The Secrets of Women
story codes: MF, Consensual, Incest-Fetish,

The Secrets of Women
by Pablo Vision

For days I have anticipated this moment. I have imagined it so many times at night,
lying in bed, my hand caressing my desperate cock. I have imagined it in the morning,
in the shower; my sister's hand cream suggesting a sensation I yearn to know. Days
of replaying every nuance of sensation, every thrill, and every shuddering climax. I
have done this before, oh yes; but today will be special. Today I aim to tantalise
myself to the limit: to have my own private orgy of pleasure. Today is the day when my
parents have left for a weekend break at the lake. Today is the day that my sister has
gone to visit her secret lover. Maybe my sister has anticipated her day of illicit
adventure just as much as I have.

So this is it the moment. This is the start of my carefully, and eagerly, anticipated day
of erotic indulgence. This is the moment when I steal into my sister's room and
carefully, with beating heart and trembling fingers, pull open her top drawer. I make a
careful note of how it is arranged. My eyes linger on the lace, and the straps, and the
delicate and delicious embroidery, the miniature ribbons, and clasps: a drawer of
feminine secrets. I place the back of my hand, against these soft, and beautiful
objects and quiver. I remove my hand, and lower my face gently into their welcoming
seduction, and breathe deeply the scent, closing my eyes as I do this.

I carefully place the items on the floor, in the exact same arrangement that they were
in the drawer, and methodically note the placement of the items that I require, like a
magician notes the cards that he will triumphantly select from the shuffled deck. I
remove my own clothes, and kick them under my sister's bed.

From the second drawer down I take out two black stockings, I let the material caress
my body: my chest, my face, and my legs. The feel of nylon against the hairs on my
legs is of such subtle, and delightful electricity. I lie down on the bed and softly drag
the stockings over my balls, and over my cock. I have never felt so erect, and the
urge to come is almost overwhelming. But today is a special day. I have done this
before, but today is all mine, not just a few hours, and I will prolong this ecstasy for as
long as I can endure. I slow down, I stop, I take in deep, deep, breaths, and I drink in
these feminine delights with all of my senses.

First I put on the bra, fastening the clasp by reaching round to the back. I have
difficulty getting both hooks aligned, but it is essential that I do this right. My cock
throbs at the feel of this bondage, it reinforces the image in my mind of my sister's
perfect and flawless breasts. The sensation is as assertive as her nipples are in my
mind. I open my legs so that I can run the stockings lightly over my balls.

I put on the suspender belt, and it too feels tight around my waist. I select another
pair of stockings. I slowly roll them up my legs, luxuriating in the feel of nylon. I attach
them carefully, and reattach until I am satisfied. Again, using the other stockings, I
tantalise my cock. Again I have to slow down, I have to summon all my willpower not to
rush to my first climax. I think about the many times I stood outside my sister's window,
peering through the crack in the curtains, and watched as she undressed, watched as
she lay on the bed  "this bed“ and moved her hand slowly over her stomach, and over
the tuft of dark hair that I so longed to touch. I watched as she tormented herself as I
do now, watched as she writhed and sighed.

I put on her black thong, carefully sliding the lace over nylon, and gently caress
myself through the exquisite material,  material that barely covers my balls. The
sensation of the thin strip of fabric in the crack of my ass makes this feminine
bondage complete. I think about how I used to pleasure myself as I watched, and how
I would climax as my sister did: a shared moment between brother and sister, even if I
was a secret partner to the act.

I put my feet into her high-heeled shoes; the feel of stocking in leather, is simply
sublime. I teeter awkwardly to the wardrobe and remove her black silk dress, allowing
the material to brush against my cock. I so badly want to come. My cock has never felt
harder, and each sensation makes me throb. I put the dress over my head, with the
care and delicacy it deserves.

And then I hear the door open. I swallow, my heart skips a beat, and I begin to shake

"Do not say a word," my sister says. "Not a single word."

My eyes plead for some deliverance from this nightmare.

"Take off the dress, but don't you dare open your mouth."

I remove the dress, and hold it over my obscene cock.

"I warn you now, that you must not speak. You must do as I tell you, and exactly as I
tell you, without question. If you do not do this, then all hell will break lose, your life will
be forever changed. Father will kill you. So understand that you must do as I say, and
that you have no choice but to do this. Do you understand?"

I stammer my reply.

"Not a word," she says in a way that I have never heard my sister talk. "Now let the
dress fall to the floor, and walk over to the window. I want to see how fine you look in
my underwear. So do it now."

Red-faced, and on the verge of tears I do as she says. And still my defiant cock
stands erect.

"Turn towards me," she shouts. "Now stand there, and watch - watch like you would if
you were sneaking outside like a peeping-tom. Stand there, do not speak, and do not
move. Do not even touch yourself, do you hear?"

I do as she says.

She moves over to the bed, and slowly, and deliberately, removes her shoes. She
turns towards me and pulls her dress over her head. She removes her bra, reaching
behind her to unfasten the clasp. She takes off her thong, and she stands there,
naked and beautiful. There is a riot of confusion in my head; but I want her so much.

She lies on the bed, and slowly opens her legs, as her hand travels down. She
inserts a finger as she stares into my eyes. She puts this finger in her mouth. Her
hand returns, and she starts the movement that I have seen before, and all the time
she is looking into my fearful and lustful eyes. She starts to softly moan: a deep low
sound like purring, but also like a sound I instinctively know as being pure woman. I
stand watching in my sister's underwear, and high-heeled shoes - my cock screaming
for release - as I watch her climax and as I watch her climax subside.

She gets up and, and walks towards me, never once losing eye contact.

"Do not move and do not speak," she says, but his time soft and sensuous.

She stands up close to me. I can hear her breath; I feel it on my face. Her eyes look
directly, and intensely into mine, like she is stealing my soul. The intimacy is
unbearable, and as soon as I feel her fingers lightly wrap around my cock, I explode
years of forbidden lust onto her perfect, and beautiful, body.

Copyright© 2008 Pablo Vision

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