The Pickup
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism,

The Pickup
by Lacey Ashley

The cafe was almost empty, I sat across the room from them but I could still hear the female was losing
her temper with her male friend.  I glanced up from my book and my eyes locked with his, a smile danced
on his lips, his angry female friend turned and glared at me.  I simply shrugged and went back to my

Her loud angry words broke into my mind, I looked up just as she tossed a glass of water into his face,
threw the glass down onto the table, it rolled off the table onto the floor and broke in several pieces.  By
now other people turned to watch what was going on. Turning she again glared at me and stormed
passed me on her way out of the cafe.  He sat there with this bewildered look on his face, it was as if he
didn't understand why she was so upset.  I rose and went to his table, handing him a dry napkin.  He said
thank you taking it and dried his face.  Taking his hand I pulled him towards the bathroom in the back of
the cafe.

I begun to remove his wet dress shirt, turning on the blow dryer I let the warm air dry the wet material of
his shirt.  Turning I smiled at him, his chest was inviting, I reached out and ran my finger tip lightly across
his nipple, it jumped to life.  Biting my bottom lip, I teased the other one, it also harden by my tracing it
with my finger tip.  Forgetting the shirt, as it slipped from my hands onto the floor.  He picked me up and
sat me on the counter top, his mouth covering mine.  His sweet kisses sent chills over my body.  It had
been a long time a man's kisses could give me chills.

Like two sex starved kids, we shed our clothing and tossed them down not caring where they landed. He
reached over and locked the door.   I giggled for some reason as I sat there butt naked on the cool
counter top smiling at him, wanting more of his kisses.

He took my pink nipple into his warm inviting mouth.  Sucking hard on my nipple that sent a tingle
throughout my entire body.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and slide to the very edge of the counter,
with my hand I reach down and found what I had been searching for, a sweet hard thick cock.  I spread
my pussy lips apart and helped guide his hard throbbing hot cock into my tight moist pussy.  Once he
was completely in me I locked my legs behind his back and held on for a delightful hard fucking.  

My nails bit into his back pulling him even close so his cock would go deeper and harder. His hands
molded around the cheeks of my ass raising me up from the counter top as he slammed into me.  I felt
the first rush of his orgasm deep within my pussy as he filled me with his warm cum and I rode it out. He
continue slamming into me, his cock went from semi hard to rock hard within a few strokes.  Feeling this
excited me as I went into my own rush of cum, my body shaking as he continued slamming deeper into
me.  My pussy was wrapped tightly around his cock, he could feel the next rush of my sweet pussy
juices.  He pulled out and flipped me over onto my stomach pushing me face down onto the counter, I felt
his hard cock trying to enter my ass.  I moaned knowing it would be both pain and pleasure, but I braced
myself for  the pain first.   He worked his pussy juiced cover cock into my tight ass, I reached down and
started stroking my clit.  He pulled his cock completely out to the head, firmly grabbed my hips and
slammed deep into my ass.  I exploded, I begin to rock back and forth loving his cock deep in my ass.  
The pain was now total pleasure as he stiffen and filled my ass with his cum.

After we dressed,  I smiled up at him, sliding my panties into his back pocket of his jeans. I kissed him
good bye and walked out of the restroom.  Several people looked at me, I smiled knowing that had heard
us.  That was a even bigger turn on for me.

I love naughty pickups, nothing like a quickie with a complete stranger to bring a smile to your lips.  
Knowing you had  hot raw sex with a man you did not even know his name, the excitement always made
me hot. As I was leaving, I found myself wanting more from him, this guy was different, this one actually
touched parts of me no other pick up or old boyfriends had.  I reached into my purse, took out a pen,
turned and went back into the cafe.  He had returned to the seat where he had been before I pulled him
into the bathroom.

His smile reached his eyes as he looked at me.  I could tell he was feeling confused, he said nothing.  His
smile told me he was happy I had came back inside.  I returned the smile, I took a napkin from the table
next to him, I quickly wrote my name, my cell and for some strange reason I signed my name.  I slide the
napkin toward him, kissed him lightly on his lips.  This had been the first time I had ever given my name
out to a man who was one of my pickups.  

Turning I walked out the door, before I reached my truck my cell started to ring.  Without even looking at
the caller ID I knew it was him.  "Hello."

"Hello Cady, my name is Roger and I would like to get to know you better if you will let me," It was the first
time I paid attention to his voice.  It sent chills down my back, my mind was filled with memories of our
encounter in the restroom.

"I think I would like that Roger, what shall we do?"   I felt a smile coming to my lips, remembering his
kisses.  What was I doing, I had never told any of my pickups my name or given them my phone number.

"Can I cook you dinner? My place or yours?"  I turned and notice he had came out of the cafe and was
walking towards me.  "I really would love a chance to show you I am a gentleman."

"I think your place, I have not been shopping so my fridge is empty,"  I closed my cell phone breaking the
connect between us.  Now he stood directly in front of me.  He pinned me against my truck, his hands on
each side of my waist.  

"Will you follow me, or ride with me?  And I suggest you make plans to spend the night with me."

"I will follow, and I think I can get something from you to sleep in."  I smiled, I liked him being so close to
me, the feel of him leaning into me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling down his head as my lips
covered his.

"Honey you keep that up we will need to head back into the restroom." He laughed as he kissed me back.

Breaking the kiss, I also laughed. "How about we skip dinner and head right into your bedroom, kitchen,
living room and anywhere else you would like to have me."  I winked at him.

When we arrived at his apartment, I knew the minute he took my hand and lead me to his bedroom, I
knew he was not a pickup.  He was the someone I had been looking for my entire life.  No he was not a
pickup, he was the one I would love a long time.  Glancing sideways I could see he was smiling, he looked
at me and  knew that minute he felt the same way as I did.  Without a word between us,  Roger lowered
his head and kissed me gently and I felt the love fill my heart.  And a hot desire fill my soul.  His kisses
becoming filled with a deep passion.

This time the clothing came of slower, we touched more of each others' body.  Lifting me, we tumbled to
his large bed, me on bottom and him on top.  I rolled us over together putting me on top.  I kissed him
deeply as I straddled him, his hard cock sliding deeply into me.  His mouth capturing my nipple as I rode
him.  Slowly at first, feeling his growing harder, feeling my muscle tightening around him.  My body picked
up speed as I rocked back and forth.  I leaned forward so my clit would slide back and forth on the top of
his cock.  I felt the excitement of my orgasm as it built within me, my toes curling.  I tighten my hands
around the sheets and kept riding.  My orgasm felt like a wave riding over me as it continued to roll into
one after another.

He grabbed my ass cheeks as  he flipped me over on my back. lifting my legs above his shoulders.  
Lifting my ass of the bed as he slammed deeply into me.  His body stiffen as he filled me with his hot
wonderful cum.  His body begun to shake as he fell to the bed beside me.  Pulling me into his arms, I laid
my head on his chest.  His heart was pounding, he kissed the top of my head.  "Damn you are the first
pickup I ever brought home."  

I started to laugh, he thought I was one of his pickups.  He played the same game I played.  Smiling I
looked into his eyes," Darling I picked you up never doubt that."  We both started laughing

Copyright© 2012 Lacey Ashley

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