The Tease
By Holly Ord

"You know, you're nothing but a worthless little cunt to me right now."
He hissed, as he traced her collarbone with his tongue for a few engaging

"That's all I can ever dream of being." She whispered as she tilted her
head up.

He waited until she was comfortable, unaware and unsuspecting before
him clenched his teeth into her pale skin and took a fist full of her short,
brownish black hair to guide her mouth to his. She took a deep breath and
exhaled it in, trembling as goose bumps rose all over her body and her
nipples perked up immediately, easily showing through her tight black

She met his lips eagerly, as not being able to kiss him without asking and
obtaining an affirmative reply, when he initiated their lips meeting, she
jumped at the opportunity. She let him suck on her bottom lip before
plunging her tongue deep within his mouth.

"No, no, no" he whispered. "Don't get too carried away just yet."

She let her lips fall in defeat, although not very happy, and extremely
Ecstatic at the same time with the situation. For two days he had her on
the edge of orgasm; he didn't even have to be in the vicinity or simply have
anything to do with what she was occupying her mind with at the time -
her every thought, unconscious as well as not, revolved around this man
and how he drove her completely wild, doing things she had only
masturbated to thoughts of.

He turned his face away from hers as his hands started roaming her
parted legs, her long black skirt lifted to the middle of her thighs. When
he felt there were no eyes on them he would grab her pussy and squeeze
while he could surely feel the wetness soak through her see-through
thong and thin fabric; it was like clock work. She twisted her head around
to look up at him and stared deeply into his eyes, afraid to look anywhere
else in case she missed something a little hint as to when he would make
his next move, a smile that would crack through his almost-always
serious lips, a new twinkle settling into his cornea.

She had always been attracted to his eyes and caught herself staring
Deeply into them every time they talked; even before she found out what a
lovely pet she could be for him.

He stopped abruptly, brought an open hand down across her pussy lips
and just as the sting was about to wear away, he stood her up, bent her
over herself until she touched his shoes and lifted the skirt to where he
could easily see her bare ass before him, begging to be assaulted.

His lips turned up into a brief smirk as he lifted his hand and brought it
down across her ass at full-speed, surprising even himself with how hard
he let her have it. The sound echoed through the room and a handprint
etched itself into her flesh as the heat rose
up to her face and a quiet yelp came from deep within her lungs.

"You like that, don't you, you little slut?" He said in a soft voice as
He brought his hand down to the other cheek and sent a much louder echo
Through the room.

Not sure whether or not he wanted an answer, she simply moaned as she
began to soak through her panties, wanting him more and more by the

"Answer me when I ask you a question, you fucking whore." He said in a
Much sterner voice. She never heard him talk to her in such a harsh tone,
but before she could mutter a word, he guided her back to a standing
position by a strong grasp he had on her hair and sat her back on his lap
facing him.

"I…I'm sorry." She managed to stammer in utter surprise as she lowered
her head, her eyes at his chest level.

"An apology isn't going to get you out of this." He half laughed at her
Feeble attempt to make peace.

With those words he took both of her full breasts in his hands, made
his thumb and index fingers'way to her nipples, still pointing out of her
shirt, and squeezed them until she jumped in pain.

"Stand up." He demanded.

She started to get up slowly until she felt his hand at her throat.

"Faster. And lift your skirt up and show me that pretty little ass of
Yours again."

She adhered to his wishes; lifting up her skirt, running her hands over
her ass still radiating with heat from the last batch of whacks, and bent
over in front of him.

"Good girl." He said in an approving tone. "I can't wait until I'm
thrusting my cock in and out of this - You would let me, too, wouldn't you,

She knew better than to not answer him so she was sure to speak loud
enough so he could hear every syllable coming from her mouth.

"Of course I would; I would do anything for you."

"Damn right you would."

Before his words could soak in, he bent her over as far as she would go
And licked her cunt up to her ass and landed two more smacks over her
purpling ass; the sound booming off of the walls.

This was the first lashing of its kind she had taken, he knew, so he
decided to start their rendezvous slowly, and in the company of a friend
until he gradually worked up to the little nymphet he knew she could be.
This could take a while, but he had the patience, especially when he
thought about what it would be like when he finally went out of control on
her just-legal ass. He couldn't help but smile at the thought.

"You did wonderfully for your first time." He said lifting her back on
to his lap.

"This was your first little taste to what I have in store for you; I'll
make you a wanton concubine in no time."

"That's all I can ever dream of being." She said in a whisper as she
laid her head down on his chest and closed her eyes, a soft smile cracking
through her lips.

"Yeah…" He thought, "I can't wait until tomorrow."

Holly Ord is a (not so disciplined) freelance writer and web designer
in Scranton, PA. Several of her poems have been published in iUniverse's
Four Years to Life, a joint-effort publication by the now-former students of
West Scranton High School's Creative Writing course of 2004. This is her
first appearance in Bare Back Magazine and although she is a new face in the
scene, she hopes to reach many more people through her writing and additional
The Tease
©2006 by Holly Ord
All Rights Reserved