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The Piano Teacher
by Mark Anderson

Jen walked gleefully down the hall to greet her favorite pupil. The thought of
spending this regular hour with Greg always had her virtually skipping towards her
door, a feeling that went beyond her appreciation of his boyish good looks and
gentle, personable, manner.

“Hey there Mr. Guitar.” She smiled her usual greeting to him, a gently ribbing
reference to his first instrument.

“Hi Teacher.” Greg beamed back as he followed her into the house and closed the
door behind them. He enjoyed his weekly lesson every bit as much as Jen did.
They didn’t kiss or hug, smiles were all that was appropriate for the teacher/pupil
relationship they had, despite their becoming good friends over the months . . .
and the latent feelings they both harbored.

“I was in Switzerland last week.” He handed her a small box that was decorated in
tasteful gold and a pink ribbon. “Thought you might enjoy some of the local

“Oh wow.” She accepted the present eagerly. “That’s so thoughtful. Thank you very

“They’re not quite Belgian,” he knew she loved European chocolate, “but I’m
assured they’re pretty nice.” He knew lots about her, their easy conversations
ranged far wider than the piano lessons Greg paid for. He also delighted in the
wonderful aroma that met him every time he walked into Jen’s home. Her perfume:
Opium. Far from being an expert on scents, Opium was one perfume he could
never forget. His first girlfriend used it and it had left such an impression on him
that just coming within twenty feet of someone wearing it had him excited. Jen
wore it well and keeping his concentration around her was always a challenge.

“We should share some. I’ll open them later, before you go. Best get your fingers
warmed up first though.” She ushered him into the music room and then shook a
playful warning finger at him. “You have been practicing as well as jet-setting I

It was easy to remember the first time he called her to discuss lessons and even
easier to recall the first time they met. Greg had played guitar for years and wanted
to learn piano, an instrument he already dabbled with, but knew his technique
sucked. He didn’t want to learn to read music though, or to take any proficiency
exams. All he wanted was to do was play a little better. He tried a dozen teachers
before he found one that would work with him on those terms. Jen, being younger
than the other teachers and a lot more flexible about her lessons, took him on
immediately. After almost a year now, she still enjoyed every session with Greg, in
particular the light tone of their lessons and the change of playing Jackson Browne
and Bruce Springsteen as opposed to Mozart and Bach.

Greg was felled by her looks the moment she opened her door for their first
meeting. Jen was younger than he’d imagined (his image of a piano teacher didn’t
allow him to picture her as less than fifty), in her early thirties, tall and thin with a
welcoming smile, warm eyes and expressive features. It wasn’t quite love at first
sight, because his chivalrous nature tethered him to respect her as a teacher, but
every time he thought of her he couldn’t help but allow his mind to stray onto the
“what ifs” of spending time with her away from the piano.

Because they both had fun with their sessions, they inevitably ran longer than the
allotted hour and early on in their arrangement Jen started to make her
appointments with Greg her last lesson of the day. That way if they wanted to chat
a little or play around with a piece they’d been working through, they could. Always
at the end of the evening Greg wrote her a check, wished her a good week and
waved goodbye as he walked to his car. When he was gone Jen always made
herself a relaxing latte, wearing a big smile and wishing that one day he might stay
to share one.

“You didn’t say you were going to Switzerland.” Jen quizzed as their hour ticked into
its later neighbor.

“This time last week I didn’t know I was going.” Greg laughed. He was a journalist
and traveled what seemed like a lot to her. “I caught a job covering a new car
launch they were doing over there. The guy who was scheduled to go got sick, so I
guess I got lucky.”

“It sounds wonderful. I’ve always wanted to visit there.” Jen paused to reposition
his left hand and add a note to the chord he was playing. “You need to tell me all
about it. How’d you like to have a coffee before you go? I’ll open the chocolate and
we can share them. That seems only fair.”

“I’d love to.” Greg smiled and fingered a last few notes at the keyboard. “I won’t stay
too long though, I’m pretty tired after the trip.”

He had never been into her sitting room before and he was surprised how at ease
he felt when he accepted Jen’s invite to sit on her sofa while hurried off to make
them some coffee. The room was filled with CDs, watercolor pictures and what
seemed like hundreds of multicolored cushions. Somehow the surroundings fit
with Jen’s easy-going and creative personality. Greg smiled as he sunk between
several cushions.

Jen’s heart was pounding as she urged the coffee maker to go faster. The source
of her excitement was easy to understand; Greg was in her sitting room. She had
no idea what she should do or say next, but that lovely man she had imagined
making love with for months was off-the-clock and socializing with her for the first
time. Was there a possibility that he might want to develop their friendship beyond
the piano? After being “just friends” for so long it was difficult to know.

