The Strip
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"The Strip"
by Francis H Powell

I was relatively young and my girlfriend younger still, at Art college, in a
middle England town, noted for it’s conservatism and middle class
convention.  My girlfriend was undeniably attractive,   petite but shapely,
with long brown hair and a smile and laugh that  is fixed in my mind even
to this day.  We were friends with another couple, one of whom, was
also like me attending the Art college.  An evening had been set up.  
The intention was to do some “life drawing”.  It wasn’t me who had
initiated this idea, it was Jason,  whose girlfriend was Nancy, who had a
somewhat plain face, but a shapely body,  both shy and temperate in
her personality.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Jason ogling my
young girlfriend  or indeed Jason and Nancy  seeing me naked, even
though this was all in the cause of art.  There were certain aspects still
to negotiate, for example who would strip off first?   As I recall, a certain
amount of alcohol was needed before this process could be initiated.   I  
had the impression that Jason had lecherous eyes centred on my  
girlfriend . He was  plying my young girlfriend with drink and suggestive
remarks and obviously relishing the idea of her stripping off.  He’d  
obviously thought up this idea of life drawing,  not for the sake of
embellishing his artist’s portfolio, more for the chance to savour a young
beautiful body, that of my girlfriends.

“Who is going first” he piped up “Nancy”?   Nancy seemed to shudder. “I’
ll go a bit later” she stuttered.  His eyes sharpened and latched onto  my
young girl friend, “ are you ready for it.”?  My girlfriend laughed
nervously, “I’ll pose a bit later, maybe Nancy and I  could pose together.”
Jason seemed to like this idea, I was taken aback.  “Ok well I will go
first” said Jason confidently taking off a layer of clothing.   He lay naked
on the couch and my girlfriend and I began to solemnly draw him.  His
body was quite impressive.  I can’t remember what the drawings we did
looked like, this aspect was inconsequential . Needless to say I followed
next, stripping off,  feeling awkward, as the three others began their
sketches.  I didn’t like the idea of Jason’s eyes observing and
evaluating me.  I finished my turn and put on my

We took a break from the ardours of  making drawings. We smoked
some cigarettes and drank a bit more.  “Shall we continue”?  asked
Jason with an unnatural fervour.  Dutifully his girlfriend Nancy began to
strip off, peeling off her tight sweater, followed by her bra, in so doing
revealing some beautifully shaped breasts.  My girlfriend began to
follow her lead.  I had watched her undress in front of me many times,
but this was different.  I was feeling both aroused, but at the same time
agitated, as different emotions swirled in my mind.  

Nancy now fully naked, looking ravishing  in the glowing light of  the
apartment. She  looked disconsolate as Jason seemed transfixed, as
my young girlfriend unstrapped her bra  and began shimmying out of her
skirt. I could almost hear a grown of delight, from Jason  as my young
girlfriend pulled down her panties and stood  naked in front of us two
men.  “Well girls how are you going to pose”? demanded Jason
eagerly.  Nancy took my girlfriend gently by the hand and led her to a
sizable couch, big enough to accommodate two bodies.  

She lay down first and then sensitively positioned my young girlfriend in
front of her, placing one hand on her shoulder. The two bodies were
closely packed together, my girlfriend masking some of Nancy’s naked
flesh.  I could see Jason was in a high pitched state of arousal. Of
course he had to negotiate doing some kind of drawing, but this would
only be some kind of pretence. Jason put on some atmospheric music,
picked up his pencil and began to draw.  I picked out the curves and
shapes of the two bodies, lying side by side.  Jason went through this
pathetic ritual of trying measure and size up the different proportions of
the two girl’s body.  “You have a great body” Jason said breaking the
silence, addressing my girlfriend.  This remark, not only narked me but
also Nancy, who I could tell  was far from happy with Jason’s behaviour
this particular night.  Nancy said nothing, she just seemed to be
brooding.  I continued drawing.  Slowly Nancy’s hand slipped from my  
girlfriend’s shoulder and began to meander down to her breasts.  Her
long lithe fingers reached my girlfriend’s nipples.  

There was no protest from my girlfriend.  Soon her nipples were erect
and a look of pleasure seemed to spread over her face.  Nancy’s hands
were now gliding and  gently  caressing my girlfriend’s breasts and
further beyond.  I could hear my young girlfriend’s breathing rising.  
Nancy began to place gentle kisses on my girlfriend’s neck.  I was
confused,  unable to gage my feelings.  “Nancy can you keep still”
demanded Jason, like some irate  art teacher might say.  He seemed
unsure of himself now, all that previous confidence had now drained
away.   “Have you got a problem Jason?” asked Nancy mockingly.
Jason didn’t offer a response.   Nancy, normally, so staid, and
subservient towards her overwhelming boyfriend was now being shown
in a new unprecedented light.

Jason seemed crestfallen.  The drawing session came to a halt.  “It’s
sweaty work, this modelling, do you fancy a shower,” asked Nancy. My  
girlfriend nodded gently and was lead to the shower by Nancy giggling.  
I was left to discuss Jason’s insipid drawing, of the two reclining naked
figures, with Jason who was decidedly vexed.

Hardly a word was spoken for the rest of the evening. I took my girlfriend
home and later made love to her with  more passion, than I had ever
mustered before. I saw Jason a  few weeks later, he told me he had
broken up with  Nancy.

© 2007  Francis H Powell

Born in 1961, in Reading , England . Educated at various schools, before going on to Art
Schools ,  to do a degree in painting and an MA in printmaking.  Early working life included
jobs working with children and young adults, in London .  Moved to Austria in 1995, lived
there for two years and began teaching English as a foreign language.  Alongside has
always followed a lot of other creative activities, including music.  During the nineties, did
many concerts and some short tours, playing electronic music.  While in Austria , began to
write stories. Moved back to England ,  where upon pursued teaching career, including
teaching English (literature/language) and Art.   Decided to move to France at the end of

Working for IFG Langue, as an English teacher for the past eight years, as well as having
exhibitions in Paris and doing concerts in Paris area, as well as a festival in Seville , May
2006.  Song writer for French musicians, using English text.  Also a poet, who has had
works published, in poetry magazines, as well as work published on the internet.  As a
writer, has had four short stories published in magazine, “Rat Mort”  a magazine with dark
and surreal stories.  2006 has also seen him publish various articles on the internet, and
a new job, sending a monthly Arts report on Paris arts culture, for the “Bohemian aesthetic”

Has also had short stories and poetry published on another American site “Multi-

One of these stories had 27,000 views (for a story called “purged”) according to the site