TS Venus
Story Codes: MM, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Trans

TS Venus
By Mark Howard

“Just a minute,” I heard a voice say in a muffled tone after I rang the bell.  The sound of high heels got louder
with each step. With a twist of a lock, Venus opened the door to her East Side Manhattan apartment.
Standing in a dim lit was a tall Asian woman around 25 years old with long black hair that flowed to her
shoulders and settled neatly on a white silk blouse. Long, curvy legs emerged out of a black leather mini skirt
and ended with purple painted toe nails in black leather heels. Her almond shaped eyes nestled into her high
cheek bones that formed an oval shaped face with off white skin.

She was gorgeous. Only she wasn’t a woman. She wasn’t a man in drag. Venus was a she male.

I got to Venus out of lust and loneliness.  Lust because I hadn’t fucked anyone for free in a long time.
Loneliness, because no one, man or woman, seemed to want to fuck me.

I had often seen the covers of she male magazines in liquor or book stores, in my younger days. I had
stopped and stared at the girl fucking men and in sheepish moments when no one was looking, men fucking
men magazines. But the “chicks with dicks” mags seemed way too ‘sick’ to a 16 year old still searching for his
sexual identity.  That was still true at 18 and up through my 30’s.  Maybe I known my identity all along but was
way too afraid to admit it.

I’ve always craved breasts. As I grew up, my mother would often sit in front of her make-up mirror, usually in a
bra and slip, getting ready to go out for some event. My eyes would dart from her tits to my own crotch to see
if anything was growing. At 12 and older, my cock would heat up as the blood poured in. I know that every
time I see a woman’s breasts, the erection I get from them may have started in that tiny Midwestern bedroom.

As for cocks, I can’t say they were a natural fit in my younger days. But I would stare at dicks in the high
school showers after gym class. Even as I chased girls, the thought of sucking a dick would come back at
some point.  Over time, I would get sucked and suck men and even fucked when women were too much of a
mystery for me to solve. I just learned to accept the fact that both woman and men appealed to me sexually.  
And at this point in my 55 years of life, the combination of breasts and cock seemed too good to pass up.

I found the profile for Venus on a web site for local escorts. I had usually looked for massage parlor girls or
agency women, but I switched the search filter to transvestites. Up came several web site links to “girls” in
various shapes, ages, dick sizes and breasts.  Some were attractive, some were not. Venus looked very soft.
Her breasts seemed aptly shaped and the promise of a full functioning but yet unseen 7 inches of dick was
enough to make me contact her. I wondered if the images were fake, but my hardening cock made the final
decision before I rang the doorbell.

I had arranged through text messages the previous day with Venus to meet her after leaving my uptown office
when the work ended. It was a hot August evening.

While dressing in the morning, I felt like a school boy going on my first date. So I prepped myself by shaving
closer than ever. The hair on my head had long gone since I was in my 40’s but I had hair going on my back
and my balls and even my ears and nose. I closely trimmed every piece I could find and even took my electric
razor to clip the hair that surrounded my dick. As I looked in the mirror before getting dressed I still saw the
trim body and shape that I hoped would turn Venus on. Even if I was paying for her services, I wanted her to
like me.

On my way from the subway station to her front door, I had smoked about five cigarettes. I took a few sniffs
from a popper bottle as I rode the building elevator to the fourth floor. I wanted to be relaxed or horny enough
or out of my mind at doing what I was going to do.

“Come in,” Venus said.

“I’m Mark.”

I handed over small bunch of pink carnations I had bought just minutes ago at the local bodega.

“Thank you Mark. Carnations are my favorite flower,” she said. “And I love pink.”

“You’re welcome,” I answered, not admitting they were the last bunch of flowers I found in the store.

“You’re very beautiful,” I said.

“Thank you.”

“Do you want to take a shower?” Her voice was seductively gentle. It was somewhere between a man’s and a

“Yes, that would be nice.”

