They Double-Teamed the Indian Peach
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They Double-Teamed the Indian Peach
by Gianni Shamari

In the well-furnished dim lit bedroom of a Manhattan penthouse, two women are making out. One of them is
nude and stretched out on the king-size bed, with her fleshy thighs open and deep-set brown eyes closed. Her
complexion is dusky. She is Namitha, a South Indian hottie with a well-endowed figure. Her long black hair is in
a mess about her beautiful round face.

Her partner is a passionate Floridian woman with a slim figure, smaller curves, and close-cropped hair. She is
clad into a silk green bikini. Her name is Monica Hershel, The Predator.

Namitha moans and squeezes her 36E tits as Monica glues her mouth to her pussy, eating it avidly. The Indian
hottie arches her back in the bliss and her Floridian lover holds tight at the huge booty she loves to pat.

Right on time, a handsome African-American man with a strong build walks into the bedroom. He is rocking a
Goodfella$ two-tone leather jacket and sporting a Caesar Fade hairstyle. He is Maré, the King of New York! He
is one of the most famous playboys in the city.

He stops in his tracks as he hears Namitha’s cries, “Mmm … right there … yess … right there … aah … yesss
… yes, yes, yes!”

Great! The room is full of sex already; Maré thinks and walks inside the bedroom. The sight of the two women
having sex arouses him instantly.

He whistles and says, “Daddy’s home! And what I see? ‘Ruby Rose’ is eating the tastiest pussy in the world.”

“Shut up and sit down,” Monica says without looking at him.

Maré laughs, walks over to the bed, and sits down. He kicks off his Maison Martin Margiela sneakers to get
more comfortable on the bed. Namitha’s large boobs fascinate him. After kissing Namitha on lips, he fondles
and kisses her tits. He definitely loves to enjoy the texture of her breasts.

“Now, the party begins!” Maré announces.

Namitha pulls Maré’s pants down and performs fellatio on him as Monica pushes and splaying her legs. She
can feel her knees touching with her own boobs. Instantly, something soft is probing into her asshole. Namitha
can neither hiss nor strain her torso. Her stomach muscles contract for the pleasure as Monica goes on with
rimming her.

“Mmm…” Namitha moans softly. All the while, Monica fingers her pussy and tickles the wet labia with a feathery
touch, which turns gradually into shoves. “Oh, keep lapping my ass,” Namitha sighs. “Don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry, my darling,” Monica says. “I’m going to take special care of this ass!”

Maré watches as Monica sticks her tongue deep into Namitha’s ass crack. The effect made her shriek and the
satisfaction is so intense for the Indian hottie that she is gyrating her hips. With each swipe, Monica covers
more of Namitha’s crack. Then she slides her thumb into her asshole and resumes fucking her. Shortly
afterward, the Indian nymph convulsed. Her girl-cum oozes out and is coating Monica’s mouth. Maré groans at
the same time and he releases load into Namitha’s mouth.

“Damn,” he says. “You definitely know how to suck a dick.”

Namitha giggles, turns around to face Monica, and says, “That was incredible, love! I’d love to know what lies in
store for us. Cause, I’ll do anything you want me to.”

“Let’s have one hot threesome, baby!” Monica suggests.

Maré grabs Monica, kisses her, and says, “Yes, this is why we get along so well.”

Maré and Monica gather around Namitha, who smiles and wraps her arms around their backs. She sighs as a
couple of mouth clamp about her nipples. They are good, she thinks, closing her eyes and letting them lick her
tits with passion.

“I love her breasts,” says Maré.

“Yeah, me too,” adds Monica.

They suck Namitha’s tits until Monica switches her position and moves around to squat on her face and ride
her tongue. It does not take long for Monica to moan passionately as Namitha proceeds to lick every bit of the
girl-cum that she drips for her. Monica arches her back, grinding her pussy on Namitha’s mouth.

Maré strips himself, kisses Namitha’s deep O-shaped navel, and splays her legs. His gland touches with her
pussy and it quivers in anticipation. He grins and moves his hips. His huge dick goes all way into the receptive
cunt and it slides, hitting down to her hilt. Her pussy seems to contract around his shaft and an electrifying
impulse generates into his loins. He groans, moves backward, and makes another push.

“Yes, give it to me!” Namitha yells under Monica’s groins. “Keep fucking me! Don’t you dare stop, hun!”

“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t!” Maré replies.

Maré begins fucking her faster and harder. He loves the sight of Namitha’s breasts bouncing up and down at a
fast pace. Namitha’s screams are blending with Monica’s moans. Monica has something in her mind that she
wants to go for. During the heat, she turns around to leap down and walks over to unzip her Gucci bag that sits
on the dresser. She fishes out a 10″ strap-on with the curved, pink, and polished shaft. Almost instantly, she
fastens the harness to her groins and hips.

Monica whistles at them. It’s a signal for Maré to take Namitha atop him. Keeping his cock lodged well into
Namitha’s cunt, he rolls over until she is above him.

Monica kneels between their legs, licks Namitha’s asshole, rises on knees, grabs her wide hips, and positions
her weapon to make an entry. Namitha squeals in delight as Monica’s shaft enters her rear and hits her rectum.
With the repetitive moves of her hips, she proceeds to fuck her. First slow and then harsh, she goes on with
raising her pace. Nina cries out, and arches her back. She claws at Maré’s shoulders.

“Ooh…” he exclaims as her nails rack his skin.

However, the pain triggers him to keep on pumping into her. All three of them are engrossed in the bliss and
lust. The heat engulfs them into the passion and sweat pours down their bodies. Soon, the room echoes with
shrieks and groans as they undergo a violent climax in unison. Namitha goes delirious and her body convulses
even after the release. Monica removes her strap-on and bends down to her ass again. Namitha laugh
dreamily for the wet feeling of her lover’s tongue.

“Oh God, that was amazing!” Namitha exclaims. Namitha grabs her by the shoulders and pushes her on back.
The two smile at each other.

Maré takes Namitha’s face into his hands and moves down to take her lips. “Count me like Monica,” he says

“I will,” Namitha says and kisses him back.

Monica slides down and positions herself, pushing Namitha’s thighs apart. “I’m not done with you yet, darling,”
she tells her.

“Mmm…” Namitha moans as if she wants to say that she knows.

Monica puts her mouth on Namitha’s moist pussy, licking and sucking her clit with fervor. Maré joins her right
away. The two love the feeling of her quivering cunt lips. Namitha’s stomach muscles tighten and relax as she
moans passionately. Her lovers know she is about to cum any second as they run their tongues on her pink
flesh. She whimpers, quivering all over and a turbulent release oozes out. She strains her torso, pushes her
pussy against their mouths, and passes out as they lap hungrily on her dripping snatch.

“Wow, she had the greatest orgasm!” Maré says as he licks his lips. “Damn, she’s bad!”

“I love her peach!” Monica continues. “I can eat it all day!”

Maré kisses Monica on the lips and says, “You’re a bad girl.”

“And you know I am,” She replies, winking at him.
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