When she got back to the room he was flicking through a bunch of her CDs. “I like
your taste.” He nodded, put down the CDs and walked back to the sofa.

“Thanks. Judging by what you like to play, I think I can say the same for you.” She
placed a tray on the rug in front of the fireplace, and started to pull cushions onto
the floor. “You don’t mind the floor do you?” She smiled and turned behind her to
light several thick candles in the fire’s hearth.

While Jen stood up and started some quiet music playing Greg settled into a
couple of huge cushions and picked up the drink she’d brought for him. She joined
him a few moments later, smiling slightly nervously as she settled herself
opposite him, picking up her own mug and sipping at her coffee demurely. “I think I
use the floor more often than I used the furniture. I like being able to spread
everything around me.”

She was wearing a long, colorful, cotton dress that buttoned up the front and while
it showed virtually no cleavage, it left none of her shape to the imagination. Today
her long and thick brown hair was pinned away from her face with two small clips
that matched the summer pattern of her dress. To Greg she was a vision from an
oil painting of a countryside scene; serene and beautiful.

They talked easily, discussing his trip, some anecdotes about her other students
and how much she continued to enjoy teaching him. They moved on to more
general topics of music, news and, significantly, relationships. She’d never heard
him mention girlfriends and learned that he’s been single for some time. It took a
huge effort for her not to smile when he admitted this. Jen told him that she was
single also, laughing that her music and her cats left little room for socializing,
especially given that she worked evenings and weekends.

After an hour the atmosphere in the room had relaxed considerably as they shared
the open tray of chocolates and enjoyed getting to know each other away from the
piano keys. As the clock wound its way slowly past eleven Jen suggested that she
replenish their mugs with another drink. Hot chocolate was agreed as being
appropriate and she set off to make it.

When she returned she found Greg so relaxed that he’d fallen asleep.

Jen couldn’t help but smile as she looked down at him; on his side, his head on a
cushion, arms pulled into his chest. He looked peaceful, comfortable and
vulnerable. She watched his slow and deep breathing for a few seconds before
fetching him a blanket and placing it carefully over him.


When Greg woke up he was slightly disoriented but as dim images of the room,
now lit only by the candles in the hearth, permeated his consciousness, he
remembered where he was and looked further around. Jen was asleep, also on
the rug, using cushions and a blanket for comfort, no more than three feet from
him; the gap bridged by the familiar and arousing musk of Opium.

His first thought was to quietly get up and leave but the peaceful sight of his
beautiful teacher stopped him. He watched her in the flickering light for several
moments before taking a few sips of his, now very cold, hot chocolate and laying
his head back down on his cushion. Before he pulled the blanket up over his
shoulders he shuffled a little closer to Jen, reached out and stroked the back of his
fingers along her cheek. He tried to stay awake and watch her a little longer, but
almost immediately fell asleep again, dreaming of how it might taste to kiss her,
how it would smell to be nuzzled against her neck, how it would feel to help her
dress fall from her shoulders, how it would feel to have his body tight against hers,
how it would feel to . . .


There was only a single candle left burning in the hearth when Jen woke. She had
been dreaming of lying on her rug, her naked body intertwined with Greg’s.
Looking over at his peaceful form it was easy to see why she would be having that
dream, and tantalizing as to how close the reality was; probably less than three

She reached out and carefully traced her fingertip across his cheek and down to
his chin, feeling first the warm skin of his relaxed sleep and then the masculine
stubble of his long day. His body shifted very subtly at her touch and she withdrew
her arm an inch or two.

“Don’t stop.” He said, smiling, but with his eyes still closed. “That felt great.”

Jen’s heartbeat increased considerably as she resumed her gossamer stroking.
“I thought you were asleep.”

“I was.” Greg sighed and opened his eyes slightly. “Sorry about that. Not a great
thing for a guest to do, but I was really tired.”

“No problem.” Jen moved a little closer. “It’s a compliment that you felt comfortable
enough to fall asleep here. I had such a nice evening talking to you. It feels like we
know each other a whole lot better.”

“Yes, much better. But maybe not quite well enough . . . yet.” Greg shuffled onto his
elbow and drew even closer to her. Jen’s face was shadowed in the dim light, but
unmistakably smiling, and unmistakably desirable.

“Maybe? Really?” Her smile tuned elfin, but her hand helped his face closer.

“Really.” He kissed her. Jen felt her body begin to melt immediately as electricity of
their first intimate touch start to rush around her body, immediately waking every
erogenous zone she possessed.

