The Visitor
Story Codes: MF, Consensual

The Visitor
By Chanel Blake

“You’re late,” he says, seated in the red armchair by the fire, twirling the remainder of the scotch in the crystal

She closes the door behind her and steps into the stream of light coming from the bedroom. Dressed in a
long black coat and high heels, she walks towards him. “I know.”

Placing the glass on the side table, he stands. “Doesn’t matter now.”

A smirk spreads on her full lips. She expected this answer. Two more steps in his direction, but he holds his
hand up to stop her.

“Forgetting something?”

The smirk disappears and her blue eyes gaze intensely at him. “Whatever you wish.”

Slowly, agonizingly, she slips the buttons open one by one before letting the coat slide off her shoulders. His
pants tighten as his eyes consume her body. Her lingerie hugs her hips, and pushes up her large breasts, the
black lace is perfect against her milky skin, a doll-like perfection. Licking his lips, anxious to taste her
sweetness. She steps towards you again.

Clearing your throat, he says, “Something else.” His voice is husky, filled with desire.

Her pink lips twitch at the corners while she reaches up and frees her dark hair from the tie, sending it
cascading down her back and spilling over her shoulder, framing her perfect breasts.

“Does this please you?”

He says nothing, tiring of her games, and step closer to her. His left hand reaches around her back and
undoes the lacy bra, tossing it aside. Her full breasts, now exposed, wait to be handled. Grabbing a handful of
her hair, he pulls her head backwards, exposing her long smooth neck, and he caresses her milky perfect
with his teeth. She shivers under his touch, small bumps aroused on her skin.

His mouth continues, wrapping around her left nipple. A gasp escapes her lips. He pulls away, not ready to
reward her just yet, and she looks at him with wide, begging eyes and parted lips.

"Something you wanted?"

Her lips clamp shut and she shakes her head. He wraps his hand around hers and pulls her to the red arm
chair. He sits, having her stand before him and hooks his fingers into her panties, sliding them down her
toned legs.

He reaches between her parted legs, sliding his finger into her damp folds. She ready, desperate for his

Withdrawing his finger, he holds the damp digit to his lips, licking at her taste. “Mmm, so sweet.” His hands run
over her hips then bare backside. Perfectly toned and smooth. “And ready.”

She smirks again and leans forward. Her hands slide up his thighs, reaching for the zipper on his pants. He
doesn’t stop her, watching her careful movement, only lifting his hips slightly so she can slide them off.

Then she kneels and her perfect lips wrap around his cock, moving up and down in a warm, fluid motion. He
grips the arms on the chair. She knows best how to please him as her tongue gently flicks the head and
grazes the shaft.

“Enough,” he growls, grabbing a fist full of her dark hair and pulling her head back.
Her tongue runs across her lips as she smiles up at him.
She stands and straddles him on the large arm chair. Her hands hook around his neck as she lowers herself
onto his stiff cock. She slides the entire length inside of her, then stops with a coy smile.

He looks into her playful blue eyes. “What are you waiting for?”

She grinds her hips against his. A moan escapes his lips.

“You know I love to tease.”

He growls, grasping her hips and forcing a steadying movement. “This isn’t your play time.”

She moans as he pulls her back down against his cock, pushing deep inside of her. But it’s not enough. He
wants more control.

Stopping her movement, He pushes her from his lap then stands and pulls her to the bedroom. But instead of
the bed, he leads her to dresser with the large mirror. He places her hands on her smooth surface, then let
his hands caress her body, running over her smooth ass, then plunging two fingers into her wet folds.

She moans and grinds against his touch.

He pulls out his fingers and smacks her firm ass. She moves away from him.

“Ah, ah,” he scolds, pulling her back and slapping her ass again. It turns red from his hand.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he whispers, flicking her clit and receiving a moan in response.

She pushes her round ass towards him, wiggling it in his face. His nails dig into her hips as he grasps them
and thrust deep inside of her again. She cries out with pleasure, arching her back. Full breasts bounce,
reflected in the mirror, he leans down and bites on her shoulder. Such a pleasant view.

She tightens around his cock, ready to release. But it’s not time yet.

He stops his movement and a pathetic whimper escapes her lips.

He smirks. “What’s wrong, love?”

She says nothing, keeping her flustered gaze away.

“Did I stop too soon?” He thrusts again.

Another whimper.

“You know what you need to do.” He runs his hand up her back.

She shivers under his touch.  “Please.”

His smirk grows. “Please, what?”

“Please, let me finish.”

He thrusts deep inside of her again, no longer in need of encouragement. Grabbing a fist full of hair, he pulls
her back against his chest, fucking her hard and watching her pleasure.

Her head tilts back, she bites hard on her lip and cries out, contracting around his thick cock as he fills her
with cum.

He collapses forward, his chest on her back. She breathes heavily beneath him. Cum drips from her as he
pulls his cock out and leads her to the bed.

She lies down, and he leans in close, kissing her gently, lovingly on the lips.

“Next time, don’t be late,” he says. “And I won’t have to punish you.”

She smirks. “I like it better when you punish me.”