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The Window
by Mark Anderson

Karen looked up from her journal and out of the window. It was dark and unsettled. Fall
was arriving, and the blustery wind was announcing the new season by throwing brittle
September leaves against the glass. It would probably rain soon.

It was already raining in her house.

In the daytime, the window looked over her garden, then out to the rolling fields and
woods beyond. The view was stunning and soothing all at once. It was the main
reason she bought the house, especially as there was a loveseat installed in the large
bay window that overlooked everything. It was the perfect place for sitting, even in the
dark, and writing in her journal. It was also the perfect place to sit and cry over men.

Brad wasn’t the first to hurt her, but tonight it seemed like he had inflicted the deepest
wounds. Her journal was supposed to be the friend she leant on at times like this, but
the page before her provided no comfort. So far the only two words on there were, “I’m

Karen’s normally free and lively brown hair was tonight several shades darker, drab
and heavy. Her bright blue eyes had also deepened a shade or two and the skin
around them had taken on a painful red hue. Sitting with one leg against the window
and her back on a cushion, the journal was propped against her thigh and her pen
was idle. There were small crumbs of chocolate starting to melt onto the unflattering
grey hooded sweatshirt she wore. In the next week she would cry every night and put
on at least four pounds. It was what she did when her heart broke.

She had met Brad at a bar, where she was having pre-dinner drinks with some friends.
He was easy to talk to, intelligent, and very easy on the eye. It was no big deal; they
talked, smiled, and said causal goodbyes. An hour after they left the bar, Brad found
her in the restaurant and, in front of all of her friends, asked for her number. He had
been to several restaurants before finding her and was resigned to checking every one
in town if he had to. He wished he’d said something in the bar, and wanted to avoid the
regret that he didn’t. For Karen, this was not a bad start.

He was tall, fit but not muscular, short black hair and had clear skin with gentle
features. She liked that he dressed smartly, designer casuals mostly, and loved that
he made her laugh and feel like a special woman. He seemed to be without flaws.

The fall-out was all over a football game. Looking back, it was so stupid! She had been
out of town on business all week and anticipated spending the weekend with Brad on
her return, most of it in bed. On the phone she’d told him how much she was looking
forward to spending Saturday with him.

“Did you forget? I’ll be out all Saturday.” his voice displayed no concern.

Her shoulders slumped as she vaguely remembered. He and his buddies were going
to be watching some college game, a tradition he said. As they talked, Karen felt
herself redden with anger, fueled by her disappointment.

“Hey, we’ll be done buy about eight. If you want to drive by and pick me up I’ll come over
and we can watch a movie or something. I’ll have had a few beers, so I won’t be able to
drive myself.”

Karen wanted to tell him that she would be happy to pick him up, but she didn’t, “You
care more about a football game than me?” It was an outright challenge to him and
Karen’s voice became fragile with emotion.

Brad was silent for almost twenty torturous seconds, obviously sensing her mood. “It’s
nothing like that. We do this every year. Hell, it’s only one game. It was planned before
we started dating. I can’t pull out.”

“You mean you don’t want to.”

She heard Brad sigh down the phone and knew that she’d backed him into a corner.
“This is a needless argument Karen. It’s only a few hours.”

“But I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too darling, but this is ...”

“If you really did miss me you’d come over.”

Things wend downhill after that. Karen knew even then she was being unreasonable,
but she still wanted him all to herself. It was a torturous spiral, she wouldn’t give way
and obviously Brad didn’t think the argument was worth giving in to. Repeating his offer
to come over after the game became the final straw. “You won’t spend the day with me,
but you’ll have me drive over and pick you up so you can come over here and fuck me?”

And that, was the crazy thing: that was exactly what she wanted him to do to her. And yet
there she was telling him that if he couldn’t miss the game for her, he might as well
find another girl. Brad fumbled for some words that she might find acceptable, but she
hung up on him.

And now she was in the window, crying.
Brad had been so good for her, the first guy in a long time to really appreciate her and
treat her like a woman. Hell, he even insisted on her climaxing first almost every time
they made love. Here was a guy who’d sat and watched Sleepless in Seattle with her,
and maybe, just maybe, she saw a small tear at the end of the movie. For her, that
made him a real man.

