The Pink Flamingo
Story Codes: FF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

The Pink Flamingo
by Steven Finkelstein

This past month, I went to Las Vegas for the first time in my life. I’d been expecting a
memorable experience, but nothing like what happened at the Pink Flamingo. The
Flamingo is a strip club in the “old” part of Las Vegas, off of Fremont Street, close to the
Golden Gate Hotel. I’d come to the city with Bianca and Lisa, two of my sorority sisters
that I met back in college. They live on the West Coast, and they’re veterans of several
trips to Sin City. They always described it as being a wild time, as well as potentially
profitable. They’d both come away as big winners at Blackjack on more than a few
occasions. This time, though, they’d insisted that I come along, saying that I needed a
break from work. I couldn’t deny it. But not being a big drinker, and even less of a
gambler, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to match their zeal. Still, I resolved to try and
relax, and enjoy myself.

We hit a few casinos, and while the two of them played Blackjack, I played the nickel slots
and had some Long Island Ice Teas. I tried to pace myself, but everything about the
place was so fast moving that I couldn’t help but drink more than I normally would in a
shorter period of time. Surrounded by all the flashing lights, the constant buzz of
conversation, and the high rollers walking by, dressed to kill, it was easy to get carried
away. One thing I couldn’t help but notice was the abundance of attractive men all
around me. There were all flavors, business types in Armani suits with three hundred
dollar haircuts, muscle bound Ultimate Fighters in tee-shirts emphasizing their sculpted
physiques, surfers taking time off from catching waves in Santa Monica, here for the
weekend, all of them scoping me out just as I was looking at them, one night stands in all
their eyes. There was no doubt what was on my mind that night.

I met back up with Bianca and Lisa, both of whom had been taking a beating at the
Blackjack tables. All three of us were a little tipsy at this point, and my girlfriends
suggested that we go to a strip club. I was somewhat taken aback. I knew that Lisa was
bisexual, and Bianca just liked to party anywhere the people were likely to get wild and
crazy. Still, I wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea, and I told the two of them so.
They immediately set in on me, though, calling me a baby and a spoilsport. Lisa started
pinching me unmercifully, and eventually, I had to give in. I resolved at that point not to
worry so much about what was going to happen that night, and to just go with the flow. It
turned out to be a good thing that I did.

We caught a taxi from the strip to old Vegas, flirting with the driver the whole time. We got
out, tipped him generously, and sauntered up to the door. The doorman was quick to let
us in. There was no cover charge for women, and besides, Bianca and Lisa are both
absolute knockouts, not likely to be turned away from anywhere. I like to think I’m not bad
to look at myself. Inside, it was all pulsing music with throbbing bass lines, strobe lights,
and neon. I had to admit, I was feeling pretty great, with the pressures of my job and daily
life melting away. My girlfriends each took an arm, and led me to one of the bars, where
they ordered a round of Buttery Nipples. We toasted to girl’s night out, and then downed
our drinks. I was starting to get pretty wasted. Everything was shimmering, and I felt hot
all over. Horny, too. We sat down at one of the booths overlooking the main stage, where
three topless performers shook and gyrated. I noted Lisa watching them hungrily, tapping
her long, manicured nails on the table. I followed her eyes out to where the nearest
beauty was in the act of sliding down the pole, her long hair spilling down from her
shoulders to partially obscure her ample breasts. When she reached the floor, she stood
and whipped her hair back, and I could see a trail of glitter leading from the diamond stud
in her navel down toward her g-string. The eroticism on display was really getting me
going. I thought back to the few girl-on-girl encounters I’d had back in high school and
college. Though I was usually all about the cock, I’d always been secure enough in my
sexuality for experimentation. In an atmosphere like this, it was hard not to think about
those sorts of things.

When the server came by, Lisa gave a drink order that I could barely hear above the
pounding of the music. I could tell that she was flirting with the server, though, by the way
the other woman laughed and slapped her lightly on the arm. We continued watching the
show, and after a few moments our drinks arrived. This time it was a round of Chocolate
Cake shots. We tossed them down, and then I knew I was drunk. I leaned on Lisa’s
shoulder, giggling. Her skin was very warm. Without any pretention, not really thinking
about what I was doing, I put my hand on her leg. She glanced down, then looked at me
and smiled. Bianca didn’t notice. She was talking to some guys at another table.

Lisa told me she would be right back, got up, and walked away. I was sorry to see her go,
as Bianca was momentarily distracted. I occupied myself by watching the dancers, while
under the table I had reached down into my skirt and begun to touch myself. It was dark,
and anyway, I wasn’t worried about being seen. I was in an exhibitionist sort of mood. It
had been a while since I’d gotten laid, and I really wanted some satisfaction. I hadn’t had
time to do much but tease myself, though, when Lisa came back. She spoke to Bianca,
who nodded, then gave me a sultry smile and beckoned for me to stand. I did, (a little
unsteadily), and she put an arm around my waist. “Hey honey,” she said, almost shouting
into my ear to make herself heard, “why don’t you come with me? I’ve got a surprise for
you.” I looked at her questioningly, but she just put a finger to her lips and winked
mischievously. I allowed myself to be led toward the back of the club. I trusted Lisa, and
something told me I would probably like my surprise.

