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The Neighbor
by Orlea©

Blade awoke at 7:00 am like he had been for the past three weeks since being off
work.  He looked at his arm still bandaged from the deep lacerations where the rake
had fallen from the wall hook in the maintenance garage at the university where he
had been the head mechanic for the last eight years.  He looked down at his arm
and thought, “damn rake, damn arm, because of a freak accident  been out of work
for the last three weeks and bored out of my mind.  He rose to make his way to the
kitchen to turn on the coffee maker and to let Feefee his German Shepherd outside
to do her morning duty.  He walked to the back door of his home to let Feefee out as
the coffee began to perk.  He opened the door to let Feefee out and froze.  He stood
there in awe blinking. He thought he was seeing things.  Never before in his life had
he seen such beauty.  While he stood frozen, he forgot to move to let Feefee by...the
dog had now peed on his foot!  

He awoke from his frozen stupor and ravaged; “damn dog...get out!"  Feefee ran out
the door in lightening speed.  Blade let the door close and walked over to the kitchen
sink to retrieve paper towels to wipe up Feefee mess.  After cleaning up the dogs
mess the coffee was done.  He poured himself a full mug of it to make sure he was
going to wake up and quit fantasizing about the lady he thought he saw.  He was not
quite sure if she was real or not.  The house behind him, the only other house within
a mile, he thought had been purchased by a retired couple.  Hey...maybe he was
wrong.  He stood there sipping his coffee wondering if what he saw was real or just
his imagination. The previous night he did stay up a little later watching the end of
the football game.  What he thought he had seen was there.  On the patio at the
house behind him stood a naked woman!   Not just any naked woman, but a naked
woman with the most voluptuous, round, firm breasts he had ever seen.   Those
nipples.  Oh those protruding pink nipples the size of half dollars. Naw...he has
been home too long. He's loosing his mind from boredom and apparently sex

Blade took his mug of coffee and stood by the kitchen window looking out into the
neighbors yard.  He was right! There was a naked woman on the patio.  Oh this is
too good to be true.  This is one of a man most exciting fantasies about a woman,
and it is now happening to me.  This woman was buck naked on her back patio
taking a shower with the hose.  His eyes became fixated on her bosoms; he stared
in complete ecstasy. Blade began to pant, his eyes agog at the sight of her huge tits
bobbing free before him.  Those babies had to be at least a 38 D.  Blade thought,
“oh my thirty-eight specials. He wanted to hold those thirty-eight specials in his
hands, caress her nipples as if they were triggers to have her firing vaginal juices in
ecstasy.  Oh how he wanted to pounce.

She slowly bent forward to set the hose down after wetting those gorgeous tits of
hers.  The water slowing trickled down each breast, across her nipples, down her
stomach to her pubic hair.  She held the hard bar of soap in her hand and began to
caress and lather her tits.  She took the soap with great concentration to her first
breast, rubbing, caressing, cleansing leisurely.  The circular motion was beginning
to drive him mad with passion.  She set the soap aside to use her hand to cleanse
her nipple area.  She took her first nipple in between her forefinger and thumb,
methodically petting the nipple around and around as it grew erect in her fingers.  
She wavered on it a moment, staring at the erect nipple she held in her fingers as a
work of art.  She moved onto the next breast with the same order of fondling.  Round
and round.  Both nipples were now as hard as he was becoming.  They were a
magnificent sight to behold.  Blade could no longer take it...he was ready to explode
with desire.

Not even thinking, he went out the back door practically running towards her.  She
saw him coming and greeted him with a sleek smile.  He opened the gate that
separated their yards and moved in closer to her.  Not a word was spoken.  She
watched as Blade moved closer to her.  Her hands raised towards his like a timid
kitten.  She grasped his hand with a needy embrace.  Blade felt a warm thrill move
up his arm from her hand, from that touch, like an electric shock.  She held her arms
out inviting him in.  

She embraced his head, moving it towards her breast.  She positioned her nipple to
his lips for him to begin nursing.  He murmured how lovely her breasts were.  Very
tentatively she reached out and cupped her other breast in her small hands, then
drew the nipple close to her own mouth and begin to lick.  Blade began to nurse
gently at first and then built to a strong, firm suction.  He released her nipple with a
small pop.  She gasped from desire and cradled his head in her breasts.
It did not take any urging for him to suckle greedily on the other nipple while she
rubbed her other moistened nipple with her thumb.  Neither one of them would be
able to take much more.  She gently tugged him by the ears to face her and they
kissed.  The kiss was so passionate that they separated shaking and breathless.  
She ran her hand over his chest and began to nibble on his body.  Her mouth was
hot and greedy for him, as his was for her.  He did not know his blood could leap so
fast and that his own needs could bolt through him like lightening

He moved his hands to her breast claiming them as his.  Possession.  It drove
them both needing more.  He found her mouth, her throat with his tongue and fed
the hunger she had unleashed in him before he could do anything but feel.  
He ravaged her with his tongue down her stomach to her sex organs.  He moved his
tongue through her pubic hair with the finesse of a slithering snake.  He took in the
sweet smell of her vaginal juices she had released because of him.  He guided her
to lay her back on the ground causing her to open her legs, inviting him in.  He
buried his head in between her thighs and moved his tongue to her inner lips of
rapture.  The color of pink had never been so glorious to his eyes.  The sweet smell
of heaven engulfed his senses.  His tongue glided, licking every morsel of her on
his path.  She melted against him, giving herself completely to the magic of his

Blade slid his finger in to her vagina and was met with complete wetness.  He
slowly and systematically pumped his finger in and out of her.  In and out, in and
out.  He slipped another finger in to add to the ecstasy she was already feeling.  He
showed no mercy, fingering her more and going deeper to fill his own appetite while
his tongue absorbed the taste of her.  She was writhing and moaning to his talents.  
He thought to himself, “just a little bit more and she will explode with pleasure.  She
is going to go over the edge of sexual fulfillment."  He slid in more as she began to
bump against his fingers and tongue.  She was pumping fast as the shudders
racked through her.  She lost all focus.  Her release came like a whiplash, snapping
and slicing through her body. She yielded herself to him.  A sweet surrender.

As she lay hot and wet with surrender, he mounted her with a fury.  His needs were
growing, aching by the second.  Her arms came around him as he plunged into her.
Deep, deeper he went until he was lost inside of  her.  Her flesh was hot.  Desire
overpowered him.  She clasped him with her greedy hands, stopping and digging
her fingers into his hips as she rose and fell with him, the slick slide of bodies
mating.  She sighed with him as the pleasures  shimmered.  Their hearts
thundered beat for beat.  Their breath mixed drawing each other deeper and deeper
so that their mouths linked as they moved together.  She had bated him, taunted
him, tormented him. She was woman, all woman.  

He felt himself slip, a glorious feeling of surrender, and with his face buried in the
tumble mass of her hair.  He fell from exhaustion as the final link with her
desperately exploded inside of her with his seed.

They both lay there weak, neither one of them able to move or sure if they could
speak.  Blade leaned over and pressed a kiss to her shoulder.  She shuddered
again.  He watched as she managed to open her eyes.  His face was close. He
knew she could feel his breath.  A smiled curved on their lips as they both spoke in
unison, nice meeting you neighbor.

Orlea has been a freelance writer for eight years.  She has recently began to write
erotica.  She lives in the Midwest region of the U.S.
The Neighbor