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The Vampire Story
by Nicho©

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a far off mystical land. She was very
smart, and extremely inquisitive, and because of this she sometimes drove her poor father crazy
with her desire to understand things using logic and questions. But her father couldn’t begrudge
the little princess because she was his favorite, and despite how she would sometimes tire him
out with her endless pursuit for answers, he had to laugh at how much she reminded him of

Now the princess grew more beautiful and curious as she got older, and she would spend
countless hours in the castles library researching all sorts of information, which she would then
put into stories of her own. “I’m going to be a famous story teller one day” she would tell her
imaginary friends. Being much smarter than her siblings, especially her brother, Stephanos the
stupid, she found her make believe friends far more entertaining, and would spend hours talking
to them and having debates arguing all points of view.

This was very important to the princess as her logical mind loved to have all the angles figured out
before she got into a debate with one of her siblings. This was also the consternation of her
siblings, and of many a would be suitor, as before they could even start to defend their point of
view the princess had already defeated their pathetic attempts at logic, pointing out all the flaws in
their way of thinking and often causing the young men great embarrassment.

This was until shortly after the princess’s 21st birthday when she had an experience in the woods
that would change her life forever. She had climbed up on top of one of the nearby hillsides
outside the castle walls and watched the sun set, something she had often done even while a
young child. Yet something was different this night, for right after the sun set a strange fog
seemed to appear out of nowhere and completely surrounded all the lands of the kingdoms.

Many people found themselves suddenly cold…. So very cold they could hardly move, and so
suddenly chilled and afraid they didn’t want too. Animals begin moving restlessly within their pens,
dogs barked and growled at the shadows, and then retreated into the safety of their homes or
cowered whimpering in the dark, but the princess felt a warmth, like nothing she had ever felt
before she stood and embraced the fog, relishing the sensations she felt against her skin,
feelings akin to nothing she had ever experienced before.

The princess would have sworn the fog had turned into a pair of hands wrapping about her and
holding her in their embrace, massaging away every ache and pain, and tenderly running fingers
across her check. In was impossible she knew, but she would have sworn that the fog was a
living, breathing, being… she could have sworn she felt it’s heartbeat against her breast, the
warm breath whispering in her ear promising pleasures she couldn’t even comprehend.

The princess felt her knees buckle, but instead of falling the fog gently lowered her to the ground.
The bare rock outcropping she had stood on watching the sunset was gone. Instead of cold hard
granite she found herself lying in a bed of soft clover. The princess looked up and was amazed to
see more stars in the night sky than she had ever seen before. It was so absolutely beautiful that
the princess could only stare in wild wonder at the fascinating spectacle.

She watched in amazement as a shower of shooting stars begins to fill the night sky. She had
read of such events and even seen a drawing of one, but she had never seen one actually
happen. She thought to herself, meteor showers she remembered them being called. She
continued watching the night sky vaguely aware of something now lying beside her.

She opened her mouth and gasped as she felt a hand moving across her waist. Someone was
there beside her, but she was unable to move. She felt her heart begin to race as the hand slide
up the front of her bodice between her breast and across her smooth skin, gently gliding over her
throat, tilting her head back and turning it slightly to the left, feeling her rapid pulse and gently
stroking it.

She tried to rise, but the hand that had moved over her was now attached to an arm, no… to
something more, and that something, whatever it was held her firmly to the ground. The fingers
slid her head back around and she saw the man who lay beside her his red hair seeming to float
in the breeze, his piercing blue eyes staring right through her looking at her as if he wished to
devour her, mind, body, and soul.

She tried to turn away from him but found herself mesmerized by those eyes. She heard him
speak in a strange melodic tone. The words were foreign to her, yet she felt them washing over
her, causing her body to begin to flush with a heat that seemed to come from somewhere deep
inside of her, as if the very core of her being had been lit by some mystical fire.

Despite her fear she found herself reaching out to this man pulling him closer to her and tilting her
head up to his so that she might taste his lips. He leaned in and kissed her firmly declaring his
desires, she thought she felt his tongue, but realized that his lips had been to tightly drawn. How
did you kiss me like that she thought to herself. He smiled and she heard his voice in her head
answer her. Like this, and before she could think he was kissing her again.

She felt his hand sliding down the front of her chest, felt the warm hand on her breast as he slid
his hand under her tunic, felt the desire building in her for him to do more. How could that be she
thought, I don’t even know this man, I don’t…., but even as she tried to argue against her actions
her mind closed her off, begged her to go along, and to yield to his touch. She tried to fight it, to
argue, this made no sense she tried to cry out in her mind, but as his lips brushed hers again she
felt her resolve weakening, sending her senses reeling and the fires that she thought couldn’t
burn any hotter, only intensified.

