To Teach Him
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Romantic

To Teach Him
By Sara D.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?” he asks me. He then pushes a loose curl from
my face. I can feel my cheeks get heated and I avert my eyes from his.

  “The wine is going to your head, Mr. Jarvis,” I say.

  He smiles. “No. I don’t think it has. I have always found you stunning, even when you insisted on
hiding it behind ill-fitting clothes and awful hair.”

  “You sure do know how to make a girl feel beautiful,” I say sarcastically. He went from making me
feel beautiful to making me feel ashamed. I should just leave.

  He takes my wine glass from me and then sets both of ours down on the table. “I’m sorry. I didn’t
mean to offend you. I was trying to say it as a compliment, but it came out wrong.”

  “Perhaps I should go. If your father knew I was here it could hurt both our chances of taking over
the company,” I say, I move to stand, but he places a hand on my leg. My heart picks up and I look
at him.

  “Don’t go. I know this is awkward. I’ve just never been able to speak with a woman like this.
Father always made sure I focused on the company growing up. I was raised on private tutors and
nannies. I was never allowed to pursue a love life.” He takes my hand in his. His hands are soft,
but strong.

  “Then why now? Your father has put us up against each other for rights to own his corporation. If
you know he won’t approve of you dating someone, he will never condone this. We are rivals, Mr.
Jarvis.” I try to remove my hand from his, but he tightens his grasp. I look to his eyes. They show
the vulnerability I would have never seen on his face at work.

  He leans towards me and his lips meet mine. For a moment my mine goes blank, but then I
return his kiss. He is gentle and a tad shaky with the placement of his lips. My hands come around
to grasp the back of his head.  I pull him closer to me and my lips push harder against his, showing
him it was okay to use pressure. He moans as I allow the tip of my tongue to trace his lower lip. I
don’t need to hint to him any further. He opens his mouth and hesitantly touches his tongue to
mine. Suddenly, he pulls away, his breathing is heavy. I look at him bewildered. I was just getting
into the kissing. Then I realize two things. One, he had not taken a breath during the kiss and two,
that was quite possibly his first kiss. The man was twenty-four, a year older than me and he had
never been kissed? I am almost afraid to ask as I push my glasses back onto the bridge of my
nose. “Was that your first kiss?”

  He looks away from me and then clears his throat. “Yes. I’m sorry, I’m normally not so impulsive.”

  “It’s alright. It was good for your first one.”  I scoot closer to him on the couch.

   “We’ll take it slow,” I say to him as I begin to unbutton my blouse. Never in my life have I ever
thought I would be teaching a man older than me how to have sex, but here I am. Malcolm Jarvis is
sitting before me with eyes as eager as any teenage boy’s would be. I suddenly feel empowered. A
man with his type of power finds me attractive and I am the teacher for him. I smile and he smiles
back.  I allow my blouse to fall from my arms and on to the floor, leaving me in only a grey pencil
skirt and lacey black bra. My heart is hammering in my chest as I stand there half nude. He licks
his lips as his eyes roam my upper body.

  “Come here,” he says. I walk over to him and he stares up at me. He places his hand on the side
zipper and pulls it down. The skirt falls in a pool of dark fabric around my feet.  The panties that
match my bra are revealed.  His strong hands then grasp my hips and pull me closer to him. He
places his warm lips just about my navel and kisses a warm trail down to the hem of my panties. I
close my eyes and place my hands in his hair. I am amazed at the fact that such small touches
from him make me feel as if he has been pleasuring me for hours.

  “Take them off,” I whisper. My breath is caught in my throat from excitement. He grasps the front
of my panties and pulls down. They too pool at my feet and I pull my feet out and push them away.  
I look down at him, he is staring at the way I have my hair trimmed into a runway. His long fingers
come up and touch it, following it down to where my legs are held together. I feel the familiar tingle
of arousal begin to spark within me. I reach up behind me and unhook my bra; it is the final piece
of clothing to fall to the floor. He looks up at me and I raise an eyebrow. He smiles and begins to
unbutton his shirt. Soon, it is off him and his toned chest and stomach are  revealed to me.  He
goes to unbuckle his belt, but I stop him with a touch of my hand. I kneel down in front of him.  “You
got to take of my bottoms; it’s only fair I get to do the same.”

  I finish unbuckling his belt. Once they were loose he lifted his tone ass off the couch and allowed
me to pull them down off his legs. He wore dark grey boxer briefs. Slowly I run my hands up his
thighs and stop at the band. I grasp it and pull them down; he helps me again with lifting his ass.
Finally his erection is free for me. His breathing quickens as I look at it. He is circumcised and
perhaps a little over average length. The head is thick and a dark pink. He keeps himself trim,
which is nice.

  My hand moves of its own will to grasp the shaft. He gasps and I soon remember this is his first
time. I lick my lips. Slowly and with slight pressure I move my hand up and down his length, every
once in a while moving my thumb over the head where precum had begun to form. His small
moans excite me more.

  He places a hand over mine and stops me. I look up at him confused.  “As much as that feels like
heaven to me, Margret, you need to stop or we won’t get to why you are here. Come lay here on
the couch. I want to explore your body. I have read some books on how to pleasure a female and I
want to put my new knowledge to the test.” My heart thumps in my chest as I get up onto the couch.

  He lies down beside me and starts with kissing my neck. His lips warm and wet move over the
thin skin there. I bite my lower lip as the tingle inside me starts to get stronger. With a firm pressure
of his lips he begins to move downward towards the top of my breasts. My breath quickens with
anticipation and I can feel him smile against my skin. Finally, I feel it, his hot mouth encompassing
one of my taut nipples. His tongue is clumsy, but he is doing well with knowing where to focus it. I
gasp as he pulls off my breast with a pop and the cool air hits the wet peak. He continues his
escapade down my body with his lips. His tongue swirls itself in my navel briefly before continuing
onward to where I can’t wait for him to be.

  “Spread your legs for me,” he says. I do so and he stares at my pussy. My cheeks flush. His
eyes almost appear captivated by what he is seeing. He runs two fingers down my swollen outer
labia lips. My hips buck involuntarily. “I have read many books regarding the vagina and how it
works, but to see one up close and to smell…” he closes his eyes and inhales my scent. “…the
sweet musky scent it gives off is a thousand times more fascinating than any book.” Two fingers
spread my lips and a third strokes my clit. I moan. It has been far too long since I had anyone
touch me there.  I watch as he leans his face forward and his tongue connects with my clit. I gasp.

  “Does that feel good?” he asks.

  “It will feel amazing if you keep doing it,” I say.

  He smiles and returns his tongue to its previous task. This time, however, he pushes his middle
and forefingers into me. Quicker than any man I have ever been with in the past he finds my G-
spot and starts to stroke it, his tongue is still moving on my clit.  

  I moan. “That feels good. Make your tongue stiff,” I say.

  He does as I say and the burning ball in my stomach begins to reach its bursting point. My legs
begin to squirm as I can feel my orgasm build. He is moving his fingers faster now, pumping in and
out of me, stroking that inner spot. I come with a moan and my inner walls tighten and release
around his fingers.

  As I come down from my orgasmic high I look at him. “I don’t believe you are a virgin.”

  He smiles. “Oh I am. I am just an educated one. Knowledge is a great power.”

  I reach over to the coffee table and pick up the condom I had put there earlier. I look back at him
and hold it up. “Are you ready for the next part?” I ask.

  “More than you could ever know,” he says with a grin.

© 2012 Sara-D

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