His lips were soft and gentle at first, but as he tasted her and smelled her skin he
followed his instincts and began to probe gently with his tongue. His excitement
surged as he felt Jen’s eager tongue find his and greet him with a deep, sensual,
kiss. Greg moved closer to her and pressed his body along hers, the blanket fell
away from him but he noticed no loss of comfort as Jen’s warm body welcomed
him. Her eyes were watery in the candlelight when they broke the kiss and
searched for something to say, but their eyes never wavered from each other.

“I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time.” Greg brought his hand up to caress
her cheek as Jen’s arm reached around and held him.

“Me too.” She smiled. “What took us so long?”

“Can’t think of a single reason right now.” Greg kissed her again and allowed his
hand to run down the side of her body and come to rest on the curve of her hip

“Maybe we should just make up for lost time?” Jen pulled at his shirt, releasing it
from the waistband of his jeans. Then she slipped her hand inside to run over the
warm skin of his back.

“Deal.” Greg’s hand slowly worked up from her hip until it came to rest on the
mound of her breast. He pushed gently at her and felt her body press back against
him through the cloth of her dress. A barely audible groan of pleasure came from
Jen’s throat as she moved to wrap her leg around his and pull him even closer to

Greg needed no encouragement to stay as close to her as he could, kissing her
intensely as he explored her body’s curves, pressing hard on her buttocks and
breasts as his hand roamed over her divine geography. His hands wandered over
every inch of her body they could reach. Jen reveled in his touch. This was not the
groping of her teenage boyfriends. This was the learned and sensual touch of a
mature lover. It was a touch that eased away any last tension she was feeling and
escalated her excitement. Jen’s body relaxed and the comfort his hands brought
her encouraged her to reply with her own loving touch.  

She continued to pull at his shirt, and now managed to work her own hand to run
over his chest and around to his back. She made small circular movements over
his skin, arousing him incredibly and urging him closer. Almost imperceptibly, Jen’
s right hand started to slip lower and lower with each journey, seeming to know
exactly what it was doing until it finally slipped down between his thighs and
continue the tease with perfect timing. Greg’s legs opened and allowed her to run
along the insides of his legs. Eventually her hand slipped upwards again and
came softly over the front of his jeans, easily finding his bulge. Jen squeezed it a
little and just left her hand there, pressing against his throbbing erection.

Greg eased their bodies apart just far enough to let him start releasing a few of the
buttons on her dress. As soon as he had enough buttons undone to get his hand
inside and sample her breasts closer, he reached in and found her lacy bra while
he they continued their series of long, deep, kisses that were stoking both of them
to an intense excitement. Next he continued to work his way down the buttons until
the final one was released and left the dress hanging on her shoulders, her white
bra and panties visible in the half-light as Greg ran his hands around her waist
and other areas of exposed skin. Jen’s eyes closed as the pleasure of his touch
electrified her senses.

“You look beautiful.” He cooed as he looked at her and watched the movements of
his hands.

“You make me feel it.” Jen conceded as she shrugged the dress from her
shoulders and let it fall away. She reached up and resumed undoing Greg’s shirt,
kneeling up to kiss him as his hands came to rest on her hips; his fingers now
teasingly inching under the elastic of her panties.

As she pulled the shirt from him she immediately let her hands fall to his
waistband and begin pulling on his belt. Greg shuffled his body to facilitate her
quest. At the same time he managed to cup her breast through her bra and slip a
finger inside to feel her nipple for the first time. Even in the confines of her
underwear he could feel how hard she was. As she pulled down his zipper Greg
eased his legs out from his kneeling position and sat with his legs straight out.
When Jen started to pull his jeans and briefs off he lifted his pelvis up from the
floor and watched as she exposed his very vertical erection.

“I think you look beautiful.” Jen’s eyes didn’t leave his bobbing cock as she
completed the job of pulling his clothing away. “God, you’re so hard.”

She reached out to touch him, feeling his stiffness and smiling at the effect she’d
had on him. Greg was as hard as any man she’d known and her hand felt the
power of his excitement as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft tight enough
to feel the blood pulsing through the veins and pumping up the dark red head.

Greg watched enthralled as she slowly let go of him, stood up and slipped off her
panties. She stood just long enough for him to take a good look at the small
triangle of trimmed hair above her glistening pussy, and then slid back down to
straddle him. He felt the heat and moisture of her on his thigh as she leant forward
and started to brush some small erotic kisses on his lips. Greg brought his hands
up to hold her sides and feel her silky skin as he delighted in the softness of her
lips and took in the aroma of her faint perfume. Opium; now mixed with the
unmistakable musk of her sex.