It was now almost a week after the break-up, and she hadn’t heard a thing. Not even
after she switched her cell phone back on, finally, that afternoon. “Ring you bastard,
ring.” She looked over to the offending, silent, phone.

Her mind kept flitting back to the first day he came to her house. They had been dating
for nearly two weeks, she invited him for dinner and he turned up with flowers,
chocolates, and Champagne. That night, Brad looked like a keeper.

After dinner they settled into the lounge with the wine and the chocolates. He fed them
to her while they sat on scatter cushions in front of the fire. Their kisses were sweeter
than the chocolate, and the passion gently rose as the fire started to subside.

“You look so beautiful tonight.” Brad’s hand came up easily to caress her cheek and
feel the smooth skin that was flushed nicely by the fire and the wine. He leaned forward
and brought their faces only inches apart. Karen’s eyes softened as she closed the
gap and pressed her lips to his.

They undressed with a purpose, but without hurry, both starting by working off each
other’s shirt. In the background someone was singing a soft version of Elton John’s
classic “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” as Brad revealed Karen’s pink satin bra.
Without waiting to take her shirt off fully, he slipped his hand inside her and cupped
her, feeling the weight of her breast soften into his hand as he lifted it through the
sheer material.

He had a wonderfully soft touch and it had been a long time since she’d been loved
with such feeling. She let her hands wander over his hairy chest, brushing over the
nipples that immediately stiffened at her touch.

“Lie back. I want to take these off for you.” She tugged at the waistband of his jeans.

As he lay flat she shifted to her knees, undid his jeans’ button and pulled the zipper
down. Brad gave a comfortable sigh as the zip ran along the length of his erection. She
watched his briefs appear, along with a sizable lump and, not for the first time that
night, she felt a distinct heat increase between her own legs.

As soon as his jeans were gone Karen brought her focus back to his briefs, placing a
hand firmly on the bulge and sliding the material downwards with a slow stroking
motion. She smiled as she pulled the elastic waist of his briefs over the tip of his cock.
With her hand now caressing the base of his erection and his balls, Karen bent
forward and placed a gentle wet kiss on the exposed tip.

Lifting her head slowly away from his erection, she pulled his underwear away from
him, leaving his thick cock horizontal with his body. She watched for a few seconds as
it twitched a couple of times and imagined what it might feel like sliding inside her.
Karen felt herself squelch inside her panties.

“Now who’s the beautiful one?” She leaned forward to kiss him, running her hand
along his length, before backing off to her own sitting position and beckoning him to
come and undress her.

Brad kissed her first, his mouth urgently tasting her passion as he eased her down
onto the rug. While he paused to fondle her breasts again with his inquisitive fingers,
Karen reached out and took a light hold on his cock.

When he’d undone the zipper on her skirt, Karen raised herself to aid his task and felt
the material slide over her hips as Brad pulled it away to reveal a small pair of pink
panties that matched her bra. As he brought a hand to ease between her legs Karen
opened them willingly and allowed him to finger the front of her panties lightly.

Her legs continued to widen and her knees lift as Brad stroked, now with an increasing
pressure. Leaning forward, he kissed her deeply and slipped his hand deftly under the
elastic. Karen’s kiss paused for a few seconds as Brad’s fingers found her silky wet
folds and slid along them.

As she lay at his mercy, Brad pulled away her panties, leaving her naked and glorious
in the soft firelight. While he returned his hand to her pussy and made slow and gentle
strokes along its length, Karen raised herself to a sitting position that allowed her to
kiss him and regain her hold on his throbbing cock. Brad shifted to sit directly in front of
her, their legs overlapping. Karen continued her slow affectionate stroking of him and
could now ease a second hand down and let her fingers close around his balls.

He sighed deeply as he explored her velvety inside with his finger and her hand started
to stroke the head of his cock with a swirling motion that sent shivers through him.

Brad lifted one of her breasts upwards so he could dip his head and lick around her
stiff nipple. His added attention to her momentarily halted her hands’ work as she
caught her breath and another new pleasure wave washed over her. He continued to
make his tongue swirl around her nipple and occasionally suck on her, enjoying the
reaction he got as Karen’s earthy breathing punctuated his movements. Finally
withdrawing his finger from her, he immediately replaced it with two fingers and
allowed his thumb to start some very gentle rubbing around her clit.