He sat up and removed his shirt and tossed it into the mist, she watched as the mist caught the
shirt, and then it faded away. She looked back at this strange man whose spell she was under,
admiring his sinewy muscles, and rock solid form. The raw strength and masculinity he exuded
was intoxicating, and when he turned his gaze back upon her she knew she would do whatever he

With a mindful purpose he teasingly begin to slowly loosen her top, pausing to let his fingers slide
beneath the fabric of her bodice, and glide across the tops of her breast causing sparks of
electricity to shoot through her veins with the promise of so much more. And she realized that she
truly yearned for him to do more, and in her yearning she found herself reaching down to remove
her top for him and then placing his hands fully on her heaving breasts, moaning aloud as the
warm air seemed to wrap around her like a blanket.

He smiled at her as he lowered his mouth to hers and kneaded her breasts within his hands
making her moan again and, adding more fuel to the fire that burned within her. She returned his
kisses now, matching his intensity with an intensity of her own like nothing she had ever felt
before. Unabashed and unashamed she welcomed the passion coursing through her body, and
though she knew not where such passion came from, she embraced it just the same.

He worked his way down her body lightly kissing her neck trailing kisses down to her chest, letting
his lips brush against her erect nipples. Taking them into his mouth and suckling them like a
babe, while alternately caressing them with his hands. As she started to grow accustomed to the
sensations he began opening his mouth and taking more of her breast into it, letting her feel his
mouth enveloping her as his tongue flickered across her nipples exciting them, and causing them
to peak harder.

He then broke his hold on her breast and began kissing lower as his hands slipped under the
hem of her bottoms and deftly removed them exposes her exquisite nakedness to him for the first
time. Rather than move to hide her nakedness from him she arched her body wantonly towards
him. Reaching for him with a need she had never known, as no lover had ever caused her to ache
with such desire.

He smiled wickedly as he placed his head between he legs and allowed his tongue to pierce her
tender flesh. She gasped at the sudden advancement, and then bucked her hips up to meet him.
Unconsciously her body acted on pure animal instinct, without thought, without word, knowing
what needed to happen, and urging him on.

He buried his face between her legs squeezing her thighs as his tongue worked around her
delicate nub. In response she reached down and grabbed the back of his hand with one hand as
she thrust her hips against him grinding her body into him, begging him to give her more, as she
ran the other hand through her hair, and began panting loudly.

Seeing her hips moving lustfully he slithered out of his pants and rolled over on top of her. Her
eyes which had been closed mere moments before shot open as her breath hitched. He carefully
slid the tip of his manhood against her delicate folds trying to resist the urge to slate both of their
thirst. She would have nothing to do with anymore games of waiting, with her need for him over
powering her she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him towards her as she angled her
hips to allow him entry.

He quickly entered her completely filling her, and releasing her inner most cravings. She begin to
buck and push against him like a wild animal on the verge of losing control. He puled out and
thrust back into her with gaining speed, but she only matched his movements and begged for
more. He put his hands on either side of her as he continued to move faster, and faster. She
rocked her hips sideways and cried out as the first wave of release hit her. Letting the fire burning
in her continue to rise in temperature until she thought it would consume her and cause her whole
body to burst into flames.

He slowed his movement as she calmed, but within seconds she begin to roll her hips again
looking for more and letting her body search out the way to find it. He responded with a smile
leaning in and letting his mouth fall over her breast as she begin thrusting against him. He
released her from his hold as he arched his head upwards and started thrusting his hips back
and forth side to side.

Her muscles begin to tense and he could feel her clasping hold of him from the inside as she
moaned louder. He felt himself suddenly become aware of the heat she was emanating and
found his body rocking in perfect unison with hers. He felt the tightness taking hold and knew it
wouldn’t be long.

With one final thrust he pushed himself deeply within her and let himself go. Her eyes squeezed
shut as her raged breathing matched pace with her pounding heart. The feeling of him pulsing so
deeply within her as he gave himself to her completely, was more than she could take and she
found herself joining in this climax, body and soul.

She could still see the stars falling overhead as she felt the warm breath on her neck the teeth
softly raking against her skin. She felt a slight pinch and then pure fire raced through her veins.
The sensation was like her very blood begin to boil, the stars started moving faster becoming a
blur. She heard a moan escape her lips, and despite recognizing the voice she felt as if it came
from a thousand miles away.

Then as suddenly as it had all began the icy cold sensation of death suddenly gripped her and her
world went black…

He debated his actions throughout the remainder of the night, wondering if it was right to take the
life of such a beautiful young flower, but his debating lasted only until the sun set the next evening,
for when she awoke and walked over to take his arm in hers he knew that they, and their love,
would be together forever.

© 2006 Nicho
The Vampire Story