Story codes: MF,  Exhibitionist

The Intruder, Part Two
by Launcelot

After we've rested a bit, talking, we decide it's time to shower… I ask you how soon
we can expect Charlie back and you reply, "Not for quite a few hours, sometime late
tonight…" You go first, and I follow afterwards… no shower together… at least not
this time… that was your choice…

While I'm in the shower, you've changed the bedsheets… however the ties I used
on you are still attached to the bed… when I get out of the shower, you’re relaxing
on the bed, redressed, but in a nice sheer white robe, under which you are wearing
some beautiful, white silky, lacy panties and matching bra… you smile as I emerge
from the bathroom… You asked me how I found you, and I remind you that I have
your address… then, I jokingly add that your house isn't that big that I couldn't find

I come to the bed and lie beside you and accept the beer you offer me with a
passionate kiss… we're listening to a cd you put in that has nothing but seductive
songs some with a strip beat to them…

After some more talk of the many fantasies, and real stories we've sent back and
forth, as we finish off our drinks, you look me in the eyes with a mischievous look…
and tell me, "Now, it's my turn…" I smile and accept, telling that I'm all yours to use
and abuse… You reply, "And use and abuse you, I will!"

You order me to lie on my back in the centre of the bed. I obey and you proceed to
roughly tie me spread eagle… you're not playing nice…

You walk away to the bathroom, and return a few minutes later with water, soap,
shaving cream and razor… you begin with my head, and shave my already closely
cut hair, rendering my scalp clean shaven… you then move to shave off my
mustache, which under other circumstances, I wouldn't have allowed… but, for you,
I am yours to do your will… after finishing on my head and face, you proceed to
shave my arms, my legs and crotch. When you’re done, I am completely hairless…

You remove the sheer robe, and are now wearing only the bra and panties…

You, as I did to you, move down and beginning at my toes, start to kiss, lick, suck
and bite your way up my body… first one leg, then the other… after you finished
with one leg, but before you begin on the other, you move your face very close to
my rock hard on… you stick your tongue out as if to lick my shaft, but you hesitate
for a brief moment, teasingly… then, you move closer, but instead of licking me,
you bite me just hard enough… wow, that sent chills all through me! You move
away and begin on my other leg, working your way up… and again, face my cock
while looking up into my eyes… you once again move to bite me… I am watching
you with anticipation… you move closer, and stick your hands under my ass,
raising my hips up, slightly spreading my cheeks and make one long lick from my
asshole over my balls to the very tip of my cock, where you take only the head into
your mouth, and with a slight bite, you take one long suck… what a tease! You
then lower me back down and proceed to once again kiss, lick, suck and bite on my
inner thighs, all around my balls and cock… I say, "Oh, yes, tease me!" You look
up and slap me on the face and tell me shut my mouth, that you didn't give me
permission to speak, and you don't want to hear my voice again unless you
command me to speak. I just nod my head in compliance.

You begin to move up my body to my chest, where you roughly nibble on my
nipples after kissing, licking and sucking on them very hard… while working on one,
you're pinching the other… After a few minutes of this, you begin to move upwards
to my arms and as you do my arms, you are teasing me with your tits in my face. At
one point, when your nipple was close to my mouth, I tried to take it in my mouth…
but you pulled away far enough to slap me once again telling me that I had better
not even think of doing that again until you say I can.

You have now finished with my arms, hands and fingers, and straddling me, move
your cunt up to hover just above my face and tell me that I best not try anything.
You rub your crotch all over my face, your panties soaked in your juices… you
slide your panties to one side and warning me again, rub your now bare pussy all
over my face, spreading your juices all over it… you return your panties to cover
your pussy. You tell me that I am not to lick my lips. You move back towards my
shoulders and neck, but before you begin there, you move even further down for a
quick bite on each of my nipples… you then go back to my neck and work your way
upwards, kissing, licking, sucking and biting on up to my face, where you lick your
own juices off of it, taking your time at my mouth. It is so difficult to not respond,
kissing you and tonguing you back…

You lean back so I can view your body as you reach down and slide your panties to
the side far enough to rub your pussy seductively, teasingly… you then insert first
one finger, then two, and finally three, pushing them deep into your cunt. You do
this for a few minutes. When you stop and recover your pussy, you ask me if I want
to get a taste of them. I nod enthusiastically. But, instead of putting them in my
mouth, you insert two into your own mouth, smiling, and moaning, enjoying the
taste… you finally stick the third finger in my mouth… Oh, how good you taste…

