Trick Out
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism,  Urban

Trick Out
by Kaye

They began to suck on each others' lips for a minute then he grabbed Wendy's
ass while she grabbed his. They had foreplay for awhile because the shower
was too small to fuck in and Samuel didn’t want to fuck her in the shower
anyway.  That kind of teased Wendy a little. Samuel could feel her wanting him
more  as he positioned Wendy on the bed. Samuel started off slow, then he
licked her pussy non-stop. Samuel knew he had to hit that ass from the front to
the back.

He couldn’t get enough of her sweet pussy! This was definitely one of the best
fucks he ever had period. He knew he turn out young ass Wendy for sure!  
Wendy took off from work for the night.  Wendy remembered what Samuel was
working with in the showers and she  didn't know what to do really.

Every woman loves a big dick but damn, she thought to herself.  Wendy had
never seen nothing that big in person but guessed it could be worst . When
Samuel pulled out his cock as he positioned her again on the hotel bed,
Wendy's brown eyes met his while they locked lips together.  Samuel slowly
wrapped his tongue around hers.  Samuel slowly started kissing her down to her
breasts.  He was sucking and licking her nipples while he  boned hard after
playing with them and teasing Wendy even more.  

Samuel than began kissing below the waist, between her legs as he spread her
legs apart slowly.  He then kiss her pussy lips for a minute.  He slide his tongue
back to her clit and focused on making her as wet as possible.  Immediately,
Samuel dove back in head first, sucking harder and with more force.

Samuel continuing licking until he found her perfect spot.  

“Damn you feel so good," Wendy said as she started grabbing him by the head.

“Oooh, yeah Samuel that's the way baby,” She moaned in pleasure.

Damn, he got a mobster between his legs and can eat pussy like this  I hit the
jackpot for sure
, Wendy thought to herself.

By that time,  her pussy was dripping wet as Samuel look up at her.  She could
see his glazed lips.  He continue to enjoy Wendy's wetness while he brought her
to a perfect orgasm.

Wendy asked Samuel to stop for a moment so she could switch positions and
show him her skills. They continued in a 69 position as Samuel continue licking
like a madman.  Wendy started licking and sucking Samuel in slow strokes at
first.  She knew she probably was not as experienced as women he probably
been with, but was going to give him a all-star performance.

Wendy's pussy was on fire and she need his dick now, fuck the tongue!  She
could taste the precum from his dick so she knew he wasn't going to last long in
this game as she stopped sucking his dick and immediately hopped on his dick.  
She had to hold her eyes shut while his dick penetrated her insides as Samuel
gripped her ass.  

Wendy could feel all of his dick inside her.  She than began moving up and
down trying to get used to his large size.  She tried to clamped down on his cock
but the shit hurt!  

Wendy hadn't had sex in months. Samuel was definitely an upgrade  for her
because Samuel had a super size dick.  

Wendy enjoyed watching Samuel moan. She knew he loved her tight pussy.  
And she loved him deep inside of her.  Wendy was determined to  try to throw it
on Samuel, but it backfire on her.  She could feel Samuel inching deeper inside
her and then suddenly, Samuel and Wendy was coming at the same time as
Wendy's clit exploded.

“Yeah Samuel, fill me up,” Wendy shouted.  Her perfect ass squeezed all the
remaining drops from his sweet dick.  Wendy's lips again start sucking on his

“Samuel that was the best I ever had,” Wendy moaned.  “Me too baby,” Samuel
replied as they held hands while Wendy was soaked in his semen.

Wendy thought to herself, thinking:
 "I knew this was the man I wanted to be
tired and exhausted from getting the best fuck of her life, Wendy rested in
his arms and they both took a nap completely satified.  

© 2011 Kaye

Trick Out is a story about how one young black man tries to deal with his own family
tragedies. While trying to jiggle a family life with his main lady Cheri Walker and girlfriend
Seannita Donaldson. Samuel of the members of the notorious gang of Universal Estates
“aka” UE Boys. Samuel Jay Grier gets trap in the world of murder, sex, and drugs only to find
out that sometimes fast money and wild women have their price. Journey with Samuel
through the streets of Charlotte, NC and see if he ever will find the true meaning of manhood
but there are plenty of obstacles in the way.  Look for the
Trick Out book series coming out

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