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The Sexuality of Chinita
by Tiffany©

Chinita was an intelligent, beautiful, sexy Asian girl of Chinese descent. She was born and
raised in New York City. She was in her mid-thirties and stood 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her hair
was long and jet black. To caress her hair was like playing with black silk ribbons. When the
wind blew, strands of her hair would fly everywhere, brushing across her face and
sometimes veiling it. Chinita had big brown eyes with pools of emotions. Looking into them
will take you away into her mind and into her world. She used them as a tool to befriend
strangers, entice men and flirt with life. Her lips were semi-full or as full as an Asian can be,
but they were soft and extremely kissable. Her smile was contagious, yet you knew there was
something behind the smile. That smile was something not so sweet, not so naive,
something definitely mischievous.

Back as far as she can remember, Chinita's attraction to boys started very young, always as
puppy love.   Her real contact with boys started during junior high school, almost by accident
and of course very innocently.   Since she wasn't like the other Chinese girls or even kids, she
was ostracized. She was never accepted and constantly teased by her own people. Chinita
could care less. She was confident with herself, even at 13 years old. She learned from her
mother and took to heart that she should value and always have pride in herself. She was
worth more than anything you can buy with money and that no man could ever put a price on
you. You create your own self worth. All these qualities were within her and she should use
them wisely. With that, she walked pass all the other Chinese boys and girls without a care in
the world, strutting her stuff and making them want the devil in her. The other kids watched
her from afar and wondered why she had this air about her. It wasn't conceded or arrogance
that she projected, but confidence in who she was. In her was the rebellion of all things she
despised. And this was exactly, what all the Chinese kids wish they could show in their
demeanor, but they didn't know how, nor did they dare and that is what made them hate her

She met a lot of boys, some cute, some sexy and some just too much of a waste of time to
mention. During high school and college, she had sex with many of them. One thing that
Chinita discovered was that she loved sex and the feel of a man. In actuality, she had never
been with a man, only boys. For her, from the ages of 13-22, she never knew there was a
difference. The reason being she had no comparison. All the boys told her that they knew
how to make her feel good, but it would be nothing in comparison to what she would
encounter in the future. She took the experience in stride. She never felt used, because she
was always in control. She wanted it just as much as they did, if not more. In fact, she was the
one that initiated it most of the time.  She used her sexuality to her advantage. She learned at
an early age that a woman can control a man with sex. The key would be not to be
emotionally involved, because that would be your doom.

At one point in time, she was going through a rough time in her personal life and decided to
do something fun and fool around with the personals.

She saw a couple of ads that intrigued her. She went on a couple of dates, but nobody really
caught her attention. Then she fell upon this one ad, which was written by an older
gentleman, married and was seeking passion. Seemed to her, this man just wanted
something on the side.   Chinita thought this would be an interesting encounter. She never
indulged on being a mistress or being someone that did things against her morals. She was
wild and didn't do things according to rules, but this bordered her beliefs. She found some
comfort in knowing she wasn't the one doing the chasing. He was looking for it; she wasn't
the one approaching him. She contacted him via email and he reciprocated immediately.
They seem to hit it off and decided to meet.

Roberto was a 49 year old, sophisticated American Italian man. He stood 6 feet one inches
tall. He had very wide shoulders. He wore Armani suits, Ferragamo shoes and all in black
and all with beautiful lines.

Chinita decided and promised herself she would not be easy and give into sex the first time
they met. This older, sophisticated man tried to convince her otherwise and was to no avail
able to win her over.   After meeting a couple of times more, they came to a comfort zone, but
he was frustrated with the fact that there was nothing sexual happening. Then one evening as
Chinita was leaving, she leaned over and gave him a goodnight kiss. As his lips met hers,
she for some reason parted her lips wider and allowed his tongue to enter into her mouth. As
their tongues met and played around sensually, something came over Chinita. She realized
that she was extremely aroused. She was taken aback. She took a breath and tried to contain
herself. She stepped away and smile, not a word spoken.