We walked through a doorway and into a darkened hall with numbered doors on either
side. Lisa stopped abruptly, knocked on one of the doors, then opened it and ushered
me in. It was a small, dark room, illuminated only by stage lights at ankle level. Directly
ahead of me and to either side were padded benches upholstered with leopard print set
into the walls, with mirrors above them. Looking up, I saw that the ceiling was mirrored
too. The place had a sweet perfumed scent that set my head reeling. “What is this?” I

Lisa was holding onto my arm, and now she gently steered me around so that I was
facing her. She gave me a light shove and I squealed in mock protest as I landed in a
seated position on the bench opposite the door. “Just hold on a minute, baby,” she
cooed. “Your surprise should be right along.” She seated herself on the bench to my
right, crossing her long, smooth legs. We didn’t have long to wait. No more than a minute
had gone by before there was a tap on the door, then it opened and a woman stepped
inside. I could see that she was very pretty, with an hourglass shape, and long, flowing
dark hair. She was wearing a sequined halter top, maybe dark blue or purple, it was hard
to tell, along with a short skirt and three inch pumps. I had always found it difficult to walk
in shoes like that, but she handled herself like a pro. She closed the latch of the door
behind her, and stood in front of me, one hand on her hip, sizing me up, as it seemed. I
was aware of Lisa’s labored breathing in the darkness next to me.

“Hey sweetheart,” the woman said. “I’m Candy. What’s your name?” I introduced myself,
surprised at how nervous I sounded. “First time to Vegas?” she asked.

“Yes. First time in a strip club, actually.”

“That’s okay.” She stepped closer and ran a finger along my arm. My skin tingled where
she’d touched me, and I could feel the heat between my legs. I knew Lisa’s eyes were on
the both of us. “Just relax, and lie back. I’m going to make sure you have a really nice
time. It’s not often I get to play with two beautiful ladies like yourselves.” I leaned back
against the seat, my hands at my sides. Candy stepped forward so that she was between
my legs. Her hands began to travel over her body, starting at her waist. They moved up
to cup her sumptuous breasts, then up along the sides of her neck to run her fingers
through her own hair, taking two handfuls of it and lifting it up to let it fall freely around
her shoulders. Then she tossed her neck so that I could see the outline of her face
again, as she pursed her lips and moaned softly to herself. “Mmm.” She turned around,
bending way over so that I could see her ass, the buttocks spread out like a heart, as her
skirt rode up, exposing the bottom of both cheeks. I could see her skin glowing softly in
the faint light. I wanted to touch her. I didn’t know if that was against the rules or not. I
didn’t know the etiquette. She tugged at her skirt, so that her entire ass was exposed.
She was wearing a g-string, a scant inch of silky porous material covering her sex. I could
smell her, a musky, primal scent that made my mouth water. I could tell that Candy was
enjoying performing for me. She was turned on. There was no faking that smell. Lisa
shifted position next to me.

“Can…can I touch you?” I said, my voice husky.

Candy turned back around to face me, bending over and blowing her hot breath along
the side of my neck. I swallowed. “Sure, baby. I want you too.” Without waiting for further
invitation I reached up and pulled her forward. Her lips met mine in a passionate kiss.
She was wearing lip gloss that tasted of tangerines, and her mouth was warm and wet.
Her tongue fastened onto mine hungrily. When she stepped slightly backward, I could
see that she had deftly slipped her skirt down, so that it had fallen around her ankles.
Now she was wearing only the pumps, the halter top, and the g-string, hardly wider than
a strand of dental floss. She squeezed her breasts together, then reached her hands
behind her back to undo the clasps. The straps fell away to either side, and she
remained clutching the material for one tantalizing moment before letting the top fall to
the floor, exposing her tits. Now she bent over, interlocking her hands lightly behind my
head and pressing her breasts against my face. I reached up to finger them, running my
hands along their undersides before clasping first one, and then the other, and sucking
on them feverishly. I’d been almost certain they’d be fake, at that size, but I could tell by
their texture that they were real. I concentrated on the nipples, which soon stiffened as I
fingered, licked and nibbled them gently. Candy sighed and moaned. I didn’t know if I was
supposed to be doing this, but I didn’t care. I was completely caught up in the moment,
and anyway, she wasn’t stopping me. My pussy was sopping wet.

