The Massage
story codes: MF, gangbang, rape

The Massage
by Joanna Jones

Val was standing in her kitchen eating a nice healthy breakfast of
melon and cottage cheese.  Her body was slightly moist from her
shower and she was the tiniest bit out of breath from her workout. She
allowed her trainer to punish her body for two hours three times a
week.  She liked working out in private rather than at the gym.  The
super skinny chicks somehow annoyed her.  “Go eat  a cheesecake”
she’d think, watching them bounce around effortlessly.  Her own body
had a few extra pounds on it. OK, more than a few.  More like twenty
or twenty five.  She wasn’t starting to sag yet, but thought it was time
to do something about the big thighs, huge butt and lengthening
waistline.  She’d look in the mirror and say “well, I’ve got a good
shape, there’s just more of it these days.”

Four months into her workout regime had trimmed only ten pounds,
but tightened her up considerably.  It just didn’t help much if you still
had chocolate pig outs and frequented fast food joints.  “Oh well, one
step at a time,” she thought.

Val was just putting a piece of cantaloupe in her mouth when her
doorbell rang. “Finally!” she said out loud.  She took her time chewing
and then walking over to the door. She opened it and immediately
turned around and walked away. Her masseur Ricky came in and
closed the door behind him.  He could tell by the way she stalked
away from him and into a small room that she was annoyed that he
was almost 20 minutes late.  Like he gave a damn.  The chick had too
much attitude…and too much ass too.

She was wearing only a towel and it barely covered her at all. He
knew she would whisk it off as soon as she got into her “relaxation
room” and lie face down on the massage table completely nude. This
had been the routine for almost three months. He followed her in and
began setting up his oils and such. He put a CD in the stereo and
turned up the volume a bit louder than normal.  To Val’s credit, she
didn’t complain. Ricky smiled to himself. He wondered how long she
was going to keep her mouth shut. Not long.

“What the hell is this” she demanded when she realized that it was an
R. Kelly CD and not the usual soothing instruments. “Thought I’d try
something new today. Chill out” he replied.  ‘I’ll let you know when we
try something new, Ricky. I pay you to massage, not to freaking think.”  
Ricky did not answer. He’d had enough of her shit. It was too much for
a man to take. Besides her attitude, she really expected him to rub his
hands all over her naked body, covering it in oils three times a week,
with music and dim lighting and not get aroused.  Sure it was his job,
but she demanded that she massage her buttocks and her breasts
too. Not to mention her inner thighs.  It was not easy to rub her flesh
only an inch from her pussy and not dive in.

In fact, his pride was still stinging from the fact that when she’d
approached him at the health club, it had been only to request his
services.  He was very tall and very heavily muscled; he was used to
getting a lot of female attention.  He’d had his eye on her for weeks,
but asking her out was strictly forbidden.  But for him to be staring at
her hairy pussy only two days later was salt in the wound. He should
have turned her down, but money was money and she paid him very

So she wasn’t paying him to think, huh? Well, he thought what he
planned to do to her was probably wrong, but he’d follow orders and
not think about it.  In addition to the usual assortment of massage
aids, he pulled out a row of condoms and a bottle of lubricant.
“Sometime today, Richard,” Val monotoned.

“Yes ma’am, right away ma’am” Ricky replied with a salute. He oiled
up his hands and started rubbing. He worked his way from her
shoulders and arms down her back and to her big round ass. He
massaged each cheek deeply, pushing his fingers into her flesh
harder and harder with each circulation.  “Hmph” she whispered at the
slightly rougher treatment. Ricky then spread her cheeks apart and
looked at her asshole. Tight little thing, he thought to himself. Probably
never met a dick in your life, have u little buttwink?

