The Lighted Window
Story codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

The Lighted Window
by Slobberton

John missed his last bus and had to walk back home from town. He did not mind too much, it
was only a couple of miles if he took a short cut across the park, and it gave him time for a
quiet smoke.The park was very dark and he headed for the lights at the back of the houses
whose gardens backed onto the playing fields. A lighted widow caught his attention; the
curtains were undrawn and he could see the head and shoulders of a young woman who was
combing her beautiful long golden hair. As John drew nearer to the back fence of the house he
could see the woman clearly; she was stunning, with smooth white skin, aquiline features, and
she stood infront of a long mirror. She was wearing a white brassiere which accented her firm
ample breasts. It was an entrancing sight, and as he drew near to the back garden fence he
stopped to watch this lovely apparition. He looked cautiously around, it was completely dark,
there was no one to be seen so he determined to spy on this lovely woman.

She came to the window and looked out; she was so sexy he felt his loins stiffen in anticipation.
She then walked to the back of the room, opened the door, turned off the light, and left the
room. Johns heart sank; such a gorgeous woman too, he turned away to go home, when
suddenly the downstairs light came on and she stood looking out into the night. This room
opened out with glass doors onto the garden and he could see the whole of this goddess from
head to foot. She was in white panties and bra and was opening a draw in a little desk by the
window. She made no attempt to close the curtains, and this made John feel sure that she
wanted to be watched, and may even be aware she was being watched.

He looked around, there was not a soul anywhere, and at that point he unzipped, released his
stiff cock holding it firmly in his righthand he began to gently rub himself , his eyes staring into
the lighted room. She then sat herself down in an armchair swinging her legs one over each
arm holding the penis shaped vibro in her right hand. John stood mesmerised at this sight, he
was almost at a climax and had to still his hand from his throbbing cock to prevent him shooting
his load. She smiled and slipped her hand into her white panties and pressed the vibro onto
her clit. Her face was one of extreme enjoyment and he could see her pushing into the vibro
wriggling her hips and buttocks.

What John did not notice was a dark figure moving quietly and slowly along the line of garden
fences towards him. As the man drew nearer he suddenly became aware of his presence and
fumbled to hide his rampant tool quickly pulling his jacket over his nakedness. The man
stopped and looked over the fence at the woman in the window, he stared at John, smiled
unzipped his trousers pulled it out and moving a little closer he whispered: "she's at it again
isn't she a beauty what a fuck she'd make." The man wanked slowly staring at the woman as
she took off her white panties and exposed her exquisite hairy fanny with the vibro just showing
between her open labia.

She now had the vibro inside her vagina and was working it up against her clitoris. You could
see her fanny lips moving as she moaned in pure delight and shook her hips.The two men
stood staring into the room transfixed wanking steadily.The man then reached over and
opened the garden gate beckoning John to follow, and they crepted into the back yard
stopping in the shadow of a tree.The garden was dark and silent, and both men stood cocks in
hand, faces staring, at the lighted window watching the nymph perform. Each holding back his
orgasm streching out the enjoyment watching her as she masturbated right infront of the
window her legs spread over the soft chair arms.

The man whispered to John: " I'm going in there are you coming lets give her what she
wants."He pulled at Johns jacket and stepped towards the glass door on the veranda. The
adrenalin of fear rose in John," don't be a fool," he said and tried to pull him back. But he was
overcome with lust so John had to let go so he sped quickly to the back gate and out into the
park were he straightened out his trousers. He looked back at the window, and too his
amazement the man was in the room and the girl had not moved she just smiled at him as if she
expected him.

Instead of hurrying off he paused to see what would happen and crept back to his post by the
tree. He watched the man bend down infront of the woman who slid her long legs over his
shoulders and presented him with her wet aroused pussy to eat.

What sight his cock was out in an instant again he could not restrain himself and as he watched
he thought: "the lucky fucker what a lovely cunt she's got."

Then to his amazement he saw the woman beckon to him with a wave of her arm she seemed
to look directly at him and he was certain she knew he was out there in the darkness. John felt
his stomach turnover and his mouth go dry, yet he knew he must go it was a chance not to be
missed. He slipped into the room and dropped his trousers to his ankles holding his stiff cock
and staring.

"Thats a beauty," she said smiling at him" Come over here youngman let me feel it. "The cunt
gobbler took his face from between her legs, turned around instantly slipping his mouth over
Johns cock and sucking like mad.This shocked John completely he had never been tasted by a
man or woman come to that, but the warm wet mouth which so greedily devoured him felt
exciting and he pushed forward into the mans throat.

"Enough enough," he heard the womans voice, " Let him fuck me oh fuck me ." The man
jumped up and stood looking at Johns steaming siliva covered cock and her open legs and he
guided Johns cock into her pussy pushing his backside as he entered. The excitement of this
was too much for young John and he began to to pump an orgasmic load of spunk into that
furry hole as he felt her legs grip behind him and she spasmed convulsively sucking him dry.

"Yes yes!" she screamed "Oh yes you big fucker " and she collapsed dripping with a huge white
sticky load. In an instant before she could close her legs the man was in there drinking that
fresh hot load from her cunt. John could hardly believe his eyes, and she sat legs over his
shoulders as he lapped like a dog swollowing gravy pushing his nose and mouth into her as
she smiled down at him.

Young John was quite disgusted at this sight, especially as desire had now left him drained and
empty, so he left them to it and slipped away into the park and home to bed.

On that friday he took his Mum to get her weekly shop at Sainsburys, Dad always avoided
shopping and it was left to John to help Mum and drive her home. Suddenly like a bolt from the
blue he saw the same woman walking along pushing a trolley, and there by her side the man
who had joined him at the garden fence. At that moment John realised he had been part of a
set up and that they were not strangers. She recognised him and smiled sweetly as she passed.

" Do you know that lady?"said Johns Mum.

"Not really I've seen her around at work I think,''answered John.

© 2013 Slobberton.

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