“Oh God.” She panted into his ear, letting go of his cock and grabbing his sides.

Brad continued his slow manipulation with his fingers, in and around her pussy, and
his lapping at her nipple with his hungry tongue. Karen began to grind her pelvis into
his hand as he played with her increasingly soaked sex. There was less warning than
she expected, then the explosion.

Karen involuntarily gasped as she struggled to maintain control of her muscles, the
pleasure folding over her like a huge warm blanket as Brad coaxed her higher. The
climax rushed through her like a runaway train and set off fireworks in her head. Her
pussy suddenly felt molten as the fire and wetness fused into a boiling cauldron of

She felt his arm wrap around her while he continued to slowly rub his thumb over her
clit. Her pussy contracted and clasped his fingers in a vise-like grip one final time.
When he finally eased off his movements and withdrew his hand, she collapsed into
his arms.

“Oh ... wow.” Karen giggled eventually, pulling her face back to look into his. “Where
has that been all my life?”

Brad held onto her for the longest time, kissing her and letting her come down from the
shattering high. Karen was smiling and had her eyes locked onto his as she rose up
onto her knees and inched herself over to where Brad’s cock was straining upwards
between his legs.

Holding onto his shoulders, Karen positioned herself above him. She felt the slick heat
of her excited lips brush over the head of his cock. Then, her eyes never leaving his,
she slipped down to engulf him. The instant rush of his hardness penetrating her
brought Karen’s excitement level back into the red zone in a way she had never
experienced before. She felt her softness close tightly around him and coat him in her
hot juices.

Kneeling, Karen was able to rise and lower herself on him, very slowly at first as Brad
pulled her close, kissing her and letting his hands feel the soft skin of her back and

Karen could feel just from his skin that he was getting near. It surprised her just how
close she’d become again so soon after her first climax and the thought of climaxing
with Brad inside her was suddenly very appealing. “Touch me Brad.” She whispered.
“Take me with you.”

Reaching between them Brad found the engorged top of her pussy lips and the bud of
her clit; proud, slick and hot. He allowed his fingers to simply cover her first, his
fingertips brushed by his own cock as she slid down on him again, then he began
some very small movements in time with the rhythm she was dictating.

As Karen continued her steady pace on him Brad sped up his movements on her clit.
She felt his body tighten then he grunted loudly.

A giddy smile was painted on her face as she felt Brad climax. Desperate to please
him, her awareness of her own state was neglected momentarily, until she felt the
spasms and gush of hot semen as he unloaded into her. The feeling of triumph was
too much and Brad’s hand movements tipped her over the edge again, a second fiery
orgasm closing her pussy around him tighter than ever.

It had all been such a wonderful night, a passion she’d never experienced before, and
had lived over and over in those few short weeks with Brad. Just thinking about
emotion of that night had a new tear forming at the corner of her eye and a new heat in
her panties.

Her cell stared ringing. Before the second chirp it was in her hand. She read Brad’s
name on the Display. Karen took a deep breath, and lifted the phone to her ear. Her
heart was singing, her hopes rocketing as she closed her eyes and spoke, already
knowing that her prayers had been answered.

“Hello.” She tried to sound like she hadn’t been crying and did not know who the caller
was. She failed

Brad stammered down the line at her, obviously forgetting his prepared speech. When
he did hit his stride his voice became that soft velvety tone that she remembered from
her pillow, “Look, I’m sorry about the game, but I ... I just think we should talk about this.
I’ve missed you a lot and I’ve been thinking about you all the time. Do you think we
could get a coffee sometime and talk about it?”

“Are you talking about getting back together Brad?”

“I ... guess I am. I was hoping you’d consider that.” His tone lightened a little, hopeful.

“No.” Her voice was suddenly resolved again. “You chose your football game over me.
And please, don’t call me again.”

Karen heard herself say the words, but couldn’t hope to understand why she said
them. She popped another chocolate into her mouth and started writing in her journal.

“I’m broken. It’s all my fault. Men!”
The Window
©2006 by Mark Anderson
All Rights Reserved