The Tea Party
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The Tea Party
By Dan Hawkins

    Although the mansion had a long driveway, I parked on the street just
as Ms. Johnson had requested.  Having all that money enabled her to
do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, like take classes at the
university.  I had just finished modeling for a figure drawing class she
was taking when she approached me,

    “How would you like to earn five hundred dollars in one night?” she
asked me as I put on my robe.

    “I think I’d like it very much,” I replied.

    She told me that she was throwing a party for a friend of hers.  This
friend was about to get married, but she didn’t call it a bachelorette
party.  She said it was more of a tea party, only with wine instead of tea.

    “What would I have to do?” I asked.

    “Whatever my friends want you to do,” she said.

    I figured that, for five hundred bucks, I could do just about anything.  
She gave me the address and told me to show up at 6:30 that Saturday.

    “Oh, and park on the street,” she told me.  “The driveway is for the

    So here I was, not really knowing what to expect.  I rang the
doorbell.  The place was so big that I expected a butler to answer.  But
Ms. Johnson, dressed in a slinky evening dress, answered the door

    “Good evening Dan,” she said, leaning in and giving me a quick kiss
on the cheek.  “Come on in.”

    I walked in and was immediately impressed by how nice the interior

    “Nice house,” I said.

    “Thank you.  I’ll give you a tour.”

    Ms. Johnson took me all through, showing me the bedrooms, the
pool and hot tub in the back, and the game room.

    “This is where most of the party will take place,” she said, referring
to the game room.

    We then went down to the kitchen, where the caterers were just
leaving, having delivered the food.

    “They’re leaving?” I asked.

    “Yes, you’ll be serving the food throughout the night.”

    I had never worked for any kind of catering company before, but I
said, “Ok.”

    Ms. Johnson then led me to a guest bedroom on the ground floor,
one that we hadn’t been to on the tour.

    “Now, the rules for the party.  You do want the five hundred, don’t

    “Yes.  I could sure use the money,” I replied.

    “Number one rule is, you are not allowed to wear any clothing
whatsoever as long as any guests remain.  So go ahead and get

    Even though I model nude for art classes, this request took me a
little by surprise.

    “Right here,” I asked.


    Ms. Johnson was an attractive woman, and she had already seen
me naked on several occasions in art class.  So I didn’t really have a
problem stripping for her.  In fact, I was starting to get excited about the
whole thing.

    “You are not allowed to try to cover up with anything,” she continued
as I took off my shirt.  “There will be about 20 women here, all friends of
mine.  Some of them will be surprised to see a naked man serving
them; some will love it.  Just do whatever they ask you to do.  You will
answer the door when it rings, so they will all get a good look at you as
soon as they get here.”

    I sat down on the edge of the bed and took off my socks and shoes.

    “The guests will be allowed to touch, fondle, or whatever.  That
doesn’t mean they will, so don’t expect it.  In fact, don’t expect anything.  
Just do anything they ask you to do.”

    “Anything?” I said.

    “Whatever they want.  If you’re not hard, and one of them wants to
see it hard, then you better get it up.”

    I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear.  Hearing her talk
about my erection like that had given me one, and my cock practically
jumped out of my pants as I pulled them down.

    “Mmmm,” Ms. Johnson said.  “Nice.  Also remember that I am the
boss.  If two guests give you conflicting instructions, whatever I say
goes.  Understand?”


    “And if someone is not entirely happy with you, there might be some
light spanking as a punishment.”


    My cock was throbbing now.  Ms. Johnson bent down and gave it
just a little kiss.  The doorbell rang as she stood back up.

    “Now go answer it,” she said.

    I looked down at my eight inch cock, standing straight out at

    “Like this?”



    I walked out of the guest room, and Ms. Johnson followed me.  She
closed the door and locked it with her key.

    “Just in case you’re tempted to get dressed and leave our little party.”

    “Don’t worry,” I said to her over my shoulder.

