Twinkle Eyes
A Valentines Day Special
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Twinkle Eyes
A Valentines Day Special

by Erotica Writings

February fourteenth Cinnamon walked down the sidewalk quickly listening
to the clicking sound that her heels made. Her tight white skirt showed her
perfect round plump ass. The red sweater hugged her 44dd breast. Her
legs were perfectly shaped in her thigh high nylons with the seam running
up the back of her legs. Cinnamon was going to audition for a coffee
commercial. She was over whelmed when she walked into the room and
there had to be a hundred other Plump women trying out for the spot. She
pushed her long blonde hair back from her round face as the light caught
her brown eyes that shot a twinkle from her eye. She was shocked when
she heard they called her name. She took a deep breath, she began to
walk to the casting room when she tripped over her own feet. She began
running forward trying to stop herself from falling. Her arms flapping around
and she landed on top of the director’s assistance John. She looked down
at him and she smiled.

"Twinkle eyes, could you remove your knee from my groin?" He asked her

"I am so sorry!" Her voice rang out as everyone looked at the crash of
bodies laying on the floor. She struggled up off of him and noticed that the
object that had been poking her was his cock.

He noticed her looking at him and his face turned beet red. He quickly got
to his feet motioning for him to follow her. She did as she envisioned riding
his cock back there and not removing her self from that wickedly wonderful
had tool in his pants.

She smiled following him as she watched his perfect round tight ass. She
entered the elevator standing next to him. He looked at her 44dd’s once
more and found himself getting rock hard once more. He cleared his voice
as he looked up at the mirrored ceiling, he was looking right down into the
cleavage of those bad girls. Beads of sweat formed above his top lip, his
hands quickly went into his pockets trying to pull his pants away from the
imprint of his cock. His cock wanted those bad girls to be on each side of
it. He wanted to drive his cock hard into them. Pinch, twist them. He knew
he had to change his thoughts for he felt pre-cum leaking from his cock.

The elevator’s door opened, he leads them into the hallway and once again
she was watching that muscular ass as each cheek went up and down,
side to side. She just wanted to touch it, pinch it, squeeze it and bite it. She
smiled to herself as her thong was becoming soaked from her juices. Her
nipples were hard and pointed out from her bra and red sweater. Now she
was before the director and crew. They handed her a script, lead her to a
kitchen and told her to read it then to repeat it as if she was on camera.
She was nervous and she noticed John watching her through his hazel eye,
he bit his bottom lip and ran his hand over his bald head. She wanted him
so badly! Stop it! You have to concentrate! She thought to herself. The
words rolled off of her tongue. The director smiled he had found his
dishwashing liquid girl. She was over joyed and John had one thing on his
mind . . .


"Would you like to have a drink to celebrate Twinkle Eyes?" He asked her
smiling and trying to keep his eyes looking into hers.

She smiled as stars flew from her eyes. "Yes I would. Uh, are you buying?"
She asked as she looked into her empty wallet with squinted eyes.
He smiled as he took her arm and they departed down the hallway. Once
out of the building they walked across the street to the local pub. He
ordered them a few beers. Before it was over, they knew the inside of each
others mouth and now they headed back to his office. Like animals they
were ripping at each other clothes in the elevator. His finger’s were under
her skirt and in her wet thong playing were her clit as he devoured her
kisses. A deep moan rose from inside her body. The doors opened and he
now had her in his arms carrying her through the now isolated building. He
quickly dropped her on his desk as they began ripping off their clothes. He
was now over her and his hand was masturbating her clit while his cock
plunged deep into her ass. She moaned loudly, she wanted more and
grabbed him by his shirt pulling him down to her. She hungrily kissed his
face, and lips. He pulled up her sweater and began licking, sucking and
biting her large round nipples and her fleshy large breast. They were both
moaning and exploded into a powerful orgasm. His cream filled her ass full
as her pussy soaked his finger. She bit his lip while she came as his
fingers dug hard into her hips and his teeth sunk into her nipple.

They slowly pulled themselves and their clothes together. Cinnamon she
wrapped her arms around his neck. "Happy Valentines day John." She told
him as they kissed.

"Let’s head to my place to finish the night for lovers." He told her as they
walked out of his office as they squeezed each other’s ass.

Copyright© 2007 Erotica Writings

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