The Studio
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Story Codes:  MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Urban

The Studio
by The Black

The Conference Room at Hungry Fox Studios

  “I’m shutting the studio down,” Vince said.

  Barbie Mattell looked up from her manicure, blinked her big blue eyes at Vince and tossed her blonde
hair. “For how long?” she asked. “Vince, I just got my lines for XXX-Men memorized. If we wait too long I’
ll have to learn them all over again.”

  Cinnamon Kiss glared across the conference table at Barbie and snapped, “What, bitch – you can’t
remember how to say, ‘Ooh baby, fuck me harder’ twenty times?”

  Vince held up his hand. “Ladies, please…”

  Barbie put on her best pout for Vince and said, “She’s just mad because fans like seeing me do black
guys more than her.” She spun her chair toward James Shaft, who was sitting next to her, put her hand
on his shoulder and cooed, “Isn’t that right, Jay?”

  Cinnamon shot up out of her chair and stabbed her finger in Barbie’s direction. “Bitch, brothers like
the kind of ass that you’ll never have. The only ones who get off on seeing you take black dick are
those weak ass, wanna be niggas. Isn’t that right, Jay?”

  James, whose skin was almost as dark as the black sunglasses he wore outdoors and indoors and in
every movie, shrugged. “Don’t you wenches put me in the middle of your catfight. Vince, what are you
talking about?”

  Vince said, “Back in the eighties, video tape shut down the adult theaters. So I adapted. I closed my
theater and sold my movies on video tape. Then CD’s and DVDs shut down video tape. So I adapted
again, and went to discs. Then pay internet shut that down, so I adapted again. But now everything is
out there for free. I can’t even control the shit I create and own, because some asshole geek hacker
steals it and posts it somewhere else. And to make matters even worse, every asshole with a camera
phone thinks he’s a director and wants to post video of him fucking his ugly wife, and show it for free. I
can’t compete with free.”

  Conan Craig, whose brown hair was as long as Barbie’s, frowned, displaying his typical confusion.
“So what are you saying, Vince? What’s your next move?”

  “I’m saying that there is no next move. I can’t compete with free, so I’m shutting the studio down for
good. I’m telling you guys first because you’ve been with me the longest, especially you, Marilyn. I’ll
contact the other actors later.”

  Marilyn Kennedy had been with Vince since she’d dropped out of high school at sixteen. They were
married for a couple of years when she was in her twenties, and now at forty-eight, she was the veteran
at Hungry Fox Studios. She was still a fan favorite, however. Rumor had it that she was born without a
gag reflex, which was why she’d never met a man she couldn’t make disappear. Her particular skill had
kept her working long after other adult film actresses her age were considered washed up. Her Marilyn
the MILF movies were still one of the most popular series in the industry.

  Marilyn looked across the table at James and said, “Tell him, Jay.”

  Now it was Vince’s turn to frown. “Tell me what?”

  “Jay has this idea,” Marilyn said. “I think it’s a great idea, and one that might save our company.”

  “What idea?” Vince asked. “Jay, why haven’t you told me about this?”

  Now, for the first time that anyone could remember, James Shaft took his shades off. He locked eyes
with Vince and said, “Because it’s my idea, and I want to get paid.”

  “Okay, I’m listening,” Vince said.

  “No Vince, you hear me, but I want you to listen. If you use my idea, I want to get paid as more than
just a hard dick. I’ve got some money put aside that I can invest, and in return for my idea and my
investment, I want twenty percent of the gross revenue.”

  Vince leaned back in his chair and rubbed his chin. “Twenty percent is a deep cut.”

  “You’re getting ready to shut it down. Paying me twenty percent of the gross is better than making

  “Well, let’s hear your idea.”

  James looked over at Marilyn. She picked her cell phone up off the table and turned on its camcorder.

  “What the fuck is this?” Vince asked.

  James said, “I want it on record when I present my idea. Not that I don’t trust you Vince, but the only
way I want to get fucked is on camera.”

  “All right, motherfucker, let’s hear it.”

  James said, “I think there’s one thing that can top watching video – even free video. And I think that
people will pay to see it, even in this economy. No matter how tight money is, people still want to get
stimulated and get off. Now like you said Vince, free video is out there everywhere, so nobody wants to
pay for it anymore. I don’t blame them. Why buy what you can get for free? So what we need to do is
offer something that they can’t get for free. We need to take watching porn to a whole new level.”

  “Okay, I’m still listening,” Vince said.

  James said, “I call my idea The Studio.”

  “I’m still listening,” Vince said.

  James said, “You ever seen those teaching hospitals, where they have the auditorium with the
elevated seating, and down at the bottom the operating table? You know, it’s set up so the students
can sit and watch what’s going on.”

  Cinnamon muttered, “Oh, shit!”

  “Wait a minute,” Vince said. “Are you talking about putting on live sex shows? That’s not new.”

  “It’s new if we treat it like a movie, or rather, a stage play. Instead of just us just coming out and
fucking, we do the same thing we do for the camera – put on a scripted show. You’ve got the studio
right here, Vince. All you need to do is convert it a little; add customer seating. We’re already in
Nevada, so the legality isn’t an issue. And I guarantee you that a big chunk of the tourists who go to
Vegas and Reno will find their way out here, once they know about it.”