She pointed to the left through a small galley kitchen to the bathroom. It was all in white as was the rest of the
tiny apartment. I took off my khaki pants and blue collar buttoned shirt and jumped into the hot steaming
water. The room smelled of lavender and a small table next to the toilet held perfume, face cream, various
eyeliners and toenail polish. The poppers were making me feel warm. My blood rushed through me and
settled in my cock making it hard.

I wrapped one of the towels around my waist and walked out through the kitchen. Venus was standing there in
a black silk bra and black thong in her heels, with a glass of white wine in her hand. Her womanly proportions
filled out the bra. Her manly dick bulged through the panties.

“Do you want to make your donation now?”


I went back into the bathroom and took out the $250 in cash from my wallet that was stuffed in my pants
pocket. I put the money on the green Formica kitchen counter.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

She handed me the glass holding the wine she had poured. We stood there looking at each other between

“I love your hair,” she said. “I love hairy chests.”

“Good, I’m glad because that’s where my hair went,” I replied.

She giggled somewhat naturally and reached for my hand. I had been holding the towel around my waist,
along with the popper bottle, while drinking with the other.

“You like poppers?”

“Yes, do you?”


“Is this your first time with a girl like me?


“That’s fine. I like first timers.”

“Well you have one.”

She took the bottle and led me to the bed that was just a few feet away.  The pink top sheet was neatly folded
down to expose a bottom pink sheet and a row of pillows lined up against the wall.  She put the poppers on
the bed table.

“Lie back,” she said.

I lay down and my legs were stretched out. Venus stood in front of me at the bottom edge of the bed. Still in
her bra and thong, she bent over and took my cock in her right hand. Her mouth hovered over my cock and
she shot out hot breathes on me. She looked at me with her dark eyes. Her tongue darted over the tip of my
dick. Up and down it went and with each stroke, Venus held her gaze with mine. Her black hair tickled my
upper thighs. Up and down she went licking me like a lollipop, taking my balls and rolling them in her mouth
like hard rock candy. Every once in a while, she stopped to take a piece of my long pubic hair from her mouth.

I was afraid I might come. With a woman, if I felt I would come too soon, I would usually stop her from licking or
fucking me and switch to me licking her pussy. Venus seemed to sense my anxiety and pulled up. Or she had
tasted some of my jizz.

“You’re getting hot,” she said.

“Yes. I always come too fast.”

“I have something for that.”

Venus pulled down her panties. A snatch of heart shaped closely clipped black hair rested above her dick
that has half hard.  

She crawled over me rubbing her breasts and dragging her cock over my own dick and finally over my chest.
As she moved up, she got harder.

“Take me in your mouth.”

She sat on my chest, her knees next to my head. My lips opened wide for her now hardened seven inches. I
took it deep inside my mouth, nearly gagging on it at first. I pumped my head back and forth as I stroked her
with my tongue from her shaft to her mushroomed shaped head. She grabbed my head to help my throat take
in more of her. She pushed me toward the end of the shaft.

“Take it Mark. Take it all. Take it daddy.”

I moaned. My saliva drooled over her cock and down the side of my mouth. Her cock tasted sweet. I pushed
and pushed my head and mouth over her. Back and forth, back and forth I went. I twisted my head back and
forth between her legs. The sucking noise got louder. I looked at her eyes. Her devil stare came back at me.

“Careful of your beard,” she said. “Don’t rub my thighs.”

I pulled back and focused on her dick.

“Does that taste good, daddy?

“Yes, Yes it does baby,” I said as I took the cock and gasped for air.

“Take my tits.”

With her cock back in my mouth, I reached up to her breasts. They were soft yet firm, even through the bra.
Then she unlatched the silk covering and let them loose. Each hand held the tit closest to it.

“Yes daddy, squeeze my tits. Feel them get hard baby. Just like my cock.”