Their next encounter was drinks at his place. The first thing she did was kiss him. She
needed to have that feeling again. It was almost like that first time she was with a boy. It felt
good, but something inside her told her she shouldn't be doing this. The craving however
was stronger than her inner voice. When their lips met, it was just like the first time, sensual
and tempting. Feelings were stirring inside her and she wanted more. Chinita wrapped her
arms around his neck and allowed him to caress her.

He started slowly, kissing her gently as he stroked her skin. Roberto started with her face,
outlining her features. Then his fingers trailed down her neck to her shoulders, down her
back, to the top of her buttocks. He took one cheek and gave a firm squeeze, taking her in a
little closer, all the while kissing her passionately. She was crazy with desire. He was
creating feelings that she never had before. Most men she had been with were quicker with
their actions, but this man was different. He was taking his time, enjoying every second of
her. This created thoughts of higher levels of passion.

She didn't know how to react. He suddenly became her first experience with a man. She knew
at that moment, she had never been with a real man before, only boys. Chinita knew from
within that this man was going to teach her something tonight and she was going to be a
willing student. She was open to all the things that he was ready to show her. She was
enjoying this feeling immensely. Where had this man been all her life? Why didn't she know
that there were different levels of sexuality? She had to still her mind. All these thoughts were
going through her head. Yet she wanted to take in the moment.

Roberto was feeling his superiority over her and was taking the lead. From her stillness, he
knew that he had captured her attention. He led her to the couch, sat her down and told her to
relax a moment. He leaned over her and kissed her. Then nibbled at her neck and started to
undress her. She closed her eyes so she could get pleasure from every touch. Then after
awhile she opened her eyes and watched him savor her body. He was taking great
measures to give every inch of her TLC. She was beside herself, she wanted him to make
love to her, but he kept her still. He could feel her body arching towards him. He took one
breast in his hand and caressed it lovingly. He nuzzled the other side and started sucking on
her nipple, feeling the nipple getting hard in his mouth. He continued pleasuring both sides
of her breast with both hands, but his lips were going downward. She knew what his lips
were searching for. As he kissed her stomach, she raised her skirt just high enough to reveal
her erotic zone and with the other hand slowly pulled her thong aside. She let him know that
she knew what was on his mind and she wanted him. His tongue had arrived at his
destination. He glided his soft wet tongue on her clit and her body arched even more. Roberto
took a long wet lick. It was driving Chinita crazy. She didn't know if she could take it anymore.
Didn't know if she wanted to stay still and enjoy his tongue or what. Instead, she slid her
fingers down and opened herself wider for him, wider so that he could taste more of her. She
moaned and cried out in ecstasy. He started to devour her with a vengeance, put his tongue
in her pussy and slid in and out like it was his penis. Then he took his fingers and penetrated
her along with his tongue. As she continued spreading her clit and massaging herself, he
alternates between having his tongue inside and outside of her. The sensations were

She finally couldn't hold back and reached for his cock. It was just as she suspected, hard as
a rock. The feel of him like that was enough to satisfy her, but there was more to come. She
took him and switched places with him, him sitting and her between his legs. She teased
him just the same, caressing his strong thighs, working her fingers to his crotch, her kisses
trailing her fingers. When she had reached her target, she placed her lips on his huge
erection, gently nibbled on him, and then unzipped him with her teeth. She took out his
hardness and inserted him in her mouth. His member welcomed the warmth, loved the feel
of her mouth. He leaned into the couch and engaged in the moment, feeling her take him all
in. He was growing harder by the second. She could feel each blood vessel fill with blood.
His head was growing larger filling her mouth. His manhood was all she wanted, deep
inside her mouth. Chinita loved the feel of a man and she was getting her fill tonight, more
that she ever imagined. His cock was being teased by her tongue, swirling it around, licking
and pumping at the same time. She contracted her mouth as he went in and released while
coming out, simulating her pussy as best as she could. She wanted him to feel as much
pleasure as he gave her. Chinita knew that she was achieving her goal by the way his body
was moving towards her. He grabbed onto to her hair and pulled her in closer, tighter,
making her lips lock into him firmly.

