The Lesson
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The Lesson
by DaddiPanther

"Yes gurl, you need to leave that gurl alone, you know she ain’t nothing but
trouble." "Yeh, I know you love her but.....(silence)....hold on a sec." I turn
my head to make sure I did hear your car pull up. "Ummm gurl I have to Daddi is home...I'll talk to you another time." I quickly hang up to
make sure I'm there to meet you at the door. As you walk in you kiss my
lips and a tingle starts to go through me already. I take off your coat and I
put it in the closet. You walk into the room and sit on our bed and look at
me like I've done something wrong. I know not to bother you when you first
come home, you need time to wind down from a long day so I just remain
quiet. You will tell me eventually if I did, you always do. I go over to my
computer and as I'm about to turn it on I hear you say "don't even think
about it." "Damn...what did I do?" I think to myself. I get up and go into the
kitchen where your dinner is cooking. You got home later than usual
tonight so you called earlier and told me to eat without you. I pouted some
because I like to wait for you to get home to eat but I knew not to argue
with you about it. As I came back into the room you were getting
undressed which was my cue to start to run your bath. I came back into the
room just in time to take off your boots. I looked up at you looking for
some sign of what I did wrong but your look was unwavering. I got up and
just stood in front of you not knowing what I should do next. You motioned
for me to sit down on the bed as you got up and walked into the bathroom.
You didn't tell me to follow you like you usually do because you know how
much I enjoying washing your body. At this point, I knew I was being
punished, although I couldn't fathom what I did wrong.

You closed the bathroom door behind you which meant you didn't want to
be disturbed. I sighed heavily sitting on the bed until I thought your food
might be burning so I got up to check it. I had to hurry up to make sure I
was back on the bed when you came back in the room. Finally you came
out the bathroom and I walked over to you with your towel and you allowed
me to dry you off so I knew whatever I did was repairable. "Are you hungry
Daddi?" "Yes, I am," you replied. I went into the kitchen and came back
with your food and as I was about to walk away you told me to sit at your
feet. I smiled because I loved being next to you. However, I still didn't know
what I did wrong. The look on your face was softening some but I knew
you was still upset at me.

You turned on the television so I knew that you didn't want to talk to me just
yet. I started to massage your feet knowing you had a very long day. You
did everything in your power to make sure we had everything we could
and I wanted to show you how much I appreciated you. I really wanted to
know what I did wrong but I figured since your anger was fading (or so I
thought) I would just leave it alone for now. When you was finished your
food I asked if you wanted anymore and you said no. I told you that I made
your favorite dessert and you said maybe later.

I asked if I could be excused to go clean up the kitchen and you said I
could but for me to hurry up. I didn't have much to clean since most of the
food was cooked in the oven. Within 10 minutes the kitchen was clean
and I returned to you. As I walked into the room you turned off the
television and I knew that whatever I had done would be revealed. As I
was about to sit at your feet again you told me to lay on my stomach on
the bed. You didn't have to even raise your voice because you knew that I
would comply. "Spread your arms and legs," you said sounding very calm.
I complied and quickly I felt scarves being tied around my wrists and
ankles to the bedpost.

You finally spoke. "What did you do all day?” you asked. My mind was
racing. "Well after you left this morning, I washed the breakfast dishes and
took out some steak for dinner. I went to the grocery store and bought a
few odds and ends for the house and then came home and did the
laundry......ummmmmm (think think what else did I do?)....I straightened up
the house, I didn't know if you wanted me to make your lunch for tomorrow
so I waited for you to call and advise me, ummmm...(damn I'm rambling), I
spoke to my mother, sister and one of my friends on the phone...." "Stop
right there," you said. "What friend?" "Sherry,” I said, “you know the one I
grew up with?" "Hmmmmm and how long were you on the phone with
Sherry?" "I'm not sure, we talked off and on during the day, she is home
working on a project so we kept calling each other." "At anytime while you
was running your mouth on the phone were you talking to two different
people." (Think think) "Well for about a half hour maybe, Sherry asked me
to call a friend of hers and we were all talking." "Interesting," you say "I've
heard enough, turn your head away from me." Damn did she try to call me
while I was talking to Sherry and her friend? Damn, shit, now I'm in trouble.
I knew the punishment was about to begin when you placed your favorite
ball gag into my mouth. That usually meant you planned on doing
something that might make me uncomfortable and you didn't want to hear
me while you were.