It was the most sensual she ever felt, when she slowly reached around and undid
her bra. Their eyes were fixed on each other and even when she pulled the last
piece of their clothing away and exposed her breasts for him they never lost eye
contact. Greg continued to watch only her eyes as he shuffled to a full sitting
position and started to run his hands over the skin of her sides and shoulders.

“I feel like I might still be sleeping.” She leaned forwards and kissed him.

“You’re not.” Greg’s hand came up from the side of her belly and cupper her
breast. His thumb and forefinger found her nipple and he squeezed gently. “But I
know I’m still in dreamland.”

Jen was now sitting between his legs, facing him, with their legs overlapping each
others’. Her hands fell naturally to caress his erection and balls as he massaged
her breasts, sometimes alternately, sometimes both together. They kissed
constantly and it was her probing, urging tongue that passed the message that
she needed touched somewhere else. His body already feeding off the signals of
hers, Greg lowered his right hand and pressed his fingers against her hot and very
wet pussy. Jen’s eyes widened at his first touch, then they closed and she let out a
soft groan of pleasure.

She felt like a warm peach as he explored her folds for the first time. His fingers
were immediately coated in her juices and eager to entice more pleasure noises
from her. He was about to position his hand to trust his finger deeper into her
when Jen started to inch closer to him. Instinctively he understood what she was
doing and placed both of his hands on her sides as she positioned herself over

Jen slid onto him with an ease that was both comfortable and a sensory blast.
Greg held her sides, feeling her skin slide through his hands as she swallowed
him with her warm silken pleasure sheath. A few wiggles of her body so that she
took all of him, and they were facing each other, smiling and joined. “You feel so
good.” He whispered to her, kissing her neck, running his hands down her back to
her ass cheeks and pulling her even harder onto him.

There was quite suddenly no hurry as they kissed and caressed each other
quietly. Greg brought his head down and used his hand to feed her nipples into
his mouth, one after the other. He licked all around her little erections, flicking the
tip of his tongue across them and then sucking hard. Almost unconsciously now,
Jen started raising her body a little and sliding back onto him with a slow rhythm of
strokes that were little more than a rocking motion, but still managed to increase
their excitement as he reveled in the tight hold her pussy had on him. Greg opened
his legs slightly and she sighed “oh” into his ear as she slid further down and he
filled her completely.

Over and over, Greg ran his tongue around her nipples in turn and pinched her
hard buds gently between his teeth. As Jen looked down at him she wrapped her
arms around the warm skin of his back and continued to pull herself on and off
him slowly. After a few more small thrusts, she reached down behind herself and
touched his balls with her fingertips. She could only stroke him lightly, but she
could feel how firm and full his balls were as his pelvis made its own restricted
movements with her.

By now there was no need for words, their bodies’ apparently tuned to each other,
and as Greg made a more pronounced movement upwards, Jen interpreted it
correctly and slid off his cock. Greg eased her to lie down with a blanket and
cushions for a bed while she watched his throbbing erection glisten with her
juices in the erotic warmth of the flickering candlelight. Once she was on her back
Greg stooped to kiss her and began his journey down her body, navigating her
hills and valleys with his lips and tongue.

He paused to suck hard on her nipples again, squeezing the flesh of her breasts
to get as much into his mouth as he could. Easing further down on his hands and
knees now, he traced a line of soft kisses down her belly as he homed in on her
aching sex. The ultimate aroma of erotica reached him as he settled with his
mouth over her, letting his tongue reach out and make the lightest contact with her
wet pussy lips.

Jen’s legs opened unconsciously, easing Greg’s path to slip deeper between her
thighs and allow his tongue to stroke up and down, first the outside of her lips, and
then down the center of her wet cleft. She tasted sweeter than any pussy he’d
known and smelled faintly of her sex and her perfume. His hands slipped around
the top of her thighs and pulled her up a little towards his hungry mouth. His
tongue felt her swollen, warm and slick as he pleasured her with long slow
strokes, each one probing a little deeper into her and dwelling a little longer as it
lapped over her clit. As soon as he brought two fingers around to slip inside her
and allowed his tongue to concentrate on her clit Jen knew she was going to cum.

It was only a matter of time but Greg carefully ensured a teasingly slow start by
curling his finger up inside her pussy towards her belly and making very slow
circles around her clit with the tip of his tongue. The more he felt her pelvis try to
rise off the floor and push his tongue onto her, the more he slowed down his
movements and eased the pressure he applied. Jen’s gentle moaning became
louder and faster as he slowed, until a tiny scream came from the back of her
throat and she made a huge thrust up towards his face. As her body anticipated
the power of her climax her pussy muscles gripped his fingers like a vise.