He released her cheeks and said, “just a second,” to Val. She didn’t
respond. He completely stripped in 10 seconds. Then he picked up
the lubricant and squeezed some into his hand. He rubbed his already
hard dick all over with it. He then spread her ass cheeks with two
fingers of one hand and dripped the lube onto her asshole with the
other. “What the hell are you- oh!“ Ricky had stuck  a finger all the way
into her asshole. “What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded.
“Shut the fuck up, Valerie,” Ricky said in a low voice. Valerie was
shocked and started to roll off the table, but Ricky only grabbed her by
her ass and hauled her back on. Then he added another finger to her
greasy little asshole. “AAAAHHHH!” she yelled. This was crazy, no
one had ever done such a thing to her before. And this big bastard
had a lot of nerve. She started trying to get off the table again, but he
removed his fingers and pushed her back down by her shoulders.  
“Don’t fucking move, Valerie.”  She started to say something again,
but he smacked her ass hard with his hand. She shut up immediately.  
“Oh, that’s all that was needed to get you to shut your fucking mouth all
this time?” he said sarcastically. He slapped her cheeks several more
times, eliciting several cries from her. After a few minutes, she
begged him to stop. “Sure,” he said agreeably. Then reached back
into his bag for a leather belt.  He began beating her ass, thighs and
back with abandon. She cried and pleaded, but he just hit her harder.
“hmmm” he said.

Just when Val thought she would pass out from the pain, he stopped,
threw the belt onto the floor and grabbed her by the ankle. He yanked
her down until the lower half of her body was off the table and she was
bent over it. He moved up behind her and spread her cheeks apart
again. He took his dick on one hand and pressed the head against
her asshole. Valerie yelled loudly “NOOOO!” Ricky grabbed her hair
and pulled her head back until she was standing. “Did I ask your
fucking permission? Don’t make me have to tell you to shut up again,
slut.” Val just whimpered as he thrust her back down onto the table.
Without any further ado, he stuck his dick into her asshole and pushed
forward. Val screamed in pain, but that just made him harder. He
pushed until he was completely buried in her ass. “That’s pretty” he
said as he looked at her stretched out ass. He grabbed her shoulders
with his hands and started pumping his dick into her ass. She was
yelling and sobbing loudly. He pounded her harder and harder,
occasionally slapping her ass cheeks.

The noise attracted Val’s pool guy. “I know that’s not what I think it is,”
he thought to himself as he came into the house through the kitchen.
He could  hear his boss’ screams clearly now, and there was no doubt
what was going on. He turned around to go back outside, when he
heard her voice wail “stop…please” followed by a loud slapping
sound. He raced toward the sounds only to stop dead in his tracks at
the doorway to her little blue room. The massage guy was naked and
pounding enthusiastically into Val from behind, seemingly oblivious to
her screaming. He gasped loudly and they both turned to him.
“Joseph” she moaned pleadingly. “Shut up bitch” ordered Ricky,
slapping her ass hard.  Joseph got instantly hard, his dick pushing
against his swim trunks. Ricky winked at him and grinned, then
concentrated on what he was doing. This is your lucky day, Joseph
thought to himself.

Valerie was still looking at him. She was completely humiliated. It was
bad enough that Ricky was savagely abusing her, but to have another
employee witness it was another insult. New tears rolled down her
cheeks and she cried harder.  Then she abruptly stopped crying as
she saw Joseph slowly remove his swim trunks and saw his dick
spring into view. Her eyes widened. “No,” she whispered. Joseph kept
eye contact with her as he walked over to her. She tried to turn her
head as he stopped in front of her face, but he grabbed her hair and
stopped her. “Open wide, boss lady,” he taunted. She started to say
no again, but Joseph just stuck his dick in her mouth as soon at it
opened. He started pushing himself further in, holding her head, which
was moving back and forth from Ricky’s assault on her lower body.  
All she needed was a little guidance.

Val’s screams were now muffled.  She tried to close her mind to what
was happening to her. She found that if she cooperated and sucked
on the dick in her mouth, then she wouldn’t gag as badly. So she
sucked. And Ricky fucked. It seemed like forever.

Ricky finally withdrew and Joseph did the same. Ricky pulled her up
by her hair until she was standing with her backside against him.
Joseph came and stood right in front of her, sandwiching her. She’d
stopped crying now. She was so relieved to have that dick out of her
asshole. It was on fire. She’d never experienced pain like that before.
She remained motionless as Joseph cupped her breasts and then
started squeezing them painfully. Ricky’s hands slid down her
stomach until they reached her pubic area. Then she felt one finger
begin to rub her clit. She got very wet from the double stimulation.
“Stop it you dirty bastards,” she wailed pitifully, “get your filthy hands
off of me.” They both stopped what they were doing and made eye
contact. Joseph shrugged. Ricky shrugged. Then stepped back.
Joseph slapped Val hard across the face. He watched as her hand
flew to her cheek. Then he backhanded her across the other cheek,
causing her to fall on the floor.