I rubbed and sucked and sucked and rubbed. I kept her dick in my mouth. I felt like a drug addict with the
latest fix.

“Oh daddy, yes, suck me.”

I couldn’t say anything. I kept her cock in my mouth.

“I want to fuck you baby. Are you ready for me?” she said.

“Okay if you can. My ass is very tight and hard to get in to,” I said.

She reached over to the bed table and opened a drawer. She pulled out a condom and slipped it on her dick
as she sat on my chest.

She slithered down to the end of the bed and pushed up my legs. She began to lick my ass. Up and down, up
and down her tongue went. I thought I was about to come when she reached under the bed and pulled a
large tube of K-Y lubricant. She squeezed some on her hand and then squeezed some in a circle all over my
cock and ass. She rubbed the sweet smelling sauce over my ass and cock. Then she poked her finger in my
ass. Then she put two fingers in my ass. Then she put three fingers in my ass.

“I want to fuck you,” she said. With that she started to put her cock in my ass. She pushed and pushed but it
wasn’t going in. It was hurting.

“Wait,” I said. I grabbed the bottle of poppers and held to my nose and took deep breaths; four or five of them
until the liquid nearly burned through my nostrils. I could feel the dizziness of the drug. I could feel my head
swimming and spinning around. I was looking down on the two of us from the ceiling.

“Try it now,” I said.

She pushed in hard and this time my ass welcomed her. Her dick filled my hole and the pain I felt turned in to
perverse pleasure. She pushed in and out, slowing down with each stroke, taking her time.

“Feel good daddy?”

“Yes, don’t stop. Fuck my pussy,” I said.

Between the poppers and the fucking, I didn’t know where I was.  All I knew was that I didn’t want it to stop. I’m
a woman, I said to myself. I’m getting fucked like a woman. I have a pussy, a cunt.

“Fuck me, fuck me like the bitch I am,” I heard myself say.

“You’re my bitch. Oh daddy, you’re my bitch … daddy, daddy.”

It seemed like forever I lay there like a bitch and cunt. Venus moaned with every push inside me. It was a
guttural moan. A manly moan. Then it was a woman’s moan.

“Ah, ah, ah ah ah, … ah, ah, ah, ah …  ah, ah ah,”

She started to slow down. The thrusts were getting fewer and fewer.

“You want to come?” she asked.

“Yes. I can’t wait any more.”

She pulled herself out of my ravaged pussy/cunt and grabbed my cock with her hands. Then her mouth did
its magic again. Before she even finished a second time of going back and forth on my cock, I came. It was a
slow explosion at first. I could feel the come start from my balls and work its way through my shaft. Then it
moved to the tip of my dick and shot through my cock. As it did, she pulled her mouth off me and rubbed my
dick, the hot come slipping over her hands as she rubbed me back and forth. I looked up and saw the
fountain of white thickness flowing. I thought it would never stop. She licked my cock with her tongue, slurping
up some of the juice and swallowing.  The noise of her sucking was only broken by my gasps for air. Finally,
our bodies settled down and she lay next to me.

“Mm...daddy, you are good,” she said.

“Thank you. So are you. ”

“So what do you think. You like to be with girls like me?”

“Oh yes, I do.”

“I’m glad to hear it. You’re married aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I hate it. It’s only for the kids that I stay.”

“The story of all men.”

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“Right here in New York. I was born and raised here.”

Then there was silence. Only our breathing could be heard against the outside traffic noise of car horns and
brakes.  Venus didn’t say anything but I knew it was time to go. I kissed her on both breasts and walked to the

“Can I take a quick shower?”

“Of course daddy.”

After drying off and putting my clothes on I walked out to see Venus in a white silk bathrobe barely reached
her knees. She was standing near the door.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said and with her arms around me, gave me a quick but full kiss on the mouth. It was the
only time our lips had met.

“Don’t forget your bottle,” she said. She walked back to get it and took a quick a quick sniff.

© 2014 Mark Howard

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