You get up from the bed, getting something from beside it… you bring up a
vibrator, turning it on… now, kneeling on the bed before me, you move your
panties to the side, slowly insert the humming vibe into you cunt, moving it and out,
fucking yourself with it, making me watch you… you pull it out and bring it to your
mouth and take it in, sucking on it, relishing your juices… after a short time of this,
you once again insert it into your pussy after rubbing it up and down, and teasing
your clit with it… you reach a shuddering orgasm while fucking yourself… you
remove the vibe from your twat and rub the head of it over my lips… you then force
it into my mouth and fuck my mouth with it… it tastes awesome! After a few minutes
of this, you pull it out, gleaming wet with your pussy juices and with a mix of your
saliva and mine… you put it aside for a moment, and grab a pillow, which you fold
in half to make it extra thick, and you tuck it under my ass… you touch the still
humming vibe to your cunt for a few minutes again, then you bring it to my asshole,
and somewhat roughly insert it… you fuck my ass with this wonderful toy for a

Oh, shit! While you're doing this, we hear a noise from the front of the house and
before we can move, Charlie walks into the bedroom! He sees you in your white,
silky, lacy bra and panties, kneeling in front of me tied by all fours to the bed, and
you’re fucking me with a vibrator… neither of us knowing how to react, are
scared… here I am tied up and defenseless, with his wife fucking me with her toy…
We figure we're in for it… after a moment of him standing in the doorway staring,
he smiles… and tells you continue on with what you're doing, while he watches you
tease me and fuck me… nervously at first, we continue, but soon are lost in the
activities to even remember he's there… After you finish fucking me with your toy,
you put it aside, remove the pillow and stand up facing me… you seductively strip
for me to the music on the cd…

Once you've teased the hell out of me doing your strip, you come back to the bed
and lay on me and begin kissing me, giving me permission to reciprocate. We kiss
passionately… kissing and tonguing… you begin to move down my body until you
have my cock in your face… you suck on my balls, first one at a time, then taking
them both in your mouth… you then lick my ass and move upwards, licking and
nibbling my balls, then up my cock shaft… you take me entirely into your mouth
and throat, sucking me off, sometimes gently, sometimes roughly, sometimes
scraping your teeth against it… while doing this, you're fingering my asshole…

You stop sucking me long before I can explode in your mouth, and momentarily run
your hand from my asshole to over my balls to my cock and rub it for a few minutes,
alternating from staring up into my eyes to staring at my cock…

You move your body up to straddle my face, commanding me to eat out your
pussy… I obey and do so ravenously!

Suddenly, we both realize that Charlie is not only still watching, but is now naked
and moving to the bed… I am still eating you out, while Charlie moves in behind
you, makes you lean forward and inserts his cock into you… I'm licking your clit,
and he's fucking you with his balls slapping my chin… I begin sucking on his balls…
this has gone from incredible to… I don't know what!

He shoots his load into your cunt, while you orgasm at the same time, so I now
have your pussy juices and his come seeping into my mouth… I lap up the

Then, Charlie pulls his cock out of you and moves down and takes my cock in his
mouth and proceeds to suck me off while you watch in utter amazement and
shock… He won't let me cum, either… he stops just shy of it…

Then, he becomes the master of my master, with me being slave to you both… He
commands you to suck my cock, and he moves up and begins to fuck my mouth…
and, of course, before I can come, he orders you to untie me [and commands me
to cooperate], roll me over and retie me face down and prop me up with my hips in
the air with pillows… He then orders you to lay in front of me so he can me eat your
pussy out… you comply, and once done, he inserts his cock in my ass and fucks
me hard while one hand is on your tits, and the other reaches around and feels up
my raging hard on balls… I the process, he commands you to remove the pillows
from under my belly, and position yourself there and suck my cock while he fucks
me and also tells you to play with your pussy… you obey his command… he's now
nearing shooting his load in me, you're nearing fingering yourself to orgasm, and I
am about to blow my load in your mouth… All three of us finally reach a tumultuous,
earth shattering climax together…

To be continued...   Read Part One

© 2008 Launcelot

Launcelot  was born and raised in Massachusetts and currently lives in
Texas [for the past 4 years]. He is a proud Dad of two beautiful daughters
and the grandfather of a beautiful baby boy.

While artwork and imagework is Launcelot's business [
http://AlterEgo- ], he also enjoy writing poetry and short stories.
The Intruder