    The doorbell rang again, and I ran to the front, my cock dancing up
and down as I moved.  I pulled the door open to see two beautiful
women, about 30 years old, standing at the door.  They were both
dressed to kill.  The both looked down at my erect cock.  One of them
smiled ever so devilishly, while the other one’s jaw just dropped.

    “Good evening,” I said.

    “Hi,” the smiling brunette said.  “That looks nice.”  She gave my cock
a good squeeze as she walking into the mansion.

    The red head closed her mouth and seemed to regain her
composure.  The brunette noticed and said, “Oh yeah, you’ve never
been to one of Carol’s parties before.”  Turning to me, she said, “And
where did she find you?”

    “I modeled for her art class a few times this semester.”

    The brunette’s smile widened.  “Naked?”

    “Yes,” I confirmed.

    “So she got a preview then.  You didn’t model like this, did you?”  
She gave my hard cock another squeeze.

    “No, not hardly,” I said, and we all laughed a little.

    “Would you two like a drink?” I asked, playing the part I was hired to

    “I think we’ll both have a glass of wine,” the brunette said.

    Ms. Johnson arrived in the foyer and greeted the two guests.  I went
to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine.  As I took them out to
the guests, the doorbell rang again.

    It took almost an hour for all twenty guests to arrive.  I greeted each
one at the door, stark naked, although my erection subsided somewhat
as I got used to being their naked servant.  Once everybody was in the
gameroom and had a glass of wine, Ms. Johnson addressed the group.

    “Ladies,” she said.  “You’ve all met him already, but I want to formally
introduce Dan to you.”

    She motioned for me to step forward, and I stood in front of the

    “Dan is not only our waiter tonight, he is also the entertainment.  So if
any of you have any special requests, please let him or me know.”

    One attractive blond, whom I had served at least three glasses of
wine already, said, “Can he do some jumping jacks?”

    Ms. Johnson smiled and turned to me.  “Of course he can.”

    She nodded, and I set the serving tray I had been carrying down on
an end table.  I stepped toward the middle of the room and started
doing jumping jacks.  My cock and balls bounced all over the place as I
did them, and several of the ladies squealed like little girls.  The
movement was making my cock hard again, and soon I was sporting
another eight inch hard on.  Most of the later arrivals hadn’t seen it hard
like this, and I heard a few ooh’s and aah’s from the group.

    The ladies played several games during the next couple of hours,
including ring toss and twister.  In between games, I refilled wine
glasses and played the naked waiter.

    “All right,” Ms. Johnson announced, “we all know that Sarah is
getting married next week, so she is our guest of honor.”

    Everyone looked toward a pretty, petite blonde and started
applauding.  Sarah blushed at the attention.  The playful brunette, who
had been the first to arrive at the party, stood beside Ms. Johnson.

    “Yes, Emily?” Ms. Johnson said to her.

    “Since Sarah is getting married, she will need to learn some things
that she isn’t used to doing,” Emily said.  Some of the ladies giggled.  
“Now one of the things that Sarah told me wasn’t comfortable doing is
oral sex.”

    The giggling got louder.

    “What I’d like to do,” Emily continued, “is to give her a blow job
lesson using our entertainment here.”

    Emily looked at me, and my cock twitched just a little.  The giggling
stopped, and the ladies’ eyes all grew wide.

    “That sounds like a great idea,” Ms. Johnson said.

    Emily walked over to me and grabbed my cock.  All the other ladies
started moving to where they could see.  I was led by my cock over to a

    “Why don’t you lie down for this,” Emily said.

    I did as she asked, and Emily motioned for Sarah to come over.  
Sarah was still blushing.  She had a hand up to her face as she walked
over.  Emily kneeled on the floor next to the couch and pulled Sarah
down beside her.

    “It’ll be all right,” Emily said.

    “Ok,” Sarah replied in a shaky voice.

    Emily leaned really close to Sarah’s ear, and I could hear her
whisper, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

    “No, this is fine,” Sarah said.