She could feel that he was close to being orgasmic. She had the feeling that when this man
reaches his orgasm, it would be earth shattering.   So she slowed the pace, but she could
feel he didn't want it to stop. She inched herself up, slithering her silky body upward, pressing
her breast against him. She wanted to whisper in his ears all the things that she was
fantasizing, all the things she wanted him to do to her and all the things she would love to do
to him. Out of the silence came her bedroom voice, it was almost deafening, he could hear
nothing else. She was purring like a cat, each word dripping with passion, drenched in
desire. Roberto was entranced. He couldn't tell who wanted who more. He had never met
anyone that desired him as much. This girl was insatiable. She made love to his cock like
nobody else. He didn't want her to stop, but he knew that he also wanted to experience the
inside of her. He wanted to restrain her and plunge deep inside her and show her what a
man was really like.

Roberto enjoyed Chinita's warm mouth for a few more moments and couldn't resist the urge
to enter her. He laid her down on her back, spread her legs open with his knees, and
searched for her moist pussy. When he discovered what he was looking for he slid his
hardness into her. Her pussy was drenched with wetness. He entered slowly, feeling every
inch of her warmth. He could feel her pussy pulling, grabbing, and welcoming his cock into
her body. She arched upward towards him, but he gently pinned her down. She ached for him
to come in deeper, but he was in control. He was controlling the movements, controlling the
pace. He whispers for her to stay still and enjoy his cock, to let him take the lead and he
would pleasure her like never before. She obeyed, allowing him to dominate her. He pumped
his cock in and out, picking up the pace whenever he felt her wanting more. He suddenly
pulled out and Chinita begged him to come back in, begged him not to stop. Robert flipped
her over, placed pillows under her belly, elevating her ass higher. He slid back into her pussy
and felt her back her ass towards his cock to take him in further. This time he allowed her to
lead and she made his cock go in deeper still. She cried out for him to please take her, fuck
her like she needed. So Robert obliged. He rammed his cock in her, making her moan and
groan, making her succumb to him. He knew that he had conquered her and that he was all
she wanted at this moment, all she needed. She was his for the taking. Tonight he would
make love to her like no other man has.

Robert's cock grew harder and harder as the intensity of their sexuality mixed. She felt him fill
her up; quenching her desire for that empty filling that she never even knew she had. The
more he pumped inside her the more he filled her. She couldn't believe it, she wanted it to
never end. She was in an erotic zone that she had never experienced. She felt herself let go
and allow the senses and sensuality to take over. Before she had a chance to think, he
placed her in a different position. She had her legs crossed and placed to the side of her, him
on his knees, and his cock still in her pussy. This made the lips of her pussy wrap around his
cock even tighter, making the sensory nerves increase sensitivity, pulsating around Robert's
now intensely hard cock. She couldn't breathe. She holds her breath and takes in the
moment. She allows him to take this wherever he wanted.

Hours passed and Robert's member is still hard and filled with passion. Chinita thinks to
herself, "What have I been missing? Is this what it is to feel eroticism? Is this what true
passion is?" How had she lived all these years and been with so many men and never felt
this way? Was it the combination of their wild passionate personas? She realized that he had
released a different part of her, allowing her to open up sexually like never before. Robert
leans over and tells her that he has never desired a women like her and this feeling is taking
him over the edge. She smiles demurely and kisses him passionately. This takes him further
to the point of no return. The intensity rises and he is in her so deep. He pounds his cock in
her non-stop and reaches his orgasm. She can feel his cock in her pulsating; his head grow
wider, bigger and stronger. His juices shooting out with just as much force as his
lovemaking. Her pussy contracts and squeezes out every drop wanting to take as much of
him as she could. Wanting to keep a part of this moment with her forever.

He finally relaxes and lies beside her, exhausted from the escapade. Chinita lies quietly,
serenely next to him. She wraps her arms around his neck and tells him, this was the most
passionate moment she had ever encountered.  She kisses him softly on the lips and falls
asleep on the arms of the man that has changed her life forever.   

© 2006 Tiffany

Tiffany is a freelance writer in fiction and erotica. She travels half the year to exotic
destinations all over the world. Her inspirations come from her lover, her travels and a very
sexy mind.  
The Sexuality of Chinita