while, my hands are under you, feeling your ass
cheeks... I begin to slowly make my way up your body, still not missing an inch of
you, kissing, licking, savouring...

I get to your tits... wow... I encircle them each with my lips and my tongue... as I
kiss and lick one, my hand is caressing the other... I move upward to first your left
arm pit... as I climb up to the point of your body, my raging stiff cock brushes you
pussy and almost inserts itself in you as if it has a mind of its own... but, I don't go
there yet... but, oh I so want to... I continue to kiss and lick your left arm and as I
move myself up your body, I am straddling you... my cock brushes your tits... I
even want to fuck them... I finish your left arm buy sucking on each finger and as
I'm doing so, my hard on is in your face, brushing against your lips and all over
your face, spreading my pre cum all over it... I move back down and repeat the
process to your right arm... and once again spread my pre cum on your face... I
move back down to your neck and shoulders, kissing, licking and sucking... then,
up your neck to your chin, where I am beginning to taste my own pre cum... I
continue to kiss, lick and suck your entire face, staying a while at your lips, still
enjoying the taste of my precum as I kiss them passionately... once I have finished
with your face, I work my way back down your neck to your tits and fondle them
and suck on them, being less gentle than before... I take a moment to stop this
and still straddling you, I move myself up to stick my member between your tits and
with my hands, hold them around my cock and slowly fuck them... I stop still long
before I shoot my load as ready as my balls might be to let loose... I once again
move downward, with my mouth, pausing after licking my juices off your tits and
nipples... I work my way down to your crotch, this time, very intent on licking your
cunt, and and sucking on your clit, while finger fucking you there and in your ass...
while I am there, I bring you to an explosive orgasm... this time, you do wake up, at
first in a panic because you can't move your arms and legs, and as you come
around, you realize you're tied to the bed and being raped, all the while in the
throes of your orgasm... you look down at your attacker and can't quite see my
face clearly as it is still buried deep in your pussy licking up all your juices... your
scared, yet, all the while, you are feeling so good and loving what's happening,
and you show this by thrusting your hips harder into my face... I continue eating
you out and bring you to yet another orgasm... Finally, I raise myself up and you
see who it is that has you tied and is raping you, and with the realization, you are
no longer scared and are able to enjoy your "ordeal" even more... I move up to
your face and passionately kiss you, as I stare into your eyes... you begin licking
up your juices off of my lips and chin, loving the taste of your own juices... I move
my wet fingers to your mouth and you suck them clean... you start to say
something in a pleading manner, but I put my finger over your mouth, indicating
that you are not to speak... that I own you now... I move myself up to your face nad
position myself so that I can stick my cock in your face... you begin licking the
shaft and my balls on up to my cockhead licking up the remainder of my pre-cum
up... I pull away, and you lick your lips trying to get more taste of my pre cum...I
move back down, laying on top of you and kiss you passionately again... but
somewhat rougher, more aggressive now... I am now ready to stick my cock into
your pussy and fuck you...

I enter your still dripping pussy and begin slowly pumping in and out of you, and
after a bit, pick up the tempo and fuck you harder and harder, you thrusting your
hips against me until we both climax together... once we have finished our
orgasms, I pull myself out of you and go back and eat you out, tasting the
incredible mix of both our cum... I then move back up your body and once again
stick my cock in your face to have you clean me off... you do so without question
and savour the mix of our juices, licking every inch of my balls and cock before
finally taking it in your mouth.... having watched you do this, I have become hard
again... I begin to fuck your mouth and throat until I shoot my load into them...
once finished, I move back to lay beside you, and kiss you passionately... I find
that while you swallowed most of my cum, you kept some in your mouth for me to

To be continued...

© 2008 Launcelot

Launcelot  was born and raised in Massachusetts and currently lives in
Texas [for the past 4 years]. He is a proud Dad of two beautiful daughters
and the grandfather of a beautiful baby boy.

While artwork and imagework is Launcelot's business [
http://AlterEgo- ], he also enjoy writing poetry and short stories.