Story Codes:

by Marie Paige

My boyfriend and I had gone on vacation with his family, and I had wanted him the whole
week, but I knew I couldn't have him. His family was proper and he kept telling me no, but
this night, I just couldn't help myself. As we laid together in bed, the big windows open with
the lake breeze rushing in on our warm bodies, I started to get aroused. He curled so
perfectly against me, and I could feel the push from his cock against my bum. I pretended
to cozy in and grinded my bum back into his dick, and I could feel him getting harder. I did
this a few more times until he started doing it back to me, grinding his hard cock in
between my bum cheeks.

To my surprise, he didn't protest, but rather quietly whispered the words, "be quiet" before
snaking his hand beneath the blanket and giving my shorts a yank. My body flushed and I
pulled my shorts down awkwardly to my ankles. Quickly, he pushed his cock through my
legs and against my lips. He was rock hard and the feeling of him warming me up by
rubbing himself against my pussy made me very wet, very quickly.

He was a big guy, measuring long and thick, so when he first shoved himself in, with a little
help from myself, it hurt quite a bit. We hadn't had sex in a while, so I was tight and he was
hard and swollen. Spooning, he fucked he hard and slow, all the while keeping me quiet
with one hand wrapped around my mouth. I suppressed my moans, knowing his parents
were right next door, but he was there for just a little extra help. His cock pulled out and
then pushed back in, hitting in just the perfect spot. Quickly, I was reaching a certain point
where I knew I couldn't keep it down, so I turned my head into my pillow. As he pushed into
me hard, keeping in at full length, I orgasmed hard, clenching on and off of his cock inside
me. After I came down, breathing heavily, he pulled his hand down from my mouth to my
hip and started to fuck faster.

The bed made small squeaking noises, but I don’t think any of us cared enough to stop.
The sensations of the spooning felt so damn good and neither of us wanted to stop. Soon
enough though, he came close to releasing his load, and he pulled out of me, grabbing his
cock in two hands. I maneuvered down to the end of the bed and took him in my mouth,
quiet not too make too much sound. I sucked on the head of his dick and stroked the rest
of him with my hand, turning and pulling. His fingers explored my hair and when he came
very close, he made fists and his body buckled. Hot, thick cream poured into my mouth
and I swallowed down every last drop before looking back up at him. His eyes were closed,
and he looked so peaceful. A vacation is for relaxing, and we would sleep great tonight.

"With romantic and erotic experiences taking control of her life, Marie Paige takes control
of her writing with elegant and fierce characters that take on the craziest endeavors.
Talented at jumping into any role, Paige is a versatile writer with topics ranging from subtle
romance to steamy fun sure to attract any reader.”
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