Jen’s eyes had been closed for several minutes, but as the fireworks in her head
started they opened startlingly wide. Her arms stretched out across the floor and
her body tensed, knowing the flash wildfire of her climax could no longer be
stopped. The initial wave started deep in her pussy and washed out through every
inch of her, not quite reaching her toes when the second wave started. Time after
time the waves pushed out from her contracting pussy, pushing pleasure through
her in a heart-stopping orgasm. She wondered if it would ever stop, and then she
started to feel the gentle movements of Greg’s hand and mouth again as they
worked her body to keep her in ecstasy as long as he could.

Without pulling his fingers out of her, Greg slid up so his face was next to hers. Her
smile glowed and he kissed her softly and laid his body next to her; his cock
burning into her thigh as Jen’s arm reached around him with her arm and pulled
him towards her with whatever remaining strength she had.

“Wow.” She giggled. “You should consider giving up piano lessons. I know
something your hands are better suited to.”

“That was wonderful.” He kissed her again as she shuffled a little and worked her
hand down to rest on his burning erection.

She looked at his eyes and saw the genuine enjoyment of her moment. A whole
new wave of desire and passion washed over her as she realized it was a look
she’d never seen in any lover before. “Come back inside.” She whispered between
kisses. “I need you.”

Greg swung a leg over her and lifted himself up easily to position his cock
between her legs. He held himself over her with straight arms and his eyes never
left hers as he slowly descended, first to bring the head in contact with her pussy
lips, and then to slowly thrust into her.

Jen’s eyes closed as she concentrated on the feeling of him inside her. He made
a single, slow, deep, push to surround his hard flesh with the tight velvet sheath
she created for him. As soon as he settled inside her again he knew his climax
was not far away. Already his balls were reacting to the eroticism of the night. This
felt so much more than a new lover, and he didn’t want to lose eye contact with Jen
as he started to slowly withdraw from her so he could plunge again into the depths
of her sex.

Her hands came up to caress his hips and encourage his movements. Greg felt
the touch of her fingers on his skin, but his cock only recognized yet another
sensory assault that sent a pulse of pleasure through him. His balls were already
straining to hold back as he started to build up a rhythm with his strokes. The light
touch of Jen’s fingers wandered over his lower back and across his buttocks and
he slid in and out of her, each stroke pulling the rim of his cockhead deliciously
along her pussy walls. Every time he withdrew he came as close as he thought
possible to coming out of her, giving him a feeling like he was entering her for the
first time when he pushed into her again.

Greg knew that holding back was no longer an option as soon as he felt her pelvis
come up and meet his. Jen’s eyes urged him on, her body was his, and she
wanted nothing more than to please him. Her desire was feeding him and the
physical result was building to an unstoppable crescendo.

She knew, firstly, by the subtle change in his smile that he was cumming.
Somehow he managed to maintain that deliciously slow rhythm as his body made
its irresistible journey through the ecstatic tension towards relief. Just as the
strokes became difficult to complete, Jen whispered, “Yes” to him and the flood

Despite the urge to close his own eyes, Greg watched Jen’s smile as she pulled
him into her and hosted the biggest climax of his life. The high seemed to last
forever, the waves of heat and sparks that flowed through his every sinew,
releasing the tension with a flood of pleasure waves that pulsed through him and
pulled at every part of him. The first spasm of his cum built up as the pleasure
rushed through him over and over until the moment arrived and his balls exploded
and shot a huge burst of molten seamen into her.

Jen watched intently as Greg’s face reflected the release. She saw him mouth, “Oh
God”, but she didn’t hear anything. She felt him almost stop moving as the climax
started, then start trusting again as he prolonged the moment. The pressure of his
first spurt was almost a surprise, quickly followed by the sublime feeling of her
whole pussy being filled with his seed. As he relaxed he slumped into her arms
and she held him tight, pulling him as close as she could and letting him know it
was okay to stay inside her.

His heart was still pounding when Greg finally slipped off and out of her. He moved
naturally to be at her side, his soaked and spent cock slackening as it rested on
her thigh. After another few moments to regain his breath, he brought a hand up to
her cheek and stroked it lightly while they smiled at each other.

“I feel like I want to say ‘hello’ to you all over again.” He started to grin.

Jen turned so her whole body was facing his and touching as much of him as it
could. “I know what you mean.” She let her hand rub the skin on his back and feel
the light sheen of sweat their lovemaking had induced. “The whole night’s felt a bit
like that. Hello Greg.”

“Hello lover.” He kissed her.
The Piano Teacher
©2006 by Mark Anderson
All Rights Reserved