The lights went out and I heard your lighter flick. Out the corner of my eye
against the wall I saw a flicker and before I could brace myself I felt the hot
candle wax hit my ass. You started out high and kept moving the candle
closer to me so I could slightly feel the heat. I moaned into the gag but not
too loudly. I had to restrain myself from letting you believe I was receiving
any pleasure from your task. As you continued my mind was racing
wondering why you didn't put any wax on my back knowing how sensitive
that is.  Quickly I realized you had other plans for it. You removed the gag
from my mouth and instructed me only to make any noise if you said I
could. I had to damn near bite my lip off to stop you from hearing me as
the wax continued to drip on me.

I felt your lips on my ear. "Now I need to know something just so we both
understand each other so you can answer these questions only, do you
understand me?" "Yes Daddi," I quickly replied vigorous nodding my head
yes. "Who do you belong to?" you asked. "You, I belong to you!!!!," I
replied eagerly. "You? is that my name?," you say back and without
warning your teeth dug into my skin. I knew I had to hold in my reaction
which was hard now that you had gotten your canines extended. You knew
exactly how much pressure to apply without drawing any blood although at
times when I was very bad you did to teach me a lesson. "You Daddi, I
belong to you Daddi," I finally got out my mouth after I was able to breathe
again. "What part of you belongs to me?" you asked as you bit down
again in a different part of my back. "All of me Daddi, I am yours now and
forever," I managed to get out without too much hesitation. "And if you
belong to me that means I should be able to reach you at all times
correct?" Another bite on my shoulder blade. "Yes Daddi of course." "So
why were you running your mouth with your friends on both lines knowing I
wouldn't be able to reach you?????" you shouted and bit me harder this
time. "I'm sooooo sorry Daddi, I just got caught up in the conversation. I
didn't think you would call again because you said you was going to have
a very busy day at work. I didn't mean anything by it Daddi, truly I didn't."
"Well I think I need to make myself clearer to you," as another bite went
into my back. "You belong to me!!!! Every inch of you, mind, body and
soul, it's mine." Another bite. "From the day you gave yourself to me you
promised to love, honor and obey right?" Another bite, "yes Daddi and I
meant it." "So that means that at any moment I should be able to reach
you.  Anytime I want you mentally, emotionally and sexually you are to
make yourself available to me, whether that means cooking my dinner,
running my bath, talking to me on the phone while I'm at work or doing any
sexual favor I demand of you." Another bite but this one pierced my skin
and drew blood. You grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled my
mouth into yours. You looked deeply into my eyes. "You taste that? That is
mine, every fucking drop of it. Don't make me have to remind you again."