“I want to take my clothes off,” I said. “Is that okay?” Rather than replying, Candy pulled
me off the bench and yanked down my skirt with one swift, decisive movement. Even as
she did do I was removing my top and fumbling with the straps of my bra. An instant more
and she had removed my panties, and I stood before her naked. Putting her hands on
my hips, she pushed me back into a seated position again, then mounted me. I had
kicked off my shoes and now I wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing. She had on only the
pumps and the g-string, and her smell was stronger now, mingled with my own familiar
scent. Straddling me, she rubbed her tits in my face again, panting as she did so. I had
the feeling that the release she was getting was equal to my own, and that turned me on
even more. I sucked hard on her nipples, licking and kissing them all over.

“I’m going to eat your pussy, baby,” Candy said to me. Her hands were all over my own
breasts now, fondling, caressing them. “Is that okay?”

“God yes,” I said. My head was swimming. I felt like I was dreaming. My entire body was
on fire. She dropped to the floor and began sucking me off, first licking all around my
outer lips, then fastening her mouth onto my clit and sucking it. I let out a loud groan as
she traced two fingers along my slice and then slid one in, jabbing her tongue at my clit
as she did so. It wasn’t going to take much to get me to cum. Looking over, I saw that
Lisa had removed her own clothing too and was fingering herself. I could see the rapid
motion of her one hand in the darkness, while with the other she pulled sharply at her
nipples. “Lisa,” I said, “come here.”

Eagerly, almost crying out, she scooted over from her bench onto mine, so that she was
next to me. I reached out my hand for her and she took it, while at the same time Candy
redoubled her efforts, turning her finger over and thrusting it rapidly inside me. A long
shudder went through me as all the many sensitive nerves lit up at once and I came,
hard, crying out, bucking against Candy’s fingers. Lisa squeezed my hand, slapping at
her own cunt. I knew she was close, and the thought of my sexy friend bringing herself to
orgasm right next to me was enough to almost send me over the edge again. Then Lisa
did come, as Candy, who was still kneeling in front of us, clutched the inside of her thigh.
With her free hand, I could see that our new friend had moved the material of the g-string
away from her snatch and was pleasuring herself. I was glad to see it. I wanted all three
of us to be satisfied.

With that in mind, I now issued orders. I was surprised by how take-charge and
authoritative I was being. I wasn’t usually like that in the bedroom. But in the darkness, I
felt like I could be a different person for a while, and the alcohol had made me bold. I
ordered Candy to get up and lie on the bench, first stripping her of the pumps and g-
string. All three of us were naked now, and we fell to kissing each other, locked in a three-
way embrace of touching and stroking. Eventually, Lisa knelt down with her pussy directly
above Candy’s mouth, so she could grind herself against the stripper’s face. Meanwhile, I
contented myself with eating Candy’s pussy thoroughly. It had been years since I’d had it
done to me by another woman, and I wanted to return the favor. I first used my tongue,
my ass sticking up in the air as I slurped at the inside of her thighs. Then I sucked and
licked at her clit, using my fingers to stimulate her as she had done to me, until finally, I
slipped a finger inside her, then two. She groaned and yelped, twisting and writhing
underneath me as Lisa moved in time to my motions, rubbing herself back and forth
against Candy’s face and mouth. I dictated the pace, slowing things down and varying
the stroke of my fingers and tongue so that Candy could really think about it, then
speeding it up to really drive her wild. Even as I was doing so I touched myself the whole
time, even slipping a finger into my asshole while flicking my clit with the fingers of my
other hand. The room was spinning and I was burning up, but I felt wonderful. I lost track
of how many times I came, and how many times Lisa and Candy did. I don’t know how
long we were at it. It may have been only a few minutes, but it felt like all night. I didn’t
want it to end.

At last, the three of us slumped together on the bench, exhausted, covered in each other’
s sweat and juices. I was completely sated, and looking over at Candy, I knew she was
too. “Oh, baby,” she murmured, clasping my hand in hers, “that was amazing. I feel like I
just ran a marathon. You can come back here and see me anytime.” All I could do was
smile. I felt like another person had taken possession of my body, and now I was slowly
becoming me again. As Lisa and I dressed, I wondered if this would change things
between the two of us. Would it be uncomfortable? And would our relationship have a
physical aspect to it from now on? But when Lisa grinned at me and gave me a
reassuring hug in the darkness before the two of us parted ways with Candy, I felt that
things were going to be alright. We had a strong enough bond, I knew, that sex would
never come between us. Even if it turned out to be just the allure of this one passion-
filled moment in Vegas, and it never happened again, I would always treasure our wild
night together

© 2012 Steven Finkelstein

Steven Finkelstein is a graduate of the English Writing program at the University of
Pittsburgh. His work has appeared in numerous publications, online and in print, in the U.
S. and abroad, most recently in the literary magazines Shadowland and The Brave New
Word. His erotica has been featured in such publications as Oysters and Chocolate,
Grace and Beauty, and Three Pillows. For more information on Steven and his writing,
check out his website,