The Storage Room
Story Codes: MF, Consensual/Reluctant, Exhibitionism, Fem Dom.

The Storage Room
by Catherine Anne Hayes

You are tired after a long hard day of driving and working.   It's very late...around midnight.   You
turn onto your street.   The pale half moon, the only light illuminating your street.   You get to your
house and see that all the lights are turned off.  You think "DAMN...the timed light switch is not
working again".  

 You carefully pull onto the tar pavement that leads to your garage.  For a brief second the car
light beams hit the house as you turn towards the garage.  You go to use your automatic door
opener but as the light hits the garage you see that it is open. You are puzzled.  You slowly pull in
looking around carefully you don't hear anything or see anything out of place so you shut the car
lights and the engine and get out of the car.  For a moment you stand still and stretch your

Suddenly you feel something hard pressed into the middle of your back.  You hear a voice
whisper firmly,  "Don't turn around".

Then "Put this blindfold on".  

  You feel the pressure increase in your back as it is said.   Reluctantly you do as your are told.  
After the blindfold is in place the voice says  "Put your hands behind your back".  

  Again the pressure.  

This angers you a little but your instinct tells you to cooperate.   You say  " Listen, if you want
anything,  the car, my wallet, tools in here just take it and go.   I'm tired."   "Oh I want something
but not any of that".  You are thinking what can they want.   A hand then encircles your arm...a
decidedly feminine hand albeit a strong one.  "What is going on?"  You ask.  

"Be quiet!"  she firmly says back.    You are being lead now to the back of the garage to a small
storage room there.   She opens the door and pushes you in.  You stumble but before you can
fall down she  grabs your arm.  

This woman is strong you think.  You feel her turn you around to face her.  You try to see her
from the bottom of your blindfold but it is useless.  For a second she touches your chest.   Then
you feel the pressure there again.

She says" Co-operate with me now and this will go very pleasantly for you. If you don't..." her
voice trails off.  You then feel her hand at your belt buckle.   It's being opened.   Pulled out of the
pant loops.

 "Hey what the fuck are you doing?"

" quiet".  That pressure again.   Your belt is off now.   Her hand unbuttons the top
button of your jeans.   You are getting an idea now of what is going on.   You think you are going
to be stripped then robbed.  

Your pants are now unzipped.   Pushed down over your hips.    You hear her intake her
breath.   The dull moonlight through the dirty window hits  the front of your light blue briefs that
hug so tightly.   She then pulls them down.  

 "Oh yes" she sighs.  Is that anticipation in her voice you hear?

Wait a minute you she going to do what you THINK she is going to do?   She pushes
you now and you land in the small couch that is stored there.  Before you know it she pulls off the
tangle of briefs and pants from your lower legs and your socks and shoes too.  Even though you
are  outraged at this,  a part of you is  excited by's evident by your cock in an half erect

She says to you "Lean back".   You feel her open your legs, massaging the insides.  You should
try and stop her but it feels so good.   

You think..."MMMM...maybe I should just give in and enjoy.  It's been a while since..."  She laughs
a little like she could read your thoughts..."Good baby...just relax and enjoy"  She then proceeds
to rub your inner thighs...squeezing, circling...then she cups your murmur..."Feels
good"...squeezing kneading...then her hands slide up to your cock to hold like a stick..."MMMMM"  
she says..."Nice big juicy cock".

You then feel her tongue licking the top...then down the are getting harder and
hotter.   "Ohhh..." you moan..."Yes baby...yes...enjoy my licking your tasty"  
You hear slurping noises and you feel your cock getting wetter and wetter from her tongue...then
she takes the top of your cock in her mouth and sucks hard   "OH God" slips from your
mouth...she does that SOOOO GOOD!!   "Ohrm"  Slurp slurp...she giggles as she starts to deep
throat you.

The vibrations from her laugh magnify the exquisite sensations in your cock...your body is on
fire...her sucking powers are amazing.   You can't remember when you were sucked so good and
you have no idea who this woman is.   

"Hmmmm...yummy"...she warbles when she feels your pre-cum slip down her
throat...You feel that tension now start to build...but...she slips your cock out of her mouth and
says'' No, No , No ...not yet baby...Sugar here needs her pleasure too" and with that you feel her
mount your lap and impale herself on your overly erect cock.

"Ahhhh...she moans out"...You almost lose your breath as her very wet tight pussy contracts and
molds on your cock...squeezing it..."Oh fuck yesssss" you grunt out as she rides you...pumping
hard..hips grinding...she is panting harder and harder as she fucks you.  You've never had a
woman ride you so hard.

You think she fucks like a man...but she's oh so woman...a real sex bitch.   All of a sudden she
impossibly clenches on you harder and moans like an animal...when you feel the power of her
climax you release the hardest and most intense orgasm in a long time...You FEEL your cum
shoot hard, hot and fierce out of your cock deep into her smoldering cunt.    She
braces herself on your shoulders to ride the waves.

For a moment you both are still.  She then gets off of cock comes into contact with the
cool air and you shudder a moment.  You feel her tenderly...almost lovingly clean your cock and
lap up.

You hear her moving about..putting her clothes on.  She puts your socks and shoes back on  
then your pants and belt but not your briefs.  She says" I'm keeping them as a souvenir".   Again
she takes your arm and leads you back to where the car is and to the back
door of the house.   You hear her open the door.  She pushes you inside.   For a second she
turns you around and kisses you on the lips..."Bye, Bye baby".   She turns you around again and
before you know it she's freed your hands and  the door is closed.   

Three days later a large envelop is waiting on your desk at work when you get back from lunch.   
You open it and out slips your light blue briefs.    Also a key slips out.   You find a note pinned to
the briefs. It says..."Care to reverse roles?   I'll be getting to my apartment at 10:00PM...Don't
forget the blindfold".

As you read the address your lips break out slowly in a knowing lascivious  grin.  Your eyes glitter
with wicked anticipation.   You take the blindfold out of your pocket.   "You''ve got a date".   

Copyright© 2012  Catherine Anne Hayes

Catherine Anne Hayes an actress/singer/model discovered her passion for writing poems and
short stories that heat the body and sizzle the blood when she moved to the City of Angles from
New York City.   Catherine's sensual and passionate natural talents blossomed and grew in her
new environment.  Poems and tales of sensuality, passion & love poured out of her. She came
into her own. She is writing her first collection of poems that will be made into a book.

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