Tears started to drop from my eyes because I knew I had disappointed
you and I hated that more than anything. Your eyes are so piercing that I
can't look away. "Who loves you more than anyone?," you ask. "You do
Daddi, I'm sorry I disappointed you." "Yeh that's what you said before,
apparently you must like being punished but that's okay because you will
be until you stop being bad." You said that with a smirk because you knew
that at some levels I enjoyed your punishments. My pussy was wet from all
this aggression and I wanted to rub my legs together so bad but you still
had them tied to the bed. You knew before you even started that this
would turn me on and you never allowed me to cum without your explicit
permission. If you even thought I did you would torture me by playing with
my clit and not allowing me to cum. I learned that lesson a long time ago
and wasn't in a hurry to have it repeated. You saw I needed some type of
relief as I felt your hand rub my back where you had just left your mark.
"Hmmmm,” you said, “you will remember this for a few days at least." Your
hand started rubbing over my ass and my legs started to shake. You
slapped it and I moaned quietly to myself. "I want to hear you now," you
said and hit it again and I moaned loudly. Damn it felt so good to let a
sound out of my mouth that it made me quiver. Another slap harder this
time and then more rapidly alternating between my ass and my inner
thigh. My pussy was so wet it was throbbing. I wanted so badly for you to
touch it and you could tell. I felt one of your feathers from your toy chest
and I knew that my torture was far from over. You released me from the
bedpost and ordered me on my hands and knees with my ass up in the
air. I felt the feather on my ass, on my inner thighs and slightly touching my
clit which made me jump and caused another slap to my ass signaling me
not to jump again. You ran the feather around my pussy causing my pussy
to get wetter and wetter. I felt two of your fingers enter me and I pushed
back to get them deeper inside. Another slap on my ass as I heard you
say "I'm in charge of this, don’t rush it." "Yes Daddi," I replied not wanting
to anger you anymore for the day. "Rock back and forth," you commanded
and I complied slowly rocking back and forth into your fingers. The
pleasure was coursing through my body and I felt like I wanted to explode.
Another finger as I continued to rock. Another finger and I felt I was being
split in two. I know how much you loved having your whole hand inside of
me so I continued to relax until you had it all inside. Damn that felt good as
I could feel your hand moving back and forth, so slowly just rocking my
pussy. I knew from your pace you wasn't going to allow me to cum so I
tried to hold down my excitement. I could hear you fiddling with something
in the drawer behind me and suddenly your hand came out of me. I
wanted to cry but within a minute it was replaced by your dick. You pushed
down the middle of my back so you could get deeper inside. "Hold open
your cheeks," you said and I laid my head on the bed and complied.

I knew how much you enjoyed watching my pussy being penetrated. I
could feel you shaking and moaning as your slow fucking was getting the
best of you. You felt my pussy gripping your dick and it was driving you
wild. You start going faster telling me not to even think about cumming. I
felt your hand grab me by the back of my hair as your other hand grabbed
my shoulder and began to fuck me harder and deeper. All I could hear you
keep saying was "shit, fuck and damn" and I knew that my Daddi was in
ecstasy  which of course turned me on even more. "Fuck me back bitch,"
you screamed out which meant I should grab the bed and push back into
you faster which I quickly did. Your hand continued to come down on my
ass and the feeling was pushing me over the edge. "Cum bitch," you
screamed out as you got a tighter grip on my hair and I started to buck like
an animal in heat releasing all the tension that had been building up inside
of me since you walked in the door. I knew you had come too because
your pace slowed down and I could feel your body trembling as you laid
against me.

Moving over I made room for you on the bed and as I was about to lay on
your chest you looked at me and motioned down. As you laid down
resting up, you allowed me to suck all my cum off your dick. Kissing,
licking and sucking it up and down just like you liked it. You enjoyed
watching me do that and you know it made me feel even more submissive
which turned me on even more. You looked down at me and I stared
straight into your eyes. This was far from over, but you would let me catch
my breath for a few minutes.

I moaned as I continued to suck all my cum off your dick making sure you
heard every slurp so you would know how much I was enjoying pleasing
you.  Your smile let me know that I was working off my punishment as you
continued to look at me.  “I want to fuck your face,” you said to me and I
laid on my back with a pillow under my head to help prop it up.  Holding
each side of my face you told me to open my mouth and to stick out my
tongue.  Obediently I complied and I felt the tip of your dick penetrate my
mouth.  Moving your hips slowly I watched as your dick went in and out my
mouth.  Your moaning was exciting me so much and it was turning me on
again.  You could tell and I felt your hand playing with the hairs on my
pussy.  You inhaled deeply.  “Damn you smell so good, did you bathe with
my favorite soap before I got here?”  I nodded yes, not missing a beat as
you continued to plunge in and out of my mouth.  I feel your finger touch my
clit and I let out a loud moan.  “Well aren’t you excited,” you say and I nod
vigorous wanting so bad for you to continue.  You know being in this
position makes me feel so submissive to you and you love doing this to

