The Lover
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

The Lover
by Sedona Raye

After many years of marriage and a husband who had taken a permanent lover, a
wife decides she is tired of being alone and takes a lover, this is their story.

She packed the last of her bags with a sigh. She hated packing, but she had a
feeling this trip would make it worthwhile.

She thought of the man she was meeting, and felt herself getting wet, she was
nervous, but maybe it would go okay.

The flight out was boring so she kept herself entertained by thinking of the letters
he'd written her.  She could already feel the anticipation building.  She got her rental
car and settled in her hotel, just a couple more hours and they would meet.

She gave a final glance in the mirror when she heard him knock on the door. "Well,
here goes nothing..." she thought.  Her hands were trembling as she unlocked the

She stood for a moment, she couldn't help that her eyes wandered from his boots all
the way up to the black stetson he wore, then met his eyes, she smiled.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Let me grab my purse and key then I'll be ready."

He stepped into the room as she turned to grab her things, he had been caught off
guard by her body, she was wearing a baby blue dress, with a halter top, leaving her
shoulders and arms bare, it came to a v in the front between her breasts and teased
his mind with the hint he could see, it formed around her waist and gently over the
swell of her hips, ending in a handkerchief hem that swirled around her legs as she
walked.  He could already feel the heat building.  He sensed she was a little nervous
and began to think of how he could ease her fears.

Her thoughts were on the way his jeans hugged his butt so snugly.  She was still a
little scared at the thought of what she was about to do. She was surprised when he
reached to open the door of the car for her, and told him thank you as she slid

He asked how her flight was, and they made small talk on the way to the
restuarant/bar that they were going to.  As she stepped out of the car, her body
brushed his, and they both caught their breath. "Well..." she thought with  a smile,
"the electricity is definately there!"

As the dinner progressed, she began to feel more at ease with him. He was easy to
talk to and had such a great sense of humor.  When the band started playing he
asked her to dance.  He took her hand and led her onto the floor. He turned her and
took her into his arms, thier bodies fit well together.  He pulled her closer, one arm
around her lower back holding her against him and one gently caressing her bare
back.  He knew the instant she felt his desire pressing into her stomach. She looked
at him with a question in her eyes.

He looked down at her, "ready to leave?" he asked, but she read the real question in
his eyes, 'are you ready to take your man?'. She nodded her consent.

At the door he took her key and unlocked the door, he could feel the tension in her.  
Once inside he took her in his arms and gently kissed her. He ran his tongue along
her lips, asking her to open for him.  With a moan she did and he kissed her deeply.
She wound her arms around his neck and stepped closer. She felt his hands leave
her waist, he looked into her eyes and there was no doubt what he wanted, she
shivered as he untied the top of her dress, his eyes never leaving hers.  As the top
fell forward and exposed her breasts, she heard the sharp intake of his breath.  
'Beautiful...' he whispered as he took the tip of one into his mouth. Her head fell
back, the pleasure was so intense,  he moved to the other, licking and sucking it,
gently nipping it, then licking away the tiny sting.  He looked at her,  and smiled, as
he reached up to take the pins from her hair, dropping them on the ground at their
feet. she felt her hair sliding down and around her shoulders,  he lifted a handful
and held it to his face, then whispered...I love your hair... he slid her dress over her
hips then picked her up and gently laid her on the bed.  He stood and looked at her
for so long, she began to be a little embarrassed, she reached for the sheet to cover
herself, he stilled her hand....'no! I want to look at you.'  She lay there in nothing but
her thong, watching as he began to undress. When the last layer was removed and
he stood, she caught her breath.

He could read the fear in her eyes as she took in the sight of his rock hard cock. "I'll
go easy" he promised, as he knelt on the bed beside her.  He began to kiss her, his
tongue mimicking what was to come. She felt the fire burning hotter as she ran her
hands across his body.  Every where he touched left a trail of fire, her breasts
ached, and her pussy began to throb. She took him in her hands and began to
gently stroke him as they kissed, he laid back and pulled her across his chest, never
breaking the kiss.

She lifted her head and with her eyes asked permission to play. When he nodded,
she trailed soft kisses across his chest, her nipples brushing his stomach, she could
feel the wetness between her legs, she nipped gently at his nipples, then laved away
the sting with her tongue she continued down his body, soft kisses and gentle bites.  
She settled between his legs, when she met his eyes, he again saw a little fear,  he
smiled at her, she smiled back then began to lick his incredible cock.  Her tongue
circled the head, then down the shaft, when a drop appeared on the end, she
hungrily licked it off then took as much as she could into her mouth, sucking and
licking.  His moan of pleasure spurred her on. She loved the feel of him, the taste of
him. When he reached down and grabbed her hair in his fists, she felt herself begin
to drip, she was so wet.  He stilled her with a tug of her hair. She looked up at him,
the look in his eyes was wild, almost predatory.  "I want you.." he said. "then, take
me" she whispered.

He turned her onto her back, kissing along the line of her jaw, and then to her
breasts. He settled himself between her legs and took her face between his hands,
he kissed her softly, "I want you to look at me as I enter you" he said.  She felt his
hard cock at her entrance, then slowly he began to slide it in. Her eyes widened as
he filled her, slowly, she felt herself stretching, the fullness of it amazing her. Once
he'd filled her completely he paused to allow her time to adjust, when he felt her
begin to move under him, he began with slow easy strokes, it took all his willpower
not to plunge into her hard and fast the way he wanted to. She trusted him not to
hurt her, so he took it slow. Later he would ravish her, hard and fast and deep. She
was so tight and he could feel her muscles clenching against him.  "I want to see..."
she said, as she lifted her head and looked down to where their bodies were joined,
he felt her heat building as she watched, he could feel her cum flooding over his
dick, and the muscles clenching tightly around him, pulsing with the strenght of her
orgasm, he began pounding into her hard and fast, he felt the second orgasm
building and as she exploded, he tensed and then she felt his hot cum mingling with
hers. It felt like an explosion going off deep inside her, she could feel the streams of
cum pulsing into her.

They lay still for a few minutes, both breathing hard.  "That was incredible" she
panted.  He rolled to the side and she moved down, her hair streaming across his
stomach, and began to lick him clean, she looked into his eyes as she licked around
the base, and every glorious inch of his cock. "Clean it up good..." he said.When
she was finished she moved back up beside him and kissed him deeply, he could
taste the two of them in her kiss. She sighed and snuggled up against his side, her
hair spread acrossed his chest. Together they slept.

They spent the next two days in bed, they spent time talking and laughing and loving
each other in every way they could think of. There was so much she wanted to learn
and he was a good teacher.

He followed her to the airport and walked her to the security check point. As she
turned to say good bye, he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply.  They said
good bye and she turned to go to security. He stood with his hands in his pockets,
watching her walk away.  Just before she got to the the line, she turned once more
to look at him. He watched as her eyes roamed his body, memorizing him, then her
eyes met his. "Thank you" she mouthed, lifted her hand in a small wave and turned
and walked away.

She would never forget this lover.  He had brought her back to life.  Opened
something within her that she had thought long dead. He wove his magic around
her, making her feel desirable and content.  She thought of him often as she lay in
her hammock on the island. The sea breeze caressing her skin, reminding her of
how his hands had felt as he caressed her gently. And she would smile at the

© 2008 Sedona Raye

Sedona lives in the mountains of western North Carolina. She is the author of one
published book, "No Holds Barred" and has a second one in the works. She spends
her free time writing, reading, camping & fishing, along with trips to the beach to
relax a little.  Visit her website at: and let her know what you
think of her story!