Ricky was holding out a condom to him, which he took and put on
quickly. He kneeled down and rolled Val onto her back from the fetal
position she was in. He spread her legs and moved between her
thighs. He his dick in his hand and started beating it against her
pussy. Val started kind of chanting “no no no no no” He stuck his dick
in her pussy and started fucking her hard. She started yelling
immediately from his deep thrusts. He ignored her. Wow, this was
liberating, Joseph thought. He usually had to curb himself during sex
because the woman would start making noises that he was hurting
her. Fucking boss lady like this, he didn’t care. He could just enjoy the
pussy however he liked.  He took her ankles in his hands and pushed
them closer and closer to her head. He felt his dick going in deeper
now. He pushed her ankles to the sides of her head and plunged in up
to his balls. Val screamed. Joseph said “you make too much noise.”
He pulled out and turned her over. He buried himself in her pussy
again as Ricky stuffed his dick in her mouth.

Joseph fucked her for a while, then pulled out. He laid down beside
Val and said “ride this dick, bitch.” Ricky took his dick from her mouth
and pushed her towards Joseph. She collapsed on the rug. “He said
to ride it, Valerie,” Ricky said sternly. Valerie started to crawl away,
but  Ricky reached out and grabbed her hair. She yelped loudly and
straightened up to her knees. Ricky put one hand around her throat
and squeezed. “When one of us tells you to do something, you do it
slut.” He released her only to slap her so hard that she landed across
Joseph’s body.

Sobbing hard, Valerie climbed on top of Joseph and impaled herself
on his stiff rod. He smacked her ass a few times to get her going. Val
began riding him. “Faster bitch. You know how to do it. “Val increased
her pace. She had to work very hard. His dick was long and she was
trying to keep it from going in too deeply. Joseph grabbed her hips
and thrust upwards to meet her thrust, entering her fully. Val yelled.
“Aaaaarrr….aaahhhhh…oww” Joseph kept it up until she collapsed on
his chest. “Switch” said Ricky, who was now lying beside them. Val
gave him a shocked look. Joseph pushed her off of him. “Get off cunt,
“he said nastily.  Val slowly dismounted from Joseph and mounted
Ricky. She rode him tiredly, but Ricky was not having it. “You’d better
get that ass in motion better than that bitch.” Val gritted her teeth and
rode him harder and deeper. A few minutes later, she heard Joseph
say “switch.” Val couldn’t believe this. But she didn’t complain. She
just got off one dick and got onto the other.

Valerie’s shame was deep. She felt like a complete whore. It was one
thing to lie there and get fucked, but to have to do it to herself with two
dicks was messing with her mind. She rode on mindlessly, obeying
each command of “switch” until she was exhausted.  She was on top
of Ricky, when she felt Joseph’s hands push her forward from her
shoulders. She draped herself across Ricky’s chest and closed her
eyes. She was grateful for the rest.  Then she felt her ass cheeks
being spread and a cool liquid dripping onto her still sore asshole.
She didn’t even think about it, just knew it felt good.  She didn’t realize
what was happening until a stab of pain in her ass made her eyes fly
open and her body jerk. Joseph pushed his dick further into her
asshole. “Yeah, this ass is tight.” Val, who thought she couldn’t be
shocked or degraded any further, screamed in protest. But Joseph
just started fucking her ass and then Ricky started thrusting upwards
fucking her pussy.

Val’s body was helplessly pounded from both directions. She wailed,
cried, screamed, pleaded and moaned. All to no avail.  Then, she felt
a pressure building up low in her stomach.  This can’t be, she thought.
But it was true, she was about to have an orgasm. She fought it while
they ravaged her, but she couldn’t stop it. She came explosively,
shaking and moaning helplessly. “I knew this bitch was a whore,” said
Ricky. “Look at you, you slut. You like this, don’t you bitch?” Val wept
pitiably. Even her had body betrayed her. Joseph withdrew from her
ass and laid down. “Get on that dick,” ordered Ricky. Somehow, Val
dismounted from Ricky’s dick and climbed onto Joseph, sinking down
onto his dick. “that’s right, you little whore.” Ricky got up and moved
behind her. He entered her asshole roughly and started banging
away. Soon, the two men got into a rhythm and were  savaging both
orifices ruthlessly. Val was barely able to hold herself up for this
abuse. But each time she wavered, she was slapped or her hair
pulled.  This kept up until Joseph said “get off me slut.” Ricky stopped
fucking her in the ass and kind of pulled her off of him.  Joseph rolled
out from under her and took the condom off. Ricky pushed her face
into the carpet and started fucking her with renewed vigor. She
moaned into the carpet. Joseph jerked himself off until he squirted his
cum on half of her face. He moved closer and said “Lick it off, cunt.
Yeah…you like that.” Val licked his dick clean. “Swallow, ho.” She