You pull out of my mouth and lay your body on top me.  Your body is so
hot.  I love feeling you pressed against me especially when your nipples
are hard.  I love sucking them, I could do it all night.  Sometimes when I’m
really good you let me go to sleep with one in my mouth.  You start kissing
my neck. Tilting my head to the side I feel the tips of your teeth against my
soft skin.  I started to tense up thinking you may pierce my neck but you
didn’t.  “Not today,” you whispered in my ear reading my thoughts.  Your
hands grabbed both of my breasts pushing them together so you could
suck both nipples at the same time.  I loved watching this.  You tease me
so much knowing I was watching your tongue swirl around my nipples
making them get harder and harder.  I started to tremble again.  I felt like
my body was on fire and you sensed it.  But my torture wasn’t over yet.  
You roughly pushed open my legs and it took everything in my power not
to scream as your tongue started to fuck me.  The wetness started to
overflow and you could tell I wanted to explode.  You stopped and looked
up at me.  “You need to learn control.  There may be times when I won’t be
around all the time and I have to know that you won’t give my pussy to
anyone else.”  With that you parted my pussy lips with your fingers and ran
your tongue over my clit until it stood up at attention.  “Here it is,” you say
as you start to blow on it.  I knew what was coming next.  It was part of your
torture because you knew it drove me crazy.  You blew on my clit until it
got as hard as a rock and then you wrapped your lips around it, sucking
and pulling on it.  You didn’t move one inch off my clit.  You enjoyed “giving
me head” and watching as I went into convulsions not able to keep still as
you did this.  

I could feel every moan that came out your mouth as it vibrated against me
and I started to pull your head back in reflex.  You looked up at me as if to
say don’t ever stop me again and I let go immediately.  Your assault on my
clit continued and I was shaking every second.  Your insistent sucking
stopped and was replaced by licking.  Not as intense but as you knew the
quickest way to make me cum all over your face.  “My pussy tastes so
good,” I heard you say.  Sometimes it amazed me how vocal you were
now, so different from how you were when we first met.  Now you felt
comfortable being in control because you knew how much I loved it and
you began to love it as well.  Any kind of mention from you about how I
belonged to you even in a sexual way always excited me and you knew it.  
“I want to make you squirt cum on my face,” I heard you say.  You had
done it before.  It didn’t always happen but after you did it once you would
treat me to it once in a while.  Immediately I got back up on my hands and
knees and I felt your hands on either side of my ass cheeks.  Hot kisses
on my ass started my flow of juices quickly.  I start to feel your tongue hit
my asshole and my body starts to tremble.  You know how this truly drives
me up a wall and you are determined to make me squirt.  I feel your
tongue fucking my ass and my juices start to run down my legs.  I’m biting
my lip hard.  Over the last few months this ultra aggressive side to you has
really come alive and it’s been exciting me more and more.  You have truly
made me yours in every sense of the word.  Your hands pull my ass apart
to get deeper inside.  I start to rock back and forth over your face making
your tongue go even deeper.  I can’t hold in my moans any longer and I
start to call out your name.  I’m so glad that we moved into this house with
no one around us in the beginning of the year so now I can really let all my
emotions out.  My pussy starts to pulsate and I know I’m not far off from
where you want me to be.  My ass is on fire because you have been
slapping it all night but it’s only adding to the intensity.  I know tomorrow it’
s going to be sore but I could care less.  I hear your voice telling me how I’
m such a good bitch and you know what that does to me.  I need to cum
NOW and you want to feel it on your face.  The tip of your index finger
starts to rub the tip of my hard clit and I knew that meant you wanted me to
cum.  I start bucking on your tongue and my cum began to squirt on your
lips.  “Mmmmmmmm,” I hear you say “yes bitch give me all of it.”  I begin
crying out as I cum.  Eventually my body slowly winds down and I’m truly
feeling drained and you allow me to lower my body onto the bed.

You lay down on the bed and pull me next to you.  You allow me to suck
your nipples which I love.  I’m not sure if you are done with me but I will lay
here and enjoy the moment as I rest against you.

©2007 DaddiPanther

DaddiPanther is a African-America Lesbian who is so into BDSM. She
from the Hometown of Harlem, NYC.