  “I don’t know,” Vince said. “I don’t see how this could make a big enough profit. How would this thing

  “You’ve got four sets in the studio, man. Use every one, every night we’re open. Think of it as a
multiplex theater. Customers buy a ticket for the show they want to see. The set would be closed in, and
customers would be separated from the set. We’d need security, of course. We start small at first,
maybe open on Friday nights only with just one show on one set. And if it works out, we increase the
shows and schedule.”

  “You given this some thought, haven’t you Jay?”

  “Yeah man, I’ve been seeing the handwriting on the wall. Like you said, the pay video industry is
dying, because you can’t beat free. So it’s time to get out of the movie game and take it live.”

  “Ooh, this could be fun!” Barbie gushed. “Imagine getting applause from people for a job well done.”

  Cinnamon said, “Or we could talk shit to the audience, like Tyler Perry does in his plays.”

  “But um…what if we’re having a bad night?” Conan asked.

  “What do you mean?” Vince asked.

  “Well, like, if one of the guys can’t get it up or something?”

  “That’s why your ass needs to get off those steroids,” Cinnamon said. “Aren’t your damn muscles big
enough yet? I feel like I’m fucking a brick wall when we do it.”

  Marilyn said, “Conan, that’s why we’ll have understudies waiting in the wings, just as they do for plays
on Broadway.”

  “So Vince, what do you think?” James asked.

  Vince rubbed his chin again and said, “I think I like it.”


Six Months Later
Opening Night

  “I can’t believe this,” Vince said. “One hundred and fifty seats and we’re sold out on opening night.”

  “You can thank Marilyn for that,” James said.

  The show brought the famous Marilyn the MILF series to the live stage. When the show was
announced online on what used to be Hungry Fox Studios pay site, tickets sold out in less than an
hour. They’d planned one show for Friday night, but had had to add shows on Saturday, Monday and
Tuesday, and there were still requests for tickets outstanding.

  As with their movies over the years, Vince wrote the play himself. And as usual, James thought it was

  The story, such as it was, was about college student Mike, played by actor Guy Steel, who came
home on spring break with his dorm mate Tony, played by Tony Dark, who Vince put under contract
mainly because he looked like the young version of Marvin Gaye and was swinging ten inches. Mike’s
mother was played by Marilyn.

  The set was a living room, and the show opened with Mike and Tony coming in with their luggage, just
arriving in from school.

  Mike: Whew! I sure am tired after that long drive. I can barely keep my eyes open.

  Tony: Well, if you weren’t so anal about your car, I could’ve driven some. Hey dude, nice house!

  Mike: You can thank my mom for that. She’s an excellent decorator.

  Tony: Cool. So where is she?

  Mike: Hey mom! Mom, you home?

No response.

  Mike: I guess she isn’t home. (Fake yawn) Wow, I sure am tired. Hey dude, go ahead and watch some
TV. I’m going up to my room to catch some Zs.

  Somebody in the audience said, “Uh-oh,” and the crowd laughed. James was glad they were
laughing, because the script was terribly predictable, even for porn.

  Mike exited the stage and Tony sat on the sofa. He picked up the remote control and pretended to flip
through channels. After a few seconds he stopped and leaned forward, wide-eyed.

  Tony: Oh wow – they have the Playboy Channel!

  He looked around guiltily and then sat back to watch. On cue, the television started playing
prerecorded video of an old Hungry Fox Studios movie. After a minute, Tony was grabbing his crotch
and stroking himself through his jeans, totally lost in the program.

  Everyone in the studio knew what was coming next, and sure enough, Marilyn came bopping onto the
set, dressed in a tennis outfit skimpy enough to make Venus and Serena proud. She was humming and
swinging her racket as she entered the living room.

  Standing offstage, James was shocked at what happened next. At the sight of Marilyn Kennedy, the
audience broke into thunderous applause and cheers that turned into a standing ovation. It lasted so
long that the show had to stop, and instead of reciting her lines, Marilyn ended up taking bows and
blowing kisses to the crowd.

  Vince came back from wherever he’d been, grinning. “Can you believe this shit?” he beamed. “She’s
a fucking celebrity. She’s as big as Meryl Fucking Streep!”

  The standing ovation lasted for fifteen minutes. Tony got up off the sofa and joined in the applause
for his coworker, and Guy – aka Mike – came back out and joined in.

  When it finally faded away, the rhythm of the scene was lost. Tony and Guy stood on set, not sure
what to do. But Marilyn was a skilled veteran. She tossed her tennis racket away, put her hands on her
hips and said loud enough for the audience to hear, “You know what guys? Fuck it; two dicks are better
than one, so let’s have some fun.”

  If Guy had really been Marilyn’s son, what happened onstage over the next hour would have been

  The audience didn’t care about the script falling apart. They got to see porn queen Marilyn Kennedy
doing her thing live, and that was all that mattered.


  “No offense, Vince, but we need to come up with some better scripts,” James said.

  “Oh, you think you can do better than me? I’ve been writing movies for over forty years.”

  “Yeah, and it shows, man. We need some new blood writing scenes. Right now The Studio is hot
because it’s new. But eventually we’re going to have to come up with better stories.”

  “Hiring writers isn’t in the budget,” Vince said. “Do you want to pay some out of your twenty percent?”

  James said, “Well, I know of an adult web site that has stories by writers who do much better than you.
I bet they could come up with short scenes that would blow yours out of the water.”

  “Oh yeah? Well, let’s see them prove it,” Vince said. “Let’s see them write hot scenes better than
Marilyn the MILF: Mike Comes Home.

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