A few minutes later, Ricky pulled out of her ass and shot his load on
her cheeks and back.  Val was momentarily stunned. It couldn’t be
over. It felt like days since she had first climbed naked onto that
massage table. She lay down and curled up on the carpet. “Look at
the tired little whore,” said Ricky, “all covered in cum. Good look for
you, Miss Bitch.”  The men laughed as they gathered their clothes.

Joseph had only his swim trunks. He picked them up, gave Ricky a
pound and went outside for a skinny dip in the pool. He didn’t even
glance at Val on the carpet.  Ricky shrugged, got dressed, packed up
his equipment and left.

Val stayed where she was for hours. Every part of her hurt. The cum
drying on her ass and  on her face tightened her skin slightly. She
could still smell the men. Bastards! Assholes! They were in so much
trouble! But then she thought about it. She didn’t want anyone to know
what they’d done to her. They’d get away with it. They’d known they

Eventually she got up and took a hot bath. She tried to put the whole
thing out of her mind. But the next day, Joseph showed up for work as
always. “Hi, boss lady” he greeted in his customarily friendly fashion.  
Val was incensed.  But she was too scared to go fire him.  She ran
upstairs and hid in her bathroom with the door locked for the entire
four hours he was there. She only came out when she heard his car
leave. “This is crazy. I can’t live like this.” Thank goodness the next day
was Sunday and the prick was off.

Valerie managed to have a nice, normal Sunday. She even saw a
movie with friends, putting her employees’ assault of her out of her
mind for many hours.  But, when Monday came, her doorbell rang at
the same time that Ricky usually came. She stood where she was,
unmoving.  The door opened and Ricky came in.  For the first time,
she felt intimidated by his 6’5” 240 pound, hard and muscular body.  
“Ready?” he asked. Valerie backed up a step.  “Valerie, please don’t
make me have to ask you again.” She backed up another step and
then turned around to run up the stairs. He caught her before she got
up two steps and pushed her onto them face down. “Listen,” he said
into her ear, “you’re going to do as I say. Don’t fight me. I’m going to
give you a nice massage today.” She relaxed visibly. But then he said
“I’m going to beat the shit out of you first, but then you’ll have a nice

“Nooooooo. You can’t do this,” Val wailed as he practically carried her
to the little blue room. He took all her clothes off, and lifted her up and
placed her face down on the massage table. “Don’t fucking move.” He
took out a riding crop, a paddle, wrist restraints and shackles. He
bound her wrists and ankles to the table legs. “Now, we won’t have
any problems.” Val was petrified. “This is a riding crop,” he said,
showing her the black instrument. “This is a paddle. You get one
hundred strokes with each, then one hundred with my hand. Then you
get your massage.”  Val begged and begged him to release her and
not to do this. “Why, why are you doing this to me?” He answered
harshly “ because you are a bitch in the true sense of the word. You
feel you can speak to me any old way. You feel you can tease me
week after week and I won’t do anything. You will now learn I was the
wrong man to fuck with. And you will learn to serve me like the whore
you are. Now, count each stroke. If you miss, you start over. “

Val realized it was useless. He was going to abuse her until he was
satisfied. She didn’t say a word until he hit her with the crop for the
first time. “Oooowww,” she wailed. “COUNT BITCH!!” he roared. He
hit her again “One” she whispered. “two….”

© 2007 Joanna Jones

Joanna is a 32 year old submissive woman. She live in Newark, NJ,
newly moved from New York City.   Joanna works in the financial field
although she majored in journalism and creative writing.  Shes a big
sports fan and an avid tennis player.