The Intruder Part Three
Story Codes: MF,  Exhibitionist

The Intruder, Part Three
by Launcelot

While I'm still visiting you, you command me to come over, and now!… Charlie's
gone for the weekend…

I get to your house, and you answer the door in an awesome black leather bra
and black leather crotchless panties, high heel black leather boots and a riding
crop… no care in the world who in the neighborhood sees you… You order me
to strip right then and there on the front door steps… I reply, "Yes, Master!"… I
begin to undress hurriedly, but you stop me and order me to take my clothes
off slowly…

In my now nakedness, you make me stand there for a few minutes, and
command me to turn around very slowly… so that everyone can see your
newest sex toy…

You order me inside after you're satisfied that you've sufficiently shown me off
to your friends and neighbors… and every other passerby…

As I step inside, you tell me to stop, and go back outside, face the door, and
slowly and deliberately, bend over to pick up my clothes…. In doing so, I'm
mooning everyone who's watching, much to your delight…

You order me back into the house… I obey you, of course, in total compliance
with your wishes… As I pass by you, still in the open door way, you tell me to
stop, throw my stuff inside on the floor and get down on my hands and knees,
kiss your boots with my ass facing the outside… I obey… you then instruct me
to crawl into the house on all fours and tell me this is the way I am to come to
your house from now on… before you close the door, you swat my ass with the
crop… The neighbors now know that I am your sex slave…

You now order me to pick up my mess [my clothes that you ordered me to
throw on the floor], and tell me that if I leave such a mess again, I will be
punished severely… As I bend over to pick up my clothes, you swat me with the
crop again… Once I've complied and stood up, you push me roughly into the
living room… you tell me to drop my clothes on the floor by the end table… You
tell me that you bought yourself a gift and can't wait to enjoy your new present,
indicating with the crop a gift wrapped box on the coffee table… You tell me to
go ahead and open your gift… but, you stop me before I can do so… You
order me once again to pick up my mess and bring it to the bedroom, and
return as soon as I've done so to the living room… I do as I am told, replying,
"Yes, my master!" I pick up my stuff and run to the bedroom with it, and return
as fast as I can…

You order me to come to you… and you remind me that you told me that if I
ever leave such a mess again, I'd be punished… and you also tell me that I
didn't return quick enough… you make me bend over the arm of the couch and
proceed to swat me a few times with the crop…

I thank you for your leniency, and beg your forgiveness for the error of my
ways as I lick your boots… You tell me, "That's more like it, Slave! As for my
forgiveness, we shall see!"

You command me to open your new gift you bought for yourself… I do as I am
told… once I've torn off the giftwrap, and I open the box to find a very soft,
silky, lacy pink lingerie outfit… panties, bra, and cami to go over them… along
with silicone fake tits to fill out the medium size cups of the bra and a wig of
long red hair… [I am still completely devoid of any hair from when you shaved
my entire body]… You command me to go to the bedroom to get dressed up in
your new gift to yourself, and return quickly… I do as I am told without
hesitation, saying, "Thank you, Master!"

I go dress up for you… I love the feel of the silk against my skin, and I admire
myself in the mirror, running my hands over my body before returning to you…
You are visibly upset… you order me to stand before you, facing away… you
swat me once hard with the crop, telling me that I took too long, and again,
telling me that you know I was in front of the mirror for a few minutes instead of
returning immediately upon getting dressed, and a third time for leaving a mess
[the giftwrap] on the floor and the box on the coffee table…

You then command me to go across the room from you, stand and slowly turn
around so you can admire your new gift. I do as I am told. When I am once
again facing you, I see you lick your lips in anticipation…

Your next command is to send me outside to the mailbox at the curb to get your
mail… Again, I obey you and return saying that there was no mail… This was
apparently my fault, as you swatted me again with the crop…

You then put the crop down, and go to the stereo and put on some soft, sultry
music, and command me to dance for you… you sit on the love seat and watch
as I move as gracefully and seductively as I can… now and then, I see your
hand move to your pussy and feel yourself up, so I know that I am doing
good… You come to me as I am dancing, and begin to run your hands through
my hair [wig] and over my shoulders and down to my tits, feeling them up… I
stop dancing and you slap my ass, telling me that you didn't tell me to stop
dancing… I start dancing again… after you've felt up my tits for awhile, your
hands move down my sides and over my hips, around to feel my silk clad ass
and then back around to my now bulging crotch… my legs go weak and almost
give out…

You move closer, pulling me to you, and kiss me… deeply, passionately…
tongue and all…

You let me go and move back to the love seat, and sit spread eagle on it… you
command me to come eat out your pussy… and tell me that you shouldn't have
to tell me what you expect of me, that I should just know what you want when
you want it… and never… never, should you have to speak twice…

I come to you and kneel in front of you and begin to lick, suck and eat your
pussy, lapping up it's juices with a vengeance… you reach a climax and once
you stopped shuddering and quivering from its effects, you pull me up and
proceed to lick my lips and insert your tongue into my mouth, tasting your own
juices on and in my mouth…

You command to me to strip you naked, but I'd better do it slowly and
seductively… Once I've done so, you begin to strip me down… kissing and
licking my body as you move down… pausing for a bit at my raging hard on
which you kiss and suck…

Once we are both naked, you order me to get on all fours and move to the love
seat. You push the coffee table out of the way… you then walk to a shelf,
saying that you bought yourself yet another gift… you take it from the shelf and
come towards me, and you open the box… you bought yourself a strap on that
also has the part that goes into you, which you put in and on… you come
around the love seat and order me to stay on all fours facing you and you
command me to suck on your strap on… I suck on it in such a way as to cause
it to move in and out of you a bit at the same time… you have a shuddering
orgasm… you reach for the convenient tube of warming KY gel, and instruct
me to smooth some generously on your dildo… I again do as I'm told… you
then command me once again to face the love seat… as soon as I do so you
kneel behind me and slowly rub the dildo against my ass, and finally, insert it
into me as you reach around and handle my cock… you fuck my ass for a while
stroking my member with enthusiasm…

You finish with this, and take off the dildo… we then proceed to fulfill each
other orally, manually, and we make love…

Once we have finished, we head to the bathroom off the master bedroom to
shower… but, I know it's not done yet, because as soon as we get to the
bedroom, you see my pile of clothes on the floor… you tell me to get on all
fours and bend over the bed, and proceed to slap my ass with your open hand
for leaving the mess… thus begins another round of love making…

After we shower, washing each other clean, we relax on the bed with a drink…
it is then, that I notice cameras scattered about… you tell me that you have
cameras everywhere throughout the house, recording our activities, no matter
what they are, for Charlie to watch later…

To be continued...   Read Part One        Read Part Two

© 2008 Launcelot

Launcelot  was born and raised in Massachusetts and currently lives in
Texas [for the past 4 years]. He is a proud Dad of two beautiful daughters
and the grandfather of a beautiful baby boy.

While artwork and imagework is Launcelot's business
he also enjoy writing poetry and short stories.