    Emily looked at me and grinned devilishly before turning back to
Sarah.  Emily still had my cock in her hand, and she held it so that it
pointed straight up.

    “Now the first thing you need to do is relax.  Your throat muscles
should be very relaxed so you won’t gag.”

    “Okay,” Sarah said.

    Emily leaned her face toward my dick as she talked.  “You’ll want to
start with some light licking first.  Like this…”

    Emily’s tongue caressed the head of my cock, moving under the
ridge and down the shaft before going back up, licking the underside of
my cock.  She let it glide off as it passed over my urethra.

    “It’s always good to get them warmed up before you actually take it
in your mouth,” Emily explained.

    She took about a quarter of my cock into her mouth, and I could feel
her tongue still moving over the head as she sucked.  I looked up at the
other eighteen ladies looking down at me and felt a charge go through
my entire body.  I don’t think I had ever been that turned on in my life.  
Emily pulled her head back, and my cock exited her mouth with a loud

    “See, you can do a lot without actually taking the whole thing into
your mouth.  Do you want to try?”

    Sarah blushed again and said, “Not yet.”

    “Good.  More for me,” Emily said and took more than half of my cock
into her mouth this time.

    She moved her head up and down, sucking and licking and making
all kinds of friction.  My toes curled up from the wonderful sensations
shooting all over my body.  I was getting fairly close to an orgasm when
Emily came up again.  She took a deep breath before turning back to

    “Now, to deep throat, you have to relax, and tilt your head at an angle
so the dick goes in straight.”

    Emily then dove onto my cock, taking it all into her mouth.  I heard
several women there gasp as she did so, but Emily ignored them.  Her
head once again moved up and down, taking my cock all the way into
her throat with each dive.  She took me to the edge again before
coming up for air.  Sarah looked at her in awe.

    “You try it,” Emily said breathlessly.

    Sarah got on her knees and took the same angle that Emily had
taken.  She gagged a bit the first time she tried to take my cock in.  Her
mouth was smaller and tighter, and I didn’t think she would be able to
take me all the way in.

    “Relax,” Emily said.

    Sarah tried it again, and took the entire length of my cock into her
mouth.  I looked as her lips wrapped around the base of my cock.  She
moved up and down as Emily had done, keeping her lips wrapped
tightly around my shaft.  Sarah’s up and down movements got faster
and faster, her lips tighter and tighter.

    “Careful, or he’ll come in you mouth,” Emily said.

    Sarah came up for air, and the other ladies applauded.

    “Do you want him to come in your mouth?” Emily asked.

    “I don’t know,” Sarah said.

    “No,” one of the other ladies chimed in.  “We want to see that thing

    Almost everyone voiced their agreement with that statement.  Emily
took my cock in her hand and started working it furiously.  She blew on
the head of my cock, and every once in awhile, put it into her mouth for
just a second.  The friction and the fact that twenty women were staring
at my cock put me over the edge.  I came in a fantastic burst that must
have shot ten feet into the air.

    “Oh my God,” one of the ladies said.

    Emily slowed her motion, as if milking every last drop, and then
gently kissed the head of my cock.

    I then assumed my waiter duties for the rest of the night.  I left the
party with seven names and phone numbers scrawled on napkins and
seven fresh one hundred dollar bills.

    “For a job well done,” Ms. Johnson said as she gave me the extra
two hundred.

    “Thank you,” I replied.  “And any time you want to throw another one
of these parties, please let me know.”

    “Oh, I will,” Ms. Johnson replied with a grin.


© 2007 Dan Hawkins

Dan has worked as a nude model for college art classes for over
twenty years.  Regis Philbin took an interest in Dan's part time job
during an appearance as a contestant on ABC's gameshow "Who
Wants to Be a Millionaire."  Unfortunately, Dan didn't win the million, but
he did take home $32,000.  When he's not writing or modeling naked,
he works as an IT technician.  Dan lives in Fort Worth with his wife and
two sons